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Yoru Wa Nemureru Kai

by: Flumpool

usually I put picture of the anime, but their album’s picture is just TOO COOL…….. LIKE THIS SONG OMGOSH

(the only problem with the song is that the sounds is a bit to rush and dirty but you get use to these things if the song is really good)

Anime: Ajin [OP theme song]

Download Link: MEGA, Regular

Enjoy!!!!!!!! ^___^

Why you’re an asshole for illegally downloading music

This post was inspired by a recent video uploaded by Jared Dines on his YouTube channel. Go check it out if you have time. A lot of these points I’m raising are ones that I have come across before, be it from friends or people I barely know.

1. It’s disrespectful to the artist. Your favourite band, singer/songwriter, or composer has spent money, sweat, blood, tears, more tears, and more sweat to write, record and mix the record. They have laboured for days on end, some with no break, to bring you the best album they can deliver. To say “thanks very much” and give nothing in return is rude. You wouldn’t work your ass off to give somebody something they will enjoy, for no payment of any kind. The fact that it’s online doesn’t make it any better either. “Thanks very much for the pizza you just made me, I loved it honestly, but can’t be assed to pay for it.” Fuck off you disrespectful twat.

2. “Yeah, but I’m listening to it, so they get exposure” makes it no better. I hear this argument far too much, and it pisses me off beyond belief. “Thanks very much for the pizza; it’s great and I’m really enjoying it, but I don’t want to pay for it to be honest.” Fuck off you disrespectful twat. Great you’re listening to the band’s music, that’s awesome, so you should, it’s a great record. That isn’t a ‘get out of jail free’ card though. If anything it’s the complete opposite, and some would see it as an insult. You’re enjoying the music, but still too much of a twat to pay for it???? Fuck off and stop trying to make excuses you twat.

3. “I’m just pirating it for a bit, I’ll buy it later.” Errm no, sorry. Admittedly you are buying it, but you’re still supporting the growth of, and maintaining, the pirating industry. Don’t. Wait a bit, listen to it on Spotify or Youtube, I don’t care if you can’t stand a 30 second ad, at least they’re getting paid for that. Then buy the record, it’s practically the same thing and you’re not supporting piracy. 

4. “I buy their merch and go to gigs though.” Awesome, don’t steal those, do you? So why steal the album? You’ll probably buy a fucking drink at the gig that’s worth the same amount as the record. You’re happy to pay for an overpriced drink, but as soon as it turns into a record you don’t want to? The logic there is great.

It needs to stop. If we don’t look after our bands, we’ll have no bands around to look after us. Look at CJ from Thy Art is Murder. He had to leave because he couldn’t put food on the table for his family. He had to leave because somebody somewhere didn’t pay for a Thy Art record. The £10, or $15 that you spend on the average record could buy a band member lunch, I like to think of it like that. Something I think that makes people want to illegally download is iTunes. I can see the short term logic of: “Why pay £7.99 when I can get the exact same thing for free?” In answer to this, buy it on vinyl or CD. If you haven’t experienced it yet, there’s a lot of satisfaction to gain out of buying vinyl. The artwork in the insert, the artwork on the sleeve, the vinyl itself feels amazing, and playing it feels alive. Do that, understand that, and illegal downloading feels much less rewarding.

SCANDAL 「Morning sun」Digital Single Download

Password: ajikan91
Thanks to our friends from SCANDAL-México for sharing

For those who are able to buy from japanese websites, please get it here:
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This song will also be included in SCANDAL’s new album 『YELLOW』that will be released on March 2, 2016. 

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Yellow [Regular Edition] (Includes lyrics translation to english).
Yellow [CD+T-shirt/Limited Edition] (Includes the regular edition of the CD with the lyrics translation and the same t-shirt design as the japanese edition, but you can chose the size, from small to extra extra large. Limited to only 300 units).

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Things I Learned At Download Festival 2015

Always Bring Wellies.

Those of us living in England are likely to never take good weather for granted, having had this programmed into us all our rainy lives, most people were well prepared in the foot department yet many were left stuck in the mud in their soggy canvas shoes looking miserable.

Don’t Underestimate The Plastic Rain Poncho.

For similar reasons as the Wellie point, download 2015 saw a massive downpour and some pretty fierce weather in general with the best weather moments being on the drive there and the drive back. By buying rain ponchos on site there was no need for a coat as it wasn’t cold, these saved the weekend for me and was the best £3 I’ve spent in a long time.

Muse Are Heavy Enough For Download Festival.

