As Orido walked across the parking lot he could not help but reminisce about his ex-boyfriend, Keiichi Tsuchiya.

Their relationship started like any other. Tsuchiya had scouted Orido for his racing team in the early 1980s, when Orido had first begun street racing on the streets of Chiba. Orido was a young and inexperienced racer with brash tendencies yet Tsuchiya saw potential in the virile young racer. Tsuchiya essentially stalked Orido, making note of his schedule. For a five months, Tsuchiya would camp outside Orido’s house and watch follow him to the touge, recording information about the budding racer. Eventually Tsuchiya amassed enough data and chased Orido on the downhill, passing him only 3 turns in.

“That’s real circuit skill, kid.”

Tsuchiya introduced himself and they quickly developed a student-teacher relationship as Tsuchiya guided him in both racing and the bedroom.

Classic Thane day

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Last nights client was lame and gross.

He asked me to meet him at the best western, which I was very “ughhh” about after busting my ass forever in agency and then even longer independently to finally only be invited to 5 star hotels. But he had seen a friend and had been trying to see me for months so I figured I’d give it a try. He was then half an hour late after asking me to arrive early.

From the moment I walked in he gave me such a creepy vibe being very flighty and strange as if he’s just railed a line of coke in the bathroom.

The booking continued to spiral downhill and I was so greatful to go home and wash off my entire body. I then proceeded to mash oreos into strawberry icecream and angrily watch cartoons.

I worked so hard to establish myself as “true” GFE not as in someone who will suck you off without a rubber, but someone you feel you can open up to, and be comfortable around, someone you book an extra hour with just to have more time to chat and relax. I did my time being a quick fuck and I will never do it again.

I am angry at the way I was treated and next time I have a bad gut feeling I am not ignoring it.

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I'm praying that a lot of ppl outside of kpop don't hear doctor pepper, cause CL is gonna turn into a joke, but she has SO much potential to make it big in America. Hopefully her album will slay, or everything's just gonna go downhill FAST.

people outside kpop WILL hear it. they already have. I really dont want her to turn into a joke, but by doing this, shes kind of brought it on herself :/ i want her to succeed so badly she has the potential as you said! Im praying things go better

All your favorite Arbor Downhill Boards are now back in stock at! We are stoked to see that Muirskate Team Rider Duke Degen’s Cypher Design is in its 4th season! Nice work Duke!

-back flips- I found a DECENT DUTCH WARMBLOOD! But I’m still going to make fun of this photo, because I can! He’s standing on a hill, the grass covering his feet. He’s probably a hair downhill, and his neck is a little thicker than I’d like - also - where the heck are his withers? Overall, this is a pretty nice looking boy and I am a sucker for a chestnut with a lot of chrome!

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Where is this well-written Peggy-in-ice fanfic you speak of??

I posted a link a few posts back, but here you go.

As I said, I’ve only read 8/21 chapters so far, so idk if it goes downhill from here or gets sad or stagnant or whatever, but what I’ve read so far is really good, and promising in terms of plot. In particular, Peggy’s voice, attitude and thoughts are not only very in character,  but are also in historic character, which is much harder to get right without making her into a caricature. Kudos to the author.

And we’ve got Tony, Fury, Clint, Natasha, Pepper, and others floating in and out of the plot, which is amazing. 

I Am Not A Comittment

This solitude is so empty
All because I’ve denied entry to plenty
Intimacy scares me ‘cause I like who I am when it’s just me
Too selfish to put anyone before me
I’ve got too many dreams to chase and too many places to see
I can’t be attached to any possibilities
But I’ve got plenty of voids that need to be filled
The problem is that love is the wrong way to go
To me love is going downhill
Unless you’re willing to drop everything and move your life to China, Dubai, or Brazil
I can’t fuck with anyone who will prevent me from fulfilling my dreams
I need someone who understands that I am not a commitment
Take a risk on me only after comprehending that I am malignant



