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my life as a cat burglar

Friday night. Another long work week survived. I was just about to start on my first glass of wine of the evening. Suddenly there was a cry from downstairs.

“Emily!” called my dad. “Your cat is in difficulties!”

I live with my parents because haha London house prices and also my parents are the best landlords ever: they charge practically no rent, cook for me, are retired and therefore have nothing better to do than run my errands and do my laundry, and the hardest part is getting them to stop washing everything in sight. 

Also they allow pets! 

They love my cat.  Yesterday my dad took the back door apart in order to install a brand new extremely high-tech cat flap. Taking things apart is his hobby anyway - the other week he took the front door apart to see if he could carve a piece of wood exactly the right shape to stop one pesky draft - but he’s very concerned about the cat flap at the moment because a New Cat has moved into the neighbourhood and it is the Gaston of cats, which is to say it is roughly the size of a barge. 

We call it The Panther. Capital T, capital P. It keeps trying to come in through our old (insufficiently high-tech!) cat flap and eat Fennel’s dinner. It is nearly three times her size. Anyway, when Dad said difficulties, I assume he meant he needed me to come and chase off The Panther with a water pistol, which is our new family funtime activity.

By the time I was halfway down the stairs, I could tell that wasn’t the problem, because when The Panther is around Fennel goes silent or hissy, and she definitely wasn’t either of those. I could hear mewing. It was very loud. It was a lot louder than I realised, actually, because I could hear it in the house and it was coming from next door’s garden.

Fennel’s thought process since she started exploring our garden has gone like this:

  1.  A pot! I shall hide behind it.
  2. If I jump down here and then here I am in a vast new world of things to eat that I probably shouldn’t eat
  3. What is this bucket the large human keeps moving around, should I sit in it (’EMILY! Your cat is in my weeding bucket again!’)
  4. A bush! I shall hide inside it.
  5. oh my god
  6. oh my god what is that it’s so tall
  7. oh my god a tree
  8. I’m gonna climb it

Three days ago, she clomb the tree. Tonight: she discovered the Branch That Overlooks The Neighbour’s Garden. A vista of possibilities opened before her. She leapt down into this brave new world.

At some point after that, she discovered that jumping down from a very high branch does not mean you can jump back up to it again. 

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The Talk - Carl Grimes Blurb

request: Can I make a request of Rick having to give Carl and reader ‘The talk’. Like, maybe he accidentally walked in on the two of them all 😏😏😏 and wanted to make sure they’re safe and all that. But just totally cringe worthy/amazing in the best way 😂

pairing: carl grimes x reader

a/n: i’ve been watching the x files so much lately i’m obsessed

word count: 483

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland 

His breathing grew heavier as you trailed your hands down his bare chest. He lay on his back beneath you, only wearing his boxers. His fingertips lightly drew up from your lower back to your shoulders, and then settled down on your waist. You kissed his forehead, resting your arms over his shoulders. His eyes met yours, and he smiled, beginning to chuckle. 

“My dad’s downstairs…” he mumbled, kissing you once more. “We should stop.” His actions spoke louder than his words, though. He shifted your hips away from his and onto the bed beside him and began crawling on top of you. His knee nudged your legs apart, allowing him space to settle between them. He kissed you once more, cupping your face in his hands. 

The door creaked open, and you instinctively pulled away from Carl. Someone cleared their throat, but you couldn’t tell who. You were too afraid and embarrassed to see who had walked in on you two to look anywhere but Carl’s terrified eyes, which were widely staring right at you. 

“Get dressed, and come downstairs when you’re ready,” Rick ordered. You both froze, and he dropped down on top of you once he heard the door shut. 

“We’re fucked,” Carl muttered, rolling off the bed and beginning to get dressed. “So is Glenn if Dad if he finds out he’s been giving me condoms.” 

When you and Carl were ready, you followed him down the stairs, awaiting the awkward encounter that was coming between you and Rick. You felt guilty; like after all he’s done for you, that you’d betrayed him somehow. 

