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Hey Jet.. I was just wondering if your derpybooru display picture was public..? The one of Littlepip licking what appears to be a rainbowish bottle. If it is I cannot find it; If you want to keep it private I understand...

Oh, you mean this? Here’s the full version, but it’s NSFW.

I’ve never posted it here because it’s actually just an edit of an already existing picture by kinkypinkie, I didn’t draw it myself. Sometimes I recolor and edit pictures just for fun to share among friends, upload to derpibooru or to keep in private. Uploading it here always seemed questionable, seeing as it’s not even my art to begin with.

But heeyyy this is an edit post now. Here’s another dumb one I did long ago of ShinodaGE’s Warriors of the wasteland picture:

This face in particular has been edited more times than I’ve kept track of. Poor Velvet. 


Swimsuit 12 Recolors {{by woohooty}}

hello all, today i bring you 12 recolors of the basegame swimsuit. i made these for myself but thought i’d share them. 12 lovely designs for your girl, some might be unusual but oh well ;) enjoy! {{these are a merged package}}

*i found these patterns off google images so credit to rightful owners*


  • please dont reupload 
  •  dont claim as you own

Feel free to suggest some clothing i should recolor :D ENJOY xx

Download X or


I’m so sorry for the mess! T^T Basically I linked the wrong thing and accidentally uploaded OM’s. Yea, I’m gonna bury myself somewhere after this. Anyway, these should be the right link already. Some of the patterns came from here

Ceiling 100%
Ceiling 75%
Ceiling 50%

Wall 100%
Wall 75%
Wall 50%

Credit to Omorfi for these beautiful lights! And for encouraging me to make the recolors ♥ Well, I hope these are good enough, though let me know if there is any more problem. Thank you to nettlejuice for pointing it out. Well, hope to see them in your game.  (๑・ω-)~♥”


Final CC! I won’t be recoloring after this for a long time… or until the new Kitchen Stuff Pack comes out with that awesome half sweater top :3

Special Thanks to kedluu for letting me do wonderful recolors on the amazing new Breezy Top!


Summer may be coming to an end soon, but for Sims there is never an end to the sun, and in Washington, August is the most hot month of the year, so happy Summer weather to us! 

So I decided to do a Summer Recolor! A few designs and a few colorful patterns in 19 different recolors! 

Hope you guys enjoy!