Nillili Mambo OC Silhouette MAP

Mtfoxx3 on YouTube hosted an MAP (Multi Animator Project) based on Mambostuck and everyone’s finally gotten their parts in!  Definitely recommend watching it, there’s some really stellar stuff in here!

Okay, but following Obi-Wan’s apparent return from the dead after the Crisis on Naboo arc, I like to believe that younglings and padawans across the Temple were just like, “Yeah, death had a near-Obi-Wan Kenobi experience,” and then rolled with it.

“Obi-Wan Kenobi doesn’t cheat death. He wins fair and square.”

“General Grievous checks his closet every night for Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

“Obi-Wan Kenobi once played Corellian roulette with a fully-loaded sniper rifle and won.”

“Obi-Wan Kenobi was once bitten by a acklay and after five days of excruciating pain, the acklay died.”

Then somehow the clones heard about it and it went downhill from there.

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Yo okay so I think I made that post about Party and I seem way too coupley. Anyways, how's it going? -FG

Meh, not much. Kobra and I got to Dr. D’s a few days ago, so I’ve been trying to keep myself away so I don’t impose on anyone. And I think I’m getting a cold or something… but I’m sure it’s fine. And did Party really burn his dick? Jesus fing christ you guys…

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Zarry seeing eachother at a coffee shop for the first time!x

He drinks his coffee tongue first. It’s the weirdest way Zayn’s ever seen anyone drink coffee, how he almost laps at it like a cat, his tongue definitely preceding everything else. It’s so weird, and Zayn cannot look away, even though it means he’s staring at a total stranger. 

Then the stranger looks up, and fuck, he’s definitely caught Zayn, if the way his eyes (pretty, pretty eyes) widen means anything. Zayn glances back down at his sketchbook. 

The next thing he knows, someone’s settling into the chair across from him. “Are you drawing me,” tongue-stranger asks, like it’s normal to do this, “Or was there another reason you were watching me?” 

There’s a million things Zayn could say. Instead, what comes out is, “Do you know you drink coffee really weirdly?” 

The guy grins, dimpling. “I’ve been told that,” he says, leaning forward. “But it caught your attention, didn’t it?”

Send me a pairing and an au/premise and I’ll write you a three sentence fic of it!

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Yesterday I went to the mosque to pray tarawih and whilst I'm praying I zoned out into the prayer mat bc it had a nice pattern it was brown and had some white and then I thought "it looks so nice it probably smells nice too" and then I thought "this mat is like Zayn, it's brown and white and Zayn has white hair, Zayn probably smells nice too, also tastes nice maybe" and then my thoughts all went downhill from there and like I'm supposed to be praying why do I stray from God farout

LMAO chill

#screamo au#look at hiiiiiim#oh no#I just though of little teen danny freshly scouted for the band#and no one believes that he really is the lead singer in a screamo band because he doesn’t look like it#so he just goes and get his first tattoo#and it just goes downhill from there#he just wanted one but it gradually turned into very many#weenie baby danny almost cries when he gets his first one (via caffeinechick​)

omggg yes he has just his first ear piercings and maybe his eyebrow at this point

the first tattoo is a constellation (i wanna say cassiopeia??) on his wrist (which becomes part of the space themed forearm sleeve eventually) tucker comes and holds his hand the whole time (read gets his hand crushed by danny for like 40 minutes) tucker doesn’t have and tattoos or piercings because haha needles no thanks

his mom has to come sign something so he can get it