“Come on. Sit down,” Rick said. He was surprisingly calm, which made you uneasy. He cleared his throat awkwardly and began his lecture. “I know you kids don’t tell me everything, and that’s okay… I just want to make sure you’re being safe.” Rick shifted in his seat and pulled out a box of condoms. “Take these. Use them wisely… We don’t have many to waste.” 

You blushed uncomfortably, staring down at your hands in your lap while Carl took the box. He tucked it into his pocket and darted his eyes between you and his dad.

“So…” Carl sighed, “Can we go?” 

Rick nodded. “Just one more thing.” Carl folded his hands in his lap, his knee bouncing up and down impatiently. “(Y/N), I know it may be hard to talk with me about this kind of stuff, but I want you to know that Michonne is always here as well, and I’m sure she’d be happy to help you if you ever need… help.” 

You smiled at Rick assuringly as Carl stifled a laugh. “Alright, thanks,” you said, feigning enthusiasm. Carl grabbed your hand and helped you stand up. 

“Sorry we had to leave so soon” Carl apologized, leading you up the stairs, “but I believe we were in the middle of something.”

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cause that’s just ridiculously odd

Hiding every cloud under a smile pt. 2

Jungkook x Reader

Admin Abbie


This chapter can be a bit intense so read at your own risk <3

Please enjoy!!!

Part 1

A week has passed since your fated meeting with this man called Jungkook, and you haven’t stopped thinking about him since! It was like he put something in your brain that made you think about him constantly….it was starting to really bother you.

As morning shined through your curtains in your bedroom you decided it was time for you to stop becoming one with your bed and actually get up and live life a little.

You crawled out of bed and walked towards your bathroom and got ready for the day, You showered and washed off all your sleepiness and once you finished you dried your hair, brushed your teeth and applied a little make-up

You picked out some leggings and a burgundy sweater to match, once you finished you walked downstairs and saw your dad casually sitting on the couch.

“Morning, shouldn’t you be at work?” You said

“Oh! morning sunshine. And on a normal day, yes i should be at work but not today”

“Why? Whats special about today?”

Your dad smiled at you and walked to his room quickly and brought back a box with some ribbon tied on it. He handed it to you and told you to open it.

You gave him a curious look but soon sat the present down and began opening it, Once you removed the ribbon you opened the box to find a beautiful dress and some jewelry and shoes to match. You looked at your dad only to see a huge smile plastered on his face.

“What is this?” you asked

“Well tonight i have a dinner for work, and they want us to bring our families and well i thought its about time to show off my beautiful daughter.”

“Dad! You know I’m not good in those situations!”

“I understand but its about time you started getting out there and meeting new people! Don’t worry i will be by your side the whole night! okay?”


As much as you hated to admit it, your dad had a point. You cant live your life inside this house forever.

~~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~

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(Y/N): *Coughs*

Stiles. (Y/N) are you ok?

(Y/N): I’m fine just a sore throat 

Stiles: *feels you forehead* (Y/N) you are burning up, you are staying in bed while I try not to burn the house down while making you food.

(Y/N): Stiles you don’t have to do that.

    Stiles walks downstairs and greats his dad and explains the situasjon. His dad finds and old recipe for some soup that Stiles mother always made when they were sick. They started to make it together.

Stiles: (Y/N) me and my dad made some soup for you, I’t i my mothers recipe.

(Y/N): You didn’t have to do that Stiles

Stiles: Yes I had to. You my girlfriend It’s my job to take care to you.

(Y/N): You have done to much already. Letting me stay here after my parents kicked me out of the hous. And now your making me food. And taking care of me.

Stiles: It’s nothing, we have known eachother for years, and you help in the house. You also help my dad with the bills by working. You make me and my dad dinner. You do so much without needing to. You deserve to be pampered when you are sick, because you have been through so much.

(Y/N): Stiles, I love you!

Stiles: Thats the first time you have said that

(Y/N): Well its true, do you love me?

