Cryamonday #10: More Development Tools

Happy Cryamonday folks! We have another look under the hood today and it’ll feature something that Brandon’s been working on which we’ve mentioned a few updates back. We’ll hand it over to him to explain his work.

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anaspiringlibrarian asked:

So I'm in a bind, because I see you posting all these great looking fanfics and I am always on the lookout for great fanfic. Only I am not in the Inception Fandom. So I was wondering if you have some hidden stockpile of, say, Harry Potter fanfiction. Or Stargate or something. If not it's cool, you just seemed like a great resource so I figured there's no harm in asking.

<3333 what a nice note, thank you! 

So my stockpile of recs is generally on my pinboard account, which informs me that I have:

The downsides here are that a) I haven’t tended to my non-inception garden in like 5 years so most of those links are prolly old. (But I have an archived account and am happy to share caches of any deleted fics!)  Also, b) probably only about a third of those links are public because when I’m devouring a fic, I tend to save all variant url strings of a fic privately to Pinboard so I can quickly avoid rereading it later. The upside is that makes it really easy to find fics. :)

If you want a lot of general fic recs, you can try my general fic recs tag and then use the right-hand tag sidebar to drill down to individual fandoms you’re interested in. 

Also, what’s way better than my recs is that I have a list of rec lists by other people in a wide variety of fandoms, because yo dawg I heard you like rec lists so I made a rec list of rec lists so you can etc etc.  You can filter down by fandom on the right-hand sidebar as mentioned above.

Hopefully this is helpful, anaspiringlibrarian!

anonymous asked:

Anders looks hotter in the mage warden armour because of the gloves. Mmmm. Gloves.

Mmmm yes, the gloves probably play a huge role in that. Gloves are hot. I have no idea why, but they are.

Although the one downside to the Warden armour is the lack of his regular boots. I have a serious attraction to his boots, okay? Cause like… damn. Those boots. Yes.


Garnet Rouge for rosessupposesmanythings‘ BC!

(Sorry this took a while! I had her made but I hadn’t been in a save file where I could just take pictures until now)

Working in theatre has its ups and downs (although Garnet fails to see any downs - others might not be so quick to agree). On one hand, being on stage so often, even though she only works with an amateur theatre group, has given her the flair she needs to truly become star quality. On the other hand, she can be a tad over-dramatic… or a lot over-dramatic. On one hand, she has become a self-confident social butterfly who can hold an upbeat conversation with anyone from total strangers to life-long friends - the downside to that being that she hasn’t quite learned how to stop talking, or quieten down at all, and could easily be described as a party animal with all the excitement going on in her world. And, though it’s debatable whether this is an advantage or disadvantage, all that practice with musicals and soundscapes has made her quite the virtuoso, and her dream is to become a Vocal Legend - but will she ever learn how to stop singing for more than five minutes at a time?

CC: Hair (A) / Dress / Lip gloss (I’m not sure what one it is but I’m pretty sure it’s from there… you can change it if you’d rather!)

She also uses S-Club’s eyelashes, but since the site is down and I’m not sure if you have them or not, I made sure she looks okay without them too. 

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anonymous asked:

Gruvia prompt: Gray was one to be attracted to legs, seeing Juvia in her swimsuit on Sorcerer Weekly only helped in him buying the collector's edition along with the standard copy.

I’m so sorry this took so long to write! D:

title: tunnel vision
summary: the merchant went so far as to gently shake him to make sure he was still breathing.
pairing: gray x juvia

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on the bright side Misha sounds sick as shit so maybe he was just running off the dregs of DayQuil and so was flagging and just didn’t have the patience to deal with me at the moment which is at least better than him outright hating me

downside: chelsea and I kissed his plague-face so we’re probably going to get sick now

Only Fools Here

Solas x Lavellan SFW

Keela storms into the Western Approach camp with Solas nipping at her heels.

“You cannot truly approve of their actions,” he says, eyes dark with disbelief and disgust.

She throws her hands up and stops, turning to face him with a stubborn look of her own. “I don’t approve of their methods, no! Raising a demon army? It’s madness. But their idea of venturing into the Deep Roads to kill the remaining old gods has merit. I don’t see a downside in stopping future Blights before they even begin.”

“Of course you would believe so, da’len,” he scoffs. “You do not think for a moment that these old gods are worth preserving. So much of the past lays in ruin, in no small part due to the fumbling of your people, and you would see more of it lost.They should be restored, not discarded.”

Keela crosses her arms. “Are you sure you are not Dalish, hahren? It’s a wonder you can’t find comfort in their company when both of you are so concerned with the past that you care for little else. Arlathan fell. The old ways had their moment and now it is our time.”

