people who label HxH as an average shonen have either only read/watched part of the hunter exam, or there exists a plethora of shonen series i am unaware of!!!!

like?!?!? there are barely any shonen series like hxh!!

do u know how rare it is to have a shonen protagonist who is not the “hero” in around 50% of the story???? and loses as much as gon does??

like breaking hxh down

hunter exam: ends with gon passing

heaven arena: ends with gon losing

phantom troupe: gon becomes more of a support character to kurapika

greed island: gon wins against main antagonist for once

chimera ant: gon and main antagonist never meet, and gon nearly loses his life taking out main antag’s special guard

election arc: gon is just not present

dark continent: gon is barely present

HxH is a great series because the world is huge and gon is only a smart part of it. events rarely revolve around him and that’s beautiful!!!!!