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“It’s pathetic to lose against a single child.”
Todoroki Shouto for @miyukei; happy birthday to the lovely Dan ♡


from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco


Like I said in this post, I have more CC to release with you all and the first thing I’m going to release is an eyeshadow I made colored in @smubuh‘s Freshly Brewed Palette (hence the name of the eye shadow :P )

File size is 285 KB

Download: Simfileshare

If you have any problems downloading please tell me!


🌻Wild Sunflowers🌻

A Pretty Cliche Beach Wedding Venue in Windenburg- request for anon (hope u still want it, anon, where ever, whoever, however, whatever, you are… )

Origin id: bottsbotts | Tray files
Because I use tons of clutter, place with MOO and then
1. Lower foundation all the way.
2. Delete Walls
3. Delete floor.
4. Raise the foundation by 4 so curtains get into place.


  • a couch, in nature? for your hipster engagement/wedding photoshoot needs
  • a “photobooth” with cuter background 
  • gravity defying string lights and those round papery ikea lights that tear really easily. I strongly recommend using some cc string lights so u dont have to deal with the poles 
  • 2 BARS cause you know how weddings are
  • some instruments so your cousin’s coworker’s brother in law’s band can play ‘at last’ by etta james terribly (wait that sounds kinda cool, like a dirty screamy punk version) 
  • a massage table for the stressed 
  • f i r e
  • large dance area and a douchey dj to play songs u hate
  • OH YEAH – BEACH VIEWS! (probably should’ve started with that)  very nice
  • lots of fl🌻wers 
  • BRING A CAKE in the sim inventory, get me, there’s no oven. which brings me to 

Not featured: 

  • an oven

E n j o y ! 


Another recolor because I needed this in more plain colors than just white!


  • Requires mesh
  • Will not show up under the original mesh’s swatches (ie. has it’s own thumbnail)
  • File size is 4.75 GB

Download: Simfileshare


Mesh by @waekey

Palette by @smubuh


lazySunjade - The Kitchen Witch (CC FREE) 

Oh my god, it’s amazing. I made a mod free build! A little supernatural-inspired shop for you to use for whatever you’d like. I can’t vouch for it’s functionality, but it makes for an okay set! I challenged myself to make a cc version of this lot which I will be alphatizing later on, and thought, hey! Why not put it up for download? So here’s the deets:

Generic Lot

Note: Because I have some overrides on base game items in my game, this lot WILL SHOW UP AS MODDED on the gallery. But the items will simply show up for you as their regular base game selves. I repeat, there is no cc in this build. But if you are downloading via the gallery you will need to check the “show custom content button”

Required Game packs: 
Outdoor Retreat, Dining Out, Get to Work, Get Together, Romantic Garden Stuff, Spa Day, Vampires, Movie Hangout Stuff, Perfect Patio Stuff, Cool Kitchen Stuff

Make sure you have bb.moveobjects on enabled before placing the lot!

Origin ID: lazysunjade 




Moonshadow Trailer (CC-free) for @windenburger
Origin id: bottsbotts | Tray files

I made this specifically with windenburger’s Jangmi Sweet in mind- I tried using brighter colors and when you mentioned science-y, I took it to the extreme and built this like… mad scientist’s shed in the back complete with a telescope and a place to build a rocket ship. But I know she’s a writer so I built her a cozy study (which can be a bedroom if she has kiddss). Feel free to change anything though!! 


  • Unmowable overgrown grass
  • Secret science shack 
  • Lots of plants and trees you never have to water
  • Spider friends
  • Christmas lights all year round

I also wanted to share this for those of you who wanted the other private request trailer I made! This one is pretty similar except a bit bigger and more stuff in the yard. 



Hi my cute, today I bring to you another very cute lot here of the channel “Mountain Chalet”, I did with much love and affection for each one, I hope you like it. Do not forget to sign up and do not forget to leave that Like. Snap kisses! 



Meisiu’s Base Game Starter Home Challenge

100% base game without any cc. Think you can do it?


