downstairs dad

Shortly after Destiny left the house, I found Dad downstairs and gave him a huge hug.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” I whispered, breaking down all over again.

“Oh, Pip… what are you apologising to me for?”

“I let you down by speaking to him… I’m sorry….”

Dad held me even tighter.

“Never apologise to me for that, you silly goose. It was well within your right for you to do that, and besides, why would I let him in the house if I didn’t want you two to at least try and sort your differences?”


This looks like the missing scene we should of got where Stiles received his acceptance letter to George Washington University. Scott is obviously the first one to know. But right when Stiles opens it, he just throws it to Scott and starts running downstairs to tell his dad. I bet the Sheriff took Stiles and Scott to a high class- fancy dinner place that same night to celebrate.

Little Talks (Justin Foley)

Title: Little talks.

Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: Yes. And I hope you like how I turned your request into something lovely. Hope you like it.

Word Count: 693 words

Reader Gender:  Female

Warnings: It’s too lovely for me.

Summary: Justin comes over his girlfriend’s house to get some comfort after dealing with Seth.

Author’s Note: Thank you for all the feedback I got in my first imagine. I love you all. Continue requesting please.

Math was stressing me out. Normally I’ll already had finished it, but instead of starting it at my homework time, I came to see Justin on his practice. He said he liked when I came because he felt nice having me around, and he needed me.

“Sweetie, we’re almost leaving are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Mom asked coming to my bedroom putting her pearl rings on.

“No, thank you. I still have to finish my work and also is your anniversary’s dinner, just go and enjoy yourselves.” I said calmly and she smiled.

“Thank you. Have fun with Math.” She said and went downstairs to meet dad who already was in the car waiting for her.

I put some music and continued dancing while doing my homework. It was weird but not having anyone at home and loud music helped a lot. Usually music helped me on everything. Sometimes I listened to music while I studied for my exams and information got stuck on me. Justin said it was a gift. He helped me with Math sometimes but he never liked to come to study for an important exam because he knew I listened loud music and that wasn’t he’s method.

After half an hour, I finished. But I wasn’t the only one at home. Some footsteps were coming upstairs and I silenced the music and ran to close the door of my bedroom. I tried to put all my weight on the door, and just when I thought someone would open, someone knocked the door slowly.

“Y/n” Justin’s voice cracked. And I opened the door.

He looked terrible. He had tears still on his cheeks and he was sad. When I finally got to see him he immediately hugged me tighter than other times.

“Baby, what happened?” I asked and he continued crying on my neck. “It was Seth again, right?” And he slowly nodded.

He stepped away from me. And I touched his cheeks calmly. Then I dragged him to sit on my bed closing the bedroom door.

“Sorry I entered this way. I saw your parents car wasn’t parked and I just came by the front door. I should have climbed and-” I shushed him and touched​ his cheek again.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to climb anything, you’re part of my life and you deserve to enter by the door like the boyfriend you are.” He smiled a little.  “I’m here now, and everything will be alright, okay?” He nodded.

And he got me closer and he kissed me. Just like he did when he was mad, when someone flirted with me in a party and he had to show I was his girlfriend. Just like he did when he fought with someone, with Seth especially.

“Stay tonight, I’ll make sure you feel better.” I said and he kissed my hand.

“If I stay tonight, don’t you think your parents will find out?”

“They’ll arrive late and I bet the won’t even notice you, don’t worry.”

“But I’ll leave early before they wake, okay?”

“Are you sure you want to do that? I think is better if we just tell them in the morning why you stayed.”

“I’ll leave. Promise me you’ll agree with it.” He was serious and I nodded.

“We’ll do this your way. I won’t pressure you to anything, yeah?” I whispered closer to him and he kissed me.

“I don’t deserve you as my girlfriend.” He said tired.

“I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. A popular pretty boy on the basketball team-” And he laughed a little.

“But you are smarter and beautiful and everything to me.” He continued and I give him a little kiss. “You’re the only person that matters to me. I promise-” He stopped talking and just continued observing me. “You look beautiful with the light from outside.”

I smiled and he kissed me again. Small lovely kisses fill with love. Just love. Justin touched my neck carefully.

“You make everything​ worth it at the end, my love.”

He said with a whisper while cuddling in bed with me until we both fall asleep.


Okay so in the beginning of the video we see the little girl asking two people in llama (alpaca?) suits if she can attend something, or about whatever is on that poster she’s holding. It’s safe to assume these are her parents, from the rest of the video. Her parents refuse, and her father specifically rips the flyer out of her hand, and starts aggressively attacking her, while her mother seems scared. She runs away, and hops into the back of a car, and drives to a big town. She tries speaking to some people, but they either can’t understand her, or refuse to listen to her. I think it’s the second one, since people are known to on purpose ignore children or other people that look homeless, run down, etc. even if they need help. She walks into some sort of nightclub, where FOB are playing. She seems rather calm, until the beat drops. People start pushing eachother, and the music is really loud, which is normal for nightclubs. She starts panicking though, and immediately runs out. She’s frightened and panicked by all of the loud noises and people, presumably because of the abuse in her household. She’s learned to connect loud things and people pushing eachother to danger, and she thinks she has to run or hide from it to get to “safety”. She gets out of bed (I’m assuming this was some sort of weird dream she had), woken up by her parents once again fighting. They yell at eachother and don’t stop even when they see her coming downstairs. Her dad throws something (Glass bottle? Vase?) at the wall, and both the girl and the mother get scared. The next two dozen or so seconds of the video are filled with flashing images. Notably, one of the animal suits flashes over the girls figure. This might mean she thinks that she’s just as bad as her father, because she’s screaming herself. Moments from the video are repeated, and once the post-chorus settles, we see the girl looking at a shattered glass frame, with a picture of her family in it. We can assume they were once happy, and that she wishes it could go back to it. The video ends with a purple coast, contrasting the blue sky we saw in the beginning, marking the start of a new era for the band. Purple.

girl: *bends over in nothing but her draws* its yours daddy do whatever you want


me: *plays clipse grinding beat on her asscheeks*

girl: *does the cheek tapping noise*

her dad from downstairs: from ghetto to ghetto from backyard to yard

The Perfect Shot

Part Three

Originally posted by beaniesxponytails

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: none

Summary: The reader struggles to hide Jughead from her parents as he stays in her house.

