downey christmas

Okay so hear me out

I know this is a SPIDERMAN movie about SPIDERMAN and that’s great I wouldn’t want it any other way
BUT they better fix our pepperony hearts because I can’t handle it any longer!!

And I couldn’t care less how they do it. Just ONE tiny scentence would do it. Because that’s how you destroyed it, remember Marvel? With one tiny scentence!!!
All I want is one small “oh yeah we’re back together” or “so you two are…” - “yes we are fine”




I couldn’t fit it all in one post. Who’s coming through the portal?? Check out the exciting conclusion now in Part 2!

For those who don’t know “bleedin edge armour” is one of Tony’s more advanced suits in the comics, made out of nanomachines that he can carry with him and concealed wherever he goes. They can transform into lots of different things, and are multi functional.


I present to you THE BEST Christmas special ever. Not only is there Robert Downey Jr., Leslie Nielsen and Stockard Channing you also get Kermit and a bunch of adorable Muppets. This is the one special I need to watch every year.

Merry Christmas all.


This is what I’ve been working on (three weeks ago), and I didn’t upload it because It wasn’t December yet… But here it is ^ ^. Steve and Tony are planning some Christmas Party with all the team as always! Nat, Bruce, Bucky, Rhodey, Thor, Loki  and everyone will celebrate with them at the avengers tower.


Just can’t wait untill Christmas!!!! Wohoo!!