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Jax question about confidence? I've seen you shave your head a lot and as a Brother who recently noticed he's going bald I need a pep talk. I used to rock dreads and twists and now I'm losin my hair and I feel like shit. I want to be confident but im scared and I dont know what the girls will think. Any Advice or help you really inspire me Jordan

Well my Friend I’ll say this dont worry about it too much. Just accept it and shave it. I know what you are thinking 

“I’m Bald so all I’m gonna hear from my friends is that Stupid Spongebob meme”

But heres the thing that you just gave me which should give you an Ego Boost.


 and No one can give em shit because so many of them do it just cause they like the feeling and if they dont they Still Own it!

For example if you ever feel bad about being Bald Just remember some of the Greatest folks around are.

Michael Jordan

Tupac Shakur

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson


Terry Crews

Luke Cage

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Brandon Carter

Shaun T

Jordan “JaxBlade” Downs

Its SOOOOo COMMON for Brothers to shave the Head so if anyone gave ya shit you’d could easily give em the stare like

Also think now how much money you can save on Haircuts. Also make sure you shave the whole thing off if you do it. Dont have a spot like Mr. Poe did in the Series of Unfortunate events. Just clean it off.

Also No Racial I have a white friend who recently lost their hair and they said that for white folks its better if they shave it clean and grow a goatee or beard

like Stone Cold Steve Austin

Or walter white

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But rememeber some people look WAAY better without Hair like the Rock

Also for the Lady thing I’m not sure on that so why just ask the ladies what they think of a shaved head SO ANY LADIES READING THIS give your feedback lol But hope this post boosted your self esteem and remember you can always say you trained and got too strong ^_^

dk as a boyfriend woohoo

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i’m writing this because i am self indulgent and a terrible person

  • first off, you’re going to have to be really really understanding and give off good vibes if you’re going to date him
  • i can see him with someone who’s independent yet relies on him?? like is completely their own person, but also depends on him 
  • a lot of jokes!! this boy is hilarious
  • holding hands and swinging them super super high until they do a 360 and both your arms are twisted
  • he needs someone he can goof off with!! like sing and dance to maroon 5 at like 3 in the morning
  • cue a pissed off jihoon
  • the cutest selfies!! like they’re so natural and not……… fake at all, just the both of you beaming into the camera?? LIKE WOW SO BRIGHT
  • super casual like shorts and shirts and walking around town in slippers and his arm slung around your shoulders
  • walking dates!! boundless energy and racing in parks and next to the han river and eating ramen after running up and down
  • sitting on railings and talking about everything; his fears, your fears and just opening up to each other YAY
  • would sit on your bed with you, the both of you just using your phones and chillin
  • would be so enthralled by his s/o’s candid poses and faces 
  • like just casually wearing one of his old shirts to sleep and !!!!!! LEE SEOKMIN IS DEAD HE’S GONE 
  • leans on your shoulder while using his phone and you just take a snapchat video and he looks up and EYE SMILE BOOM 
  • you’re also automatic friends with the whole of seventeen btw
  • fights would be bad. like real bad.
  • he would be so affected and sad and not even angry about it?? just so sad and droopy and it gets so bad that the whole of seventeen practically begs you two to make up
  • loves waking up and seeing your half awake face buried in blankets
  • hugging??? more like hanging himself off you every moment of the daY
  • WHEN HE GOES ON TOURS HE BUYS YOU SOUVENIRS AND THINGS AND TRINKETS and you also get all the concert merch he wore?? like the shirts and the jackets and things
  •  a lot of lame ass jokes
  • if you send him memes in the middle of the night he wouldn’t get them but he’d laugh so fucking hard everyone else wakes up

OVERALL just a super sweet, chill boyf who smiles alot and loves you to pieces!!! 

requests are open!

Dating Clint Barton Would Include:
  • Using Snapchat filters to no end
  • Always sending each other the ‘ugliest’ face you can do
  • Saving his photos whenever you open it to use it against him later
  • Playing video games together
  • You getting teased by Natasha all day
  • Him getting teased by Natasha all day
  • Playing with his bow and arrows when you’re bored
  • Arguing together whether a gun is more effective or a bow and arrow is more effective
  • “Clint, get down from there”
  • Calling each other by nicknames like “dumbass” and “stupid”
  • Sarcasm to the max
  • Cuddle nights
  • Binge watching various different shows on Netflix
  • Both of you overfilling on chips
  • Lip sync battles
  • Being extremely competitive against each other
  • Challenging him to random bets
  • The loser has to cook
  • Neither of you two likes to cook
  • Eating out most of the time or have the other Avengers cook for the two of you
  • Being the pranksters in the headquarters
  • Being the dynamic duo during missions
  • Yelling at him when he gets recklessly hurt
  • “Yeah, but did I die?”
  • You hitting him every time he says that line
  • Him giving you kisses all around your face to calm you down
  • Sitting in his lap when there’s no room elsewhere
  • Showering together because his excuse is to “save water”
  • Teasing him endlessly
  • Daddy kink
  • Him buying you tons of lingerie to wear but you end up not wearing any
  • Sex dices
  • Going to sex shops together
  • Couch sex
  • The thrill of someone walking in on you two
  • Dirty words muttered into your ears because he knows you love it
  • “Don’t let them hear now”

now i’m sitting outside with a girl i spend too much time thinking about
and she’s staring at the ground with a sadness i know all too well
i tell her, “cherish what genuine relationships you do have while you have them”
she won’t look me in the eyes as she says
“take your own advice, you’re a goddamn hypocrite”
she was bottled up, now she’s breaking down
sitting on a park bench, trying not to be so loud

just in case you’re having a bad day here is a little reminder list of cute little quintis moments that we hardly talk about:

  • toby telling patrick that he loves happy without a moments hesitation
  • toby offering to give happy a leg up in rogue element
  • happy knowing toby’s favourite soup
  • ‘if todays my expiration date, this is all i wanna talk about’
  • the way he gently grabbed her arm to tell her he loved her in yhsf
  • ‘you’re paying attention to this heroism, correct?’
  • toby going straight over to happy when she gets angry in revenge and she calms down
  • sitting right next to each other on the couch in cliffhanger despite her being angry at him and there is a seat spare next to her 
  • toby giving the heat pack to happy first in white out
  • happy kicking the door open when she hears him shouting in 2x24
  • happy mentioning that he brushed a leaf out of her hair in obtd and then there being a leaf in her hair again when he threatens the doctor and she’s attracted to him
  • hamster hands

Things that remind me of how he used to make me feel:

  • Taking your first shot of alcohol
  • Driving down Pacific Highway with the windows down
  • Sitting by the fire on a rainy day
  • Re-reading your favorite book
  • Hugs that linger too long
  • When an old song comes on the radio
  • The first drop on a rollercoaster
  • Dancing around in your room alone
  • The smell of cookies
  • New clothes that fit perfectly
  • The first kiss
  • Getting an A on a test
  • The smell of the pavement after it rains
  • When you make it to the top of a mountain
  • The first swim of summer
  • Breakfast on Sunday mornings

Things that remind me of how he makes me feel now:

  • The pain behind your eyes after you cry for hours
  • When your best friend moves away
  • Losing your keys
  • Waiting for them to text you first
  • The look on your mom’s face when you show her your first tattoo
  • When your favorite character dies
  • The hangover headache
  • When you can’t seem to cut deep enough
  • Crying yourself to sleep
  • Getting your braces tightened
  • When you can’t seem to get him out of your head
  • Trying to make him like you again