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That One Bet

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hi!! i jus honestly love ur imagines ❤️ but can u write something where peter & flash made bets and peter has been beating him at all of them until @ liz’s party and peter sucks ass at beer pong until the reader comes in and helps him , u can end it however thank youuuu

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: The entire day Flash and Peter had been making bets, and from what you and Ned could conclude was that Peter was in the lead, until you arrived at Liz’s party and saw Peter getting his ass whipped at beer pong, today, you would be the superhero.

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, kinda fluffy I dunno

Word Count: 2,452

A/N: THIS WAS SO CUTE TO WRITE I’M LIVING, but it was super fun to create, it’s super cheesy too aw. enjoy :)

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“You do realize Flash literally almost ran you over right?” You appeared next to Peter as he glared at Flash who shouted ’Penis Parker!’ as he drove away laughing.

“Yes, Y/N, I am aware I nearly died.” Peter replied sarcastically with a dramatic eye roll, earning a hard shove from you into Peter’s shoulder.

“Aye!” Peter shouted, holding his shoulder, seeing your intense glare at him, his eyes softened a bit, pulling you in for a hug.

“I’m sorry bug,” He murmured into your hair as you hugged him back, relaxing at his touch, “I know you were just caring about my safety.” He sighed, rubbing your back gently before you two broke apart.

“Yes. Therefore, you should be grateful.” You replied back sarcastically, making Peter shake his head at you with a smile.

“Although, sometimes I wish you could go all Spidey on him and web his car up.” You whispered, laughing, making Peter laugh along with you as you both entered the school.

The second school started you’d think world war three was happening, anytime you saw either Flash or Peter they were at a constant stage of war.

“Peter what are you doing?” You asked him when you ran into him in the hallway, he was out of breath, sweat dripping down his forehead as he looked around the hallway.

“Flash bet me that I couldn’t run the entire school in under a minute, he was wrong, aka, I won.” He smiled triumphantly, taking a bow, as you stood there unamused.

You weren’t going to lie, you didn’t understand this whole betting thing going on, all you knew was that it was starting to push your buttons.

But being the friend you were, you let it go, since Peter was having the time of his life beating his arch nemeses.

Therefore, you continued about your day, going to class, watching as Flash made a bet with Peter that he couldn’t build a stink bomb and get the entire school to evacuate.

He did.

And you were beyond annoyed.

“Did you really have to bet that?” You sighed, looking at your best friend who was grinning at Flash who looked pissed as hell.

Flash hadn’t one a bet yet, and you knew it was driving him insane, he wanted to crush Peter with everything he had.

“Yes Y/N, I wasn’t going to loose.” Peter laughed, but stopped once seeing your face, knowing you were far from happy.

You let out an annoyed huff, turning on your heel as they started allowing students back in the building.

Maybe you should stay away from him the rest of the day.

And that’s exactly what you did.

And Peter noticed, big time.

Every time he won a bet, he’d go and look for you so he could brag about how he beat Flash again, but found that you were nowhere to be seen, peaking his curiosity.

This went on for the rest of the day, even at lunch.

“Hey Ned, how did the math test go? Was it hard? Or was it easy?” You rambled on, Ned watching you with an amused smile, he was also your best friend.

He knew how important studies were to you, you wanted to get into a high college where you could actually put your knowledge to something life changing.

“Honestly, you’ll do great, it wasn’t that bad, some problems were ehh, but besides that you should be fine.” Ned replied, taking a bite of his sandwich as you visibly relaxed.

“Alright good, because I-” You were cut off as Flash and Peter came walking over, in a heated argument, making you roll your eyes.

“There is no way you have won all of these bets and I’ve won nothing!” Flash shouted, making Peter smirk in glory, infuriating Flash even more.

“Not my fault you can’t keep up.” Peter replied, making Flash’s blood boil even more, his eyes narrowing at Peter.

“Liz is having a party tonight, we will continue this there.” Flash pointed at Peter who raised his eyebrows.

“Be there, or else.” Flash threatened, making Peter bite his lip and nod, laughing as Flash stormed off.

