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top 10 chris evans movies as voted by my followers

#2 - Snowpiercer (2013)

Random Playlist Meme

Load up whatever you use for music, random it and put the first ten titles.

1. アルミナ - Nightmare (Not much music from this band I liked, but this one was a favorite)

2.  Battle Theme - Shin Megami Tensai Imagine (Oh, hey, it’s my first MMO. I kind of miss it…)

3.  But the Earth Refused to Die -  Undertale (Some of the greatest game musics of all time)

4.  Bad Situation -  Naruto (Didn’t like the anime, but the music was good)

5.  Kai’s Theme -  Beyblade (I may or may not have fan-girled this series and character when I was a kid…)

6.  Sakura Kiss -  Ouran High School Host Club (I L O V E this anime with all of my heart!)

7.  Descendent of the Shinobi -  Final Fantasy VII (My first Final Fantasy game)

8. Memory - Ib (A wonderful little RPG indie game)

9. Dancing Mad - The Black Mages (I love this band so much, also Kefka is amazing)

10. Honeybee - Steam Powered Giraffe (Unique band and also the theme for one of Dusk’s brothers)

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Ohayou Gomasu Gozaimasu - Hayden Christensen’s adorable attempts at pronouncing “good morning” in Japanese

I love his Japanese interviews the most - he is always so funny and gorgeous and adorkable there and the interviewers are such a bunch of fanboys and fangirls around him, excited and giddy to meet him. During this one, he can’t pronounce correctly the second part of the phrase so he improvises and only says “ohayou” and the commentator remarks that Hayden is smart. That’s because it’s actually another gramatically correct, albeit shorter, way to say “good morning” in Japanese, which is something Hayden doesn’t know.