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Downey begins two game road trip against Oxnard

The Downey Vikings football team will end a two game home stand as they kickoff a road stretch on their schedule, in which they will play the next three consecutive weeks away from Allen Layne Stadium.

The Vikings will start off the road stretch with a game at Oxnard high school.

Downey will look to go off the momentum they built off their final offensive play against Fountain Valley, which was a deep pass into the end zone by quarterback Dallas Lopez to make it only a four point game as time expired.

“We played good, it was just the little mistakes that we need to stop, other than that we will be fine,” Lopez said.

Despite mistakes the team may have had, Lopez did find some good production from his wide receivers, Anthony Gonzalez and Tristian Esparza, who had both had over 110 yards each receiving the football on four catches.

Now with a Vikings being 1-3 on the season, they will need to have a solid defensive performance and stop the Oxnard Yellow jackets’ run game to pick up another victory and hand Oxnard its fourth loss on the season.

Yellow jackets’ running back Grant Weiss has 500 rushing yards and 7 TDs in the first three games he has played in for Oxnard this season.

After a rough start for the offense in last week’s game, the Vikings will need to get off to a positive start early in the game and prevent turning over the ball, if they want to get stay competitive in this game.

“We need to strike first, we have a bad habit of letting the opponents score first and then fighting to get the lead,” linebacker Jabari Ruffin said.

If Vikings can stop the Yellow Jackets run offense and create some havoc for the Oxnard defense, the Vikings can come out on top by the score of 31-17.