I support the big sexy, Drawn by me via mouse :D 

As a Victim of Rape myself, I have enough to say my own opinion. Yes my experience has scarred me for life, enough not to trust any male near me. I cant walk out side the house without my phone constantly being on 99, as a just in case I need to push that extra 9 (English Police).  I have been bullied constantly because it was made known by the local newspaper that I was raped. More than just bullies, I was tormented so much that I’ve had three major bones broken and several teeth knocked out. 

When I first found Ask Princess Molestia I was just amused of the little jokes of the princess of the realm getting her ‘needs’ done. Over time I’ve come to actually -LOVE- Molestia and Gamer Luna, she’s helped me actually leave my past by and actually laugh at the jokes in the blog.  

I cant imagine my daily life without constantly checking Tumblr to see if the blog has something new. 

Say what you want, but that is my opinion. Fucking Deal with it.


Useless rant #1

Alright, now’s as good as time as any to throw in my pennies on this #DownWithMolestia shit.  While my tumblr has little to no followers and I hardly post, I’m going to pull a long rant out of my ass that’ll get my inbox flooded with a bunch of hate mail from the movement and its opposition.


From what I understand, DWM is a movement started by a blogger known as PinkiePony, and is based around the fact that JJ’s Molestia blog is objectively wrong and hurtful.   Another point is that fans of the blog are rabid and will do anything to protect it, as well as the movement sees Molestia as a devolved form of the canon princess.


…I see several large holes within the arguement


A) Being that the blog is based around humorous situations involving sexual content, it is subjective rather than objective.  Humor depends on people’s opinions and may be in poor taste, and that makes the blog’s depiction of implied rape or molestation, as well as those who enjoy it, no more than a really poor joke.  Its not a set right or wrong, or some rule that they’re breaking.  And the fact the supporters of #DWM are attempting to force objective views onto a subjective matter goes against what many supporters advocate in the first place: the right to an opinion.    


B)  Another flaw is the assumption Molestia=Celestia.  This is not the case, as the blog and its followers treat the princess as a replacement character known as “Molly”, “Big Sexy”, and other pseudonyms.  Nowhere in the blog is Molestia hinted at being the canon princess.  She is an alternative character sharing traits, like an “evil twin” of sorts.


C) As the blog is told mainly in drawn format, many consider it “art” of sorts.  Humor could very well be considered an art format as well.  Several famous artists depicted unwanted sexual contact in their works, some being displayed in museums where people pay actual money to see them.  Molestia is nowhere near as graphic and toes the line to settle on “>implyiiiiiiiiiing”.  I never heard of anyone attacking artists or museums for displaying graphic content such as that.  And while the definition of art is also subjective, so is the labeling of Molestia as a “rape culture” advocate.  


C/a) A key aspect of the point above is “why not ___ instead of Molestia”.  In addition to this there’s hundred of other subjects that depict violent rapes or abusive relationships, including the 50 Shades and Twilight sagas.  These stretch to Family Guy, Robot Chicken, South Park, Boondocks, and countless other works of humor.  These often depict the act in a much more graphic way than Molestia.  


As for the opposition to #DWM, they often make the mistakes of being too hot-headed or fall into the typical troll mode many bronies go into.  Death and rape threats, hackings, and various other responses blow things out of proportion, ranging from harmless troll comments to actual acts.  Some even draw a violent depiction of rape against PinkiePony’s OC.  These are outright uncalled for even if #DWM is both an easy target and is wrong on several accounts.  However, the blog itself’s response to the movement is cheeky and mocks the movement in a way that’s neither overly derogatory or threatening.  


In my opinion, everything regarding the movement and the blog should be kept to a level of reasonable debate suitable for discussing opinions.  Since the basis of all of this is opinions and should never be treated as facts or absolute truths.


….and these:


I hope this post either stopped the issue or put some fuel on the fire.  For my relief/amusement.

A word from Pinkiepony's Ex

Alright, I don’t even go on tumblr but i’ve sat back and watched this Down With Molestia crap for a while now, so here comes my two cents

I dated April for almost 3 years, freshman through junior year in highschool, and instead of explaining EVERYTHING, i’m going to give you a quick cause-and-effect list of before April had a tumblr and adopted a fake sarcastic internet personality for attention. 

1. Cause: Three years ago, I became a brony

Effect: April tells me that “my little pony is MY thing!” and that “Bronies are the worst thing to happen to my little pony”, therefore attempting to force me to not be a brony. 

2. Cause: is terrible at lying and has far stretched stories

Effect: tries to explain to me she was raped in a mcdonald’s parking lot in a van while her mom was inside, took of bite of the rapist’s hand and escaped to the mcdonalds bathroom where she wiped the cum off of her friend, who was also apparently raped. 

3. Cause: I hang out with my friends

Effect: April cries a lot and tells me i’m not allowed to hang out with them

4. Cause: April explains to me she is infertile, as told to her by her doctor

Effect: I break up with her and she claims to have had my dead baby inside her for ten months, and named it Sparkle.

