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Use This Wisely (Updated)

7 steps to download audio from tumblr

okay so because my previous account (upliftedbyswift) was terminated, i wrote an updated tutorial about how to download audio/songs from tumblr

it’s still pretty much the same, first of all, google chrome is recommended

1. Choose an audio to download:

this sounds like heaven (x)

Side note: Please check out taylorremixes for the best remixes and live versions

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yall better put lemonade on tumblr

i know how to download tumblr audio files!!!!!!!!!! PUT THE ALBUM ON TUMBLR

ive already downloaded hold up and love drought

1. right click the audio file and press inspect 

2. an html window should come up, there on the html page, press control + f and search mp3

3. a link looking like this 

<audio type=“audio/mp3” src=“;tumblelog=immortalitypills&amp;post_id=143297654742”></audio>

should come up

4. Right click on the link and select copy, then copy element

5. Paste the link into your browser and remove everything before the https so it should look like this;tumblelog=immortalitypills&amp;post_id=143297654742“></audio>

6. It will redirect and a black page with an audio player will come up, wait a little and the audio should page then right click save as mp3 :)

this should work :D