The Baccano! Light Novel's as Downloadable PDF's.

Baccano! News: The Emergency Has Been Dealt With.

To all my dear followers and fellow Baccano! fans. After Untuned Strings unfortunately took down their fan-translations of some of the Baccano! Light Novels, I have been doing some serious searching for other copies of them on the internet or for downloadable files. 

Wonderfully, after some digging, it looks like someone has put together an amazing collection of all the Light Novels currently translated (19/21). A.K.A it includes all the Light Novels that Untuned Strings had translated, plus the others. 

Note: Volume 10 (1934: Peter Pan in Chains - Final Episode) is being translated by Mistspinner here:

And Volume 21(1935-C A Grateful Bet) is being translated by Houjicha here:

You can download them easily here:

I have already done this myself, so if by some horrible stroke of bad luck, this resource is taken down, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  

Happy reading Baccano! fans! 

UPDATE: For the person who wanted individual links, you can find most of them here:


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