5. Cause: I listen to songs made by Bronies

Effect:  April tells me i have terrible taste, and says “I would rather die than listen to that crap”, meanwhile hosting it on her blog.

6. Cause: April yells at my friends for using the word Faggot as a joke, calling it offensive

Effect: Turns around and uses it herself.

7. Cause: Complained that I had friends daily, and wouldn’t make any herself

Effect: I had to secretly hang out with my friends to avoid making her cry herself a fucking river

8. Cause: Literally almost any problem, bad situation, or anything she didn’t like about me would instantly make her cry

Effect: Most of my days were spent trying to cheer her up and changing myself to fit her wants.


Cause: I break up with her

Effect: She quits her job, cries all day every day, turns around and dates my best friend without even loving him just to break our friendship, lies that she’s pregnant with my dead child, IMPERSONATES Lauren Faust, claiming that she “Called me and told me that she’s very disappointed for what you’ve done” (breaking up with her), IMPERSONATES SETHISTO, emailing my friend who co-hosted a small brony convention with me, trying to make me jealous (???) that he “has a hot brony cousin that (he) could set her up with!,” tries to use her mom’s phone to text me threats (..?) and to top it all off, lies to anyone she could get into contact with about our breakup and made up things to make me look bad.

But look, I didn’t break up with her for so long because April was so helpless and defenseless. I was honestly her only friend and anytime something went really awful she would threaten suicide. She never attempted it, just always threatened it if she couldn’t get her way. But after three years, i couldn’t take the daily strain on my happiness and just ended it.

The guy who dated her after me (her only other boyfriend) couldn’t take all the shit she causes and broke up with her too, for the goddamn constant arguing she causes. 

So basically, what i’m trying to get across is that April’s life is a giant web of lies. I can’t even go into the daily lies she came up with, literally any time she could she would lie about something. She would lie to her parents constantly, lied to me thinking I didn’t know any better, and lied to her friends about all sorts of things.

I’m  going back into my senior year tomorrow and she is as well. She barely has any friends because no one believes her lies anymore after i’ve explained to them the truth. I’ve tried on multiple occasions to be her friend as well, but of course she won’t have it.

April was pathetic and alone before she found tumblr; I was her only friend. Now she adapted this sarcastic attitude that is NOT like the true her at all (I mean, this is the internet.) and just gets a thrill over causing drama and spreading her lies.

anyways, i just want to say the molestia blog is a goddamn joke and anybody getting worked up over someone throwing a temper tantrum about a blog that doesn’t even contain rape should rethink their goddamn priorities so we can all stop hearing about it. I wouldn’t have bothered typing all this up if I didn’t see her goddamn lying face anytime something involves tumblr and mlp, i couldn’t believe it was her that started all this crap but at the same time, it makes sense. She is honestly the most awful person I have ever had the displeasure of dating and fucking. 

I'm just going to say this because no one else wants to say it:

When we say “Bronies” are sick and disgusting creeps, we don’t mean “Male fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” are creeps. We mean “those entitled, douche-bag, misogynistic fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that ignore the show’s feminist messages and whom just so happen to be mostly male” are creeps. Males who like MLP and don’t fall into the Brony category aren’t the target; just the bad ones are.

Got it, Bronies and Haters alike?

External image

Hmm, between this and “down with Molestia” it’s more than a little strange that sjws love to get offended over fictional female rapists and fictional male victims yet whenever either of those crop up for real it’s suddenly “Men can’t be raped/Women can’t rape, kill yourself!”

Why, it’s almost like they’re influenced by a cultural acceptance, excusing and even condoning of rape. Like… a rape culture or something. Hmmm…

anonymous asked:

So what exactly is the deal with this Molestia brony? (feel free to be as detailed and ranty as you want. I wanna know what's going on, but I'm scared to enter the domain of the brony fandom)

Hooo boy…

I’m not entirely sure if I’m the right person to be asked this question, seeing as I haven’t been that active in the whole movement as other Tumblr users, but I’ll try to answer this one to the best of my ability.

“Ask Princess Molestia” blog was an ask blog, the star of which was Molestia, a “corrupt” AU version of Princess Celestia from the original “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” show. As the name suggest, her whole “shtick” was basically that she was forcing herself on her subjects against their will and consent, doing all sorts of vile shit to them, most of which can be best described as sexual harassment, rape and… well… molestation. And the worst part about it was that her antics were portrayed in a light and jokey manner, and Molestia herself was made to look like a “loveable rapscallion” who just likes to “mess around with people”- which is pretty damn fucked up, especially since the butt of all those “jokes” were the characters that were being molested. Since the blog’s gone, I cannot give you a link to it, but the comic strips from the original blog were reuploaded here and there, so if you have enough strenght to stomach it, you can check it on Google. Or you can check this compilation of Molestia’s rape antics.