“Can you believe him?” Peter motioned towards Flash, before glancing between you and Ned.

“-Uh, guys, what’s up?” Peter hesitantly questioned, seeing as both you and Ned had blank looks on your faces.

“Peter, we know that you’re in the lead and all, and that you’re having a blast with all these bets, but it’s just not our thing.” Ned shrugged slightly, as you continued to pick at your food.

“Oh. I didn’t know.” Peter replied quietly, looking at Ned, giving him a silent apology, before looking at you, who refused to look away from your food.

Peter had noticed you’d been distant the entire day, and now it all made sense, each time he came up to you excitedly to brag about winning a bet, you could never relate and the more he did it the smaller it made you feel.

Lunch soon ended, and you were quick to grab your belongings and get out as fast as you could, avoiding Peter the best you could.

You knew it was wrong, but you just couldn’t take it anymore, sure you were proud of him standing up to Flash and winning all the bets, but what was it to you?

You didn’t have any other friends besides Peter, Ned, Michelle and occasionally Liz when she felt like hanging out with you.

Therefore, you could never relate to what pure victory and happiness was, the only time you felt slight happiness was when you got a good grade on a paper or test, proving your dreams could potentially be something in the future.

You went on the rest of the day, avoiding Peter if you saw him in class or the hallway, he knew what you were doing too, and he knew it was his fault he had pushed you away without meaning to.

Ned told him you’d cool off soon, but Peter wasn’t so sure, he’d never seen you this upset before.

“Ned, I think I really hit something with her, she doesn’t normally ignore me this long with I mess up.” Peter spoke nervously, walking to their last class, one that you were also in.

“Okay, so lets say you did, what are you going to do to fix it?” Ned questioned, making Peter stop and think for a moment.

“I can try to talk to her?” He spoke aloud, more as a question than a statement, making Ned shake his head and walk into class.

You sat at your normal seat, glancing up when you saw them walk in, your eyes locking with Peter’s before you broke and looked down at your paper.

You hated doing this, but for the moment it was for the best, at least that was what you were telling yourself.

The rest of the day went on, and the last bell finally rang, and you were free, you had gotten invited to Liz’s party by Liz herself, shocking you a bit, but you agreed.

You had arrived a bit early to help set up, something you enjoyed since you rarely spent time with Liz anymore.

“Okay, Y/N, what’s going on between you and Peter?” She broke the silence, pulling out red cups, as you stood there in shock.

“W-What do you mean?” You stammered, making her smile and laugh at your reaction.

“I mean it’s clear you both have a thing for each other, but you both somehow don’t seem to see it.” She poured out some chips into a bowl as you brought out more cups, placing them on the counter.

“Peter and I are just friends.” You tried to convince her, but the more you thought about it, were you trying to convince yourself too?

Liz saw your hesitation, making her smirk at you, causing you to blush slightly, maybe she was right?

Her house was finally all set up, and people soon poured in, music becoming louder, people dancing and laughing.

And then they walked in.

Ned had a hat on, which did look pretty good if you did say so yourself, and then there was Peter who was looking around anxiously.

You both soon made eye contact, neither one of you breaking the stare until Flash came over, causing Peter to look away.

You stood there stunned for a moment, looking at Ned wide-eyed as if saying what the hell just happened?

He gave a shrug in return, making you run your fingers through your hair frustrated, you truly hated having emotions sometimes.

You decided to go get a snack, and process the ’moment’ you just had with Peter, watching your surroundings and cringing at how drunk some of your classmates were getting.

Who knew so many people thought getting wasted was fun, you never really understood drinking, you knew it fogged your brain up for some time and you could let loose and have fun, but there were so many more consequences that followed.

Exactly why you never once drank in your life, you couldn’t afford to risk everything you worked so hard for to go straight into the toilet, literally.

You were deep in thought until you heard chanting coming from the other room, peaking your interest you wandered over, seeing Flash and Peter playing beer pong.

Must be another one of their bets you thought to yourself, but you then noticed Peter was loosing, and he was freaking out.

You stood there unsure of what to do, you knew you had been avoiding him all day because of this very reason, but there was no way in hell you’d let him loose to Flash.