A/N: This isn’t the best tbh, but the character development was necessary. The next part will be a little more eventful.

Part One

“Don’t you have, like, an air mattress or something?” Jughead sighed.

I scoffed. “How would we inflate an air mattress without my parents hearing it, genius?” I hissed.

“How am I supposed to sleep on this?” he whined, picking up one of the cushions I had painstakingly arranged and throwing it at me.

I glared at him, replacing the cushion. “You could start by lying down,” I said. “And follow that with closing your eyes.”

“Ha ha,” he said, unamused. He lay on the cushions and I threw a blanket over him, before climbing into my own bed.

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requested: hi, i was wondering if u could do an imagine where y/n and shawn’s daughter gets her heartbroken and she’s really sad and shawn is really mad that the boy broke her heart but at the same time he comforts his daughter and helps her feel better. thankyouu!

feedback is always appreciated! :)


as soon as you heard the door slam, you knew your 17 year old daughter olivia, had a bad day. you sat in the living room with your younger kids while listening to her slam her schoolbag down and kick of her shoes.

you heard her sniffle as she walked past the living room and straight up to her own room, followed by another door slam.

you sighed, hating to know that there was something bothering her. you quickly followed her up to her room, lightly knocking on the door before entering. what you found absolutely broke your heart.

olivia was crouched on the floor with tears streaming down her face, her runny black mascara created lines down her face.

“liv,” you sighed, “honey what happened,”

she shook her head, not wanting to talk right now. you took a seat next
to her, engulfing her in a hug. you let her cry into your chest as you comfortingly rubbed her back.

you knew she needed to cry for a while before she would open up to you, she’s been that way since she was a little girl.

you really wished shawn was here right now, she would probably tell him a little more than what she’d tell you. she was always closer with her father, not that you minded. she was shawn’s first child, his little girl.

you glanced at the clock that sat on the bedside table, it was 4:30 meaning shawn would be coming home from work soon. olivia needed both her parents here right now, and deep down you knew she wanted her dad here more than anything.

“shh baby, you’re okay.” you whispered, stroking her long brown hair. she continued to cry as she held on to you a little tighter.

“talk to me liv,” you said once she had stopped crying as hard as before.

“sorry about your shirt,” she sniffled, wiping her eyes. you noticed the white t-shirt you were wearing was see through right now and your black bra was clearly visible but you didn’t care.

you smiled as she let out a small giggle looking at your shirt. “it’s okay, i’ll change later.”

she said something under her breath which you didn’t quite catch.

“what’s that sweetie?”

she took a deep breath before beginning to explain why she was so upset.

“aiden cheated on me,” tears started pooling in her eyes again.

you gasped, you never would’ve thought. aiden and olivia have been together for 3 years and never would you have thought he would do something like this. you and shawn met him many times, he was a nice guy, olivia’s younger siblings loved him, and shawn seemed to like him a lot too.

“oh hun, i’m so sorry.”

she started crying again, and you were back at square one.

she had never experienced heartbreak before, aiden was her first boyfriend and he was nothing but sweet up until now. olivia really loved aiden, and you thought he felt the same way.

“he’s not worth your tears baby, he didn’t appreciate what he had.” you tried to comfort her.

“that’s not the worst part mom,” she cried. “i caught him with allison!”

allison was olivia’s ex best friend, they were friends up until grade 10 when she stated dating aiden. you remember olivia telling you that allison was jealous and she wanted aiden, it resulted in a huge fight and they haven’t talked since.

“he’s an asshole.” you sighed.

you weren’t sure what to tell her, but you knew that she was smart enough to not even think about forgiving him.

shawn appeared in the doorway about 15 minutes later, his eyes widened when he saw what was happening.

“liv?” he asked, standing right in front of the two of you. he opened his arms for her, knowing that was exactly what she wanted.

olivia noticed his presence immediately, pulling away from your grasp and moving right to shawn.

“daddy,” she sobbed, wrapping her arms around his torso.

“it’s okay, you’re okay,” he cooed, kissing the top of her head. he looked to you, giving you a questioning look.

“aiden,” you sighed, taking a seat on her bed. shawn’s eyes widened as he pieced together what could’ve happened.

“what did that asshole do to my babygirl?” he asked, releasing his grip on her so she could talk. you knew shawn was going to force it out of her, and that he was probably going to kill aiden.

“he, i-i caught him with allison earlier.”

“you’re kidding,” shawn said, balling up his fists. “i’m going to kill that-”

“hey,” you cut him off before he got carried away. “don’t forget the real priority here.” you motioned to your daughter who stood at her mirror, studying the many pictures she had put up. you watched as she carefully picked one off the wall, running her finger along the top. she ripped the picture in half, throwing it to the ground and collapsing in tears again.

shawn rushed to her again, wrapping his arms around her as she cried.