This came as a surprise to many people, as Muse have a very theatrical and big sound yet never struck most as being heavy in the rock department. Turns out that they are well equipped with songs that fit perfectly with the heavy theme, video specialists that gave the screens a music video feeling, and onstage effects and pyrotechnics big enough to bring the house down one moment at a time.

You Can Feel Free To Get Your Weird Side Out.

This goes without saying to most at Download, but due to a shared interest in the music and accompanying lifestyles, there is no obvious judgement and if you want to dress up.. Or down as the case may be, we all have the same interests at heart and we get it. You can unapologetically be yourself.

Black Stone Cherry And Their Fans Are Constantly Underestimated.

This band is a must see as their live energy and sound is perfection. Their connection with the crowd is amazing and the support shared is beyond that of probably any band of that size in the world. The humour of opening their set with rain wizard was something well appreciated by fans also as they had stood out in the rain for hours to see them play. As a result of the rain, the band encountered some minor technical issues due to the rain whilst playing too which added to the genius move of putting that song first on the setlist.

We May Wear Black But We Won’t Kill You, Really.

A common misconception is that people who dress mean in spiked leather jackets and biker boots are to be avoided as they could be trouble. Interestingly enough the amount of conflict was totally minimal and far less aggressive as pop/dance festivals have been known to be. For a festival of nearly 90,000 metal fans that’s pretty good going!

Slash Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators Rock!

I’ll admit, I didn’t learn this at Download, but I was reminded of it which counts. This group are impeccable even when ignoring their past achievements and precious bands. They may not have got a following as fast without their previous associated bands such as Alter Bridge and of course Guns n’ Roses but there’s no doubt that they mean every moment of it. A Must See.

Hand Sanitiser And Dry Shampoo Will Save You.

The toilet situation added to the lack of shower opportunities means sanitiser is important to your health and will allow you to feel somewhat clean for a short while allowing you to eat. Dry shampoo speaks for itself.. If you’ve got hair it’s important to keep it looking and feeling good.

Make Friends With Some People In Surrounding Tents.

This is a good idea because they will often help you out if needed. The people I med added some humour to the experience, leant me a tent peg I needed one night, gave me plastic bags and even offered to share their alcohol with me! Plus they’ll help keep watch of your tent while they’re there and you’re in a mosh pit which can be handy.

Take Sunglasses Not Your Umbrella.

Big umbrellas are often confiscated as potential weapons and view obstructing items. Your sunglasses are likely to not be needed but it’s good to put a positive spin on the weekend, plus if you’re looking up and it’s raining they actually can come in handy.

Buy Your Merch Early.

This was my first Download festival and I wanted to remember it by purchasing a shirt. On the Sunday morning we went to get shirts and one of the 3 stands were shut. We went to the other two and there were barely any shirts left other than band specific ones. Of course there’s the option to order one online, but should you want one there, get that merch early, if nothing else, it’s a clean dry shirt!

Kiss Are Amazing Live And Glitter Never Hurt Anyone.

Kiss are such a great band to see live. They were the closing band headlining the main stage on Sunday. Close to 85,000 people all gathered in the rain to watch what they had in store. Many people attended in a full face of black and white make up and wigs! They certainly put on a show with full screens at the side of the stage, confetti cannons, streamers, fireworks, fire, a zip wire over the crowd, mechanical platforms lifting them into the air and singular platforms reaching over the audience. It’s safe to say Download 2015 went out with an almighty bang. Kiss all wore their famed stage make up, glittery silver outfits and platform shoes like it was the most normal look In the world. This gave many a sense of belonging because it just shows you can be whoever you like with the Download crowd and as long as you rock, you’ll still be loved.

Go And See Smaller Bands.

The smaller bands give you a chance to discover something new. You know those bands that you love? They all started out as smaller bands, in smaller tents with smaller crowds. See as many as possible, you won’t be disappointed.

Slipknot Are An Amazing Live Band.

This goes without saying to most people; however they were a band I’d not personally experienced live before. After visiting the Paul Harries exhibition in London and buying his book Dysfunctional Family Portraits, I was particularly interested and inspired to see them on the live stage on Friday. I was blown away at the fullness of their live sound, their onstage presence in general, how true they were to their original tracks and how the crowd responded as a family of people all on the same page.

More bands are being announced Sunday 7th February for Download 2016!

If you’re going, keep this in mind!

-       Charlotte

(photos copyright to Charlotte Bourge 2016, enquire for details).



Been waiting for the fucking weekend like

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A month or two ago I saw a similar post comparing that song to Louis' voice and I instantly went and downloaded all of that band's music. Needless to say I am now obsessed.

I would have completely believed that was Louis. I want them to sing together to see if it just sounds like one person singing. Someone make this happen.