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VtMB - World SET


  1. + SewerageSubway_DEFAULT (replace original Subway from LateNight)
  2. + SM_pier_sign_CAW
  3. + traffic_light_CAW (functional)
  4. + CH_gate_CAW (Chinese gate for lot <<here)
  5. + vkg - bridgeTuscan_Dark (recolor of  bridgeTuscan for VtMB World)
  6. + vtmb-road (7*dds for world roads)

Set include objects for CAW, but you can find them also in Debug slot of Buy Mode.

*extracted-edited-converted by VKG 

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VtMB - Asylum Full Set


Set include:

  1. + VtMB_Voerman_SET (objects from Voerman room made by kitki)
  2. + VtMB - Asylum_set (objects by VKG from VtMB and also auxiliary objects by luna and Gosik)
  3. + Asylum_LOT (lot file: please put it in \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library)

*extracted-edited-converted by VKG

You need also metro from VtMB - World SET and traffic light from VtMB - Street SET

Don’t forget abot VtMB - Wall_SET and VtMB_Covering_floor_Set

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Unleashing my inner weeaboo! I moved the legacy to a new town ( Esther had some issues with snow for some reason :’/ ),and sure thing,instead of keeping the town free of lag and clutter,I went on a Japanese craze and created what seems to look like a japanese suburb of some sort.I called it Pontocho,like the district in Kyoto,because I really want to see sims in kimonos all over the town,huehuehue.

This is the view across from Naya family’s house.Most of the buildings I downloaded from various talented simmers and just added some street clutter :3 It bugs me,though,that I can’t move the lots closer to the street in this world - it’s called Alpine Meadows,by the way.