You squeezed through the crowd of people, walking up next to Peter, startling him, causing Flash to laugh.

“Shut it would ya?” You snapped at Flash, causing everyone to ’ooh’ and make snide remarks, as Flash simply smiled.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Peter questioned, clearly surprised you were talking to him again.

“I’m being the hero this time.” You smiled slightly, creating a small smile to form on his lips.

“I’m loosing pretty bad Y/N, there isn’t really anything that can help.” Peter sighed in defeat, but you just smiled, a twinkle in your eye.

“Peter, if you win, we can go on a date.” You whispered into his ear, making his eyes widen and his knees go weak for a split second.

“A-Are you s-serious?” He gulped nervously, making you giggle slightly and nod in response.

“But you have to win, or else Flash gets to take me on that date.” You teased, watching as his jaw tensed at the thought.

You then stood to the side, watching as the game continued, and out of nowhere, Peter started gaining on Flash, and soon enough Peter was in the lead, and last thing you knew Peter had won.

Flash stood there in furry, claiming that he had cheated, but everyone knew he was just being a sore loser.

You clapped your hands slowly, watching as Peter’s eyes lit up at the sight of you.

“Congratulations, you did it.” You smiled, watching as Peter played it off like it was nothing.

“I always knew you could.” You mumbled, watching his cheeks turn a light shade of pink at your comment.

“I’m really sorry about today, I didn’t mean to make you feel like you weren’t good enough or not important, I-I was just trying to impress you.” Peter admitted, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“Really?” You smiled, biting your lip as you watched Peter smile and nod back at you.

“I’ve liked you for so long Y/N, and it feels so good finally telling you that.” Peter sighed, grabbing your hands before pulling you into a hug.

“I like you too Peter.” You smiled, running your hands up and down his back gently.

You both stood there for a few moments, just taking in the new information, and each other.

“I’m so glad I did all those bets.” Peter laughed, making you laugh along with him, he truly was the dorkiest person you knew.

You both eventually pulled away, goofy grins on both of your faces as if everyone else around you didn’t matter.

“So, how about that date?”

Double Trouble

Series: Tom Holland Dad Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader 

Summary: Tom comes home to his son and daughter covered in chocolate. Reid and Evelynn are like Team Rocket, double trouble.

Warning: Swearing cause yah know, Tom

Word Count: 1,500+

A/N: Why I make these kind of imagines more often is because when I was younger the chemo I had damaged parts of me and I won’t be able to have kids unless a miracle happens. I’m living my future vicariously through my imagines when I type these FYI..

[Reader’s POV]

“Mum where is Daddy today?” your son Reid asks carrying a bag of chocolate in. Evelynn walking behind with her dragon stuffed animal. Her curls bouncing as she skips through the doorway. 

“Well he’s actually working today on set filming with Robbie J” you explain setting the groceries down on the table. Evelyn skips around the living room singing to herself.

“Evelynn darling be careful, Reid left toys laying out and about” your voice laced with warning. She halts to a stop looking over at you her curls falling in front of her eyes.

“I did not mum, I picked them up before we went out” Reid defends himself crossing his arms over his chest. Turning your head you look over at your son with a look.

“Reid Anderson Holland… Do you not see that mess in the living room? Your father will be home soon and I don’t want him to see this mess”  

“Mum that was Evelynn..” Reid whines pointing over at his twin sister.

“Don’t blame your sister, go clean up then we can bake your surprise for daddy okay?” resting your hands on your hips as you try and reason with him.

“mum… “ 

“Reid, get to it now please…”

“Yea-yeah Reid get to it” Evelynn’s voice comes from the living room. Looking through the window in the kitchen that opens to the living room. She places her hands on her hips mocking your actions.

“Yeah Evelynn” Reid mimics your actions as they both stick their tongues out at each other. The way they act together reminds you of how Sam and Harry are with each other. You would not let them babysit your kids again.

“Don’t get me started you two, cut it out” laughter escapes as you see them making faces at each other. Their laughter filling the air making you smile.Those two could be a handful but you love them regardless of what they do.