“he doesn’t deserve you liv, he doesn’t deserve these tears.”

she shook her head and continued to cry, not listening to anything shawn was telling her. you could tell by the look on his face, he wasn’t prepared for this. but who was? you knew all he wanted to do right now was make her feel better, but he didn’t know what to say.

you heard little footsteps run down the hall and stop at the entrance to olivia’s room.

“why is livvy sad?” your 4 year old daughter sofia asked, running over to give her older sister a hug. sofia adored her older sister and olivia loved her with all her heart.

“don’t be sad livvy,” she said, trying to get in between shawn and olivia.

“go away sofia!” olivia cried, pushing her sister off her. tears pooled in sofia’s eyes as you quickly picked her up, bringing her to the living room where her other siblings were.

“it’s okay sof, she’s just sad right now. she didn’t mean it okay?”

sofia nodded as you set her down on the carpet where she was playing with her dolls.

“keep an eye on them.” you told your 15 year old son daniel who was sitting on the couch on his phone. you noticed he was already watching his younger brother who had just turned one. he was sitting in daniel’s lap, watching his show on tv.

“what’s happening up there?” daniel asked, “is she okay?”

you nodded, “she will be, thanks for watching them. i’ll be down soon.”

you made your way back upstairs, you could barely make out shawn and olivia talking. it seemed like olivia had finally stopped crying, she was explaining to her dad what happened.

you stood at the top of the stairs instead of going in the room, not sure if you should interrupt them or not.

moments later, shawn burst out of the room quickly running downstairs, olivia following.

“dad! don’t!” she yelled, running down the stairs as fast as she could.

you followed, knowing shawn would probably do something he would regret if you didn’t stop him.

“shawn!” you called, watching him slip on his leather jacket before leaving the house without a word.

“mom he’s going to kill him!” olivia yelled. “i mean, i hate aiden but dad is going to mess him up!”

you sighed, taking your one year old from daniel’s lap.

“he won’t sweetie, but all we have to do is wait.”

an hour later, shawn returned home. olivia was relieved to see his knuckles weren’t red, which means he didn’t punch him.

he walked into the living room and took his son from your arms, and looked at daniel.

“if you boys ever cheat on your girlfriends, i won’t hesitate to put you in the same position as aiden.”

your one year old just smiled at his dad, obviously not understanding what he was talking about. but daniel nodded, “i won’t, you’re too scary when you’re mad.”

you chuckled at his comment while shawn took a seat next to olivia.

“thank you dad,” she hugged him. “you could’ve killed him. i wouldn’t have minded.”

“i didn’t kill him,” he reassured her. “but i did make sure he never comes near you again because if he does he’s going to get killed.”

anonymous asked:

For the Kevin and Joaquin fanfiction could you do something about them just being romantic and cuddling and fluffy stuff like that??? It was an idea that I had but I'm a terrible writer


Word Count: 1k

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: none

Read it on AO3

Here we have 1,004 words of pure fluff. You might get a cavity from how sweet this is.

Horizontal line

Vertical line

Horizontal line

Moment of stillness

Vertical line

Horizontal line




Two diagonal lines


Vertical line

Three horizontal lines

Moment of stillness

Two diagonal lines

Vertical line





           “You’re such a cliché.” Kevin remarked softly. He followed Joaquin’s fingers trace the letters onto the back of his hand. They had been laying in Kevin’s bed for who knows how long. Probably too long. Joaquin should probably leave before Kevin’s dad got home.

           “Yeah, except lying in bed tracing ‘I love you’ on my boyfriend’s hand is actually the last thing people would expect from me. So it’s not a cliché if I do it.” Joaquin chuckled, bringing Kevin’s knuckles up to his mouth and kissing them. Kevin brought his hand away from Joaquin’s mouth and rested it on his neck. He rested his forehead on Joaquin’s, their lips brushing slightly.

           “You should probably leave before my dad shows up.” Kevin whispered, looking down at the other’s lips.

           “Yeah, I should.” Joaquin mumbled before leaning into the kiss. It was slow, but the love and fire were still there, hiding behind soft lips and gentle tongues. Kevin grinned into the kiss, his fingers wrapping into Joaquin’s long soft hair and tugging slightly.

           “Oh.” Joaquin exclaimed.

           “Like that?” Kevin smirked, tugging again. Joaquin bit back a moan.

           “I, uh, need a haircut.” He insisted, leaning into Kevin’s long fingers.

           “Don’t you dare.” Kevin pushed their lips together again, swallowing Joaquin’s response. They continued at a slow pace, fingers roaming and tongues gently colliding. Kevin was unsure how long they kissed for. Probably too long. He was unsure when Joaquin had moved from his mouth to his neck, biting and licking and sucking. What Kevin was sure of was that he would be hiding a hickey tomorrow.

           “Fuck,” Joaquin pulled away, admiring his work. “That’s hot.” Kevin scoffed.

           “No, it’s a headache. My dad isn’t completely oblivious, you do know that right?” He shook his head, sitting up a little so he could look down at Joaquin. He tried to glare, but the serpent’s lips were bruised, and his hair was a mess, and he was far too adorable with that smug grin.

           “You know you love it.”

           “Shut up.” Kevin swatted at him, but Joaquin caught his hand. He started to trace words onto it again.

Two diagonal lines

Vertical line





Moment of stillness

Two diagonal lines

Horizontal line


Vertical line


Diagonal line


Vertical line

Three horizontal lines

Moment of stillness

Vertical line



Vertical line

Three horizontal lines


Vertical line


Diagonal line


Vertical line

Two horizontal lines


Vertical line

Three horizontal lines



Horizontal line

Vertical line

     “You are perfect.” Joaquin repeated what he had just traced as he stopped spelling and brought Kevin’s hand back to his mouth.

     “And you are a sap.” Kevin responded, but he was smiling.

     “Kev, I can’t remember the last time I was this happy. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And I can’t believe it’s real. Can’t believe that someone as perfect as you fell for someone as broken as me.” Joaquin confessed, his eyes drifting to stare at his lap.  Kevin sat down again and used his free hand to lift Joaquin’s chin, making them eye to eye with each other.

     “Hey, hey, you are not broken. I’m not settling or coming done from my throne for you. You are beyond wonderful. You are perfect, and you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love you.” Kevin leaned into kiss him again, but the sound of his father’s car entering the driveway stopped him. “Shit.”

     Joaquin jumped up, pulling his shoes on and quickly heading towards the window. “I love you too, Kev. I’ll see you tomorrow.” And with that, he was gone, and Kevin was alone in his room again. He sighed and stood up, heading downstairs to meet his dad at the door.

     “Hey Dad, how was work?” Kevin smiled as his dad entered the house.

     “Fine, stressful. Clifford Blossom is going to be the death of me. You know I never thought I’d say this, but I miss just having to deal with the serpents.” Sheriff Keller chuckled softly. “How was your day kid?”

     “Good. Archie played us a new song at lunch. He’s surprisingly not bad. And Veronica debuted the most fantastic pair of dark red Giuseppe Zanotti heels. Plus, I think that I might be able to convince Betty to wear her hair down for once, I’ve just got to play the ‘Jughead will like it’ card.”

     “Well that’s nice I suppose…” He trailed off. He wasn’t listening to Kevin at all. No, Sheriff Keller was completely focused on his son’s neck.

     Shit, shit, shit. Kevin thought, remembering the very visible hickey that Joaquin had left and turning away from his dad to go back to his room. “Yeah, it’s great. Well, I’ve got some homework to finish up, so I’m gonna go.”

    “Hold it right there, young man. What happened to your neck?”

     “My-my neck?” Kevin stopped momentarily, but quickly resumed his climb to his room. “I, uh, fell.”

   “You fell on your neck?” Sheriff Keller asked, amused.

    “Yup, you know, clumsy me.” Kevin walked into his room, quickly shutting the door. He walked to the mirror in his room and stared, wide-eyed, at the dark purple bruise above his left collar bone. “Fuck, Joaquin, what have you done?”

     “Hey Kev?” His dad’s voice carried into his room.

     “Yeah?” Kevin warily shouted back.

     “Just stay safe, okay?” Kevin’s jaw dropped, shocked and momentarily speechless. The silence was quickly broken however. Kevin groaned loudly and threw himself on his bed with a loud thump. He could feel his cheeks redden as his listened to his father chuckling downstairs.

     “I’m gonna kill that boy.” Kevin mumbled to himself, bringing his fingers up to his neck. “I’m going to kiss him, and then I’ll kill him.”

Hit me up if you have prompts, ideas, want to beta, or would like to be tagged in my future Kevin/Joaquin fanfics.

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Jughead & Reader: Complicated

Summary: Your father is good friends with FP so it’s no surprise when he asks your dad to take care of Jughead while he tries to get his life back on track. You and Jughead start spending a lot of time together and you come to realize that you care about him as more than a friend. But things are complicated since he’s dating Betty Cooper.


Length: 2,435

a/n: NSFW

Listen to: Falling Away With You - Muse 

Exhausted from school, you walked up the stairs to your room. You planned on throwing your book bag on the floor and climbing into bed to take a nap until it was time for dinner. It’s pretty much what you did every day after school. 

As you walked down the hallway you noticed your bedroom door was open. You were confused because you always closed your door when you left the house since you liked your privacy. Normally your dad never goes into your room without permission but you just liked to keep things private. 

You poked your head in and saw Jughead Jones, a friend of yours from school. He was in the process of unrolling a sleeping bag when he noticed you standing at the door.

“Oh, um.” He stood up and put his hands in his pockets nervously. “Hey,” he said.

You furrowed your brows. “What are you doing in my room?”

“Oh, your dad didn’t talk to you yet?” He asked. 

“Obviously not.” You shook your head and set your bag down by your desk. You sat down in your chair and saw there was a tattered duffle bag in the corner of your room which looked like it belonged to Jughead. “What, are you moving in?” You joked.

Jughead looked a little nervous and uncomfortable. Before he could answer, your dad called your name from downstairs. You glanced at Jughead before you left your room, beyond confused. 

You walked downstairs and met your dad in the kitchen. “There’s a boy in my room,” you told him as you sat on the counter.

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Fic: Nobody Else (Philip/Lukas)

Summary: Five Times Philip and Lukas are total besties and one time Lukas sort of has an epiphany. (Or: there are no murders, Lukas and Philip become best friends, and stuff happens.)

A/N: Okay, I have such a friendship kink. Like, if you can’t be BFFs with your s/o then why bother, right? And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way these two connect and also, well, they are kind of dumb when it comes to feelings, which is something I can relate to. So that’s my excuse for writing this. It was meant to be a short 1k ficlet but I don’t know why I even still pretend I can be succinct.

Also up on the AO3


Lukas is trailing after Philip to the edge of the Caldwell’s property, not really understanding where they’re going or why.

“Are you ever going to tell me where you’re dragging me off to?” he asks.

Philip looks back at him and shakes his head, waves Lukas on. “Nope. It’s a surprise. Calm down. It’s not that much further.”