“And what would you do? Completely forgo the past and its knowledge in favor of a clean slate? Only a fool would not see the benefit of learning from what came before.”

“I’m a fool then?”

Solas sighs, his expression softening. “I did not say that you were, merely-”

She advances upon him, a finger pointed inches from his chest. There is still blood on her skin from their fight with Erimond’s wardens, but it’s the conviction in her voice that makes her seem deadlier. “I dream of something new unshackled from the world before. You dream of ruins and pine for the past, too blind to see…to see…”

“What can I not see?” he asks and in the face of his annoyance Keela takes a breath and moves even closer.

“To see the future right within your reach.” Her voice is soft, but there’s a loud thunder building inside her eyes that speaks of a hurricane on the horizon.

Silence falls across the camp. Solas glances down at her lips, parched from the unforgiving sun, and his eyes fill with a different type of heat. It promises to consume them both with flames licking against skin, brushing tongues of passion whose caress would remain long after.

He takes a step back before the fire catches, hands meeting behind his back. “Only a fool would not see that,” he replies with a steady voice extinguished, yet a spark still lingers deep within his gaze.

“And are you a fool?” she asks and does not wait for his answer.

Yes, he thinks as he watches her walk away from him, captivated by the presence she possesses even in her absence, knowing he will not be able to do the same to her so easily now. Yes I am a fool, indeed.

WEATHER REPORT - TEN OF SWORDS. I’m sure you can all spot the downside (ouch, so many swords!) but the upside here is that whatever ails you is drawing to an end. The Ten of Swords tells us that we’re hitting bottom, and the only way to go from here is up! Hooray! Before we get too excited though, pause for a minute in this challenging place. What do you need to let go of in order to make this transition easier? Before you start making your way back to the light, consider what lessons you might have available to you down here in the depths. Our suffering can be a teacher and a catalyst for personal growth, so don’t try to repress it or flee from it too quickly. What wisdom does the Ten of Swords have for you today? #tarot #tarotoftheday #cardoftheday #tarotcards #dailytarot #tarotreadings #esoteric #newage #occult #professionaltarot #twosidestarot #vscocam #wildunknown #thanksjanine

Downside to cloth nappies

I have just washed most of them so the dirties bin is empty and Rosa did the foulest nappy ever. I honestly considered just throwing it away, especially since it’s a close pop in and we have never got on with it. But I didn’t. I rinsed it in the toilet using the shower from the bath but it can’t sit in the nappy bin for two-three days until I have enough for a wash. Do I wash it on its own? It seems a waste of water and electric.

On the bright side, if it had been a disposable I’d be considering throwing a whole outfit away and washing the sofa cushions. Motherhood is so full of glamour!

anonymous asked:

I've shaved my pits every couple of days ever since they started growing hair (10+ years ago). A month ago I had epic razor burn that was shockingly painful and took a week to heal. I haven't shaved since, and actually really like the look and feel

of my newly hairy pits. They also smell way better than they used to, even if I don’t use deodorant. The downside is that my husband hates them and thinks they’re a major turn off. He understands that logically there’s no reason to shave, but still

I mean, I understand your concern that he’s turned off, but feel free to remind him that he’s not sticking his dick on your armpit.

(He’s not, is he?)

(By the way, don’t google ‘shaving women’s armpits’ unless you want to burn your eyeballs with armpit fetish sites)

He can shave his balls and recover from that razor burn and then you two can talk it out.

Ah I’m a little relieved that they decided to make Mewtwo a payable DLC for those who don’t own both versions of Smash. I guess the only downside is that I’ll have to pay, but oh well haha.

sannao75 asked:

There's a gifset someone recently posted in the Bates tag. Wasn't it you who made this gifset?? This person has stolen it.

Sadly one of the downsides to tumblr. It’s funny, they seem to know how to use the reblog button so you can’t even blame it on ignorance. 

So. I have been a tad mia these last few days. I unfortunately was unwell on my day off and on the next I was called into work. And I haven’t really stopped working since. It’s an unfortunate downside when you are the only flexible member of management in this setting. Makes it impossible to ever have time for yourself. I barely have time to sleep. And I have to go off to work again tonight. However, the health of my other two managers maintaining, I should have tomorrow off to play catch up. I will be on tonight about 10 pm central when most of the people I love will likely be going off to bed but I’ll at least have a bit of time to get some things done. I’m really sorry for being so absent. It’s made me realize some things. And I’m grateful to you lot for your patience. I shall see you guys when I get home tonight.