download music from tumblr

how to download tumblr audio posts (google chrome)

yes, i am aware that there is a chrome extension and also an xkit extension for this, but the chrome on doesnt work for me and my xkit crashes a lot and im sure im not the only one with this problem so here you go

1. go to the blog page with the desired audio post and click play

2. right click on the audio player and select inspect element

3. look for the <audio type=“audio/mp3" section. it should look something like this:

4. copy and paste the highlighted content into your search bar

5. once you have done that, something similar to this will appear

<audio type="audio/mp3” src=“;tumblelog=wienerlicious&amp;post_id=100721148739”></audio>

6. delete everything before and after the highlighted area

so, basically, delete everything before https:// and everything from&amp; until the end

7. then press enter, and you should get something like this on your page

8. the download may have started automatically. if not, right click the pause/play icon and select save video as, and it should start downloading! 


Click here for the directions and links to download the Firefox add-on.

Then, just look up tags for whoever you want (in this case, I played Bon Iver in the car. I suggest Holocene, Beth/Rest, and Fall Creek Boys Choir (Feat. James Blake)). You’ll find a ‘click here to download’ button underneath the audio posts after you download the add-on. Just right click and save it to wherever you save music! :)