May 2017 Printables and Desktop Wallpaper // freebies from thearialligraphyproject

Hooray for a fresh new wallpaper! I’ve been feeling the [extreme] heat of the summer lately so I wanted to make something cool and relaxing to the eye for this month’s design.

I’m also bringing back the list layout for calendar printables! Now you’ve got a motivational quote to keep you going through the month and a space to write your goals and some notes!

Download this month’s freebies: calendars / desktop wallpaper

A tagged snapshot of your computer, phone, or study space using these freebies would be very much appreciated. (Use #thearialligraphyproject or #arialligraphy!) 😊


Mesquite Trailer Park

Designed for multiple residents :)  2 of the trailers have 2 bedrooms each and the other is a 1 bedroom. 

You will need to use the BB.MOVEOBJECTS ON command before placing. This is CC FREE and I own all packs.



Butter Mellow for @simlovinggirl

Family Oriented//Good//Nurturing//Over Emotional//Perfectionist

LTW: Surrounded by Family

Once upon a time, I made you Heath, and said I would make you a female spouse just to balance it out. I hope you like her, and enjoy her as much as you enjoyed Heath. ;)

And yes, her name is a HP reference.

Private Download


Welcome to the very first Sunday Gift Day!

This is going to be a combined SGD & a 400 follower gift, as I love you all, so very much.

As you can see, we are going big for the first one, as I’m releasing the 9 Snow heirs, their downloads are in here, hopefully, you’ll know who you are downloading, if not each picture has their name. They all have either, a base game skin, Fawkes or scatter genes for their skins, I’m not sure who has what but just so you know.

Now the TOU: As these are legacy heirs, I’m extra protective. Please do not change their colouration, facial structures, or their supernatural type. The only exception is if you do not have supernatural. Please tag me, as I’d love to see them and squeal a whole lot, I track ‘amixofpixels’. The main thing, is enjoy. 

Itunes is refusing to believe that it knows any of the track names for any Gorillaz album I insert into my Mac - which I know is a lie because it knew them like 10+ years ago when I would’ve been putting them onto my old PC. But I refuse to go back to the primitive ages when I used to have to manually input all of the information for any slightly obscure CD that I owned. 

This is literally the error I get when I try to get the track names again after it initially tells me the album it doesn’t exist -

Which is super helpful. Now I’m going through the annoying rigmarole of updating itunes incase that’s the issue. But that’s something I tend to avoid doing as each version of itunes tends to be worse than its predecessor.

Alien Glowing Undies by Julie J

Needs Get to Work EP - because it’s an alien outfit
Enabled for Humans and Aliens - Teen through to Elder
Works with Sliders and also Everyday/Formal/Sleep/Swim wear 

Taken from the toddler outfit and fitted for adult - including all the emission files so they glow and animate in game :)

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