Stiles: Of course I do. I Love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

That night after I watched Wolf Children for the first time ever, I was completely confused, and of course, utterly sad for Hana. In my perspective, Hana not only lost her husband, but her daughter Yuki left to seek out her path as a human, whilst her son Ame chose to take control as the protector of the mountains.

When I walked downstairs, my dad asked me why I was so sad, and I told him pretty much how Hana suffered throughout the entire movie, and in the end she basically lost everything but still had a smile to her lips.

Instead, my dad told me that I got the entire story’s moral backwards. The entire story was really based on Hana’s love and how it expanded and differentiated throughout each and every moment of her life, from the beginning to the end.

The first type of love she had was the romantic, foolish and young love. She experiences this love as she falls in love with a man that she knows practically nothing about.

The second type is the unconditonal love; as her husband reveals his true form as a werewolf, not only does she accept that form and not segregate him, but she chooses to place her life on the line and be togther with him, therein later on having children.

The third type is the motherly love she expresses. Even after she loses her husband she holds a parental, motherly love for Yuki and Ame. As she had to keep them in secret, she was willing to strain to keep the remaining family alive and looked after them before herself.

The fourth type of love was her sacrificial love. She chooses the best for her children, and leaves the urban areas to rural country and wishes for her children to grow, and over the course of her first months in the countryside, she had to work extremely hard and even tanned as a result, just to keep her promise of freedom for her children and comfort without anyone discovering their true identities.

The fifth type of love she experiences is the more of a friendship, family-like love when the neighbours look after her and her children, especially the old man that taught her to plant the potatoes.

The sixth type of love, that is, the respecting type if love, was when she realized that her children were growing up and weren’t in her control anymore. When Ame left, she had the revelation of letting go and giving her children their freedom; they chose their own paths, and all she can do is support them and let them go.

Overall, at the very end, Hana was seen sipping tea with the picture of her husband. The setting was very quiet and airy; this meant that Hana had no more concerns. Her love given has done it’s deed, and now the meaning of her life is to enjoy its simplicity and not to dwell in the past but accept the present.

But this all shows one thing: all of Hana’s love was given. Love isn’t selfish, but it is kind. Once given out, there is no rule or assurance that it will be reciprocated, and Hana knew that. From the start she knew she had chosen the hardest path, but she chose it and kept on moving forward, and in the end she earns for herself a peaceful afternoon, sipping tea with her husband.

Here I am, being a good student and getting my work done, when I hear the sounds of the basically non-functional pinball machine running downstairs. Dad was messing around and got the thing up and running again. This is bad, I dropped so many fucking hours on that machine I do not need this now. I can block tumblr but I cannot block the thrill of victory when I achieve multiball.

|Tate Langdon imagine| requested

“You’re no good for my daughter!” I heard my dad shout from downstairs. I made a huge mistake leaving my dad and Tate to get to know each other for a bit. I opened my bedroom door and began walking downstairs, I saw my dad and Tate in each others faces; anger flushing both of there expressions. “You are a lowlife failure, a twisted and sick minded kid. My daughter deserves a lot better than a psycho!” My dad shouted. “Dad leave him alone!” I butted in. I stood in between the two, holding my hand out on Tate’s chest. 

Tate stared at my dad and my dad stared back with anger. “You’re ridiculous dad, I left you guys to get to know each other and actually make an effort” I said hurt. “Oh we got to know each other alright, your little boyfriend here is one twisted and sadistic fucker, Y/N you deserve someone who for starters is actually sane and who would treat you right.” Dad growled. “Are you kidding me? Tate has been nothing but incredible to me. Hes the best thing that’s happened since moving into this fucking house, no … hes been the best thing that’s ever happened to me” I shouted, my anger raising. “Please sir-” Tate began “Don’t you fucking ‘sir’ me. Tate get the fuck out of my house, Y/N upstairs now!” Dad yelled. 

