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alright!! first off, i’d like to shoutout @letsrp, @666rps & @ddkinzart for the idea of a fonts hosted page and also the people who rip font codes from my themes for their own use. (: it’s also just a great way to keep track of fonts i use / might use on themes and whatnot, so! i will be adding to this list as i download fonts, so it’ll always be under construction, i guess! but anyways .. thanks to all the amazing font makers for these fonts! feel free to like / reblog if you find this helpful or if you wanna use any of these, thanks!

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the most obscure crossover concept in the world

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

purimlesbian  asked:

hey!! mind my asking how you made the melodrama edit?

hello! i made it using photoshop cc, and i’ve also made a template if you want to use it to make something similar!

you’ll need to download the keep calm font if you don’t already have it! if you do use this template, please give credit! thank you so much, hope this helps and that you have a lovely day ♥

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Harry Potter Lockscreens (set of 8)
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This is was I imagine Bitty’s YouTube page to look like <3 Will I ever make another (for Nursey?) … probably not for a while at least xD This took me half a day.

See more of my thoughts on it under the cut <3

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Improve your handwriting cheatsheets!

If you’ve followed me for a while you might have seen my post a few weeks ago about improving your handwriting. In that post I explained that tracing a printed page with a mixture of words is fantastic for adapting your writing. I have managed to upload them to Google Drive for you to download.

As a disclaimer, I do not own either of the fonts I have used and am not distributing the fonts - but merely a PDF using them. You are unable to edit or download the font from that document but can download them via I hope they’re useful!