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  • 2004 me posting art: this is a piece I worked on for four weeks, using experimental brushes I downloaded for this new program. I wanted to convey the mixed emotions that Sakura must have been experiencing during this time, my friend helped me with the anatomy. I think I am improving, I hope so anyway... Sorry I haven't been posting much! I will be able to draw more when school is out! Coming soon expect a series featuring my new oc, a half demon who....
  • 2017 me posting art: look

Talented people doing art: lol just trying out some new techniques with this advanced program I downloaded, I think it’ll really help with my use of colors and composition! :)

Me doing art:


You can now download your Netflix shows to watch offline

  • Netflix has heard your complaints and has  announced that for no extra fee, users will be able to download select programs.
  • Make sure that you have updated to the most recent version of the streaming app.
  • Once your app is updated, “available for download” should become an option. Read more

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You are my baby, and always will be. You won’t know what that means until you have a child of your own, but I tell you now, anyway—you’ll always be as much a part of me as when you shared my body and I felt you move inside. Always.

I can look at you, asleep, and think of all the nights I tucked you in, coming in the dark to listen to your breathing, lay my hand on you and feel your chest rise and fall, knowing that no matter what happens, everything is right with the world because you are alive.

All the names I’ve called you through the years—my chick, my pumpkin, precious dove, darling, sweetheart, dinky, smudge…I know why the Jews and Muslims have nine hundred names for God; one small word is not enough for love.


theory: dex hasn’t been in recent updates because he got really into finding nemo & has been watching it nonstop in his dorm room

Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.

Posted to my twitter last week.  The line art of the Vex painting I’m working on!  I downloaded the FireAlpaca program to give it a try and I’m never going back.  I found the stabilizer and now I have the most beautiful lines!  Never has anything I’ve ever done digitally looked this good!  I usually hated and avoided doing line art cause it was so painful to do but now!!!  Look at this beautifulness!!!!

Full color version to come later.  And hopefully the rest of Vox Machina.  At least a Percy, cause he’s next.

Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor 2

chrislo27 has made a new version of a free Rhythm Heaven custom remix editor, and as of now it’s quite worth looking into. This program is ideal for creating audio for a custom remix much, much easier..

This remix editor offers:

  • a robust timeline for audio editing
  • a tapalong button for finding your song’s bpm
  • song file selection and metronome
  • multiple sfx from Rhythm Heaven games to choose from (limited for now)
  • a snap setting

and more to come…

This program is based on Java, so make sure you have that installed. For controls, follow the instructions on the Readme file included in the program itself.

Download: (x)


Hey everyone,

My name is Leon Langford, I recently published a book based off of my love of anime, manga, and light novels and my desire for diversity in the YA lit world.

I was hoping you could help with just a simple reblog.

Streetslam Volume One is on sale on Amazon Kindle for 2.99.

*If you have don’t have a Kindle, you can download the kindle program to your mac or pc for free*

Summary: After the death of his mother, Devin Maxwell joins Titan Force, an organization that collects supernatural artifacts using super powered agents. Devin quickly rises to become a brash, yet successful agent under the field name: Streetslam. He forms a pseudo family with his friends and fellow agents at Titan Force.

Devin’s allegiances are put to the test after an enigmatic billionaire offers him the chance to revive his mother, but only if he turns on his new family and steals a mysterious item from the Titan Force vault.

-A black main lead with superpowers.
-Anime style battles.
-Characters dealing with depression, poverty, abuse, and recovery.
-A diverse and robust cast, featuring strong black women, strong hispanic women, and a trio of super powered sisters.
-Anime tropes such as BIG ASS swords, long evolving story arcs, a military organization that has no problem hiring teenagers, and even a character with animal ears.  

Thanks for all the support!


Ummm….wow! I posted this 2 days ago and we’re already at +3000 notes. My novel is now at #3 and #4 in bestsellers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much.
I made a bunch of pixel art

It felt weird after such a long time without doing so but I think they look kinda cute. I mostly made them for a McMercy group I joined on Discord x3

I even downloaded a program that I used a long time ago called Graphic Gale, I recommend it if you wanna do pixel art (especially if that pixel art is for a game, since this will count the colors used and such)

(If you wanna use them please tell me first!)