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Loki: *visits Tony’s lab and sees him working on a new project*

Loki: You seem to be—

Tony: Excited?

Loki: Manic. Verging on—

Tony: Ecstatic?

Loki: Psychotic. I should have brought you a sedative

Tony: Just bring me more coffee

[Bucky, holding an infant Peter, answers the front door]

Bucky: Who’s that? Who’s that? [opens door to Aldrich Killian] He-ho.

Killian: Excuse me, is this Tony Stark’s apartment?

Bucky: Yeah, yeah, are you his date?

Killian: Yeah.

[Bucky checks behind him for Tony, then grabs Killian by the front of his shirt]

Bucky: Listen up: if you go out with Tony tonight, I will rip off your arm, ram it down your throat and use it to squeeze your heart until it stops beating. [Then to Peter] Who’s my pretty boy? [grabs Killlian] Okay, dirtball. Listen, when you get out of here, you call Tony and you cancel like a gentleman. As far as he’s concerned, this conversation never took place. Got it?

Killian: Who are you?

Bucky: I’m your worse nightmare: the babysitter!

k so uhh when are we gonna get some more info on the plot and character arcs for infinity war? like,,, specifically tony stark’s arc ??? cause we only know like two (2) things about him???

1. he “senses this great threat approaching and is doing everything in his power to keep the earth safe” (vague)
2. robert is sad that he can’t go over and smell chris evans on set because he has to “stare daggers at him and be mad” instead

i need More Information

- how exactly does he sense this new threat ?? is he just paranoid af again, or does something happen that makes him 100% sure something is indeed coming???
- how is he gonna feel about being back in space ?? (because his last experience left him with ptsd)
- how is he gonna feel knowing he was Right ??
- how is he gonna feel as his Worst Nightmare Becomes A Reality??
- how is he gonna handle seeing cap again ??
- is his new iron man suit hidden within that camo outfit he’s wearing in the trailer and does it bleed out onto him at his command ??
- what new capabilities does his new suit possess ?? does it actually shapeshift ??
- is his new suit made out of alien tech ??

i just,,, have So Many Questions asdfhfhfkdla

the best cast

request: you should do a sebastian one where the reader is also famous and she’s apart of the avengers and that’s how they met and she’s best friends with chris and all of them as well ?? she’s also famous for singing and the gang all goes to a concert of hers together or something. you’re such an amazing writer btw !!!!

a/n: guessing there’s romance between reader and seb, so yeah & thank you so much!

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You are currently standing on stage singing your heart out to your millions of fans who you couldn’t thank anymore than you have. Upon the millions of fans in the stadium, there stood your favorite group of people in the front row. Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie. Slowly following in behind them is RDJ, Hemsworth, Holland, and Johansson. A grin spreads across your face. Even though you’ve been in one and a half Avenger movies, you’ve grown close to the cast and they support you just as much as you support them.

After the song had ended, and the lights went out, you realized it was time for you to talk to you fans. Instead of singing through your whole concert, you usually took about twenty minutes to talk to them, you having some of your stage crew go through the stadium and hand fans a microphone. “Before we start, I want to give a shoutout to the best cast and my best friends!” You point to the Avengers standing in the front row. The camera turns to them, and they all wave and smile, you noticing how Anthony took over the spotlight. 

After twenty minutes of answering some wild questions, you were back to singing and dancing on stage. When the concert ended and you were back in your dressing room, you hear a stampede of footsteps coming to the door and when it opens, Tom is laying on the floor. “You guys are dicks.” Tom mumbles, laying there. 

“You’re the size of my pinkie, you’re to small to be mixed in with the big dogs.” Anthony jokes.

“I would’ve been on the ground too if it wasn’t for Tom.” Scarlett laughs, bending over to help him up. Sebastian walks over to you and gives you a big hug, and kissing your forehead. 

“That was amazing. I’m definitely coming to more of your concerts.” He compliments, letting his arm linger around your waist. You didn’t feel uncomfortable with him, you just felt uncomfortable lying to the rest of your friends, so you move away from his embrace, then went to hug the rest of them.

“You’re the first artist I’ve seen interact with their fans at a concert like that. Your stage crew probably gets harassed in those stands.” Hemsworth speaks, eating the food off of the table that was specifically for you but you shrug it off. 

“A lot of people say that to me.” You reply. “They don’t get harassed, my fans aren’t that insane.”

“That’s a lie.” Sebastian butts in. “One of your fans asked you to sign their boob.”

“That’s not insane, that’s just awkward.” RDJ laughs. “Did you do it?”

“Of course I did it.” You smirk. “It’s another thing if I was asked to sign a no-no part.”

“A no-no part?” Evans laughs. “How old are you, six?”

You squint, “Shut up.”

You went through minutes of teasing from them, and even more teasing as you all left the stadium. “Sleepover for a week at (Y/N)’s!” Evans childishly exclaims, you raising your eyebrows. 

“Now who’s the six year old?”

The sleepover never happened, everyone had something to do except for Sebastian. He stayed behind, telling the crew he was leaving which was adding on another lie that you didn’t like. As soon as it was just you two, he pulls you to him and kisses your lips. When he pulls away, he smiles. “I couldn’t wait to do that.”

“Seb, you know how much I hate lying.” You reply. “Why can’t we just tell them?”

“They can know, it’s just if everyone else in the world knows who knows what’ll happen?” He looks at you, his big bright blue eyes making you fall weak. “We can tell them, just not the world yet, please?”

You sigh, nodding. The first thing he does is texts the group chat that you all have. You didn’t even check what they were saying, but you could feel the vibration of the messages. “Chris is yelling at us for not telling him.” Sebastian says.

“Which Chris?” You laugh.

“Evans, he said he’s pretty hurt.” Sebastian jokes. “He’ll get over it.” 

“Yes, he will.” You sit on his lap, wrapping your arms around him. “I have a surprise for you too, Seb.”

“What is it?”

You lean over to your bag and pull out a paper, a thick stack of papers. When he reads the headline at the top, he attacks you in a hug, peppering kisses all over your face. 

Since your tour ends next week and the start of Infinity War filming starts the week after that, you were given a contract. You found this out before tonight’s concert and you were ready to tell them at the stadium but you were getting teased for saying ‘no-no parts’ so you decided not to. “They might as well make your character Bucky’s love interest.”

“Our characters hate each other.” You point out laughing.

“So what, they could have hate sex.” He offers, causing you to laugh even more. “Iron-Man wouldn’t let that happen.”

“RDJ wouldn’t even let it happen.” You laugh, glad that you were given an opportunity to be an Avenger. You don’t know how you could’ve lasted without the cast as your best friends, even if they are a little insane.

this was rushed i apologize omg