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My tutorial for basic gifs

*This tutorial is for cs5.1 or higher (the only difference would be that regular cs5 or lower does not allow you to convert your animated frames to an animation timeline. This means you wont be able to apply filters to more than one frame/layer. You would have to go layer by layer or find an action*

Downloading the Video

I dont want to include the video downloading process because everyone has their own way of retrieving the video.

I use an add-on for firefox called (Download Youtube Videos as MP4 1.7.18)

There are many video downloaders but here are a couple keep vid (online) and youtube downloader (downlad and use)

TIP: Just make sure you download the highest quality available (preferably 720 px or 1080 px) The lower the quality the more you will have to do to the gif to make it look high quality (if its even possible)

Uploading the video into photoshop

1. Go to the File tab at the top

2. Import———> Video frames from layers

2. Now select the video you would like to use.

Once you do that this screen should appear:

Unless the video is very very short you want to always highlight select range only.

*make sure Make Frame Animation is selected

*it will limit you to 500 frames if you selected too many frames

TIP: Also, when deciding whether or not you want to limit the frames to every “2” frames (because i would never go higher than that) it depends on the size of the gif you are trying to make. If you want to capture a gif that requires a lot of frames then limit it to two but if you have a gif that doesn’t have many frames at all there’s no need to limit it!

ANOTHER TIP: If you are making a gif that is 500 px wide i would almost ALWAYS limit it to “2” frames because literally every frame matter in the bigger gifs and you will realize that when you go to save it.

To select the part of the video that you want you right click the part of the video and hold shift as you drag the cursor to where you want the gif to end. To make sure you like the part of the video you selected just click the play button and it will play the highlighted part of the video.

NOW PRESS OKAY to start your editing!

Editing The GIF:

1. The first thing you should do is press play on your animation frame to see what the gif looks like.

If you have a really large image (which is the high quality gifs) then you should resize it so that the image doesnt move slow as you are playing it. Also if its really big it will take a while to process most of the adjustments.

So. go to image ——–> image size and type in 500 px wide (make sure Constrain Proportions is selected) The common end result is 500 px wide and 281 pixels long but some videos can be a little different.

2. After you’ve done that now is the time to delete the frames that you dont need! Never delete frames in the middle of your gif (unless you are making more than one gif out of the animation and some frames are unnecessary) that you want always chop from the beginning and end!

*sometimes people set the timing of the frames now before they convert it to an animation timeline but i usually reopen the gif again in photoshop to do last minute editing BUT if you change the timing now here’s what you do

highlight the first and last frame in the animation window and click the time at the bottom (if you don’t highlight them all then you will only change the timing of that particular frame)

*if you did limit the animation to every 2 frames i would time the gif between .1 and .15 seconds (preferably closer to 1 just because .15 can slow down the image too much) but it depends on the actual gif and the number of frames you have. if you only have 12 frames than .1 might move too fast!

*if you didnt limit the gif to every 2 frames then i would suggest doing between .05-.08 seconds! (closer to .05 would me more ideal)

(all of these timings are also very subjective to each particular gif)

Now its time to actually edit the gif.

Select all of the frames again and also select all of the layers in the layers windows by clicking the first one and holding shift while you click the last one. After every layer is selected you convert your frames into an animation timeline by clicking the option in the bottom right corner of your animation window. It should have have two lines with diamonds in them!

After you have converted your animation into an animation timeline you can now convert it to a smart filter to start editing it!

Go to the Filter tab——-> click convert to smart filters.

*a box will pop up saying “To enable re-editable smart filters the selected layer will be converted into a smart object” Just click okay OK!

Now there are a couple of ways to go about making the gif to your liking. I didnt always smart sharpen but recently i have started too! BUT if you have a gif that is not high quality smart sharpen can make it look 12 times worse.

But if you want to sharpen here are my usual settings

Got to the Filter tab—-> SHARPEN—> SMART SHARPEN

Amount: 500% Radius: between .2 and .5 Remove: Gaussian Blur
 Make sure *More Accurate* is selected

TIP: Decrease the Amount or Radius if it made your picture look too pixely


Coloring can be the hardest part of gif-making but its kind of the most important

I dont add a lot of adjustments to my gifs because it tends to make them look too photoshopped if that even make sense lol

1. I add a gradient tool. I almost always use the black and white gradient but sometimes when the gif is really dark the light grey and white gradient works well too.