I began walking to the door with Tate. “Go to my window” I whispered in his ear, he looked at me and walked out of the house. I started walking up the stairs and stopped, “I’ll never forgive you for this, how are you even a dad when you couldn’t see how happy I was with Tate?” I whispered, tears falling down my face,I then carried on walking to my bedroom. 

I ran into my bedroom and locked the door then ran to my window opening it. Tate had just finished climbing up my balcony. “Tate I’m so sorry” I whispered bringing his lips to mine. “No don’t be sorry, its not your fault. God Y/N I can’t be without you, he cant keep us apart” Tate panicked, I saw the tears threatening to spill. I brought each of my hands to the side of his face and looked him in the eye. “Then we will run away Tate … if that’s what it takes we will run away together. We can be with each other forever.” I whispered. He looked shocked, but eventually nodded and smiled. 

I let Tate into my room and started packing. I grabbed my rucksack, a few clothes and my credit card and passport. I was pouncing round my room trying to find all my stuff until I felt a hand gently pull me back. “Y/N … are you sure you want to do this?” Tate soothed. “I’ve never been more sure about anything, Tate. If we can’t be together I know I can’t make it on my own.” I whispered planting a small kiss upon his lips. Tate nodded and smiled. 

I grabbed my rucksack and we both climbed out the window. Tate and I started going down the balcony and he helped me make the ground by catching me. We held each others hands and began running to the train station. 

“Tate … where are we gonna go? and what about clothes for you?” I questioned and started worrying again, he grabbed my face to calm me down. “I don’t care where we go Y/N, as long as I’m with you I couldn’t care less and don’t worry about that, I don’t want you to worry about anything anymore because I’m gonna take care of you til the day I die” Tate said making me smile. “Promise?” I whispered. “Promise” He said kissing my lips. 

Zoe (pt.4)

I felt my lip tremble as I paced back and forth. Carol and Michonne looked all over the place for Plan B but hadn’t come up with anything. So they brought back several pregnancy tests, just in case.

I had to wait a couple weeks before I could actually take them. Just knowing they were hidden away in Carol’s room made my skin crawl. The idea that there could be a child growing inside my body made me sick. 

Michonne assured me that everything would be perfectly fine but I couldn’t bring myself to believe in that. I was prepared for the worse. 

Finally, my eyes travelled to the test. Negative. The breath I’d been holding shot out of my lungs and I fought screaming in joy. My dad was downstairs. 

I shoved the test, and it’s packaging, in the waste basket under some tissues and ran downstairs. Carol was rolling out cookies across from my dad. My dad noticed her shoulders tense as I entered and he looked to me. “What’s up, Zoe?”

I shrugged. “Nothin’. I think I’m gonna head over to Nick’s. Is that okay?” I hoped my calmness would be enough to show Carol that everything was okay.

My dad didn’t look particularly happy at the mention of Nick but he nodded. “For an hour.”

I saluted him, mainly because it annoyed him, and made my way out of the house. 


“So, we’re good?” Ever since Carol had spoken to him he’d been avoiding me. He made it clear that he wanted to know if I was pregnant or not but other than that he was pissed. He always got too defensive about things. 

“Yeah,” I huffed. “No babies.” I crossed my arms and stepped closer to the door. “Look, um…I think it’s best if we just…forget about everything, okay?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “That’s probably for the best.” His casual demeanor made a sickness seep into my stomach. 

“I’ll see you around.”


“You got somethin’ you wanna tell me?” My dad was sat at the dining table with a small box in front of him. I felt my heart drop as he lifted the pregnancy test’s box. I gaped at him for a moment. Gathering my thoughts. Unfortunately that moment was too long for him because he stood up. “Are you pregnant?”

“No!” I blurted. “No, I’m not I swear. I was just…checking.” I felt my voice waver as I tried to avoid his next question.

His face colored red and his jaw hardened. “Is this because of Nick? I’m gonna kill him.”

I felt my stomach turn over. “’s fine, Dad. I was just freaked out–I mean no one’s ever taught me about these things.”

