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Hey Jax I was lookin and cant find it but what were your top 10 Animated Cartoon Series and Top 10 Animes again?

Damn I can’t find it either so I guess I have to go from scratch 

*cracks knuckles* 

For starters I just wanna say there are many Cartoon Network, Classic Nickelodeon, Disney, Kids WB and Fox Kids shows I love but these are the ones that never dipped in quality for me. Like for example Dexters Lab and Rugrats kinda went downhill, these all stayed uphill or the same to me. Also I love Steven Universe and Gravity Falls but there still new and fresh to me, and Imma Massive TMNT fan and love the 1987, 2003, and 2012 series respectively but each of em has eps that are meh

My Personal Favorite Cartoons I can re-watch all the way through at anytime

1) Spectacular Spider-man

2) Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

3) Young Justice

4) Hey Arnold 

5) Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003)

6) Invader Zim

7) Kim Possible

8) Teen Titans

9) My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

10) The Powerpuff Girls

Now onto my Favorite Anime, the 1st 3 slots should be obvious and all the anime I have watched you can see here.

Also this list is constantly changing but here we go

My Personal Favorite Animes I can watch at any time.

1) Dragonball and Dragonball Z

2) Yu Yu Hakusho

3) One Piece

4) Naruto/Shippudden (not the fillers)

5) Attack on Titan

6) Fairy Tail

7) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

8) Digimon Adventure 1 and 2

9) Kill la Kill

10) Hajime No Ippo

Again my tastes are always changing for the anime but so far all of these I have rewatched from Beginning to end….(cept One piece and Naruto recently hahaha) and still be entertained….cutting out filler eps of course haha


This past weekend xtreme board shop riders and familia had a place to stay on Catalina island for the Catalina island classic. Rachel bruskoff a.k.a. skatebagels lent me her rare set of purple plates/purple hangers 40/40 pnls to try out on the hill, well sometime during race day the trucks were left at Xbs house, upon return to Xbs house they were no where to be found. If any one has info on who took them, or if they are found anywhere please contact me or Rachel, they were my responsibility and it is totally uncool that someone would steal equipment from a skate house. To who ever stole them, I hope every set of wheels you ride will become ovaled or flat spotted because you do not deserve the enjoyment skateboarding can bring to a person.

Skates de Pai e Filho na foto
@tic0cruz e @_ryancruzz

Father and son skates in the pic

use #mylongbrothers quando postar sua foto ou video e venha fazer parte do nosso grupo

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I’m screaming remember when I had long hair and a septum ring and was beautiful and confident what happened to me I went downhill so fast

Alberta Election 2015.

2009 was the year I graduated high school and the year I became eligible to vote. It was the same year the economy started going downhill. Since then, my university tuition increased every year and the struggle to be in a field with a guaranteed job upon graduation was only getting harder.

Last election, my friends were telling me to vote for Redford because she had promises to education. Good thing I didn’t listen to them because we saw what happened with her. Despite being able to vote, I had never once voted in my life because I was never into politics. The polling station in my riding was never close to my house either. It wasn’t until last semester when I took a globalization class that I realized what a fucked up government we had. I’ve been fed up with the PCs in Alberta for way too long and am increasingly angry at the Harper government. I realized how crucial it was for me to vote, especially as a student and a youth. Youth ages 18 to 24 have the lowest voter turnout rate. So today I went and voted, especially when the polling station had moved to a location right behind my house. My riding was already NDP so my vote didn’t matter but I want to be part of history. I want to see change. Today, I couldn’t be more proud of being an Albertan and couldn’t be more proud to finally see fellow Albertans joining together for change that is long overdue.


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Omfg I'm sorry but I had to share, but I literally was avoiding bigbang all because I watched one of gd's one of a kind mv and then all of a sudden I heard monster and then it all went downhill from there.

they lure everyone in somehow~~~~

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I want my man Toby to come back and show people who the real Lara actually is. Because lets all be real here, the original TR was one of the best games hands down ever created, and it all went downhill after that. (even tho I still have a heart for aod and TLR) Thoughts?

Idk I mean he came back to help on Legend and it was a pile of crap so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s kind of hypocritical for him to leave because he was unhappy with her being sexualised, but he was ok with all the stupid outfits you could pick from in Legend? Idk lol, if he was 100% in charge of it then it might work, but the entire team needs to be replaced, not just him coming back.

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I can not understand why everyone is "poor Regina" when the victim was Robin. Ok he is a bad character, but he slept with Zelena thinking she was Marian. I was wrong thinking that this whole situation Robin / Zelena / Marian could bring the case of Graham but no, it was another opportunity to make Regina the victim again.

I will never understand how anyone can EVER feel sorry for Regina at this point. 

But really, literally every effing storyline in this show winds up being SOME reason to throw another pity party for Regina, the unrepentant mass murderer. And that is why it’s going so steeply downhill. 

And because of that, they can’t POSSIBLY admit that Zelena raped Robin because that would imply that male rape victims actually exist, which might lead to people remembering the first male rape victim in this show, and they apparently want us to forget that Graham ever existed since his atrocious treatment reflects so poorly on their pwecious Regina. 

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I have ocd and when I have anything to do with some I really like or love (like a family member) it kicks in extra like I'm obsessively ocd and I don't know why? Like I obsess over everything all the time but when it has something to do with something/one I love, I go insane and repeat the same thing over and over for so long and j know it's annoying and i constantly apologize but I can't stop and I never get a break

Hi darling :) Hope you’re doing well!

I understand OCD, because I have OCD as well and I think we both understand that having OCD isn’t a walk in the park. Sometimes its an uphill battle and other times its more of a downhill jog. You really never know what could happen or trigger ones OCD.

But I’m here to help you out and I have some links that I think you could benefit from looking into- I hope they help you out.

OCD resources:

What is OCD?

Subtypes of OCD

Related Disorders/Conditions


Helpful links on PTSD:

Once you’ve looked over those helpful links, I have some advice on how you can cope with these feelings that you’re having such as when you’re obsessing over things. Below are some cool tips that help me when I’m feeling obsessive on things I’m really interested in. (DOGS)

  1. Learn your triggers (what triggers your OCD behaviors.)
  2. Use coping skills for your strong emotions/feelings.
  3. Find someone you can talk to at any given point (family member/friend etc)
  4. Have a plan for when you’re feeling triggered (what to do/where to go)
  5. Ask others for their thoughts on things you could to to help you.
  6. Do some research on OCD and other anxiety disorders and see if you can dig anything up that would benefit you.
  7. Reach out for further help (doctor, therapist etc)

Those seven things are very helpful for me, but I must say that those things do not always make my OCD “go away” but more of help me cope. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find a coping skill that works for you. There are TONS out there. Sometimes it takes a little longer for you to find the right one :)

Hope this helps! (: Please let me know if you’re ever in the need of some more help, advice, support etc. I’m always here and only an ask away. Take care and don’t forget to smile :) xxxx