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Don’t you like guys like Steve? Bucky X Reader

Title: Don’t you like guys like Steve? 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Bucky thought you liked guys like that Chris Evans actor guy, and thought he didn’t stand a chance. 

Bucky strolled into the TV room dressed in sweats and a gray muscle tank, metal arm running through his hair as he marveled at the scene in front of him.

(Y/N) was settled comfortably on an oversized bean bag, wearing a large knitted sweater and a Captain America themed throw over her. Her hair was up in a messy bun as her attention stayed unwaveringly on the television before her.

Bucky felt his cheeks heat up as he let the thought of having this scene in front of him all to himself. He has always secretly wished for a simple domestic life, he wanted it slow, he wanted it mundane. And more than often, he wished that is was with her and maybe a little more than one or two tiny Buckys and tiny (Y/N)s to complete this picture perfect family.

At that thought, Bucky found himself with a silly grin hung on his face as the sound on the TV snapped him out of his reverie.

Bucky’s attention shifted to what was playing in front of (Y/N). It was an interview segment of this actor who was just in the midst of laughing at something the host said as his hands grabbed the left side of his chest. His eyes fleeted over to (Y/N) and he sees her look at the screen intently, her eyes showing great admiration for the man on the screen. His eyebrows furrowed, an unsettling feeling bubbled across his chest.

Clearing his throat loudly, Bucky strolled past (Y/N) to the kitchen. The sound caught (Y/N)’s attention as she turned around and saw Bucky rummaging through the fridge.

“Bucks!” she called out, a hint of adoration in her eyes. A look Bucky missed. “Hey, doll.” Bucky drawled, face still buried in the fridge, hoping the cool air would help soothe his red face.

Oh god she can’t tell I’m nervous from my voice can she?

(Y/N) stared at Bucky’s back and her inner voice let out a squeal, her face tinted pink. She shook her head slightly, her cold hands on her cheeks as she tried to collect her thoughts.

“Would you like to join me? It’s a pretty interesting movie.” (Y/N) questioned, her voice hopeful.

Bucky wanted to say no and hurry back into his room to calm his unsteady heart but as he turned and met (Y/N) hopeful eyes. His heart melted.

“Okay. Scoot over doll.” came Bucky’s reply.

I don’t think I can ever say no to you doll.

The two settled on the couch, (Y/N) draped her throw over the both of them and snuggled into the warmth. As she shuffled around to try and find a comfortable position, her cold thighs brushed against Bucky’s. His grip on the bottled water he was holding tightened as he tried hard to control his growing blush.

The movie played on, lights from the screen illuminating their faces. Bucky’s eye flitted over to (Y/N)’s face as he takes in her entire form, bundled in the throw, eyes wide.

“He is so dreamy…” (Y/N) let out a soft sigh.

Hearing that, Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed despite his best efforts at a poker face. He followed her gaze and settled on a blonde actor on the screen.

How is he dreamy. Please. God, I just want to smack the smirk off his face.

Bucky squared his shoulders and asked gruffly “You like guys like that?”

(Y/N)’s eyes stayed fixed on the screen as she replied, “I suppose so. I mean most people would?”

Snapping his head forward, Bucky’s eyes narrowed on the man, Johnny Storm; what a dumb name.

Once the movie ended, Bucky walked (Y/N) back to her room like a true 40s gentleman. He bid her goodnight with a small smile on his face and once her door clicked close, he hastily took determined steps back to his room.

Clicking on the browser on his laptop, he tried to recall how to use the contraption as (Y/N) has thought him before.

The illuminated screen blared at him and Bucky swiftly scanned through all the information, mumbling under his breath, eyebrows scrunched up, his mouth a tight line.

Johnny Storm. Chris Evans.

Early next morning, Bucky dragged himself into the open kitchen, his face showing his lack of rest. A loud laughter broke him out of his tired trance and he looked towards where the sound was from.

Sat in the kitchen was (Y/N) and Steve, a neat stack of pancakes and hot coffee were on the tabletop between the two. They were facing each other as Steve said something that caused a laughter to bubble out of (Y/N).

Bucky’s heart couldn’t help but constrict tightly at the scene in front of him as his thought fleeted back to the night before. (Y/N)’s comment about Johnny Storm - Chris Evans replayed in loops in his mind like how it kept him awake all night.

He let out a defeated sigh and looked up only to see Steve, his best pal, and his mind couldn’t help but let the thought of how Steve looks exactly like Chris Evans creep into his mind.

Bucky’s heart sunk at that as he looked at Steve and (Y/N), conflicting emotions of jealousy and resignation eating at him.

In the midst of Bucky’s deep thoughts, Steve and (Y/N) noticed Bucky’s downcast, their chatter dying down to silence.

Steve wasn’t as dense as everyone thought he was. He knew of Bucky’s crush on (Y/N). Even if he was a little dense, it would be nearly impossible to miss the look Bucky had on his face every time he was near the girl, that giddy smile, a soft gaze he sported. Every time they were on a mission and (Y/N) was out of Bucky’s sight, Steve noticed the little mistakes he made as his eye scanned the mess before them, trying to look for any sign of her.

Steve wasn’t Bucky’s best friend for nothing, he knew that Bucky was upset about how close (Y/N) and he was. It was purely platonic but Bucky was a like a dense block of wood who refused to accept that fact.

A smile knowing smile was on Steve’s face as he looks at (Y/N) and Bucky; (Y/N concerned gaze at Bucky’s downcast look. He shook his head lightly at how dense his friends were as he placed the empty plate into the sink, making his way back to his room.

“Bucky, are you okay?” (Y/N) asked with a soft voice.

Bucky looked up only to see that she has already made her way to him, her hand resting on Bucky’s metal one.

He instinctively pulled his hand away from her warm ones, leaving (Y/N) grasping air. A slither of hurt could not be contained and (Y/N) awkwardly pulled her hand back.

With a shaky smile, she moved away from Bucky’s side and started to walk back to the comforts of her room.

Bucky was never one to miss a thing about (Y/N). And he definitely did not miss the hurt shown on her face.

As he heard (Y/N)’s footsteps move further away from him, he let out a small voice saying, “Chris Evans. You like guys like him right? Steve seems like the sort.”

Taking in the question, (Y/N) spun around so quick, almost losing her footing.

“Who is Chris Evans? What has Steve got to do with this?” she asked incredulously, a confused look on her.

Bucky looked up to meet her eyes as he explained himself, “Johnny Storm. Didn’t you say you like guys like him? Steve seems pretty similar.”

His mumbled answer was met with a soft laughter as (Y/N) replied: “I didn’t mean it in any other way other than as someone who was watching a good movie.”.

Downcast eyes lit up with hope as Bucky gaze met with (Y/N). He took a few big steps towards her, his tall stature giving (Y/N) a sense of comfort and security.

Both hands cradled her face lightly, his thumb running across her cheeks.

“I can’t run away from this anymore doll. I’ve got to say this. I was jealous. My heart hurts when I hear you talk about another man. My hands clench unknowingly when I see you another man. Give me a chance? Let me take you out on a date? Mm?” Bucky asked, he eyes were sincere and soft, never leaving (Y/N)’s.

(Y/N) took a small step closer to him and pulled Bucky towards him by his shirt.

“7 PM. I’m picking dessert. And we’re splitting the bill.” (Y/N) answered as she left a quick peck on his cheeks.

A silly grin hung on his face as he looked at her retreating figure.

I guess I’m okay with never being able to say no to you. Always.

It has been awhile and I hope everyone enjoys this! 

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