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This was incredibly hard to watch. It breaks my heart that Lainey is literally crying from the things he’s saying to her, and he continues to not only say things that he can clearly see is making her cry, but is doing it in a joking, ~charming~ tone of voice on purpose so that he can later say, “Hey, it was just a JOKE! Stop being so sensitive! Lighten up, get a sense of humor.” Constantly hurting your partner and then telling them that it was just a joke is a classic sign of abuse. She’s so used to his bullying that she laughs it off and blames herself for crying even though she clearly told him that she was hurting his feelings and he kept going anyway that she doesn’t even bother to stand up for herself. She knows that he’s just going to invalidate her feelings and then leave her feeling guilty and blaming herself for “not being able to take a joke”.

I think the worst part of this whole thing is that he then published this video of himself making his wife cry to further humiliate her, with (I’m sure) Lainey telling him that she didn’t want him to (or not bothering to say anything at all, because he’s going to do it anyway and she doesn’t want to start a fight).

And with his fanbase crumbling and YouTube paying him much less than he used to, I’m sure that Lainey is bearing the brunt of his anger, rage, bullying, and need for control.

Edit: So, I just added this video to my queue to be published later today, but I wanted to add this because I thought it was relevant. 

I’m not very good at reading body language, but I was picking up seriously abusive vibes from this video. I decided to bring it downstairs and have my dad watch it - he was in prison for about ten years, and then a social worker for another ten after he got out, so he’s very good at reading people, especially their non-verbal cues - body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, mannerisms, that sort of thing. 

I went downstairs and had him watch the video, to get his opinion. I didn’t tell him what I wanted him to say: I just told him, “I want you to watch this video and then tell me what impression you get from it.” That’s all. I pressed play. About halfway through the video, he paused it, turned to me and said, “Why do you want me to watch this?” I said, “I just want to know what impression you get from them, about their relationship.” And he said:

“This man is a total narcissist and he broke her so much that she can’t fight back. He is destroying her.”

I am not exaggerating at all. Those were his exact words. This man does not know anything about Onision. He has never watched his videos before, nor even heard of him. He made a 100% correct interpretation of their relationship based on watching the first five minutes of this video. 

If this doesn’t convince you that Onision is an abusive narcissist, then nothing will.

Edit #2: I just had one of my friends watch this video too, to see what impression he would get as well - I was just curious at this point to see what anybody thought about this video. And, surprise surprise, he said the exact same thing that my dad did. This is what he said, word for word: 

 "I feel that girl is not very happy in the relationship. She seems like she’s stuck and doesn’t know how to get out, and he’s completely happy and fine. He is literally oblivious to her needs and what she likes.“ 

 That’s two complete strangers who have never heard Onision’s name before who watched this video and immediately came away with the impression - with no prompting or leading questions by me - that their relationship is not healthy.

That night after I watched Wolf Children for the first time ever, I was completely confused, and of course, utterly sad for Hana. In my perspective, Hana not only lost her husband, but her daughter Yuki left to seek out her path as a human, whilst her son Ame chose to take control as the protector of the mountains.

When I walked downstairs, my dad asked me why I was so sad, and I told him pretty much how Hana suffered throughout the entire movie, and in the end she basically lost everything but still had a smile to her lips.

Instead, my dad told me that I got the entire story’s moral backwards. The entire story was really based on Hana’s love and how it expanded and differentiated throughout each and every moment of her life, from the beginning to the end.

The first type of love she had was the romantic, foolish and young love. She experiences this love as she falls in love with a man that she knows practically nothing about.

The second type is the unconditonal love; as her husband reveals his true form as a werewolf, not only does she accept that form and not segregate him, but she chooses to place her life on the line and be togther with him, therein later on having children.

The third type is the motherly love she expresses. Even after she loses her husband she holds a parental, motherly love for Yuki and Ame. As she had to keep them in secret, she was willing to strain to keep the remaining family alive and looked after them before herself.

The fourth type of love was her sacrificial love. She chooses the best for her children, and leaves the urban areas to rural country and wishes for her children to grow, and over the course of her first months in the countryside, she had to work extremely hard and even tanned as a result, just to keep her promise of freedom for her children and comfort without anyone discovering their true identities.

The fifth type of love she experiences is the more of a friendship, family-like love when the neighbours look after her and her children, especially the old man that taught her to plant the potatoes.

The sixth type of love, that is, the respecting type if love, was when she realized that her children were growing up and weren’t in her control anymore. When Ame left, she had the revelation of letting go and giving her children their freedom; they chose their own paths, and all she can do is support them and let them go.

Overall, at the very end, Hana was seen sipping tea with the picture of her husband. The setting was very quiet and airy; this meant that Hana had no more concerns. Her love given has done it’s deed, and now the meaning of her life is to enjoy its simplicity and not to dwell in the past but accept the present.

But this all shows one thing: all of Hana’s love was given. Love isn’t selfish, but it is kind. Once given out, there is no rule or assurance that it will be reciprocated, and Hana knew that. From the start she knew she had chosen the hardest path, but she chose it and kept on moving forward, and in the end she earns for herself a peaceful afternoon, sipping tea with her husband.

Cause You're My Favorite Hue

Masterpost: {x}

Part: 79/90

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song

Soundtrack: here (you can request more songs)

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into their world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color.

Warning: none I think?