He halted and looked me over, his blue eyes hard. “I…I thought the others…”

“I’ve asked them things…and Carol was helping with that but…” I shook my head. I could feel tears stinging my eyes. “But they’re…they’re not mom.”

He chewed on his inner cheek. “No…they ain’t.” He looked like he wanted to say something else but instead he stomped out the front door. He’d left the test on the table. 

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(this gif isn’t what I was looking for but the others wouldn’t load–stupid wifi)


I’m sorry that this isn’t much but I’m leaving for Germany in an hour and wanted to get something up. I’ll be in Germany and then Belgium until the 16th and I won’t have my computer. 

I am really trying, guys, I swear. I have some of the other fics’ parts in drafts because I’m having a bit of trouble finishing them. And I just got a new idea. 

I’ll see you guys again soon!

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Dating Allison Argent Would Include:

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:What would dating Allison Argent include?

A/N: Yeah sure, sweetie. I’m not a big fan of Allison, so I’m going to do my absolute best on these, lovely. I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with. Thank you for requesting!

- Sneaking into Allison’s bedroom window when her parents ground her.

- “Shhh, be quiet! My mom and dad are downstairs!” she’d hiss.

- “Sorry, the lamp was in the way.

- Being there for Allison when she needs it.

- Allison being there for you when you need it.

- Awkward moments at her dinner table when you’re invited over for dinner.

- Allison teaching you how to fight.

- Allison teaching you how to do archery.

- “Hold it like this and then aim, and let go.

- Allison seeming innocent but suddenly whispering dirty things in your ear.

- Skipping school with Allison.

- Movie nights.

- Going shopping with Allison.

- Having to put up with Lydia.

- “Are they coming too?” Lydia would inquire.

- “Yes, yes she is.” Allison would grin.

- “Awesome! More reasons for us to shop!” Lydia would grin.

- Hanging out with Lydia and Allison and watching The Notebook for the billionth time.

- Her dad pulling you to the side to give you a “talk”.

- Allison helping you to study.

- Allison being super protective of you.

- Allison getting jealous a lot.

- The two of you sneaking out to see each other.

- When in danger, Allison will always protect you, no matter what.

- Lot’s of “I love you’s”.

-  Intense cuddles.

- Passionate sex.

- Lot’s of hand holding.

- Sitting in class together or in front/behind each other.

- Allison always kissing your cheek, nose or forehead.

- Comforting Allison when her mom dies.

- Allison respecting and supporting you and your dreams.

- Thinking Allison is a hot heroine.

- Allison always being able to make you smile/ always being able to cheer you up.

- “You’re my everything.

- “You’re my everything too, (Y/N).

- If you’re a girl, you’d always wear Allison’s shirts or hoodie’s because they smell like her.

- If you’re a male/female Allison will “borrow” your sweatshirts, hoodies or tops.

- Having to go shopping with her and Lydia all of the time.

- Movie theatre/pizza dates every Saturday.

- Thinking that Allison has the best smile in the world.

- Being the fiercest and most adorable couple in Beacon Hills High School.

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Hayes Grier - Kept promise

Request:  Can you do an imagine where you and Hayes are best friends and you get sick and he tried to take care of you but he doesn’t know what to do so he asks the other guys to come over and help him?


I swear my head was about to blow up, my throat was aching so much I could barely swallow and my eyes were burning meaning my temperature didn’t lower in the last few hours. I texted Hayes about twenty minutes ago that I can’t make it to his little get together because I wasn’t feeling well and now I was just trying to sleep a bit.

My mom was away for a business trip and my dad was working until at least ten pm, so I was alone. I almost fell asleep when I heard the front door opening and I sat up listening to the noises coming from downstairs.

“Dad, is that you?” I shouted between two coughs. I got no answer, but a moment later the door of my room opened and Hayes walked in with a huge bag in his hands. “Hayes, what are you doing here?” I asked confused.

