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Fool Series – Jinwoo

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Mini-drabble series

*inspired by WINNER’s Fool MV.

Seunghoon.  Seungyoon 

Characters:  Kim Jinwoo (WINNER), You (Reader/OC)

Length:  2,264 words

Rating/Genre:  Angst, Mentions of mental problems, Dual personality, Bipolar personality, etc., Minor Violence

Same person, two different minds. Same person, two different insights and beliefs.  Same person, two different heartbeats.

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I have no idea if this video will still be up before Atlus has it get taken down, but here’s the full P-Sound Bomb concert and alotta good references for your josona couples tbh


Good thing i’m downloading for future ref

‘The Kimberly Story’ Ed Hermanski, transcript by tumblr user johannwei

Months back, ‘The Kimberly Story’ gained it’s fame on tumblr. For those who don’t know, it’s an apparently true horror story by a teacher in the USA. An audio file was accessible but has been since taken down. Many people didn’t get a chance to listen to it, didn’t have the patience to listen to it (it’s about an hour long), or were too scared to listen to it because of what others have said.

I have just completed a transcript for the audio which i downloaded before it was taken down. (although I think it has resurfaced)

I think the scariest part of this story is listening to it. The teller makes it scary. In certain scenes (like the cop truck scene and the phone call scenes), he pulls this terrifying voice, very high and doesn’t seem right. It’s not an overly scary story, but certainly will frighten some. People, after listening to it, often describes creepy experience, but i have listened to it through twice and a bit while writing this and nothing bad has happened to me. This story is very long (over 10000 words).

I don’t think I can put much trigger warnings  on here but:

-Very minimal but still present gore

-Might mess with some peoples scopophobia

-I personally have major issues with bathrooms/mirrors, so for just the smallest part of the story, that’s here too.


sixpenceee paranormalstoriess (please feel free to tag horror/scary story blogs)

(if my theme makes it hard to read, shout me a message with your email and I can send you the file or read it off a blog that has reblogged it.


Story under the read more. Enjoy 

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Hey, anons! They were made from TFBW gameplays that were uploaded by lets play accounts on youtube. Unfortunately, the footage of the guinea pig mission (including Craig’s lines about Tweek being his “ex-boyfriend”) and the intro are pretty difficult to find. I ripped the scenes from two accounts - grizworld and a German channel I’m forgetting the name of. Unfortunately, the videos from both accounts have been taken down by Ubisoft due to their inclusion of the aforementioned footage. Apparently, lets players were asked to cut certain scenes - the Craig scenes and introduction scenes being some examples - from their uploads and some accounts either didn’t get the memo or decided to go against this. I imagine other accounts are making similar decisions but the act of finding them before they’re taken down rests on us fans. I would check all the videos uploaded within the last 24 hours every day to start. I also downloaded the grizworld video but haven’t figured out a way to re-upload it in a safe manner just yet (but I’m trying!)

If anyone know has any current links to helps the anons out? if so feel free to lmk or add them on!

save Hetaoni!!

“<(GUYS SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE. Final version of Hetaoni is ready to be released but… It seems the Hetalia fandom has not taken the rules seriously and has broken the trust of the makers. On 11/24/12 PianoDream made this announcent "For now, a public release of the final version of HetaOni English Version is not truly considered. What I mean is that: The game is completed, fully encoded and hopefully unbugged. It’s technically ready for release. However, it appears that many, many, many people across the fandom have kept on breaking our rules of use despite the numerous warnings we gave. The main one of them was: not ripping anything of the game. Especially images. And INCLUDING SCREENSHOTS. And yet, if you take a peek at the HetaOni tag on tumblr, you can find more than plenty of re-posted screenshots of ripped CGs scenes. So, well, here’s our decision, Neo and I’s decision: no public distribution for now. So far, only a few people who I trust and know are worth it will get the final version, and then, if the fandom behaves, or at least spreads the word and swears to behave, I’ll make a public download

 available, BUT you’ll have to read terms and conditions entirely before unlocking the archive, and, if I find one single rule broken, it’ll be taken down. I now would like everyone on the fandom to spread this word across Tumblr, Deviantart and other websites. Rules are quite simple. It was up to you to respect them and sadly the amount of uncaring weeaboos is now too high for me to not mind.” [though I personally looked at her Deviantart and saw NOTHING on the matter of HetaOni besides a note that said "I am deleting everything HetaOni related because I no longer want to be associated with it/be in that part of the fandom” but whatever. If there’s some hope in this then why not try and spread it] )>“

Guys, this is serious. Spread the word and hope that the official version will be released.

icecreammilktea  asked:

Hi!! I hope this doesn't come across as too demanding - if yes, I apologize in advance, and feel free to ignore this - but will you be uploading the season 6 DVD extras? My country doesn't have the DVD yet and I... can't wait ^^" I mean I probably can, but yeah. It's okay if you aren't uploading it though, just checking! Thank you again for all the hard work :D

To those who want the goodies:

::obligatory “Buy the DVDs if you can” statement here::

(I’ve been told that if you use Firefox to dl stuff on the site I’m uploading these to you have to install an app or some such…but if you use Chrome you don’t? Idk, but for simplicity’s sake you might want to use Chrome. I’m not using mf bc they always take down this type of thing for me. So…sorry.)

White Collar Season 6 gag reel: HERE

White Collar Season 6 Deleted Scenes 1: HERE

White Collar Season 6 Deleted Scenes 2: HERE

White Collar: Case Closed Retrospective: HERE


I suggest you download this scene that never was before it gets taken down or something.

  • Other fandoms: *song leaks* Oh! How surprising. I guess we must listen to it now? *sips tea and gracefully presses the 'play' button*

I feel a little sorry for newer fans who won’t know the joy of waiting for the books. Or the insanity that is downloading the final book before it was released and reading it via photographs taken of all the pages of the book. Anyone else remember that? The book laid down, open, and someone took photos of the pages before the book was released. Such joy in getting to know before others.