Word Count: 3,419

Dedication: @fictionmeister for the fanart I love it sm

Tags: @halpdevon, @exadorlion, @lukassgoggles, @closestfriendivegot, @schokoobananaa, @justsmilingandnodding, @lapiamedots, @semoka, @kyller-biis, @alwayshesitantwiththepresident, @sarcastic-swl-dragon, @saturn-sails, @tallish-hobbit, @angelica-eliza-layafette, @gunsandshipsandpeggy, @thatdewdlesperson, @lafbagxette, @hamilton-trash-1, @cutebridge, @evil-weasel, @bad-l-ands, @thedisneyderp, @rose-is-in-the-void, @queen-bohemian-rhapsody, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @trash-sicle, @ichbindeindod, @dvddggs, @dreamingpastelcolors, @atomicprinceling, @aheadfullofglassbees, @jefffersons, @anitheunicorn, @creativescapist, @fruityfrootloops, @anonymouscrazyfangirl, @frannro, @nicnchill, @peachygroff, @fangirl6202, @thesebattlescarsarebeautiful, @lalalapin, @omlwhatamidoing, @wow-another-blog, @ordinaryornate, @spookytheoristpuppy, @nobeatnomelody, @hell-yes-puns-and-ships, @cheerioscheerios, @bellatrixmld, @spoiledbuni, @dammit-i-suck-at-this, @tinypathetichumanbrain, @ilove2badoable, @hoshizornyaa, @accidentally-impeccable, @coconuthoodie, @alexander-did-you-know, @theworldsasorrystate, @willoweve2011, @rainconfettis, @xaandiir, @woahtherebuddyfriend, @panda-powers, @ahyesfandoms, @yesthefightingfrenchbitch, @artandshitposts, @literallyhamiltrash, @gum-and-chips, @seiteixnalaicos, @aleciamagic, @lavender-random, @magicalpinkdolphin, @crustypantsu, @i-fandom-queen-stuff, @aham-threw-his-shot-away, @cennedixx, @skythornhollycat, @milolove1, @suspicious-protagonist, @rin-chu, @nefarism, @braabraaimloreo, @kilaco77, @ineloquent-scholar, @tryingandfailing, @fuvkinglou, @technoxslayer360, @just-me-an-asshole , @absolutemusicaltrash, @lawnmowerswig, @smolchinerd, @a-dott-ham, @bellatrixmld, @yourapplepiebetterbeworthit, @karmana-stevens-569, @bad-unicorn-of-hell, @fictionmeister, @new-poets, @shalanos, @celestialqueerfeminist, @crazyfangirl19, @patchesthed00t, @beycutebabe, @datbloodyunicorn, @crushingonhamilton, @awkward-turtles-awkward-cousin

A/N: more fluff~

Mornings were usually always slow and steady. The men would wake up at their own pace—okay, not their pace. More like Mary's—and let the children sleep in. Once the children were awake, they would have breakfast, have a little bit of family time, then get on with their day.

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Toy Story AU!!!!

So Jack is an action figure of real life hockey player Jack Zimmermann, his kid is a girl that’s a massive fan of The Falconers.

Jack isn’t Jenny’s favourite toy, but it’s not a bad life. He gets played with often and every time there’s a game he’ll be pulled from his special shelf to watch it with her. He once got to go to a hockey camp for a whole summer. It was awesome.

When she’s not around, he spends most of his time perfecting the shots and replaying the stuff he saw real him do.

The rest of the toys don’t like him much, first because he’s obsessed with hockey, and second, it’s weird that he is based on a real person. Jack isn’t considered a ‘real toy’ by the others.

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{Reaction} EXO when you say daddy and both him and your dad respond.

Note: This was a lot of fun to write hehe, I enjoyed this one~ I hope you enjoy it anon! Fighting~

Disclaimer: I don’t on the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by queenhyo

You walked into the living room where Chanyeol was talking to you Father happily. They were discussing music, you could tell my the passion that was shining in Chanyeol’s eyes.

{y/n}: “I’m sorry to interrupt, I was just wondering what time you wanted dinner, Daddy?”

Chanyeol: “Is six okay?”

{Your Dad}: “I think she was talking to me.”

Chanyeol: “Oh no, it’s just because she calls me Da-” *see’s your warning eyes and realises* “I mean, yeah, sorry. What were you asking your real Daddy, jagi?”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by kyunseu

You still lived in your parents house, so when Kyungsoo comes over you have to be rather quiet if you want any privacy times, or wait until your parents go out. One night when Kyungsoo had come over, you were sure your parents had gone out already…

Kyungsoo: *mid- sexy time.* “Moan it, Jagi.”

{y/n}: “Daddy!”

{Your Dad}: *From downstairs* “Yeah?!”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by blondejongin

Baekhyun was staying at your family home for a while. And even though you guys aren’t exactly staying very innocent in the dead of night, you’re obviously not being very quiet, either.

{Younger sibling}: “Daddy”

{Your Dad}: “Yeah?”

{Younger sibling}: “No not you, I was talking to {y/n}’s Daddy” *points at Baekhyun*

Baekhyun: *Smirks smugly to himself, rather proud he made you moan loud enough for the child to here.*

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by visual-jongdae

Sehun pinned you up against the bedroom wall, his eyes shining with list as he held your hands over your head.

Sehun: “Better listen to me, Jagiya or Daddy will have to punish you.”

{Your Dad}: *walks in* “She only has one Father, she doesn’t need another one.” *Sassy af*

Sehun: “Please, you might be her real Dad, but we all know she begs for this Daddy.” *Sassyhun strikes back*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by lovelaydays

Let’s be honest, Yixing is going to be Daddy af in the bedroom, and innocent outside of it. So when he responds to you calling you Daddy, he doesn’t seem to notice where he’s gone wrong.

