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This posts candidate proving that all the avengers are actually children is: Mark ruffalo aka the Hulk


Funny story how tom holland became spider-man in case you didn’t know. They were having potential actors do scenes with rdj and Chris evans to see who would have the best chemistry. They were chatting and tom holland told them he did gymnastics and could do a back flip from standing position. Naturally Chris Evans and rdj were excited and wanted to see it RIGHT THERE and now while Kevin feige and some of the marvel lawyers were more worried about holland getting potentially injured. After Chris Evans, Robert Downey jr, and tom holland’s insistence, they agreed to let him try. He landed it successfully and got a standing ovation from Evans and Downey getting their seal of approval and basically the job. After all nobody, not even the head of marvel is gonna turn down captain America’s and iron man’s first choice for spidey. Whether you are a dc fan or marvel fan I think you can appreciate how this happened

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Imagine your dad Robert Downey Jr catching Bill glancing at you while in an interview.

“So in this movie, you and Bill play husband and wife, correct?” The interviewer asked

You nodded your head “Yes that is correct”

While answering the question, Bill stares at you while biting down on his lip, thinking of all the dirty things he wants to do to you. He was cut off his thoughts by a disturbed RDJ

“Hey, stop making googly eyes at my daughter, she may be single, but that doesn’t mean you can hit on her while im around” he hissed to Bills ear. He smirked and whispered back

“You sure she’s single” He winked