    Opening the cabinets you start grabbing ingredients that the three of you needed. Pulling out baking sheets from under the oven in a drawer. Setting them on top of the counter with everything else. Once everything was all set you pull up a recipe on your twelve inch IPad. The screen big enough so you could read the instructions.

“Mum I finished the living room, is daddy bringing work friends over for dinner tonight?” Reid asks as he walks into the kitchen. His eyes looking around the kitchen that was prepped and ready.

“Well you would have to give Harrison a call if daddy’s busy on set” you explain pulling your hair up into a ponytail. Evelynn comes over holding up her own hair tie. Brushing her curls out of her face you pull her hair back gently tying it up.

“Reid I wanna talk to Hazzie!” Evelynn pouts as you hand Reid your phone after clicking Harrison’s contact. Her hands trying to reach up but Reid holds the phone up higher.

“Hello?” you could hear Harrison’s voice fill the air.

“Hazzy! It’s your favourite Holland twin!” Evelynn shouts before Reid could respond.

“Evelynn! How are you sweets?” Harrison’s laughter fills the air through the speaker phone.

“Actually Hazzy,Reid and I were won-wondering if daddy and his work friends were coming over for dinner but help make cookies too! Robbie J’ is working with daddy today right?” Evelynn asks standing on her tip toes trying to speak into the phone that Reid held high.

   She pokes him in the stomach causing him to almost drop your phone. A wave of panic rushes over you as your phone falls. Surprisingly she catches it and runs over to you with it. Reid trying to get it out of her hands, Evelynn bumps into you causing you to cut your finger. Dropping the scissors onto the counter next to the bags.

“Bloody hell, shit that hurt” groaning as you see blood flowing from the wound.

“I’m sorry mumma.. I-I didn’t mean to hurt you” Evelynn looks up at you with a sad face,her lower lip trembling. Oh god that look could make an army weak.

“It’s just a little cut, don’t worry baby” you smile down at her, leaning down you give her head a swift kiss. A smile tugs at her lips erasing the tears that were about to form.

“What happened darling, you ‘lright?” you could tell it wasn’t Harrison but it was Tom’s voice now.

“Hey babe, I just sliced my finger with the scissors on accident.. The kids were asking if you were bringing your work friends over to bake some sweets and have dinner?” You ask while rinsing the blood off with the water from the tap. Drying your hands off you check the food you had in the oven.

“I can ask around, now are you two behaving? Robbie J’ just said he has gifts but do the Holland twins deserve them?” Tom asks through the phone, you could tell he had a smile on his face. He loved calling them the Holland twins.

“Well we deserve them more than Spider-Man deserves the suit” Reid retorts earning a snicker from you. In the background you could hear Robert laughing at what was just said.

“Yeah what Reid said! Robbie J’ loves us!” Evelynn retorts with a smile on her face.

“Oh shut your trap Downey!” the twins giggle looking at each other from their father’s reaction to Robert laughing.

“We’ll be over in thirty minutes, save some chocolate chips for Robbie J!” Robert’s voice comes from the phone making the twins smile.

“Alright you two, see you soon.. Hope there’s enough food darling” Tom lets out a nervous chuckle.

“I always cook extra babe, I love you” 

“Love you more,see you guys soon” the line going dead shortly after, Reid hands your phone back.

“Mumma did you hear that! Robbie J is coming to bake with us!” Reid and Evelynn shout at the same time.

“Jinx” they grin pointing their fingers at one another.

“Okay you two now lets get the molding tins you want okay?” Picking up the bag you pull out the options for them to choose from.


“Now this chocolate is melted and we will pour it into here ok-” your sentence being cut off as you heard voices fill the air.

“Use the spoons okay? Don’t rush you two.. I’ll be back to see how it’s going” Kissing them both on their heads you make your way towards the living room.

    Seeing Tom, Sebastian,Anthony, Robert, and Harrison in the living room. Wiping your hands on your waist apron you greet them all. Tom pulls you into a big hug with a smile on his face. He gives you a quick kiss making you smile. Robert walks in and sets two bags on the ground near the fireplace. 

