bpd isn’t just simple ups and downs
it’s not just depression or anxiety
it’s having total breakdowns for the most ridiculous reasons
feeling like your life is over for practically no reason
and crying over the smallest things
it’s having one of the highest suicide rates 
it’s complete self invalidation, neurosis bordering psychosis
feeling like you’re being torn in all kinds of directions
it’s your own mind making you believe no one cares
even when people keep telling you they do
it’s the illusion that you’re worthless and you don’t fit in
that perhaps you’ll never fit in no matter what
it’s so much more than what people think it is
it’s the fear of abandonment we struggle with
whenever we think we’re being ignored
it is horrible and makes you feel like you’re drowning
like you have fallen into a body of water and you can’t reach the surface
no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t matter
like you’re trapped in a tiny room without any opening
it makes you want to die, but also you don’t want to die
it’s everything but fun, it’s not something hip
people shouldn’t use it as a label to be special
it’s nothing but bad and those dealing with it have to be incredibly strong
simply to make it through the day, every single night
dealing with the same thing again and again
time and time again it’s the same old battle and it never changes
by saying you have bpd when you do not have it, just to stick out
you’re making the stigma so much worse, you’re making it worse for those
who actually struggle with this disorder every single day

as someone who deals with bpd myself
I am incredibly proud of those of us that don’t give up
it’s beyond difficult and I know
we all know a bpd life is very difficult
and at times seems worthless but it’s not
even a bpd life is worth living for
we too deserve happiness, and I believe we will find it
if only we don’t back down
you might think you’re worthless but you’re not
you’re a brave person, a beautiful soul