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I see my “Voltron using Earth memes” post and raise you “English is difficult and Coran and Allura don’t understand metaphors.”


Lance: “Yeah, I’m up for that!”

Coran: “Why are you up?”

Lance: “Oh, it just means that I’m available to do something!”

Coran: “Oh okay! Earth slang!”

*one week later*

Hunk: “Yeah I’d be down for that!”

Coran: “Why are you down???? Are you all right?!”

Hunk: “Oh no, I’m fine! That just means that I’m available to do something!”

Coran: ???????????????


Lance: “Coran, your mustache is on point today!”

Coran, looking around in confusion: “What point? Where is the point my mustache is on?”


Pidge, seeing Hunk’s new invention: “Dude! That’s sick!!”

Allura: “It is a machine, is it not? How can it be ill???”


*team sees Shiro’s muscles*

Hunk: “Oh my god I’m dead.”

Lance: “Deceased.”

Pidge: “Rip me.”

Keith: “I’ve been stabbed.”

Allura and Coran: “Is this??? Normal??????? To die from attractiveness on Earth??”


Hunk, teaching Allura and Coran to write in English: “Good job, Coran, but you spelled ‘eye’ wrong.”

Coran, frowning: “Pidge said it was the single straight letter with the lines on either side.”

Hunk: “That’s ‘I,’ like ‘I went to the store.’ You want ‘eye,’ like your eyeball.”

Allura: “Wait a moment, Lance told me you spelled it ‘aye.’”

Hunk, facepalming: “That’s like…for a pirate. We don’t use that one very often.”

Coran: “English is very confusing.”

Hunk: “Don’t even get me started.”


Pidge: “Hunk I would kill someone for this cheesecake you made.”

Coran: *yanks Allura’s cheesecake away and flings it at Pidge*

Pidge, covered in cheesecake: “What just happened”


Shiro: “I’ll just be a second, guys.” *comes back ten minutes later*

Hunk: “Give me a sec, Pidge.” *goes to help her five seconds later*

Lance, waking up: “I’ll be out in a sec” *half an hour passes*

Keith: “One sec, let me grab my bayard.” *returns in three minutes*

Pidge: “This program will only take a sec to download.” *finishes 13 hours later*

Allura: “How long???? Is a second????”

Coran: “I have no idea.”


For Fans of @treason-and-plot‘s 5 Years Later… . (like me!)

Presenting some of TAP’S wonderful story in the form of Fan Merchandise!

Featuring: The Hunks…(and Roy)

Because our Sims need to be fans of this awesome series too!!

Also included are two sets of paintings taken straight from her Tumblr page! *Yoink* 😏😏😏  So here we have “Hazy Days and Vintage Nights

Frames CAStable with the design tool, 2 channels on the Hunk ones.

(I chose some of my favourites from the story and what I thought would look best on my Sims’ walls.)

Like I said, I love this story; the characters: Bunty getting piddled, Joel’s dog, (I don’t mean Anita!) etc.

These will now become permanent fixtures in my TS3 Modern Day Game!

Thanks Tapster ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


All 3 sets were cloned using TSRW, Gimp and


Hazy Days Package

Hazy Days Sims3Pack

Vintage Nights Package

Vintage Nights Sims3Pack

The Hunks Package

The Hunks Sims3Pack

The story pictures I used for the big paintings are below the cut.

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sabrina carpenter.

by clicking ( here ), you will be able to find gif icons of sabrina carpenter, mostly of her as maya in girl meets world. all of the gifs were made by me from scratch and will be updated as i work my way through more episodes/personal videos of her. also, it would mean the world to me if you let me know in case you want to add it to another pack!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your bright house that you recently posted! I was wondering if you posted it on the gallery and where I could find it if you did! Love the colours!

I’ve uploaded it to the gallery now and it’s named ‘Zuri’ after the sim I made it for. Zuri Moya can also be found on my gallery but you obviously don’t need to play with her. Tag me if you use it so I can see!! And thank you (:

Ecosia!! 🌎

Do you use Google?  Do you browse the Internet?  Do you like trees?

Well then boy, have I a sight for you! is a free browser that works and is set up exactly like Google

Everytime you search something, an ad will pop up, which generate revenue (just like Google)

The revenue is then used to plant trees all around the world!!