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Hi i have a prompt for you (if you want to write it of course) bellarke. Boy: i want to be a superhero. Guess my name Girl: superman? ironman? Boy: no! yourman Pleeeaseee 😊😊😊

Well, look at that, I’m finally writing prompts again! And I have to say, it feels really good. Anyways, I took some leeway with this one, but I actually am liking the turn it took - hope you do too, nonny!

Her hair tie had torn. That was how Clarke knew it was going to be a bad night working at the bar. And it only went downhill from there. One of the favorite beers on tap was out, gaining her endless dirty looks from just about every type of customer. The ice machine broke, and so Harper had to run out to get bags of ice to compensate, leaving Clarke alone behind the counter with Murphy for a substantial amount of time, which was never a good combination. Then a bachelorette party had come in and proceeded to break three rounds of shot glasses followed by insistently, crudely yelling for strippers, even though Clarke firmly and repeatedly explained we’re not that kind of bar, ladies, sorry to disappoint.

Now, as she twisted her hair at the nape of her neck for the umpteenth time, trying to keep it out of the way (she had yet to succeed at that), a hazy-eyed frat bro in a violently bright collared shirt had sprawled across the bar counter, calling for honey, hey honey, got a minute?

“Does it look like I have a minute?” She barked, pulling four beers at once from the cooler, popping their tops, and sliding them to the girl on her right. As Clarke grabbed the cash they left and stowed it in her apron, she continued, “You have three seconds to give me your drink order before I move on.”

“I just need one minute, blondie,” he slurred. “I gotta ask you something.”

She just continued filling other customers’ orders, hoping he would go away. No such luck, though, not on a night like this.

He waved his hand jerkily, obviously trying (and failing) to get her attention. “This is my question: did it hurt? When you fell?”

Clarke stopped dead in her tracks, tequila bottle in one hand, glass of ice in the other, and just stared so disbelievingly at this idiot who was trying to hit on her using the most cliché pickup line known on earth. Somewhere to her left she thought she heard Murphy’s nasty chuckle, and the guy just continued grinning at her dopily. Fucking hell. She did not need this tonight.

Before she could respond, or, you know, throw the tequila bottle at the guy’s head, and maybe even the glass too, someone else interjected.

“Hey, Glo-Brite. Can I ask you a question?”

Both Clarke’s and the guy’s attention turned to who was speaking, which would be another guy, this one dressed in a simple black T-shirt and a backwards baseball cap. A half-finished beer sat in front of him on the counter, and he was perfectly positioned to be watching the baseball game playing on the TV above the bar. He wasn’t looking at the screen though, instead staring with a narrowed, almost disgusted gaze at the guy in the collared shirt. Or, Glo-Brite, as Baseball Cap had so aptly observed.

Glo-Brite scoffed, turning his gaze back to Clarke, but she was still looking at Baseball Cap, who, locked eyes with hers and raised his eyebrows in question.

You got it, or can I help?

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There are some people that think that Sakura is pregnant again and I don’t know which is worse.People thinking that Sasuke had come back in secret only to bang her or that they think the child is Kakashi’s.I’m so disgusted right now.


Skating and traveling are the best, especially with the Vecter 37 in hand. Original Skateboards Team Rider, Aleix Gallimo shares a full year of riding around the world with a bunch of sweet roads and spots with tons of different people: Iceland, Austria, Italy, Chez Republic, France and Spain to name a few.

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I swore I would never ship Pokemon but then I couldn’t help myself…… This is inspired off a picture I did on Miiverse

And it was all downhill from there. Ricky is my Lucario from Pokemon Y uvu ~ Monty was added because after years of seeing just Mewtwo Y, I FINALLY got to see Mewtwo X after forgetting what it looked like and fell in love with the design. Ricky is a rowdy piece of shit, and Monty is a calm piece of shit.

I don’t get the hate for this season. I feel like it’s been the best. Yes, I love that there’s been more of Dylan this season. And I’ve wanted to see a more caring side of him since season one. But Dylan/Dylemma aside, this has been a great season. Definitely my favorite. Every week I come on here and see about a dozen posts complaining about how horrible the episode was and how the season has gone downhill. 

Idk, I feel like it’s been the best season. People need to take their negativity and shove it. And they need to just let us be happy with our Dylemma/Normero ships.

Don’t lose hope
  • Alaminos Hundred Islands, Pangasinan, Philippines 
  • Vigan, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
  • Mt. Pulag (camp), Benguet, Philippines 
  • Baguio, Benguet Philippines
  • Tarnate - Nasugbu, Longboard Downhill Cruise.

This could’ve been an awesome SNES RPG :(

Brimstone is a (canceled) SNES JRPG that Teknocrest, an american software house, was working on in 1994 on Taito’s behalf. The same programmer that developed Farstar and the genesis / megadrive version of Lufia, both of which were also cancelled, wrote about this lost game in a opa-ages thread:

Yeah it was basically another RPG that Teknocrest “promised” to make for Taito.