  • Must be under 20k.
  • Include basic necessities (A bed, stove, fridge, toilet, shower etc.)
  • Base game only & no cc

Once the build is created, share some screenshots and challenge some people. You may put your houses for download if you want. Tag your posts #BGSHC and on the gallery as well (:

Thank you for tagging me @necrospirits and @ivo-sims, also thanks to @meisiu for creating this fun challenge!

So I have learned a couple things while doing this challenge: EA doesn’t like wallpaper or matching windows. Or sofas for that matter. Or coffee tables. What EA does like: Putting random blue parts onto white windows. But it was a fun challenge and even though I had to delete tons of stuff to open up some money so I could at least put a total of three (!!!) trees in the garden with some random flower bushes, it worked out pretty well I guess. 

Also, I tag @skarlet-sims, @dazzled-simblr, @ageispoliis, @hsilmis, @ardoismi, @diigosims and @ciruelabob to also do this challenge!

The lot is on the Gallery, my origin ID is plumbobarchitect. You do have to tick the Custom Content box when searching for it, because I have a few script mods in my game (Clutter Anywhere and Mirrors Move on Walls), so the house is viewed as if it has CC.


The Brickery Food Market

The Brickery is an artisan food market that occupies a former brick foundry building which has been respectfully restored to preserve its industrial identity. With six merchants, including three food vendors (grill, farm-to-table, and fusion seafood), a bakery and coffee shop, a juice bar, and a craft cocktail bar, this food market is a gourmand’s dream.  After grabbing a bite to eat, shop for gourmet treats, check out a food photography exhibit in the gallery or listen to an up-and-coming DJ in the entertainment venue.  You’ll swear you’ve died and gone to foodie heaven!

Download information under the cut…

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Thank you, followers!

Enjoy my 1000 follower´s gift, it´s the sims 2 house pictured on these photos. The Scandinavian office is a part of the house too. 

Sorry about the size of the file, it´s the way I decorate. Sims2pack contains of over 2000 objects so you should choose those you already have in your download folder and won´t install using Clean Installer. The file also includes master meshes and their RCs that you should have in your DL folder in order to show my house decorations correctly. Again, please, make sure you already don´t have them otherwise you will duplicate them.

It´s my first house for sharing, so please be nice at me in case I did anything wrong. You are amazing and I love you all ♥♥♥



Meisiu’s Base Game Starter Home Challenge 

This was SO hard! No one tagged me but it seemed like a really fun challenge.

I couldn’t help myself and had to decorate it, so it’s $19,6-something but anyway! I tried this challenge 3 other times and couldn’t build something under $20k that wasn’t butt ugly, but inspiration struck tonight!  I totally stole @mlyssimblr‘s brilliant idea to use photos/paintings that your sims make on the lot for more art/decor options. 

some features:

  • fake campfire (I couldn’t believe campfires weren’t BG!! But duh, outdoor retreat)
  • curtains as doors
  • cozy outdoor candlelit reading area
  • space for like 5 sims to dance
  • an unnamed bass fish who I think should be called lance bass
  • some clutter that might be floating/clipping through things
  • originally I had part of the truck in the house as if it was an RV camper thing but it looked weird so now there’s just some empty blocked off space in the house hah

it’s up on the gallery if anyone wants it! origin id: bottsbotts 

place with bb.moveobjects on in build mode and not from the map!! 


Lorentz Bungalow - Replica Challenge #2

As requested I’m uploading my build from the @redhotchilisimblr‘s second replica challenge. Sorry for the long wait! This lot is completely cc-free. It’s a really nice family home with a large living room, three bedrooms and two baths. ^_^

Lot Size: 30x20
Price: §90 267 (furnished) §29 439 (unfurnished)
Lot Traits: Child’s Play, Great Soil & Homey
Location: Widowshild Townhome in Forgotten Hollow
Required Packs: City Living, Get to Work, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out, Vampires, Perfect Patio, Cool Kitchen, Romantic Garden, Backyard Stuff, Vintage Glamour, Bowling Night, Movie Hangout, Kids Room.

Download at the Gallery: Origin ID - Allisasims or #Allisas
Download Tray-files: Simfileshare