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Hello, hello. An idea for printables came to me a few days ago and ta-dah, suddenly they’re done. My editing skills are hella basic and I like to keep it simple, but I hope they’ll be useful in some way. Personally for me, these are actually language-learning-based but you can use it however you like!  (I knew the preview looks weird but it looks okay when printed out.)

  • vocabulary - for when you encounter new vocabs and don’t have a loose leaf to write it to. comes in three different sizes and colour!
    {download/preview: size01 - pink blue b&w; size02 - pink blue b&w; size03 - pink blue b&w
  • resources list - to organize your language learning resources. I like to write ‘em down to make sure I don’t just aimlessly study and keep my resources organized. {download/preview: pink blue b&w}
  • this week’s goals - self-explanatory, includes an end-of-week review sheet! {download/preview: here}
  • this month’s goals - self-explanatory, also has an end-of-month review sheet. {download/preview: here
  • download all of this in one click here. (not really one click but haha.) 

If you’re using it and would like to tag me in your post, I track #studymochii or #study-mochi n_n (the tags might mess up so I’m giving options just in case, haha…) 

Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully they help you in some way! Have a nice day and happy studying! <3 

kissalikesbears  asked:

Hello! At what milestone will you consider the prototype to be a success? A certain number of downloads, a certain number of reviews, maybe even watching how much it gets played (if you release it over Steam ofc)? Also, will the characters themselves have any kind of Easter eggs or references? I know backdrops do, but I've become intrigued wondering if the characters themselves will reference their own content too.

oOOoh so many incredible good questions !!! let meh reply to them wahn by wahn !  (★ゝз・)ノ~*

The milestone is a very vague subject,when we say “”success””, it mostly depends on the community(all of you) and the youtubers. If we’re treated as opportunists for makin’ a game around youtubers.That would be clearly a fail. If one or multiple youtubers decide to support our project because it looks fun ,playeable and accurate .This would be a success.  Whatever we can do. Youtubers have the last word. If they’re not okay with. As cold as it is,the project would be killed and won’t reach its true potential. That would have been an attempt and a good journey anyway.

After this,downloads,reviews,fan arts are very important too. All your voices and support is why we’re there today. It would be a success if you think it is. S&P’s team opinion doesn’t count. (。・з・)ゞ As creator, for me it’s already a success.


About the easter eggs and references. You might already kno’ the design of Markimoo. It’s completely, absolutely a huge reference to FNAF . His first design was too …you kno’ obvious, so i had to change it for not gettin’ in trouble with intellectual properties.

 At the beginning, he was supposed to be made of the parts of Fnaf characters:

 ALL the characters have references from their own content. Even their chara design are related to their personality. 

If you want, i found old replies about their chara design :

No you’re right ! he never said that.

The reason implies that i contextualise the situation.

When i started to watch Jack(3 years ago i guess) the most viewed videos were kind of like this:

The fan arts. Like this :

Except Sam ,There was almost nothing about him and i was not watchin’ his videos daily (at this time, i was fully into Pewds and Ken’s channel ).

i knew he was full of energy, irish,with an hat and playing Happy wheels, skate 3 and gta a lot, i sure wanted to draw somethin’ related to the speed (because i didn’t want to fall into the irish caricature).  

I decided to follow the energetic ball of nerves that was Jack and took what i could from his let’s plays. His big eyeball was sure a good idea but it was not enough. The idea of speed was not there. (●´ω`●)ゞ

I remember mahself watching a TONS of videos this day. that was a mess and in front of this problem, i had to take a reference from a game he was playing . In this case, i took the skateboard from Skate 3.he had a bunch of videos about that and at that time, it couldn’t see any more ideas.

I was at two inches to not add jack to this game. I felt very bad to not kno’ him much better. But today, i decided to just..take my responsabilities. I feel like i f*cked up for that but when i remember that day i had to draw him, i still can’t see what i could have done better.

So yea’, you’re completely true. He never said that he liked skating or whatever but i choosed this in order to recreate that feeling of “speed is key/like a boss” . (′σω`)ノ

Hope this answer satisfy you.Sometimes, context matters and nobody asked me that before so i enjoyed replying to u!



Hey! Here is a quick lets play/mod review for the brand new Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Mod by @brittpinkiesims. As well as a quick update on what’s going on with Keisha & Tyler.

2015 year in review

- shitty school
-drew all over my room
-covered my wall with photos
-got my first boyfriend and first date
-didn’t last very long
Became obsessedwith rock bands Shinedown, guns n roses, metalica,black stone cherry,halestorm,highly suspect, radiohead list goes on
-attending download festival in June
-turned 16
-got one A in exams
-gave up on life
-realised theirs stuff to live for
-then became an inspirational little shit

TWINS OF EVIL poster by Barbara “Bacha” Baraknowska

This month on The Poster Boys podcast: Hammer Horror Film Posters!

