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Request: Bucky being jealous and extremely annoyed over you fangirl-ing over dylan o'brien new movie

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You were spending some time with Bucky, catching up on a new tv show you two enjoyed. It’s been a few weeks since you could really relax and take time away from missions. And of course, you two chose to stay in and relax instead of going out with the rest of the team. 

Bucky’s arm was wrapped over your shoulders and the tv cut to a commercial, giving him a few minutes to refill the popcorn bowl and get new cans of soda. “Be back, Doll.” He grunted as he stood up, his knees popping. You snorted and watched him walk away. “Old man bones.” You teased, laughing harder when he looked back with a glare.

You sighed and pulled the blanket further up your body, watching the Airhead commercial come to an end, and heard the heavy bass of a movie trailer. The ‘LIONSGATE’ words spread across the screen and a high pitched squeal echoed through the common room as you saw Dylan O’Brien’s face suddenly appear. 

“OH MY GOD!” You screamed out, flinging the blanket off of your body. You heard glass breaking in the kitchen, no doubt the glass popcorn bowl slipping from Bucky’s large hands. ‘WHAT IS IT!? ARE YOU OKAY!?” Bucky yelled as he rushed in, his breathing was erratic as he searched for any threats in the room.

“I-BUCKY-IT’S-LOOK!” You pointed frantically at the screen and sat up on your knees on the couch. You were smiling widely and Bucky followed your doe-eyed gaze, his eyes scanning the tv. “I thought you were hurt!” Bucky exclaimed, watching your smile get wider, if that were even possible. 

You couldn’t look away from the screen, so you waved Bucky off. “NO! No, no! Watch this, it looks like it’s gonna be awesome! And-and DYLAN O’BRIEN IS IN IT!” You squealed, cupping your hands and bouncing in your spot.

Bucky looked at you bewildered, his jaw slack. “Y/N!” Bucky shouted, trying to catch your attention. You shushed him and pulled him down beside you, frantically patting his arm. “WATCH WATCH WATCH!” You beamed, your eyes never once closing or looking away.

Bucky shuffled away from you with a huff, crossing his arms. “Unbelievable. Had I known you harbored such a crush on Shmylan O-” You quickly shushed Bucky, turning up the volume on the tv, the deep bass amplifying. He creased his eyebrows and his mouth fell open again.

He couldn’t believe how you were acting over another man. Bucky sank in his seat and clenched his jaw. Your face was tinted a light red, your eyes focused on the tv screen. It made Bucky feel sick to his stomach, and he knew he would never hear the end of it if you saw how jealous he was being. 

The trailer finally ended and you sighed dreamily. You suddenly gasped and looked at Bucky. “Can we go see it when it comes out?” You asked, resting your hands on Bucky’s bicep. You noticed it was flexed and how Bucky’s eyes were staring at the tv. “Bucky?” You asked, gently shaking him. 

He snapped his head up at you and you recoiled. “What’s the matter?” You frowned, pouting your bottom lip out. “Seriously? I thought you were being attacked. And I come in here and find out you’re just drooling over some man.” Bucky grumbled, shaking his head.

Your mouth fell open and you were about to say something snappy, but realized that Bucky was jealous. You gasped and stood to your feet. “James Buchanan Barnes.” You scolded him, holding your hands on your hips. Bucky ignored you and moved to the side, looking past your body to see the tv. 

You stood in his line of vision again and he groaned. “Why are you jealous?” You asked, crossing your arms. Bucky looked up at you and scoffed. “I’m not jealous.” He rolled his eyes and stood up from the couch, walking into the kitchen. You followed behind him and he grabbed the broom and dustpan to clean up the broken glass.

“Bucky, you’re jealous over a celebrity.” You stated, bending down to pick up larger pieces of glass. Bucky gripped your wrist gently and shook his head. “You’ll cut yourself.” Bucky mumbled, sweeping up everything. You stood to your feet and walked over to Bucky at the trashcan, waiting for him to dump the shards in the can, putting away the broom and dustpan. 

Your arms wrapped around Bucky’s waist and he sighed, turning around in your hold. “What’s he got that I don’t?” Bucky asked, his hair framing his face as he looked down at you. You snorted and raised your eyebrows. “Bucky, you have no reason to be jealous.” He groaned and titled his head back, staring at the ceiling. 

“I’m not jealous!” He grumbled, looking back down at you. You rolled your eyes and sighed dramatically. “Ohh well then, I’m gonna go watch that trailer again.” You shrugged after pulling away from Bucky. “NO! I mean-okay, fine! I got jealous!” Bucky rushed, pulling you back into his body.

You giggled and he sighed, rubbing his hands along your lower back and hips. “I just don’t want to lose you, you know?” Bucky asked, pressing his cheek on the top of your head. You sighed and started to feel guilty about fangirling so much. “Bucky, that’s not gonna happen. He’s just one of my favorite celebrities.” You giggled softly, feeling Bucky’s groan.

You pulled away from Bucky and grabbed his hand. “Come on, let’s go cuddle…Jealous Barnes.” Bucky sighed heavily and let you pull him along to the common room again. “You’re not gonna let me live this down, are you?” He questioned, letting you straddle his lap on the couch. You smiled and leaned in to press a chaste kiss to Bucky’s lips.

He chased after you, his eye hooded. “Nope.” You smiled, rubbing his cheeks. Bucky looked at you and smiled back. “What am I gonna do with you?” He asked, reaching his hand up to caress your cheek. You let out a sensual moan and bit your lip. “I know what you could do.” You wiggled your eyebrows and Bucky’s mouth fell open, his tongue darting out to wet his lips.

“Oh yeah? What’s that, Doll?” Bucky asked, squeezing your waist, tucking his bottom lip between his teeth. You smirked and leaned into Bucky’s neck, placing kisses until you reached his ear. His breath came out in short puffs and you gently bit his earlobe. “Take me to see that movie.” You whispered softly. Bucky growled and you giggled, moving away to sit beside him on the couch. 

“Oh my god.” He mumbled, rubbing his hands down his face. “You love me.” You smiled, leaning in to kiss his cheek. He rolled his eyes and looked over at you. “That I do. But no, I won’t take you.“ He said, chuckling when he watched your mouth fall slack.  “You love me.”

Note: does this suck? i think it sucks. :((( feedback is always welcome! .c

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[Steve exits the elevator on his floor with T'Challa and see Tony exit Bucky’s bedroom]

Steve: Umm, hi.

Tony: Oh hi! [look back at Bucky] Well, I guess that’s two out of three, Cap.

[Tony laughs heading for the elevator]

Steve: Listen to yourself. This is No Sleep Brain all over again.

Tony: No, I’m done with No Sleep Brain. I’ve moved on to weird, no sleep-sex dreams. Officer.

Tony: [salutes him] You know. You know. [naughty voice]

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Unpopular opinion: I hate Robert Downey jr. I've hated him since tropic thunder and he truely just makes me uncomfortable

true confession: he was in this movie during his low phase when he was struggling with drugs, as this baby who was born right when four people died and they haunted him until they realised it was making him look crazy, and then they came back in his 20s bc they realised he was supposed to help them Move On and as a sad lonely child i was very very into the idea of having four ghost friends who loved you and helping them and also the look of joy as he hugged the grown son of one of them was truly beautiful?

so i had this soft spot for him as a fuckup and for that character UNTIL i discovered he’s like actual tony stark but without any of the compassion at all, and is friends w gibson, (i don’t like jodie foster for this reason too, no gibson apologists!) and now i am over him with all of the hurt and betrayal finding out that a childhood consolation of yours is actually a fucking capitalist antisemitic racist asshole entails