“You didn’t think I would leave you alone while you are sick, did you?” He sat the bag down to a chair and then kneeled down next to me. “How are you feeling?” he asked examining me with a concerned look.

“Like shit.”

“Did you take something?” he asked checking something on his phone.

“Yeah, but it didn’t work,” I sighed and watched as he put his phone down and dug into his bag.

“Alright, I got you some stuff, but since I’m no nurse and shit I told the guys to come here, so we can figure out how to put you back together,” he explained taking out his supplies of the bag. Some instant soup, teabags, tissues and candles. God knows why he thought candles would be useful.

“What? Hayes, none of you is a doctor but you also don’t have to be a doctor to know that I just need to rest,” I said with wide eyes. The boys were coming over and I looked like a fucking zombie. Great.

“Do I look like I care, Y/N? We are going to fix you, don’t worry,” he said totally ignoring what I just said.

Hayes made me some tea and brought some more blankets for me and about half an hour later Sam, Nash, Nate and Tez were all bustling in my room pretending to know what they were doing but they obviously didn’t.

“Guys,” I sighed trying to stop them from totally messing up the house. “It’s really not needed, you all can go home.”

“No way, little girl,” Nate said shaking his head and turned back to my computer looking for tips on the internet on how to cure my sickness.

“Yeah, you just rest and don’t worry, we’ll get you everything you need until your dad gets home,” Sam added giving me a lovely smile.

“And besides, I’m not leaving my best friend alone, anything can happen,” Hayes spoke up handing me some painkillers that I asked for earlier.

They didn’t listen to me and they all went full brotherly on me. At least I had some company, I enjoyed listening to the absurd cures Nate found online and Hayes kept asking if I had to puke because he could get me a bucket anytime even though I really didn’t need to puke.

“Alright, we gotta go, take care of her, Hayes,” Tez warned Hayes as they were about to leave.

“Got it!” he nodded and after they all hugged me they left leaving us alone.

“Hayes, you don’t have to stay, just go home, dad is going to be home soon,” I said as he sat down to the end of the bed. He shook his head with a small smile on his lips.

“Nope, you are not getting rid of me. Even though I have no idea what to do with a sick person,” he added making me laugh.

“Thank you for trying. You are the best,” I smiled feeling my eyelids getting heavier with each blinks.

“Tell me something new,” he proudly smirked. “Get some sleep, I’ll wait till your dad gets back.”

I sighed nodding my head and I stopped fighting against my sleepiness. I closed my eyes and then before I fell asleep I heard Hayes saying:

“I told you I would take care of you no matter what.”

He was referring to the time when we both were much younger and I broke my arm. I couldn’t do too many things and I was also afraid to go biking with him afterwards. Then he dragged me with him and made me a promise that he would take care of me no matter what and he would never let me get hurt.

Well, he really did keep his promise.

I’m here with a special Valentine’s Day drabble with a never before seen couple. Enjoy!

“Just hurry up and come downstairs,” Wolf called. “Your dad is glaring at me!”

“He glares at all the boys,” Harmony called down. “I’m almost done. I’ll be ready soon. I want to look my best. It’s my first Valentine’s Day date.” It was also her first date in general and that made her even more nervous. Wolf was nonchalant about the idea. But how could he be so calm in a situation like this? Her first date. With a boy. And it was Wolf Azure, whose father was old friends with her father. 

She had been taking her sweet time getting dressed because she wanted to impress him. Forgetting the fact that when he had asked her out, she was in sweat pants and wearing no makeup. It was an off day for her, but he didn’t care. Wolf was never one to show his emotions, and the idea of Valentine’s Day, he had told her cousin Graciela, was not something he cared to entertain. But, Gracie ssured her cousin that he was willing to wait on long lines for subpar dinner service if that’s what Harmony had wanted. And she did want that.

She took one more glance in the mirror before exiting her room. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw Wolf in his usual attire. He hadn’t even bothered to dress up. Not that she was expecting him to. In fact, she loved that sweater because it reminded him of his mother and that thought made her smile. 

