When I got CL I was very excited for all the build mode content. Then I found the awesome flooring. True to its name, it looked like it had 100 layers of lacquer on it just like my old school gym floor did. The colours weren’t very usable either. So I took the texture, edited it, toned the specular way down then did a bunch of recolours and voila! Another usable floor for my homes.

The build mode item features:

  • Basegame compatible
  • 24 style variations
  • Custom thumbnails
  • found in Wood Flooring category of Build Mode
  • costs $4
  • Credit to FaerieDustSims and pooklet for the actions and colour palette that formed the basis for these styles

The archive contains the  package file and preview image. Extract and place the package file in your mods folder and look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy.

Mediafire | SimFileShare


December 2016 Printables and Desktop Wallpaper // freebies from thearialligraphyproject

Hi, everyone! I’m so sorry if I posted this late and I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. Finals season in uni is pretty tough this year since I’m juggling exams, projects, and papers for seven classes along with extra-curricular activities. Knowing that I can get some rest and spend more time with my family after all of the chaos, however, makes the situation a little more bearable.

Before I go back to studying, I want to say thank you to those who took part in my group’s study! My group tried to quantify the concept of negativity bias through the scale you answered and guess what? The scale was high in reliability! We definitely wouldn’t have arrived at that point without you. 😘

Download this month’s freebies: calendars / desktop wallpaper

A tagged snapshot of your computer, phone, or study space using these freebies would be very much appreciated. (Use #thearialligraphyproject or #arialligraphy!) 😊


Ariana Grande Focus Collection


  • 4 Outfits
  • 1 Shoes
  • 1 Fishnets

Better With

Focus Inspired Makeup Collection here by @candyforniasmoonlight

Miley Fur Earrings here by Me

The Innovation of Celebrating the Prophet (ﷺ)'s Birthday [PDF]

Works by Numerous People of Knowledge

Translated & Compiled by Abbās Abū Yahya (حفظه الله)

Miraath Publications (Jeddah, KSA)


“Indeed loving him completely and respecting him is by following him (ﷺ) obeying him and following his commands, reviving his Sunnah outwardly and inwardly and conveying what he was sent with, striving upon that with the heart, hand and tongue, as this was the way of the foremost to embrace Islaam from the Muhajireen, the Ansar and those who followed them in goodness.”

From: ‘Iqtida’ as-Siraat al-Mustaqeem’ Vol. 2 p. 619

Download the full PDF here.

Ugg Boots

Comfy Ugg Boots for your female sims! :) Let me know if there are any problems!

Tag me if you use this in a photo! I will reblog it. Tag: sul–sul

========= INFO =========  

  • Medium Poly Mesh
  • Female
  • Comes in tan color
  • Teen - Elder
  • Converted from IMVU, FULL CREDIT TO PoppyHome @ IMVU

========= TERMS OF USE =========  

  • Don’t reupload
  • Don’t claim as your own
  • Credit if you recolor
  • Don’t upload to pay sites
  • Do not include in a CC folder download
  • Thank you so much @bellassims for helping me with the weight issue (go check her out guys, she has awesome custom content!)



Wrapped Skort

I was suggested to make a skort because you can’t see many around in TS4. I was also suggested to look for a reference on Zara, which I did, and I fortunately stumbled into this lovely skort. (But I made it a bit more high-waisted.) (Rotating gif of the skort)

  • custom thumbnail
  • comes in 10 swatches
  • edited EA mesh by me - base game compatible
  • please read my TOU
  • For the best quality: don’t forget to put ‘Sims’ detail settings to ‘Very High’ & turn OFF laptop mode

DOWNLOAD below (Choose only one):

SimFileShare   /   Dropbox   /   The Sims Resource (soon…)

This piece of CC required the hardest meshing and UV mapping everrr so far, and I couldn’t have managed to make the morphs work without the lovely @teanmoon​‘s help. And also special thanks to all the amazing creators whose CC I used on my models.


Functional Nintendo 3ds XL!

Functional Nintendo 3ds XL!. :) Let me know if there are any problems!

Tag me if you use this in a photo! I will reblog it. Tag: sul–sul

The bottom is flipped and oops sorry about that ;w; Hope that’s not too big of an issue.

========= INFO =========  

  • Functional (works as a tablet)
  • § 250
  • Lots of swatches that have different games / Nintendo cases

========= TERMS OF USE =========  

  • Don’t reupload
  • Don’t upload to pay sites
  • Do not include in a CC folder download
  • Feel free to recolor!



Urban Cardigan for the Sims 4.

I’m not sure I will be able to save much clothes from City Living ! But this one was pretty easy, as there were already some almost plain color options.

Available for teen to elder men, with 30 color options.

You must have City Living.

And don’t hesitate to have a look at Alphonse’s adventures in San Myshuno ;p

Download : SimFileShare

And if you like my creations, feel free to make a donation ! ;)

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !