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As a Victim of Rape myself, I have enough to say my own opinion. Yes my experience has scarred me for life, enough not to trust any male near me. I cant walk out side the house without my phone constantly being on 99, as a just in case I need to push that extra 9 (English Police).  I have been bullied constantly because it was made known by the local newspaper that I was raped. More than just bullies, I was tormented so much that I’ve had three major bones broken and several teeth knocked out. 

When I first found Ask Princess Molestia I was just amused of the little jokes of the princess of the realm getting her ‘needs’ done. Over time I’ve come to actually -LOVE- Molestia and Gamer Luna, she’s helped me actually leave my past by and actually laugh at the jokes in the blog.  

I cant imagine my daily life without constantly checking Tumblr to see if the blog has something new. 

Say what you want, but that is my opinion. Fucking Deal with it.


A word from Pinkiepony's Ex

Alright, I don’t even go on tumblr but i’ve sat back and watched this Down With Molestia crap for a while now, so here comes my two cents

I dated April for almost 3 years, freshman through junior year in highschool, and instead of explaining EVERYTHING, i’m going to give you a quick cause-and-effect list of before April had a tumblr and adopted a fake sarcastic internet personality for attention. 

1. Cause: Three years ago, I became a brony

Effect: April tells me that “my little pony is MY thing!” and that “Bronies are the worst thing to happen to my little pony”, therefore attempting to force me to not be a brony. 

2. Cause: is terrible at lying and has far stretched stories

Effect: tries to explain to me she was raped in a mcdonald’s parking lot in a van while her mom was inside, took of bite of the rapist’s hand and escaped to the mcdonalds bathroom where she wiped the cum off of her friend, who was also apparently raped. 

3. Cause: I hang out with my friends

Effect: April cries a lot and tells me i’m not allowed to hang out with them

4. Cause: April explains to me she is infertile, as told to her by her doctor

Effect: I break up with her and she claims to have had my dead baby inside her for ten months, and named it Sparkle.

5. Cause: I listen to songs made by Bronies

Effect:  April tells me i have terrible taste, and says “I would rather die than listen to that crap”, meanwhile hosting it on her blog.

6. Cause: April yells at my friends for using the word Faggot as a joke, calling it offensive

Effect: Turns around and uses it herself.

7. Cause: Complained that I had friends daily, and wouldn’t make any herself

Effect: I had to secretly hang out with my friends to avoid making her cry herself a fucking river

8. Cause: Literally almost any problem, bad situation, or anything she didn’t like about me would instantly make her cry

Effect: Most of my days were spent trying to cheer her up and changing myself to fit her wants.


Cause: I break up with her

Effect: She quits her job, cries all day every day, turns around and dates my best friend without even loving him just to break our friendship, lies that she’s pregnant with my dead child, IMPERSONATES Lauren Faust, claiming that she “Called me and told me that she’s very disappointed for what you’ve done” (breaking up with her), IMPERSONATES SETHISTO, emailing my friend who co-hosted a small brony convention with me, trying to make me jealous (???) that he “has a hot brony cousin that (he) could set her up with!,” tries to use her mom’s phone to text me threats (..?) and to top it all off, lies to anyone she could get into contact with about our breakup and made up things to make me look bad.

But look, I didn’t break up with her for so long because April was so helpless and defenseless. I was honestly her only friend and anytime something went really awful she would threaten suicide. She never attempted it, just always threatened it if she couldn’t get her way. But after three years, i couldn’t take the daily strain on my happiness and just ended it.

The guy who dated her after me (her only other boyfriend) couldn’t take all the shit she causes and broke up with her too, for the goddamn constant arguing she causes. 

So basically, what i’m trying to get across is that April’s life is a giant web of lies. I can’t even go into the daily lies she came up with, literally any time she could she would lie about something. She would lie to her parents constantly, lied to me thinking I didn’t know any better, and lied to her friends about all sorts of things.

I’m  going back into my senior year tomorrow and she is as well. She barely has any friends because no one believes her lies anymore after i’ve explained to them the truth. I’ve tried on multiple occasions to be her friend as well, but of course she won’t have it.

April was pathetic and alone before she found tumblr; I was her only friend. Now she adapted this sarcastic attitude that is NOT like the true her at all (I mean, this is the internet.) and just gets a thrill over causing drama and spreading her lies.

anyways, i just want to say the molestia blog is a goddamn joke and anybody getting worked up over someone throwing a temper tantrum about a blog that doesn’t even contain rape should rethink their goddamn priorities so we can all stop hearing about it. I wouldn’t have bothered typing all this up if I didn’t see her goddamn lying face anytime something involves tumblr and mlp, i couldn’t believe it was her that started all this crap but at the same time, it makes sense. She is honestly the most awful person I have ever had the displeasure of dating and fucking. 

Re: Ask Princess Molestia's Death

To all supporters of Down With Molestia:

You have won nothing.

The ask blog you hate so much may be gone, but the images continue to circulate on the internet.

You have won nothing.

The concept of Princess Celestia being a sex-crazed maniac has not faded from the consciousness of bronies.

You have won nothing.

People will continue to make jokes about rape, and murder, and all other manner of atrocity. Whether Ask Princess Molestia lives or dies makes no great difference.