How could he choose someone like her? She was ordinary. A witch sure, but she wasn’t kick ass like Gracie or Camilla and she wasn’t funny like Nerissa. She didn’t see a reason for him to pick her when he could have had her cousin. “You look great,” Wolf said, in a daze. He wasn’t expecting her to look that stunning. He was caught off guard, and suddenly felt under dressed. 

“You think so?” She muttered. He could only nod, reaching out his hand to help her down the staircase. 

Zayne hovered over the two. “I want her home by 10pm. If she is even a minute late, you will regret it.”

“Daddy!” Harmony cried. “Stop it.”

But Wolf only chuckled. “You got it, sir.”


The doorbell went and you nearly collapsed with fright, rushing about your room and checking yourself in the mirror for the billionth time you made sure to breath before heading downstairs. You knew your Dad said he was going to answer and talk to them, so you paced back back and forth with worry.
Random and panicked thoughts raced through your mind.
Would he hurt them?
No, don’t be stupid, Y/N.

Your Uncle Sam hovering in your doorway stopped yourself from going any further. “Hey, Y/N.” He smiled, having noticed how nervous you were.

“Hey.” You managed, before looking back in the mirror again.

“You look beautiful, and I’m sure the date will be fine. You know how much your Dad worries.” He reassured you.
“Thank you, and yeah I guess you’re right.” You smiled, giving him a hug.

*** *** *** ***

“So, tell me, where do you live?” Dean looked them up and down.

“Just outside town, North of the motel, Sir.” They looked confused as to why Dean was asking something like that.

“Hmm,” Dean nearly smiled at the word sir “You don’t seem like a bad person, you treat my daughter right and good. You hear me?” 

“Yes, sir.” They nodded eagerly.

“Good, bring her back no later than 10, and if one God damn hair on her head is harmed I will break that sorry ass of yours.” Dean looked stern and almost amused.

*** *** *** ***

Your Dad came in to your room, looking satisfied he’d said the right things.
“Hope you haven’t scared them away yet,” You laughed nervously “I should get going.”

“Wait,” Your Dad stopped you by gently grasping your arm “Stay safe for me, Y/N. You got your knife?” 

You sighed “Yes, Dad.”

“That’s my girl,” He smiled before adding “You look beautiful.” 

“Uncle Sam said the same thing, you too are surprisingly charming.”

He chuckled “Well, Sammy was right. Have fun, Y/N.” 

And with that you kissed your Dad on the cheek and left for your first ever date.

Requested by anon

Can you do a one-shot of being Dean’s daughter & you’re going out on your first date & he ‘talks’ to your date while you’re finishing up getting ready? (Or out of the room.)

I sure can ;) Thanks for requesting!

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ive loved pokemon literally my entire life and tonight i realized why. i was on the verge of a panic attack so i stopped, went up to my room, turned off the lights except for my fairy lights, wrapped myself in my blanket and worked on my pokedex and it completely calmed me down. now im back downstairs socializing with my dad and i feel sooooo much better

  • me: *watching exordium updates at 3 am*
  • lay: *rips his shirt off during stronger*
  • me: 🚨🚔📣 *sCREAMS*
  • dad: *hears noise coming from downstairs*
  • dad: *hurries out of bed and grabs nearest object to him*
  • me: *squealing over lay when suddenly all the lights turn on*
  • me: *screams when dad bursts in and points moms fuzzy slippers at me*
  • dad: *looks around in a panic* *finally brings his gaze back to me*
  • me: *desperately trying to change the screen to hide shirtless lay*
  • me: *eyes wide* *swallows* *carefully stares at fuzzy slippers* *the room is silent except for my desperate clicks*
  • me: e...exo...there's a concert.... this is the best i could do for them...
  • dad: AT 3 AM
  • dad: *pauses*
  • dad: *storms out of room*
  • me: *turns attention back to minimized shirtless lay*
  • me: *smiles*