download virus

ppl complaining about adfly, shortest, etc.

  • “it gives/downloads virus” well, I never got one even without adblock. you need to learn how to protect your pc, that’s all.
  • “don’t you need 2k clicks to earn five bucks?” yes, but IT HELPS. 
  • “ppl say it’s just 5 secs but srsly look at all the shit it puts me through” some ppl really need all the help they can get, ok? it only puts you through LITERALLY 5 seconds, as the rest of your complaints usually has a simple solution, or don’t even need one.

ppl aren’t asking you to buy their content, but most of them usually does it for free. for some of them it’s not free, actually. but for all of them it’s fucking time wasted, HOURS, that you’re comparing to 5 seconds. like, srsly? 

stop bitching about about little things. 5 secs won’t harm you. 

YES, IT’S JUST 5 SECS. you say you hate when ppl say this because it’s the fucking truth.

and anyone who sents me hate messages know that they’ll just get deleted, byieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

soft hance for ur dash (✿◠‿◠)

  • lance is the big spoon
  • lance calming hunk down during their soft moments when they spoon & lance will lace their fingers and mumble about some childhood memory he’s told hunk a bazillion times already

  • hunks never minds the repeated storytelling, in fact he lays there with a smile on his face as he settles into lance

  • lance once purposely downloaded a virus on his laptop so he’d have an excuse to have hunk sit there and tinker with his glasses on (yes hunk wears glasses shhhh)

  • lance loves lacing his fingers in hunks hair and it always gives hunk the biggest goosebumps all over

  • hunk is real big on hand holding and sometimes when they’re laying in bed watching tv or whatevs hunk will just be idly playing with lance’s fingers

  • lance catches him doing this every time and has the most fond look on his face

i forgot how much i love what remains of the homestuck fandom. like we’ve all read the entirety of this god damn webcomic which could literally be considered a fucking epic
and with something that fucking huge you think we’d forget some plot elements or characters or lose interest. no. we remember all these minuscule facts. all of us. collectively.

there are years upon YEARS of jokes pertaining soley to this one piece of literature and none of it ever gets stale. we have annual dates where the fandom comes out of hibernation to celebrate the anniversaries of important events. john egbert was 13 years old when this all began, and as of today he is able to legally drink* and it blows my mind that we’ve seen this kid grow through his entire teenage years

like, the remaining homestuck fandom thats still around right now are the true fans. the ones who’ve been around since act 1-3 began are the elders of the community have seen the rise and fall of it all, including 2011-2012. they get all the jokes that newer people to the fandom wouldn’t have been there for.

how [s] cascade fucking crashed the entire site of newgrounds, hussie got a really really bad computer virus from downloading a folder of shitty wizard pictures, dave strider’s blogspot, hussie’s formspring, msparp, the first few days of the gigapause, the hell that was 2011-2012 homestuck on youtube (aka karkalicious and those voice overs), the crazy fan theories after every single update, sbahj refrances……, vriska (vriska), caliborn’s shitty anime act and that unskippable casio piano cheering sound effect, TRICKSTER MODE, the fucking shipping possibilities handfed to this fandom thanks to the quadrants oh my god, i could go on for ages

the sheer amount of SHIT this fandom has produced and we all forgot about as endgame finally began to draw near and the temporary 2012 craze lost its hype.

hiveswap is still on the backburner after waiting 4+ years for this game and for some reason we’re all still patiently waiting even though the release date has been postponed indefinitely. we’re on par with the invader zim fandom with how resilient to time we are.

we all hate andrew hussie somewhere deep down in our hearts yet we still beg for more content from that clown, and nobody knows why

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I've been following your blog for a while and I've noticed that you are very rude when answering asks. Please, when you are typing out a response, look over what you are saying and it it could come out as rude or entitled. Your art is magnificent and it would be a shame to unfollow someone with such great artwork over their lousy mouth. This ask is not to be taken as an insult; this is constructive criticism that is needed.

try to understand how tiring it is when I’d like to interact with people but most of what l get in my inbox is faq questions I can’t reply because I already replied a million times plus people assuming I’m trying to make them download a virus when I’m only giving you a link to free program over and over, so I usually just read and delete, but it’s /tiresome/ and I can’t even give a sassy reply because then I get asks like this.

I was thinking about Google IRL cuz of the sketch and I was thinking like… Google is a program so he technically should be a completely neutral, but we can tell he’s at least a little evil and he’s also kinda glitchy? like he didn’t have that problem in the sketch with Matthias… though back then his secondary objective was still to destroy mankind lmao

but like it’d be interesting if the reason he’s glitchy and a bit darker is because he has a virus or is corrupted or something…. and his glitching is sort of similar some else’s we know

so what if Dark was the one who downloaded the virus or is causing Google to glitch out?

Viv: I’m going to become a lesbian.
Amadeus: Don’t be silly Viv, you can’t change your sexuality.
Viv: Maybe YOU can’t, but I can. I’m a computer.
Downloading lesbianism: 50%
Amadeus: …
Downloading lesbianism: 99%
Amadeus: …
Download complete!
Viv: Well would you look at that, huh? I’m a lesbian now.
Amadeus: …
Viv: Bye
Amadeus: …


In which Butch Deloria and I are the same

IT Guy (Winn Schott x Reader) (Supergirl)

Words: 991

Can I please request a Winn/Reader with “You’re in IT and I keep calling you because you’re cute, I actually know exactly how to fix this problem. I may have also intentionally caused this issue just to talk to you.” AU Maybe Winn also catches the reader in the middle of setting up the “issue” and reader has to explain them self

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Believe Again: Chapter 15 (Part 1)

A/N: I’m about to board the plane back home so I’ll just post the first part of this chapter. ^^ Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this during the flight! 