You have won nothing.

People will continue to rape, and people will continue to be raped.

You have not won anything for actual rape victims. Your efforts were doomed the moment you thought attacking a silly ask blog about a FUCKING CARTOON HORSE would change something.

I hope you’re proud of yourselves for not accomplishing anything.

Welp, there’s my two cents on this.

I’ve seen enough to know that I’d be better off keeping my distance (and chuckling a bit at the ridiculousness).

Still, this is just really odd Tumblr slacktivism at work. It sounds so super-serious (and yet it does raise interesting issues), but I just don’t see this going anywhere.

Shouldn’t people divert their time and energy to real problems relating to the accusations you’re throwing at the ask-blog?

Our princess has informed us that she is not at all pleased with the current Down With Molestia campaign going around. In an hour long press conference earlier today, she repeated the words “I am not a monster” over and over again, the words from both her mouthes echoing ominously around the Canterlot courtyard. Meanwhile, Celestia’s secret police has issued a ban on discussing this topic any further, and stated that offenders will be taken to the abandoned mine shaft outside of Ponyville.

Original design for creepy Celestia by cassetterecorder (NSFW blog).

More DWM crap

Now, anyone who has read an ounce of my posts can tell I do not like the DWM movement. I think it’s stupid, ridiculous, and ultimately, it will accomplish NOTHING. This is simply a person trying to find a scapegoat for all the wrong in the world, or more likely, just seeking attention.

And they certainly got it.

Think about it. An INCREDIBLY popular tumblr blog that people adore, and only recently has someone really spoke out against it. They start up a movement where people preach “It promotes rape culture!”, “think of the children!” and “It’s vile and unsavory!” when I can almost guarantee that a good portion of the supporters haven’t even heard of the blog before now, and that less than a handful have actually read it to understand the context of what they’re dealing with.

This is why I call it a blind crusade.

people only see the name of the blog and assume “It’s about rape! Oh my GOD!!” without actually taking the time to do their homework.

It was the same way with a PS2 game called “Bully”. All people saw was the name, and assumed that the primary focus was about bullying. and they were only half right. Jimmy Hopkins, the main character, was the victim of the bullying (story-wise) and actually went out of his way to put an end to it, even going as far as stand up for a kid that no one wanted anything to do with.

Can the player engage in bullying in the game? if they so choose, sure. just like people can slice a shopkeeper’s head clean off in Skyrim. that’s the brilliance of player choice. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not the primary focus of the entire game.

If I really wanted to, I could pick up Final Fantasy and say that it’s satanic. say that it teaching children that religion is HORRIBLE, that it’s promoting violence, etc, etc, etc.  and you know what? people would agree with me, most without actually playing the bloody game. any gamer worth their salt would look at me like I’m a nutcase, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have support. They would all just jump on the bandwagon, because that’s what happens.

And that’s exactly what this is. nothing more than bandwagon effect, with people marching a blind crusade against a fictitious horse that has no push or pull with the real issues at hand.


But let’s assume that these blind crusaders did read the blog and still preach that “it promotes rape” drabble.
 Well it certainly brings attention to it, and that’s one of the biggest things. One of the BEST ways to bring attention to an important issue is to make fun of it. With any luck, people will laugh at it. but the smart people, the people who are willing to make a change will stop and wonder what exactly they’re laughing at. and that is how you bring about change. by bringing it to the light. South Park had this down pat in the few episodes I’ve seen, and the Daily Show has it down to a science.

you can get up on your soapbox and say “rape is bad” until you’re blue in the face. But blogs LIKE Princess Molestia are going to be far more successful at delivering your message than anyone who chooses to just say “rape is bad”, because people respond a lot better to comedy than someone shouting in your face. Was that the original intent of the blog? who knows? but it still brings awareness to the issue in its own way.

What does that mean? well it means that any of these blind crusaders that did take the time to read the blog failed to understand it, and rather than taking the time to understand it, they chose to label it as “evil” and go on their tirade.

Rape is bad, vile, and not something to take lightly. but neither is murder, arson, or war. yet  people can make fun of these things without invoking the wrath of half the fandom. For some bizarre reason, Princess Molestia is a special case.

PinkiePony, rape victim or not, (and I feel absolutely horrible for saying this.) is more than likely seeking attention than actually trying to change anything. if she TRULY wanted to change something, she would focus on the real problem (meaning rape, and how it can be prevented, or at the very least curbed) instead of attacking a popular tumblr with no real power over the issue.

Attack rape, guys and gals. not tumblr.

I'm just going to say this because no one else wants to say it:

When we say “Bronies” are sick and disgusting creeps, we don’t mean “Male fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” are creeps. We mean “those entitled, douche-bag, misogynistic fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that ignore the show’s feminist messages and whom just so happen to be mostly male” are creeps. Males who like MLP and don’t fall into the Brony category aren’t the target; just the bad ones are.

Got it, Bronies and Haters alike?

How about this. If you can’t agree that Molestia has to go, can you agree that there needs to be more positive and accurate representations of MLP characters?

Edit : I don’t necessarily mean askblogs. I mean art and fan interpretations in general. I’m not discounting grimdark/Out of Character blogs or fanworks but those genres seem to overshadow the positive ones.