{y/n}: “Daddy, can I have some help with this?”

Yixing: “Oh sure Jagi.”

{Your Dad}: “What did you just call him?”

{y/n}: Happy… uh, yeah. I called him happy.” *thinks of the first words you can think of that sounds similar to Daddy.*

Yixing: “I’m pretty sure you just called me Da- ohhh yeah, sorry. Happy. That’s me, see?” *Grins before rushing out the room shyly.*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by chenrrerorocher

Your father had heard you calling Jongdae Daddy and was not happy about it in the slightest. You were both sat on the sofa, watching as your Father paced angrily.

{Your Dad}: “So you like being her Daddy, huh? Then why are there so many damn dishes in the sink? Go on, real Dad’s work their asses off.”

Jongdae: “Yes, sir.” *Even after being told off he probably won’t let you stop calling him Daddy tbh*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

You woke up that morning to find that Minseok wasn’t in the bed next to you, but you smiled, smelling the fresh scent of breakfast cooking and coffee brewing downstairs. You shuffled out of the bed, making your way downstairs and wrapping your arms around you boyfriend from behind him, muttering a tired ‘Morning Daddy’ with a small smirk on your face, it instantly dropped when you heard a presence behind you.

Your Dad: “Aren’t you going to look at me while you’re talking to me?”

Minseok: “Oh no, she was talking to me, sir.” *Turns back with a smug smirk.* “Coffee?”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by zitaoa

ou had been in the kitchen cooking with your Mother while Tao and your Father sat in the living room talking happily about China and how Tao is good at Martial Arts. So far, he had seemed to be making a good impression, but that was until you called out “Daddy…”

Tao and your Dad in unison: “Yeah?”


Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by kaisenhunnie

Your Father and Junmyeon had already gathered quite a good relationship already. It’s a good thing really, because when you called out “Daddy” and Junmyeon sassy comebacks came out to play, it was a good thing your Father was good at laughing things off.

{Your Dad}: “What is she calling you Daddy for? You’re like 10.”

Suho: “Ten inches, maybe.” *Sudaddy smirking at you. Three guesses what you’re getting later.*

Lu Han

Originally posted by harlysquad

Luhan, being the confident man he is, doesn’t really care when your Father overhears you calling him Daddy. He smirks smugly, pulling at his collar in a sexy way as you blush furiously as your Father glares at you both.

{Your Dad}: “Let’s just pretend I didn’t hear that.”

Luhan: “Oh no, you remember it. I think you need to know where I stand with my princess.

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by dohkyungcutie

You smiled, opening up your arms to give your father a hug as you greet him after a long time with “Hey Daddy.”

Kai: *standing next to your dad, extends his arms to hug you when he realises you’re not hugging him.* “Oh you call him Daddy too, oh okay, yup.” *awkward af*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by fyifan

Kris glared as he heard you say ‘Daddy’ numerous times over the dinner table. He kept rolling his eyes, lightly tapping you and telling you “this isn’t the time or place for it.” He was confused as to why you wouldn’t stop until you finally snapped.

{y/n}: “I’m talking to my Dad, Kris. You know, my real Dad.”

Kris: “But I’m_ ohhh… yeah.” *Looks up at your Father who is looking suspiciously at you both.* “Yeah she calls me Daddy too, sorry, my mistake I was getting confused.*

{Your Dad}: “Spits out his tea”

{y/n}: *Face-palms*


The teens and dads head downstairs for another round of failed bowling, Piper and Louis are being anti-social, and the moms are KILLING IT at the arcade. 

When I was a child in this house in Novi, Michigan, we went to church in the basement.
I didn’t grow up in a religious family. In my house it was simple, Bruce Springsteen was the Lord, and “Born To Run” was the Bible. I remember burning that album for hours on end downstairs with my dad, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out turned up to 11, pretending to play along on any instrument I could find. I was baptized by rock & roll music.

A big part of my story is rooted in this guitar in my dad’s hands.
It’s an early 1980’s fender esquire. My mom bought it for him as a gift. He never learned how to play it, but it always knew how to put on a show for the neighborhood kids on Chase Drive. Later on, when the DALES clan became a party of five and moved west to Arizona, the guitar came too. It survived a big fall out of the trunk on Route 66, my failed first guitar lessons, and even my awkward teenage years when all I wanted was be a drummer.

Eventually I turned 18, the dream became real, and I got to tour the world for the several years. Meanwhile, the guitar collected dust in the garage.

When I started making the DALES record with Matt, I took a trip back to Arizona and begged my dad to let me take the guitar home with me to LA. After a bittersweet debate, he gave in and we were on our way to dust off the cobwebs. A part of me always knew I wanted to tell this story with the very instrument that was so deeply rooted into my childhood DNA. (I also wanted to learn how to really fucking play, thanks Matt.)

It’s an out-of-body experience to hold something in your hands and it feel like a time capsule to your first memories of music. A portal to a basement in Michigan where I felt the feeling for the first time,
the same feeling I’ll be chasing for the rest of my life.

Now not a day goes by where I don’t pick up this guitar.

Charlie Charlie, are you there?

“It was a few years ago. The Charlie Charlie Challenge was pretty popular, and of course my friends and I wanted to try it. It was pretty late, I want to say about midnight. My two friends and I were all sleeping over my one friend’s house. I’ll call her Eliza, and my other friend I’ll call Amy. 

So Amy and I were sleeping over Eliza’s house, and we decided to do the Charlie Charlie Challenge. So we snuck downstairs to the basement with two pencils and a piece of paper. We sat at this old table in her basement, and sat in the chairs. We set up the game, and finally balanced the pencils.

“Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” I asked.


Of course we didn’t expect anything. Amy jokingly went “Charlie Charlie, come out to fucking play.”

After that, the chair that was vacant next to us flipped over. We freaked out.

“Charlie, Charlie, can we leave?”

The pencil moved to no. I forced it to yes, and I tore up the paper and broke the pencils. 

We ran upstairs, locking the basement door. I opened the door and threw the broken pencils and ripped up paper shreds outside. We locked all the doors. We ran back upstairs to Eliza’s room and stayed in there. We locked the door, and turned on all the lights. We could not sleep. I got about an hour of sleep that night.

The next day, we went downstairs and her dad yelled. Apparently, the basement was trashed. The chairs we sat in were flung across the room, the coal bucket downstairs was tipped over, coal spilled everywhere. It was atrocious. We tried to convince him we didn’t mess it up, but he didn’t believe us, since there was no one in the house besides us. So we had to clean up downstairs and while we were down there, we all felt very strange. Like a negative feeling was in the air.

I don’t know what the hell happened, if we actually managed to summon ‘Charlie.’The lesson here is, don’t ever fuck with demons. Even if it seems as innocent as two pencils and a piece of paper.”

By: Anonymous

Tony Stark's Daughter-Part four

Readers POV
“I’ll just leave you two to it” Bucky said giving me a reassuring smile before walking out the door. As soon as he left dad walked over to me and hugged me, I hugged him back; both of us close to tears.

“I’ve missed you so much,Y/N/N.” Dad said as he hugged me tighter.

“I missed you too, dad” I replied, trying not to burst into tears. We sat there for a while just hugging, and then dad was questioning me about all of the things that Hydra had done to me over the years. I could see how dad was reacting whilst I was telling him the information, he blamed himself, I could see it in his eyes.

“Don’t blame yourself, dad, it’s not your fault" I said in a comforting tone, he just nodded and smiled at me; but I knew that the smile was fake and that he still blamed himself..

“So you with Barnes?” Dad asked, changing the subject.

“It’s complicated” I said with a chuckle in my voice

“Complicated hmm?” Dad said raising an eyebrow as a smirk appeared on his face.

I was just about to answer him when there was a knock at the door.

“Tony,” I looked up to see one of my dad’s oldest friends, Rhodey.

“We need you downstairs” dad nodded.

“Get some rest kiddo” he said as he kissed my forehead and hugged me one last time before exiting the room along with Rhodey.

Time skip-a few hours later
I woke with a  start, my breathing was fast and sweat was running down my face ‘great’ I thought to myself as I stood up from the bed and looked in the mirror that was by the door; I looked terrible…I usually ended up looking like this after a nightmare. This nightmare was the same as all the others,, and they all had one thing in common Hydra….I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard shouting coming from downstairs, so I quietly walked downstairs and saw my dad arguing with a guy with blonde hair, I’ve seen him before, it was Captain America. They were arguing about something called the accords.

“We’ve already signed the accords Steve, they want us to bring you in, we don’t have a choice in this,” my dad shouted.

“You hand us over and they’ll shove us in prison! God knows what they’d do to Bucky” Steve shouted back.

“Bucky isn’t my problem, and if we bring you in now none of you will end up in prison!” My dad retorted.

“It wouldn’t just be Bucky though, it’d be Y/N too!” As Steve said that, my dad hit him.

“Don’t bring my daughter into this, she has nothing to do with this,” dad said as Rhodey pulled him always from Steve.

“Yes she does, she’s the same as Buck!” Steve said anger filling his voice. And that’s when I entered the room, I could see the anger in my dad’s eyes, but they soon softened when they saw me. Everyone went quiet and they all avoided looking at me, especially Steve obviously regretting what he had previously said.

“Y/N, you were meant to be resting” my dad said a he walked over to me.

“I was…But it’s kinda hard to sleep when you’re all shouting” I remarked. “What are you all arguing about anyway?” I asked, but no one answered me, everyone just looked at my dad not knowing what else to do.

“Dad?” I asked but he just shook his head.

“It doesn’t doesn’t concern you, kiddo, just go back upstairs” dad said as he tried to get me out of the room.

“No dad, I want to know” I said not moving.

“Y/N,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair, “Now” he said in a stern voice. But I still didn’t move. And then I felt arms around my waist behind me, picking me up and moving me from the room and back upstairs. And then I saw it was Bucky.

“What the hell, Buck?!” I said trying to get past him.

“Doll, this is not something that you wanna be apart of trust me,” he said looking at me, his eyes pleading with me to calm down.

“Bucky, please just tell me what’s going on” I said calming down.

“It’s a long story, doll.” He sighed.

“I got time” I replied, sitting down on the bed, he just smirked and sat down next to me.

Tonys POV
“You know he’s right, Tony” Nat said.

“Yeah, but we signed the accords Nat….what are we gonna do, we can’t just unsign them” I sighed.

“We’re gonna go into hiding” Cap said, motioning to his team.“You could come with us” he added.

“We’d be breaking the law..” Rhodey said.

“Well….I’ve never been one to follow the rules” I said, nodding to Cap.

“Well then, let’s get going before they find us” Cap said, as Bucky and Y/N entered the room.

Third person POV
Next to the abandoned  house the team were at, there was a forest, and within this forest there was a group  of agents…Hydra agents..

Sir, I’ve found them,” one of the agents said down a phone as he saw the avengers leave the house.

“Follow them, and when you get the chance get Barnes and the little Stark,” said a voice over the phone.

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