Slurred words behind a glass of beer.
Bags under your eyes.
You hear what you want to hear.
You’ve abandoned your disguise.
You are so honest.
So loyal.
These are the things you do best.
Doesn’t matter if you’re immoral.
You seem confident.
Ego shatters when words strike.
You’ve learned not to vent.
To keep it all inside.
I’m sorry you are this way.
You deserve so much better.
Rough childhood days.
Doesn’t seem to matter.
Health going downhill.
You’re face is turning red.
Did you forget your pills?
Why don’t you just lay in bed.
You kept the family together.
Thank you for that.
But now I just want you to get better.
I’ve got your back.
I’m here to help.
All you have to do is ask.
Take your heart off that high shelf.
Not a daunting task.
I know you’re not okay.
I know you need a friend.
But just know I’m here to stay.
I’ll help you mend.
You’ve been a good soldier.
Fighting others’ wars.
But now they give you the cold shoulder.
Living is a chore.
Please be alright.
Wipe away those tears.
Just rest for the night.
I’ll always be here.

Leaving out Lines

I tell people I’m sleeping better these days, but I leave out the coping mechanisms - like alcohol poisoning and the tar in my lungs.

I leave out the nights I sing myself to sleep, nestling on cool porcelain to calm my dizzy head. 

I leave out the sad days that turn into sad nights thinking of you again;

going straight back to square one - scared of my past and future.

Although someone once told me “we are not whole without the parts we’ve lost”

He put it in a poem that made someone cry.

Well I’ve lost plenty and I will lose more before I die, 

but the happiest souls are those with nothing left to lose.

So I pen in vain for those who stop to read.

My words scribbled angrily, happily, in desperation and in misery,

and my sorrows run deep through the streets of my quiet little town, leaving behind rain trailing downhill days after a storm came and went;

just like my little sister does when she wants to be free.

I’ve developed a surrealist mindset form every drug I’ve seen, starting with the first light trails from a drug that was banned in the 70′s.

So today I smile and won’t think of tomorrow, because the 12 steps said to live presently.

Today is here - there is no future except for now.

It makes life a little easier to bear, doesn’t it?

Or it makes you so upset you’ll never make it past tonight.

So my world - precariously balanced - battles between being happy and being inspired,

but the worst is being neither ;

stuck in the middle of my nightmares,

not able to write a decent poem and not able to truly smile.

I swear I’ve been trying, but not for myself because I owe it to you.

Mommy still hasn’t gotten better so it looks like I’ll follow her down the rabbit hole so my siblings don’t have to,

and I’ve been playing with fire that still hasn’t burned me - but I don’t doubt it will.

I got some big plans for myself - running away from home so I can find happiness,

but I’ll probably be back next year, this time, when I figure out it’s not my lifestyle it’s the chaos in my head residing in my bones.

But currently I ask myself what life is without chaos to comfort your sadness.

Like what is a book without a single line of poetry. 

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Your response is so spot on. You sum up exactly why i can't buy Regina's redemption story. Season 4 was really the turning point for me and make me dislike a character like never before. And it's definitely hurting the show by mischaracterize the others characters to "serve" Regina's story. it's a shame really, because the evil queen was a badass villain...but Regina the hero? not so much. in fact seeing ABC twitter calling her that, was kinda disturbing for me.

Thanks so much for saying so! I agree; I never particularly liked Regina, but my opinion of her started going downhill with the “I should be overflowing with regret, but I’m not!”, followed by the white magic out of absolutely nowhere, and then season four really cemented that with her attitude about Marian (and, well, all of her other victims) and the horrible way they made Emma and Snow be her “friends” when they don’t even know the extent of her crimes. I just can’t handle the fact that not only is she annoying, but destroying everyone else’s characters is probably the worst part. Ugh. 

And yeah, the official ABC thing calling her that was quite disturbing (although I assume that’s handled by the promo people, who don’t actually have anything to do with the show itself (that would be comforting if the writers weren’t completely obsessed with her too). I mean first of all, we had Emma herself saying that “what happened in that world was not real”, and secondly, she was just fulfilling the role she’d been written into! She was rewritten in Snow’s role, so of course she was willing to sacrifice herself for others–Snow has been willing to do that several times (when she was going to let Graham kill her in hopes of sating Regina’s bloodlust, when she ate the apple to save Charming’s life, etc.).