He soaked in the cool night air surrounding him, releasing a small sigh as he appreciated the soothing quietness of the park. He missed this: the carefreeness in each step, the comfort he found in the solitariness and silence. It had been a while since he could come here without having to think or constantly feel on edge for fear of bumping into a certain someone.

There was nary a soul in the area. Not surprising. It was almost 3am. 2.53am, to be precise. Any normal person would be asleep, or at least in the comfort of their own homes at this time, including her. Which meant there was no chance of him bumping into her, and no one would be out here to bother him. Out here at this ungodly hour, he could be alone, cloaked in the shadows, with the moon and stars as his only companions.

Truth be told, he still preferred coming here in the day since he could see the clouds better. The day sky was far more fascinating; its colors were never the same, always changing and unpredictable. It held many surprises that kept his eyes glued to it. But at night, the sky was just a black blanket, and the clouds were just gray patches of stuff in the night sky. Almost like stains that didn’t belong up there with the soft, twinkling stars or the pretty glow of the moon.

He continued slowly down the road, inhaling the fresh air that still smelled a little of rain. It had rained just a couple hours earlier. The ground was damp, and his shoes would occasionally nudge a stray puddle of rainwater by the side of the path. The soft splashing sounds were almost musical. When he came by a particularly large one he would kick it, sending the water droplets flying and landing with a gentle, almost soundless pitter patter on the grass. The puddle remaining would ripple in protest, and slowly his murky reflection in it would clear again when it became still once more. Then the pin-drop silence in the park would resume, save for the ever-blowing breeze.

It was nice not being crammed in his room together with his thoughts for a change. Out here in the park, the heaviness of his heart and weight of his thoughts felt like a million miles away. With each kick of a puddle he would send it all flying, bit by bit, until he was empty again, so he was almost back to the way he was before he met her.

But ‘almost’ just wasn’t enough.

He came to a stop just a distance away from that all-too-familiar bench, knots forming in his stomach the longer his gaze lingered on it. He wanted to tear his eyes away from it and move on. That was what he had come out here to do: to forget, to stop thinking, to take a break from the turmoil of emotions weighing him down and turning his body to lead.

And as stupid as it sounded, he couldn’t.

He clenched his fists, the sight of the bench bringing to mind his last memory of her: the hurt expression on her face; her eyes glossy with tears, her feverish cheeks slightly flushed, and her pale, chapped lips parted as she called out his name in a shaking, broken voice… He hated it. All of it.

He doubted things would ever go back to the way they were. Nor would the conflicting emotions in his heart ever completely disappear. It was as if he had downloaded a virus from her, one that was wrecking havoc and raising hell inside of him, and one that would stay, unless he shut himself down for good.

He wanted to forget it all. Forget her confession, forget her face, forget her voice. Things would have been much easier if they hadn’t met in the first place. She would still be going about her normal life, and he, his rotten one.

A groan rumbled in the base of his throat. So much for coming out here to escape his thoughts. The temporary respite he relished in when he first slipped out of the house was quickly dissolving into defeat and frustration as he glared at the empty bench.

Nothing made much sense anymore, he concluded. The sky was still high above his head, the ground was still firm beneath his feet, but the world just didn’t make sense anymore. He could no longer understand himself either — why he couldn’t just forget, why he couldn’t just move on and not look back on the memories he had of her, or why his legs were moving forward, inching closer and closer to that bench that should no longer hold any meaning or significance to him whatsoever.

Things had long stopped making sense, ever since his heart began to beat differently for her.


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Is old sport from day shift at freddy's? And if so, is it free and how do i download it? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i dont know old sport and i wanna make sure im not downloading a virus

Heck yeah he is ! And, more specific, it’s-

Wait, no, not spoling anything.

You can find respectively the 1 and the 2 here and here

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Bruce: -"What's a twerk? " -"Dic-i mean Ja...Ti....I mean damian" -"How do I share this post?" -"I can't get off this website,how do you click off?"



Bruce: Is that bad?

Babs: YES IT’S BAD! Just let me clear this from the system go bug Dick or something

concept: a ‘90s instructional video on how to use the internet where the instructor downloads a virus onto their computer by accident

tiberius meet cute take ii

read here or on ao3

Tony is on the way to Pepper’s office when JARVIS says, “Sir, there appears to be a…situation forming.”

Before Tony can ask, JARVIS starts piping him audio.

“Are you fucking brain-dead? It’s been a goddamned half an hour, how fucking long are you going to stare at it, shit-for-brains?”

Tony recognizes the voice and grimaces. Mike’s been trouble since they hired him. What’s he doing now?

That’s when Tony hears a voice he doesn’t recognize.

“Hey, buddy, what’s your problem?”

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Doxxing /hacking avoidance

Sometimes people will try to attack you for reasons of their own - you said something they took personally, or they think it’s “entertaining.” Here’s some precautions to take:

* Make sure you have different passwords for social sites vs. shopping sites, if not different passwords on every site. (use a password manager if you need it)
* Password cracking programs work best on short passwords with specific requirements. So if possible, use a really long phrase of five or more words as your password. Random words but easy to remember.
* Files on your computer cannot be accessed without a virus, and you can’t get a virus unless you download/click on a sketch site. If you do download, use a virus scanner before opening, and keep it up-to-date.
* Make sure you don’t add people on Facebook if you don’t know who they are!! Even if you have friends in common! Sometimes ppl just add anyone so it’s not a guarantee. You can always ask your mutuals.
* Don’t give personal information to strangers! Normal ppl will understand this and accept it.
* Do not use similar names on Tumblr as Facebook. If you use the same handle on many sites, do NOT post personal information or photos.
* Make sure that you have your Facebook set up so that only friends can see your information. My default for posts is also only friends.
* Any site that has your real name should not contain controversial content. Be careful.