Best known for their gothic horror, Hammer Films produced motion pictures from the late 1950s until the 1970s that have since become classics of the genre. In celebration of the Halloween season, The Poster Boys look at the history surrounding the posters from several of their more notable releases. From The Mummy with Peter Cushing to Dracula AD 1972 with Christopher Lee, Brandon and Sam discuss the changes in marketing over the years, and examine some of their favorite pieces of Hammer key art from all corners of the world.

Listen and download at or download, subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes.


I finished the exterior and i have to say, they actually put some thought into the detailing to give houses more dimension. They really needed to do that with the loss of CFE. Although I am bound to find the 3 floor limit annoying, what I have got sort of makes up for it with the cornices, roof details and others.

I have to say though, moldable roofing should be for EVERY roof type. The hipped roof really needs it because those tiny eaves are just stupidly short. Even TS3 hipped roof has more of a eave. 

I miss MOO. Saying that again. But i love the column coding and plants to overlap a little. I love the scale cheat for landscaping though. 

Need way more wall variations. I don’t mind what is there, but we need more. That may be one of my first projects I think.

Love all the plants. No more to say there. I wish I could freely rotate. If I can, I need to look up the shortcut. Alt and drag doesn’t work for this game. 

Fountain water should scale up with the fountain. Thats just stupid

I like how the game remembers the last colour chosen for an item.

I  don’t like it when the plants have to be reselected each time I wanted to place them though. Not all of them do this, but its annoying. 

Window movement is great! Love that aspect. Wish you could place windows by half grid spaces though. That’s a wish however, I wasn’t expecting it. 

Outdoor lighting is great! love it so much, inside lighting is terrible. And there are no discrete ceiling lights to light up a space more. Desperately needed. I tried changing brightness, option didn’t seem to work. Need to try it again.

I need to be able to delete floor tiles individually, not the entire room. I can’t have a double story foyer because of this.  

I miss MOO. Have I said that?

Window and door choices are ok to great, arches, not so much. What is with all the 2 tile arches and not having any 3 tile ones or 1 tile ones? Totally opposite from TS3. 

Wallpaper placement and its auto feature may prove to be very annoying when applying corner papers and them not wanting to face the right way. 

Love the replace feature for fences/walls

Roofing id better then TS3, but again, its not really easier like many people had hoped. Its a little easier, but with the lack of molding for some roof types, it may prove more limiting without updating. 

These are my observations so far. Regardless of my likes and dislikes, I still really love this game. I am glad I bought it.

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Naren's Bakery!

Some of you already know but Ras and I started making android games in our free time some time ago and we just finished one, so i wanted you to try it! Its FREE “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” If you have been following me or rykari for some time you will probably recognize the characters hahah 

We would really appreciate if you downloaded the game, every download, review and reblog helps us A LOT! It’s only the two of us and we don’t have many ways of promoting the app so we need your help! m(_ _)m

You can get it in the store >>>HERE<<<< I hope you like it! (‘∀’●)♡ thanks in advance!

Crown: A Music Compilation by Connor Franta

Friends: I just released my first ever Crown Compilation Album & it’s up on iTunes!! I love music, but can’t really sing, so I thought, “hmm, what can I do with this…” and that’s how this was born! If you’re interested in hearing some fresh, unique musical gems, then go check it out! You won’t be disappointed. Thanks to everyone who has downloads, rates & reviews the album - you’re support means the absolute world to me <3

Whatever that ebook fanfic thing that’s happening is, I am fairly sure it’s a scam ON fandom?

I checked to see if my fic is up there, and it is–but I checked each of the fics’ stats and I have 612 downloads and 41 “reviews” on each of them, exact same numbers. They’re all fairly obscure fandoms and rare pairings to boot. Like I don’t get these numbers on AO3 where people are LOOKING for that kind of thing, so I am fairly sure this is to get authors to sign up (because you can’t ee the “reviews” unless you sign up) with their credit card and do something with their information. Probably not good.  

anonymous asked:

can u reccommend some dmmd blogs to follow

I can’t give you a comprehensive list because there are a TON of amazing artists, writers, graphic makers, rp blogs, ask blogs etc in the fandom and I know that I won’t be able to list them all. you can check out the dmmd/dramatical murder tags to find blogs that you think mesh with your favorite character/ship/whatever

however, I think these blogs are really important (in alphabetical order):

dmmd-cosplay-help - really helpful blog if you cosplay dmmd
dmmd-merch - quality pictures of merch from ruffruffren’s personal collection
dmmd-quotes - memorable quotes from the game
dmmd-sounds - audio from the game, whether it’s music or dialogue clips
dmmd-support - if you have problems installing/running the game, here’s a good place to check 
dmmdonline - collection of fan stuff
dmmdplaythroughs - has video playthroughs for the routes
nitrochi-paths - walkthroughs, reviews, downloads for n+c games
vogue-man - Goatbed blog

hope this is enough to get you started!