whatup, it’s ya boi,,

i’ve finished all of my exams now! woooo!1!! i made these a few days ago and really couldn’t be bothered to make a preview//couldn’t find any inspiration- so it’s not very good, sorry.either way, hit me upppp, i’m back b*tchesss <3

less lazy leggings

suitable for all genders ❤

(ノ゚ο゚)ノミ  download

Recently I’ve been getting a ton of asks about these lights because they’re A) broken and B) the link is broken as well. So, I decided to not only update them but I’ve also re-uploaded them for you as well. I hope you guys get as much use out of these as I do: download


Pack of Recolors pt 3

Haylee Jones, our newest teen model, is displaying our recolored cc items based off of four different personalities! Sporty, Classy, Sassy and Gothic Couture 💀

BaseGame Baseball Hat [Recolor] This is an ADD SWATCH ITEM

Rusty Nail’s Half Sleeves Turtleneck Sweater [Recolor] [Mesh]

Leeleesims1′s Loungin’ Around Sweatshirt Dress [Recolor] [Mesh]

Deer-Solar’s Hoodie Dress [Recolor] [Mesh]

Pixel Perfect Palette

*ADD SWATCH ITEMS* You will need to click on the original item in game to access the recolors. This is to keep your CAS clutter free, short and sweet :)

Credits: @leeleesims1, @deer-solar, Rusty-Nail and EA

I’m really glad this worked out :) Dessa dress for child sims. Includes an accessory overlay to change the colors of the tied top. Found in lip ring right.

  • New Mesh
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Basegame Compatible
  • Comes in all 75 of WildlyMiniatureSandwich’s Sandwich Pallete colors
  • The dress has the tied top pictured on the left for all colors
  • Accessory overlay comes in all the Sandwich colors also

Download (my crappy PSD)

Feel free to recolor just don’t include the mesh and tag me if ya do :)

Let me know if I’ve forgotten/messed up anything.


EA for the meshes and textures I edited together, @wildlyminiaturesandwich for her color palette, @neverloore for the little swatches I stuck on this