What’s the comical downside to it [being a warlock]? The Shadowhunters are always like ‘Oh yeah well, you’re a part demon!’ like ok?! What do I care?! I could kill all of you! … Warlocks should just take over the freaking world right now and just.. and just do it
—  Matthew Daddario slightly hinting the shadowhunters need to get their heads out of their asses and realize warlocks are better than all of them combined (x)
30 Best 'Walking Dead' Characters
From the moment she appeared on screen – katana sword at the ready, stoic-gunfigther look on her face, wandering the land with two jawless walkers shackled to her – Michonne has been The Walking Dead’s ultimate bad-ass. She survived on her own for months, figuring out how to thrive in the wilderness under the harshest of circumstances. Yet she's also adapted well to living in a group, and has even started to draw on her pre-apocalypse past as a mother and an academic to start thinking about how best to rebuild society. Savage when she has to be, tender and affectionate with her friends and lovers, both nurturing and deadly as they come, this character (courtesy of Danai Gurira’s continually extraordinary performance) represents this series at its best. Michonne hasn’t lost touch with her humanity. And she's a thrill to watch on a killing spree.

Our  Queen is the 1st best character of TWD 

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The only downside Carl is not in this list

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tbh? really into cryolation. pop me in a popsicle tray and let eme go for a couple hundred. downside world falls apart and i die, upside see some wicked shit and tell all of you about it. SIKE YOULL BE DEAD

enchaînement des heures rythmé par l'action d'aller allumer le chauffage, d'éteindre le chauffage, de sentir le bout de ses doigts froids et d'aller rallumer le chauffage pour le rééteindre : perfect image du whats the point anyway /// mes cours ont été annulés mais j'ai quand même dû envoyer le travail par mail à la bonne heure = le seul downside of the internet /// j'ai travaillé aussi vite qu'un escargot en regardant par la fenêtre, souhaitant hiberner en écoutant depression cherry de beach house /// je ne sais pas comment survivre à ces deux semaines j'ai jamais eu autant de travail mais j'ai jamais été aussi déprimée non plus, j'aimerais pouvoir un mail comme celui de la prof aujourd'hui :

Je me suis fait mal à l'intérieur, par conséquent je serai donc dans l'incapacité d'assister à tous vos cours pour toujours et de vous rendre des devoirs, que je trouve, par ailleurs, dénués d'intérêt. Je resterais au lit pour les 2629 semaines à venir, à manger de la soupe et à regarder des images d'animaux qui se font des câlins, et vous ne pourrez pas m'y joindre,

cordialement, bisous

so ignarius has a neck tattoo which appears to have writing on it


does he,  know what it says??????????????????// who did that tattoo. did a tattoo artist in the downside just go like “uh yeah i can totally read” and just put scribbles on there, since who would even know the difference? is it like the equivalent of when ppl get tats in another language but it translates to just saying “butts” or something? 

ignarius has a neck tattoo that just says “butts?” with a kissy mark

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It’s really funny that I’m just now realizing that’s the basis of it. Honestly, I still ship it. Mostly because it’s one of those ships that I just enjoy the idea of. Between their designs and personalities I’d love to see them interact more. That said, it’s really hard to find things that aren’t cringey af. Downside of it being so 2007.

Shipping opinions that I try to keep off this blog under read more

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