download: pdf

I et annet lys, a collection of short stories by Norwegian author Karin Fossum

I finally got around to getting that book scanned so now anyone who wants to read it can read it in Google Drive here! (Note: The first story is called En Gnist I Mørket but I didn’t think to scan the title page for that one oops)

I like the look of the old air max’s tbh with the bubbles everywhere(there not just on the side, on the back of the shoes too), reminds me of the old days…

there are Nike Roshes, when light flashes on them  (in the dark for safety reasons) they light up plus they’re reaaaaaaly comfy.

Ignore the two at the back but the front pair are Air Foce 1s, never get oldd.have these in this marron colour but theyre old now and use them when gardening with my mum lol, had these in suede blue but got ‘lost’ in the masjid lool 😂

Nike Cortez, look buff, a little unique but get damaged easily :(

Nike Huaraches ahh i love these, had a pair in grey but i left them at gym, never to be found again :L

Nike Tavas, i love these wallaahi, theyre not the most comfiest creps but they look nice. 

Adidas Superstars, at first i didnt like them but slowly started liking them, not all that but still look decent.

idk what these are called lool but these are my favourite, still yet to wear them but im waiting for some special occasion to come through 😂 😂

Thats all i got atm 😂 @aboorayhaana