Here is how i apply it

Go to your adjustment window and if it isn’t already showing, go to Window ——click—–> Adjustments

Select the drop down arrow and click Gradient Map

You want the blending mode set to “Soft Light” and I usually set the opacity to 80% but that is subjective to your particular gif.

After applying the gradient map the gif looks like this:

2. Now i will change the curves: Since there arent any colors that are over saturated or stand out really just a basic lightening will work.

*i only changed the RGB: Output- 157 Input- 126*

It lightened the gif to this:

3. Now I will adjust the brightness/contrast (Got to the drop down arrow in the Adjustments window and select Brightness/Contrast)

depending on how light or dark the gif is will help you determine just how much brightness /contrast you want to add to your animation.

This one wasn’t too dark so i didn’t add that much

I adjusted the Brightness to: 55 and the Contrast to 21

TIP: Be careful not to make your gif too bright because it will become very grainy when you go to save it.

4. I adjust the vibrance (Got to the drop down arrow in the Adjustments window and select Vibrance)

TIP: Be very careful with vibrance because Tumblr wont let you upload a gif that us too vibrant.

Since I made the gif kind of bright i want add just a hint of color so that he doesn’t look pale.

I adjusted the Vibrance to: 40 and the Saturation to: 13.

5. Next I adjust the color balance (Got to the drop down arrow in the Adjustments window and select Color Balance)

Because the background is so blue and he looks kind of pale i will adjust the last setting with the yellow and dark blue to these settings

Cyan/Red: +8 Magenta/Green: 0 Yellow/Blue: -26 (on Midtones)

These adjustments made the gif look like this:

See how Key has a little more color to his skin now? :)

6. The last adjustment i will make will be selective color. (Got to the drop down arrow in the Adjustments window and select Selective Color)

Now i dont usually do too much with this probably because i havent really mastered the art of it lol but i usually use it to just adjust my neutrals and blacks.

There is not much to adjust because im satisfied with how everything looks at this point i just wanted to show my whole gif process.

For this gif I went to the colors drop down menu “in Selective Color” and went to red (which is the first color)

i went down to the black bar and moved it to the right to make the tint of color we gave Key’s skin just a little bit more  defined.

Then i went back to the drop down menu and selected the color black

We are going to use this to bring more of the black out of Key’s hair and his jacket. While also darkening the dark blue background.

Now here is what the gif looks like

Adjustments: COLOR RED: Black- +20 COLOR BLACK: black- +33

(Make sure the relative box is selected)

7. As a last added bonus we are going to apply another gradient map but this time it will be just to add a little color so it wont be too strong but it will be just what we need

Go to Adjustments, select the drop down arrow and click Gradient Map

You want the settings to look like this

The default gradient (well for me right now is black and white) but this time i dont want black and white so you just double click the black and white gradient and this will pop up

You want to select the violet, orange preset gradient.

Now the gif looks like this,

And Im now done editing it!

TIP: It is easier to make or even download a psd which makes all of this a lot easier because instead of having to go step by step you would just have to adjust some these settings and you are done. But not every psd looks good with every gif and not all of these adjustments need to be applied to every gif/ some may need other adjustment.

(Ive made A LOT of PSD so if you ever need any, let me know what type of video (in terms of quality and colors) you are using and i will see if i can help)

Saving Your gif

I usually save the gif twice. If I am making a photoset then i would usually save it as a psd because my photoshop crashes ALL OF THE TIME and its hard to get the exact same gif because its hard to remember your exact adjustments.

Got to File—-> Save and save it as whatever you want the psd to be named (some people save the adjustments as groups before doing this idk why but i dont) and click save.

This window pops up. Just click “Don’t show Again” and click OK

Now: We are going to save the gif as a gif lol

Go to file——> Save for web and devices

This window should pop up!

(Save as GIF + Adaptive + Diffusion + 256 colors + Monitor Color + Bicubic Smoother + Looping Cycle: Forever)

(Don’t mind the fact that mine is over 6 mb, this was just for the tutorial and i plan on reopening and cropping it)

Click Save!

Reopening to do the last finishing touches to your gif

Go to file —–> Video Frames to Layers—–> go to the folder you just saved your gif in and put (*gif*) into the search box otherwise the gifs wont show up unless you start to type the file name of the gif.

Select the gif

What you do from here is up to you!

I usually crop the video at this point.

