Me, earlier: “Huh, I wonder if it’s possible for ‘Bendy’ to not notice you if you hide in the little wall-column nooks in Heavenly Toys…?”

Also me, ten seconds later: “NO IT ISN’T NO IT ISN’T OHGOD ABORT ABO RT–

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This might come as a surprise but it’s ok to not like a ship, or even hate it viciously for no real reason. You don’t need to come up with reasons why it’s morally inferior to what you like, or call anyone who likes it a criminal or anything like it. Not everything you hate is “evil”, sometimes you just plain don’t like a thing and that’s ok


“Hey, it’s, uh…It’s me. I know that i’ve been gone too long, and, uh… it’s- i just, i want you to know that it’s not about you and it’s not about our fight. Okay? Something came up, and i will… i will explain it all when i see you.  I just… i want you to know that i’m not mad. I’m just sorry. About everything. I… i don’t want you to get hurt at all. And i don’t wanna lose you. Just make sure you heat up some real food. Not just Eggos. And i want you to eat all the peas, even if they’re mushy and gross. And… i will be home soon.” -Hopper

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adffgdgg, IM KIDDING DONT DO THAT! For real: 2, evak! <3

eyes one me!!! 

2, eyes on me

“Isak,” Even scolded, but there was a smile in his voice, that Isak saw when his gaze returned to his face. “eyes on me.” 

Even sat at their little table with his sketchbook and all those different pencils - Isak seriously didn’t know there were so many different types - in front of him, some of his fingers tinted greyish at the tips from when he smudged some lines to create shadows on the drawing in front of him. 

The drawing, was of Isak. Isak who lay on his side on their bed, in the midst of all the pillows they had in their small flat and clad in the soft green-red checked pyjama Noora Eva and Linn gave to him for his birthday. (He loved it. It was soft, warm and for some reason it did things to Even, so win win win.) 

“Why do I need to look at you? You’re not even doing my face yet.” 

Even scoffed offendedly, but pursed his lips in the delicious way he always did when he tried to keep a straight face. “Don’t question my art, Isak.”

“I’m questioning you letting the doing my face joke slide.” Even snorted. 

“Baby~” Isak whined and flopped over on his stomach. “I’m bored and im getting cold laying on top of the covers like that.” Isak’s voice was muffled from the pillow that smushed his cheek up but Even seemed to hear him just fine because now he looked up, a bit of concern in a small frown shown on his face. 

“You’re getting cold?” Isak rolled his eyes and shrugged. “No.” 

Even laughed and shook his head. “You’re such a brat. You’re just bored, aren’t you.” It wasn’t even a question. Isak made a whiney sound again when Even returned his attention to the drawing and ignored his protests. 

Isak raised his brows, which went unseen by Even, so he huffed. “How can you still draw happily on when im on my stomach now but i need to look at you?” 

Even looked up and raised his brows at Isak once in a quick motion. “Maybe,” he grinned, “I just want my muse to look at me.” 

Isak groaned, but also grinned into the pillow he turned his face into. “Dork.” Isak muttered and then watched Even draw him some more. Even got this concentrated look on his face, mouth slightly open, tongue in one corner, eyes intense and his unstyled sunday bed hair bouncing when he did some harder pencil strokes. Even’s hands. Just- his hands. Damn.

Isak sighed happily and- “Isak.” His name came out as a chuckle of Even. When he looked up Even didn’t say anything, he just gestured with two fingers to Isak’s face and then to his eyes. 

Isak rolled his eyes but after that complied. “I was admiring your hands, give me a break.” 

Even shook his head but tilted his head in a way he always did when Isak flustered him somehow. There was a broad smile tugging on Isak’s lips. Because seriously. Adorable.

Isak drifted off shortly after that, lulled to sleep by the steady scratching of the pencil against the paper. His eyes were closed now, but Even didn’t seem to mind it. Letting his cozy looking boy doze off because to be honest, he didn’t really need to look at Isak to draw him. He had everything etched into his brain about him; from the tip of his toes, that poked out of the checked pyjama pants, to every last lash and curl. 

He just liked it more when Isak looked at him while he drew. Sue him.