“Lynn! that’s too mu- hey cut it out!” Reid’s voice is heard from the living room causing everyone to look through the kitchen window. You couldn’t see them but could only hear them.

“No you cut it out! See this is why I’m daddy’s favorite!” Evelyn retorts as a splat sound echoes from the kitchen.

“Now you’ve done it! Ha look at your face now!” Laughter comes from Reid making you and Tom look at each other. The time they act up is now in front of people.

“At least it doesn’t look re-rediculous like yours! I’m the pretty twin” Evelynn’s voice getting louder. A blur of brown flies through the air. Looking against the wall that is now dripping in chocolate. 

“Oh my lord” you groan running towards the kitchen. Sebastian laughter fills the air along with Anthony’s.

“Sure are your kids Tom, did they not have their juice today?”

“Fuck off you shits” Tom laughs shoving them as they slung their arms over his shoulders.

Thomas, language” your head turning to look back at him with a glare.

“Daddy said shit!” the twins shout simultaneously.

“Evelynn and Reid Holla- the chocolate is supposed to go in those plastic molds, not on you!” you burst out in laughter seeing the twins covered in chocolate streaks. Their eyes wide as they’re caught in the act.

“Darling, how bout you get them washed up.. I’ll clean the kitchen then we can all eat together yeah?” turning around embarrassed at all the eyes looking at your destroyed kitchen and dirty children.

“Y-yeah that sounds great, sorry everyone” letting out a sigh you look back at your twins. Reid smacks another blob of chocolate on Evelynn making Robert let out a laugh. 

“I needed a laugh after that shoot today, damn Holland you created some jokesters” Robert teases nudging Tom causing him to smile. Running his fingers through his curls out of habit.

“We love you momma” the twins say looking up at you innocently.

“Oh jeez, I can’t stay mad at you two.. now lets get you all cleaned up then we can eat yeah?” Guiding them out of the kitchen and towards the guest bedroom down the hall.

“This definitely won’t be the end of this..” Tom groans looking around the kitchen.

“Prepare for trouble,make it double” Harrison teases grabbing a wet rag.

A/N: Pt.2? Who likes Evelynn & Reid? :,)

[Steve, Bucky, Strange and Quill are arguing about who should partner up with Tony]

Steve: All due respect, I’m the best-equipped to go. How many wars have you been through? 

Bucky: My share… 

Strange: It should be me. 

Steve: You? You haven’t fought in a battle. 

Bucky: This is about us getting home to our loved ones. Why would you…? 

Strange: I have no loved ones. If I fail, you can still go on. 

Quill: It’s me. I’m going, and I’m not gonna fail. 

Bucky: You’re new here. 

Quill: It’s about getting back to Tony. I don’t care what I have to face. - You’re not gonna argue with me? 

Bucky: Would it do any good? 

Quill: No. 

I will say this again since some people didn’t get the memo the first time: DO NOT COME ON MY BLOG AND POST HATE COMMENTS ON MY TONY RELATED POSTS! All of you people who have tried to attack me on my opinions need to grow up and get a fucking life. If I wanna defend Tony, then I have the right to do so, it’s MY BLOG! I don’t care if not everyone likes Tony, I don’t expect everyone to, but to go on my blog knowing what I support and write such awful things because my opinion of certain topics aren’t the same as their own is distasteful and sickening. This fandom used to be fun and I’m sad and disappointed that it’s being overrun by morons who can’t handle someone’s opinion of a character that’s not of their liking

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[Tony’s sitting out in the open, at a cafe in Wakanda, when Natasha appears in front of him]

Natasha: You’re suspicious.

Tony: Sitting here? Out in the open, drinking coffee? I wonder what kind of hell I would have raised had I ordered a doughnut.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Okay but Peter called Tony by his first name and not “Mr. Stark” and Peter’s too respectful to just randomly start calling him Tony which means at some point in Infinity War Tony might end up saying “Call me Tony” which means the two of them have grown a lot closer over that time and if that scene in the trailer where Peter is apologizing to Tony and looks badly hurt is anything to go by this movie will.  F u c k i n g.  W R E C K  M E.