I almost always crop the gif to under 250 px. This allows you to have more frames and allows your gifs to be up to 2mb instead of 1mb for 251-500 px wide gifs.

My usual cropping size is to 240 px wide and 270 px long

However i recommend going smaller and also not making the length so much bigger than the width because it makes it hard to capture everything in the gif because its not wide enough to fit everything in!

Im just stubborn and always use these setting lol.

You can either resize by going to file—–> file size—–> and changing the size you want.

Or you can crop and resize by going to your toolbar on the side and clicking on this:

To put a certain pixel size to your crop you add numbers here

After cropping you can play the animation to make sure you like what it looks like.

The reason why i crop last is because i usually make more than one gif out of my animation and some gifs make you have to crop in different parts .

So once i crop i delete the frames that don’t fit into that gif and then save it again.

After saving you go to Edit—–> Step backward and this will bring the frames you deleted back. Press Step Backward one more time to uncrop your gif so that you can crop it again for the next gif you want to use. Continue to do this until you are done

I also use Topaz denoise to delete some of the noise in the background. But be aware because topaz can make your gif either look smoother or MUCH WORSE (thats why some people dont use it). SO don’t always use it! Only use to kind of smooth out the features of a face. But a very busy gif with a lot of movement or one that doesn’t have a very definite focus should not have topaz applied to it. But if you do use topaz make sure you use it before you start deleting frames because the frames much match up in order for it to work.

When saving: make sure your 500 px gif is less than 1 mb and your 250 or lower gif is less than 2mb

for the 500 px wide gifs crop off as much unnecessary parts from the op and bottom as possible because those gifs don’t allow you to have but so many frames to keep it under 1mb. SO deleting unwanted parts help with the file size a lot.

TIP: Also some people think that converting to black and white might help with file size and NO that is not true at all. Black and whit can sometimes double the file size. It depends on the video and how many colors were in it . If there is a contrast of very bright whites and blacks then it can make the file size very larger (just be mindful of this)

Here are the final products

Gif 1

Gif 2

That’s the end of my VERY LONG  tutorial (hope i didnt forget anything) lol hope it helps someone. Message me if you have any other questions.


I got bored, and decided to make a character PSD. Cool, right? It’s really customizable, and I had a lot of fun making it. Sorry if it sucks. 


The fonts I used are Praying Angel and Courier New.

The gradient I used belongs to allyofrpsisn’t it pretty?

None of these gifs, PNG’s, or pictures are mine.


Like or reblog if you’re using, babes. Please. 

If you steal this, I’ll find you, and trust me, you wont want me to find you. I’ll be angry.

Enjoy and have fun with this!

Downlad part 1 here and part 2 here


So I downladed this DOS game called Zapak off an abandonware game site because the only preview image I could find intrigued me and.. yeah. i’ll let these images talk for themselves. it’s some sort of pacman-like maze game but it’s not that great. it’s just so fucking bizarre and lead me to learn how to use DOSBox again so I could see what this game actually was

I couldn’t find anything on this game in particular from a Google search but apparently the developer, Acord Games published some DOS games in the 90′s

But yeah, thought you all would enjoy this oddity. If you want to experience it for yourself you can download DOSBox and find the game on myabandonware.

anonymous asked:

While comparing headspaces with my hosts datemates system, and how we got things in our system and in my system we just think about something really hard and it will appear in our headspace if there's not a problem, and sometimes we look up pictures to better visualize thing to do it and now we have a system meme but also w/ hosts dm that when we do that it's illegally downloading the thing into our headspace

i’ve been illegally downlading popcorn into my Neural Astral PlaneTM for years

anakinskvwalkcr  asked:

heyy do you know maybe if there's a chance i could find i medici somewhere online, rai's website or a torrent or something? i literally had my snacks ready at 21:30 but rai blocked it here i'm a desperate woman (sorry if i'm annoying figured you might be the best person to ask this)

Okay so I’ve looked around and alas I can’t find a download link yet (I’m going to have to ask my trusted downlader person) and right now the best thing you could do would be to go to raiplay where I assume they’re going to upload the episodes soon enough, and try to get an Italian IP address through a VPN (x) (x) (x) BUT I have no idea if it’s going to be subtitled in English? We watched it dubbed. I can’t check because, uhm, my IP address is not Italian either.

Actually you know what, I’m going to ask my downloader ASAP. Like tomorrow.