Funny thing is they had all this artwork, but no programmer. So I was hired to make a SNES “demo” of Brimstone.

Anyways I made something up in about a week, and Taito greenlighted the project.

But about a month later they decided to put Brimstone on hold and put priority on porting Lufia….and it all went downhill from there…


Mishandled relationships (Olicity) on Arrow

I had an argument yesterday about Olicity and whether or not it was badly written and rushed this season. As much as I like them as a couple, I honestly think the writers could have done a much better job when it comes to that relationship. IMO romance in general is not their strong suit. They ruined Oliver/Laurel and Oliver/Sara because any man sleeping with two sisters is just gross to be honest . I really like Olicity as a couple, SA and EBR are great together and have an undeniable chemistry, but as a couple the writers really mishandled them in season 3. It was a nice start with the date, it was sweet and romantic, then it exploded, literally. The explosion and Sara’s death prompted Oliver’s identity crisis and gave him a stupid reason to push Felicity away, and everything went downhill from there. Until recently they spent most of their interactions glaring at each other,bickering and arguing over and over again with some light moments far and few in between the angst. Felicity/Ray romance should have began and ended way sooner IMO. That in turn would have allowed Felicity to come to terms with her feelings for Oliver in a much more organic way then other characters pointing out the obvious to her. That was another problem, Donna told her she is in love with Oliver after literally spending 10 seconds with them (as Felicity points out), Merlyn and Ray both said the same, and finally Ra’s al Ghul (who spent twelve seconds around her prior to that conversation) gives her the final push to tell Oliver that she loves him. Now we have( SPOILER ALERT) Tatsu coming to town, and telling Felicity to fight for Oliver because she loves him and apparently she will listen to her even though she and the rest of the team mourned him and gave up on fighting for him because, you know, “plot”. Why does she need other people to tell her how she feels? Is she not capable of making decisions about her love life without being told who she loves and how she feels? Like I already wrote, the writers should have ended her relationship with Ray at least an episode before the ILY/sex scene in NP. It was just strange to watch, in 3x19 she is all PDA with Ray (in front of Oliver may I add), then at the beginning of 3x20 Ray breaks up with her,and by the middle of the episode she is professing her undying love to Oliver. As beautiful as NP scene was, it just felt contrived in order to fit the plot instead of having the plot fit the characters, it should have been done sooner. Let’s hope the writers will realize that romance and a relationship require more than angst and few little moments of happiness to be realistic. 

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I read what you wrote about Elena in episode 2x22, I have to say that I agree with you. In some ways I still think season 3 was a great season for Elena, though season 1 was her best. To be fair many DE fans have actually had a problem with the way Elena has been written since season 4 along with SE fans. I didn't mind Elena going darker but there wasn't really an explanation for it, IMO other than she became a vampire.

Well season three is my fav for Elena, so I’m inclined to agree with you. And I know several D/E shippers who couldn’t/wouldn’t get past season four.

As for her going darker - I don’t think there was much explanation needed for most of it imo. Where shit goes downhill is the stuff with Damon, because that’s where she became an accessory to his story instead of a player in her own right. 

I mean, look at this season alone. Elena went from ‘yucky monster’ to ‘shit lets get it on because life is short’ with no real development between. I bought her wanting to know more about her relationship with Damon, I didn’t buy her deciding she was in love with him forever because of um. Reasons. 

Damon has done horrible shit to Elena but that only really seems to matter to the writers when it comes to making Damon angst about his relationship with her.

Just some random headcanons/ideas I’ll p delete in the morning))
-Yandere-chan is Asexual. “Using” photos of senpai is just staring at them. She strictly wants a romantic relationship.))
-She has a little sister whom is completely aware of her actions and brushes it off as normal.))
-Her first kill was pushing someone off the roof at Info-chan’s advice. It all spiraled downhill from there.))

the absolute worst thing about mental illness is having friends who are really good people but dont understand being neuroatypical at all and think theres no excuse for flaking and feel like theyre the victim cause they literally have no idea all the different things that can cause withdrawing/irrationality/avoiding/feeling good and making plans only for things to go downhill a few seconds later/depletion of energy/horrible anxiety….just zero connection to that

((Boohoo! *but not crying*))

((I had to look through old posts to update my sketches. First 5 are now in color. But I didn’t think of running into old RPs…. Upsetting when you can look at the past and see stuff where you got along with people you don’t get along with anymore. But I remind myself of the fact that I shouldn’t live in the past, so no need to give me THAT advice. You guys are sweet enough. The thing that bothers me is the fact that I WISH I had done things differently. Maybe never agreed to do certain things. You know? And when it DID start to go downhill, maybe just stopped what I was doing? Advice for anyone who found an RP partner that they really have fun with: DON’T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED! ))