A couple days before, she’d said, “Oh, my right shoulder kinda hurts,” and so I’d kind of loosened it up and did some pressure points. So when I got the tattoo, I said, “Oh my left shoulder really hurts,” and she said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if you tear off your shirt and you’ve got my name emblazoned on your shoulder.”

Robert Downey Jr., on how he didn’t tell his then-fiancée Susan Levin he had gotten ‘SUZIE Q’ tattooed on his arm.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Robert and Susan!


For whatever reason, when we came together, there was a sense of hope and excitement and possibility. If there was no Hollywood, no next movie, no deal at Warner Brothers, no place in Malibu or Venice, I would still be really happy.” - Susan Downey

She will be Mrs Downey for the rest of her days on earth if I have anything to say about it, my wedding ring means everything to me. I had it inscribed with the Latin for ‘Until the wheels fall off’ and I mean that.” - Robert Downey Jr

“During one shoot at a house, he was waiting for us to set up a backdrop, and he sat down at the piano and started playing and singing. I immediately told the assistants to pull down the backdrop, which was blocking the light coming though the windows to where the piano was– afraid I would miss this moment. No problem—Downey played a 45 minute concert that gave me plenty of time to make a series of great pictures, and he enthralled everyone in the room with his performance.” - Off Camera with  Sam Jones