downhill running

Let’s get in the mood.

Initial D is a manga started in 1995 that ran until 2013, as well as an anime that began in 1998 and ended in 2014. It stars Takumi Fujiwara as a driving prodigy specializing in downhill runs and details his journey into the world of touge street racing. The series is a giant love letter to the AE86 as well as many late 80s/early and mid-90s Japanese sports cars. 

And like any successful manga/anime series, there have been plenty of games. It’s a formula that lends itself well in the right developers’ hands, and the quality of these games range from abysmal to terrific.

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The whole foundation on which our existence rests is the present-
the ever-fleeting present.
It lies, then, in the very nature of our existence to take the form of constant motion, and to offer no possibility of our ever attaining the rest for which we are always striving.
We are like a man running downhill, who cannot keep on his legs unless he runs on, and will inevitably fall if he stops; or, again,
like a pole balanced on the tip of one’s finger;
or like a planet, which would fall into its sun the moment it ceased to hurry forward on its way.
Unrest is the mark of existence.
—  Arthur Schopenhauer, On the Vanity of Existence

“Just as the east is the darkest right before sunrise and water is the noisiest right before boiling, isn’t crouching from being worn out necessary in order to jump and fly higher? Let’s enjoy everything.” - Infinite Dongwoo

“If you’re feeling comfortable right now, you are running downhill.” - Block B Zico

“Harbor your dream with your heart and mind; fulfill it with your hands and feet.” - B1A4 Baro

“Let’s not let go of each other’s hands until the end. When you get too tired and your hand loosens, I will hold on tighter.” - BTOB Eunkwang

“Shinhwa is not responsible for your lives.” - Shinhwa Dongwan

“I will work to become a weed that survives tenaciously rather than a flower that may wither at any moment.” - Big Bang T.O.P

“Credibility is not built with your mouth.” - Block B Zico

“The world doesn’t respond if I don’t try my hardest.” - BTOB Ilhoon

“A jinx exists to be broken.” - EXO Chen

“We will become singers who change but stay constant.” - VIXX Leo

“It doesn’t make sense how people believe in stories of loving someone at first sight by running into them once on a bus, a subway, or the streets, but laugh at stories of falling in love at first sight by seeing them once on a TV screen. Loving a celebrity is also love. Love is equal.” - Epik High Tablo

“I don’t want to say ‘Please give us everlasting love.’ However, if our fans reminisce these moments and think 'I used to like Girl’s Generation’s Seohyun a lot back then,’ I would be thankful for just that. Just by you remembering me, I would become part of many lives. I won’t ever forget this love.” - Girl’s Generation Seohyun

What do you see when you go up to the top?
Kai: We see the next mountain that we must overcome.

Fan: Let’s only walk on flower paths.
L: Let’s walk together even if they’re not flower paths.

—  Some inspirational quotes by Korean idols.
Going Ghost

I’m sure someone’s already done this, but I haven’t seen it, so humor me? I modified the timeline to fit my own interests. Had an idea last night and wrote this super messy and unedited drabble.

You’re fourteen and you’ve just survived your first ghost attack. Not just survived— won! Ever since the accident you’ve been off kilter, but for the first time you feel like you’ve found your purpose. It’s like stepping outside on a brisk winter morning. Crisp. Crystalline.

You lock away the Lunch Lady in the Fenton Thermos, find that fiery warmth that pulses somewhere behind your stomach, and change back. It only takes a faint pull. The trigger is sensitive and touchy. Going human is like running downhill compared to going ghost. A wave of relief and exhaustion batters you. The edges of your vision darken. You shake your head sharply in an attempt to shake away dizziness.

Yesterday you found out the cost of these new powers after fainting. They drain you, and the longer you stay ghost the more exhausted you get when you change back, but, you’re pretty sure that with practice it will get better in time.

Sam and Tucker notice your wobbly knees and hook their arms in yours, grabbing you by the armpits. Together you watch your parents stampede away from the school. Their Fenton Finder chirp chirp chirps.

“So you’re not gonna tell them?” Tucker asks.

“Nah,” you say. “I finally think I understand what these powers are for.”

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Near our home is a 47-mile trail system that empties into and crosses many urban areas, yesterday as we were exiting the trail and Zara was flying down the trail because when it comes downhills and running berms there is nothing she likes more, well maybe chasing squirrels.

Standing at the trail gate was a city park police officer who had been watching us for the last 300 yards or so.

PD – You are not allowed to have dogs here

Me – She is not a dog, this is a miniature Shetland pony

PD – That is a dog

Me – Do you own a pet store?

PD – No

Me – Then you’re not more expert, than the expert who sold her to me.

PD – The sign says “No Dogs”

Me – I can’t read English

PD – The picture shows a no Dog slash, so no Dogs

Me – This is a horse and she looks just like her picture that has NO slashes.

PD – Alright, stop, you are also in violation of not having a leash on your dog.

Me – I can’t

PD – Why?

Me – Her custom saddle is on order, so I have no place to affix any reins yet.

PD – Your DOG is clearly wearing a collar!

Me – My HORSE is a bit of a fashionista and she thinks she looks cool.

PD – Ok we have a ticket first for a trail violation and second for violation of the leash law, please let me see some ID.

Me – I am not carrying any

PD – How did you get here; did you drive?

Me – Nope, I rode my horse


A weird dream about battling zombies had me feeling tired this morning. So I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and run the trail near school this afternoon. I always forget that this is not a flat trail. I went out too fast on a deceptive downhill. Not my best run or pace, but it was better than nothing.
I really do like this trail. It’s very well-used. Many of the houses along the way have steps and paths down to the trail. It must be lovely to be able to roll out of bed and onto the path.
And nothing makes me happier than older couples who walk holding hands. I hope to be them one day.


Suddenly I awoke
An early morning
Screaming lungs like
A newborn child
And the thought occurred to me-
I’ve got
Nothing to lose
Running fast
Downhill slope
If I fall
I can somersault
I’ve done this before
Little bruises
Fading quickly
I am so strong
Nothing can hurt me
Worse than I’ve already been hurt.


I don’t need a whole lot to be happy and I definitely don’t need a whole lot to feel complete. The bluish light of a sinking sun covering everything around you, the smell of dancing flowers, the wind on your skin and the liveliness of an empty field in the middle of nowhere, the sudden need to run downhill and let go, the uncontrollable laughter, a love for the world that cannot be measured, holding your heart in your very own hands as you become aware of how everything converges inside you, coming to the necessary conclusion of you holding all answers within yourself all along, jumping around full of energy, your hair being blown away by the breeze, the certainty of everything being okay because how could it not be, and your insides lit up in colours with the endless love that seems to come off you in waves. This is what life is all about. I’ve got to stop lying to myself: I know how to be happy. I know how to brace myself. And I know the best is still coming. It’s time to stop being a quiet observer and start experiencing, make some memories. It’s time to live.

18/05/15 (dgv)