downloaded like three interviews of these two

5 years go by that quick, huh? Crazy

Happy 5th anniversary to an album that changed my life
One of the reasons I make music

Admittedly, I didn’t actually hear it until a year after it came out, but it’s ok, it got to me eventually. I was 16. It was March break 2013 and I was in Trinidad with my family. It’s a trip I can still remember really vividly.

I had a big crush on this girl I went to school with at the time. Right before I left, she unknowingly introduced me to Tyler and the rest Odd Future. At first I really wasn’t into their music cause of all the swearing and y’know, all the rest. I was actually concerned in my head thinking “You like this???” But what changed my opinion was watching that interview Tyler did with The Drone at SXSW where he said “When I make a song it’s just like a movie to me…Every song is a story to me”. That coupled with a “funny moments compilation” or two and I got a better idea of what was going on. Before I had to leave I downloaded three random songs I came across and I took them with me: “She”, “Songs For Women”, and “Sam (Is Dead). They’re honestly all I played on my way there and pretty much all I played when I was there. Till this day they’re still the most nostalgic OF songs to me. When I got to Trinidad I even remember trying to use my cousin’s computer just to download any Channel ORANGE songs I could find on youtube. It was a great trip, and the album made it feel even better. The only plane I’ve been on since.

I guess why I’m so drawn to Frank’s work is because of the stories he tells and how he tells them. I think he’s one of the best storytellers in music. Just like he said in the BBC interview “I guess it all starts with the stories, for me” and it really shows.

Thank you Frank. You’re someone I look up to. A lot.