ok so this are the blogs that made my year with this blog awesome. this year i found some good friends and amazing people; i love every single one of you and yall are hot as hell and i love you. have an amazing december cause we’re dying in a few days :**







sorry if i forgot anyone but ive been very busy ):


thanks for an amazing year (even though i didn’t blog for 4 months lol oops)

i really like your blogs and you made 2012 on tumblr a real partay  

zaynjavvads x rachelson/iwouldrun1000nialls (lol) x cutelikeliam x carpeniam x downonpayne x happinessishardtofind x lordcheshire x tomlensons x agonizayn x thechamberofsecrets x liamjpayne x totallytomlinson x dropitsyles x harryedward  x deadtoortles x 


blogger girl 

anonymous asked:

do you have a tumblr crush?

hmm…well my OFFICIAL tumblr crushes of right now are:

  • bangmecurly
  • i-need-louis-tomlinson
  • bang-styles
  • zigzagzayn
  • louthrust
  • when-sass-met-ass
  • britishsass
  • downonpayne
  • curlycheshirecat

i love you guys ;O but there are honestly dozens more, these are just the ones today :)