did any really expect me to make a good edit no okay shut up. so here’s my christmas follow forever and i havent made one since like june so i figured its time to make a new one?? so all these people have brightened my dash and made coming on this stupid website worth while and i dont talk to all of them but they’re all v sweet and funny. (✿◠‿◠) sorry if i forget anyone all you lil turds changed your url for christmas

abcd~ closernows; downonpayne; 

efgh~ fuckingniall; harrysclavicle;

ijkl~ kryptonytes; liesandskinnythighs; lordcheshire; lousbianqueen; 

mnop~ nakedwithhoran; ninihohoho; peenstagram; porkrub; prinsasslou; 

qrst~ seducedbystyles; snowagulates; sultanzayn; tomlensons;

uvwx~ unicornaments; urbancatfitters; 

hey buttholes i can’t make edits if my life depended on it, but here’s some indian feather looking thing that kinda looks cool to me so there’s da picture for that, this is my second follow forever and i just wanted to say that you guys make my dash very entertaining and i think i just spotted a lil nipple on the indian chick

i did this in alphabetical order to save you the time


adoringstyles, airpayne, amazingzarry, americanaparrels, arcticmonekys, boobniall, bradfrd, burgrs, butharry, caradelvng, criall, corysmatthew


dagamimon, dearloueh, dickshires, downonpayne, dumbcaster, fcukzayn, frenchbobby, floatdowns


harryswingman, harrysthefather, heartsexposed, highformalik, hippiecrite, hollabackharry, homleschapel, holy-horan-hips, horansgravy, hstyes, irishvibes, jameshorun, jamespaynes


kahtnip, kendrickllamar, lordcheshire, lordstyles, loudonstyle, louisthrustingskills, malikcigs, maliksmajesty, malikromance, manlyliam


niallhorren, niallthirsty, nointerrruption, nuhuhniall, ofchocolate, omgzarry, onedirectionaddiction, paynestakinglygorgeous, rnaynard


spankmeniall, styleswhores, sultanzayn, thecheshireking, theukings, tomlilnsons, underage21, uneicorn, xoxodm, zainuary, zarryjust, zarrybitch, zaynjavadds


1dxrated, 17harold


ok so this are the blogs that made my year with this blog awesome. this year i found some good friends and amazing people; i love every single one of you and yall are hot as hell and i love you. have an amazing december cause we’re dying in a few days :**







sorry if i forgot anyone but ive been very busy ):

ur all super hot and we should smang

anniesmacboomitsnialler burberrystyles davefrancoh ✿ downonpayne hahryhappinessishardtofind harryedward harryspankme hoaran ✿ hstyls lirrylirry malikmypaynis nakedwithhoran nliall oklou prinsasslou sexlikezarry tomlinosnow urbancatfitters whackfrost year4000 zeeyum


thanks for an amazing year (even though i didn’t blog for 4 months lol oops)

i really like your blogs and you made 2012 on tumblr a real partay  

zaynjavvads x rachelson/iwouldrun1000nialls (lol) x cutelikeliam x carpeniam x downonpayne x happinessishardtofind x lordcheshire x tomlensons x agonizayn x thechamberofsecrets x liamjpayne x totallytomlinson x dropitsyles x harryedward  x deadtoortles x 


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