Many people found this blog not only to be distgustingly awful, disturbing and vile, but some of them even felt triggered by it, due to it’s content and how it depicted rape - as nothing more but a joke. Because of this, some of them decided to speak up against the blog and it’s promotion of rape culture. This is how “Down with Molestia” movement was born - created by a Tumblr user and a lifelong “My Little Pony” fan, pinkiepony. Pinkie, being a victim of sexual harrassment herself, felt that this type of vile, sexist “humor” simply cannot fly in a community based around a show that’s all about love, friendship and acceptance (and also a show that’s meant to be, in some ways, empowering for little girls), or practically anywhere else for that matter (since, let’s face it, jokes about rape, especially those made at the expense of the victims, are really fucking shitty) and decided to do something about it, thus coming up with  “Down With Molestia”.

From that moment on, things went down pretty quickly, once the bronies caught wind that *gasp* some people don’t like their shitty rape jokes, and that some folks might find it offensive and also triggering, and they don’t want something as innocent as “My Little Pony” to be associated with rape. They started targeting people who were in some ways involved in the whole “Down with Molestia” movement, pinkiepony in particular.

What that girl had to go through is just un-fucking-believable: she had a group of adult men following her around the shopping mall, forcing her to hide in a changing room and call her dad to pick her up, people continuously sending her death and rape threats, people doxxing her home address, hacking her computer and stealing money from her PayPal account, people drawing fan art of her ponysona getting raped by Molestia, people impersonating her on tumblr and making up all sorts of untrue bullshit to try and convince people that pinkie’s a bad person (I think I still have that post about the fake death threat asks pinkie supposedly sent) and many many more… and all of this in the name of a shitty, unfunny blog. Oh, and, not to mention, that pinkiepony is 17-years-old. Yup. A bunch of grown-ass men attacking a teenage girl… let that sink in for a moment.

I’m really in awe of this girl’s strength and courage to keep going, and her being able to put up with all the bullshit that bronies kept throwing at her. Me personally, I don’t think I’d be able to deal with all of this, back when I was seventeen.

It isn’t to say that “Down with Molestia” movement is 100% perfect - like with pretty much everything else, this one also has it’s fair share of rabid crazies doing all sorts of stupid shit themselves. Like that one douchebag who decided that it would be fun to target John Joseco’s (the original artist behind APM), deceased father as part of the movement - something which I (and a whole bunch of other people) am completely against, because targeting someone’s family members is not cool and anyone who does this is a fucking scumbag in my book.

However, despite all this I dare say that the nasty stuff the DWM folk did looks pretty pale in comparison to what the pro-Molestia folk did and still continue to do, now that APM got taken down (most people claim it happened because Hasbro pulled a cease and desist on the blog, after a couple people sent them letters, others claimed that it was taken down by either John Joseco himself or some other person on his team - it’s still up in the air what really happened).

Hope that this answers your question anon. If you want to learn more about the whole incident here’s a couple useful links with some more information:


- (I recommend you should also check out the resources link as well)


- http://f—

One of the lesser addressed questions about Down With Molestia that I’ve seen is “Why now? Why, after this blog being out for more than two years, are people suddenly against it?”

The answer is that a good amount of people have ALWAYS been against the blog, it’s message, and it’s portrayal of rape and/or molestation.

HOWEVER whenever someone would actively speak out against it they would instantly get bombarded with messages telling them to “take a joke” “get over themselves” and tons of other asinine comments from the blog’s diehard fandom.

The fandom for Ask Molestia is so ravenous and large that when the blog WAS taken down by Tumblr staff they managed to bombard them with enough messages and complaints to bring the blog back.

  • Just let that little tidbit sink in for a while.
  • You got it in your head yet?
  • Feel a little dead inside?
  • Okay good.

At any rate, most of those who opposed the blog went quiet for a bit, stating their disdain every so often but never actively waging a campaign against the blog.

It’s only until recently that someone had enough courage to say “fuck'em” and decided to rally others to speak out. Thus Down With Molestia was born.

And even NOW people who are for the movement are too afraid to voice their support due to having been harassed by fans in the past. They see others getting anon hate and rape apologists who are telling people to “take a fucking joke.”

Keeping it quiet, forcing others to do the same, telling you to “get over it,” these are all things that rape culture has been enforcing.

However keeping quiet about it won’t stop it and I can assure you that it will not make you feel better about anything.

Speak up against it.

And never let anyone silence you.

Molestia is dumb and you're also dumb or; How I stopped worrying and learned to correct people when they call me a brony. And I'm a furry. That is the state of this fandom right now.

If you have to harass a minor in order to defend a rapist cartoon horse you need to get your priorities straight. It’s fucked up and you’re fucked up and you need to see a therapist. Or a psychiatrist. If you’re someone that’s harassed this young woman I hope that you never find love, ever. And I hope you live forever so you can see everything and everyone that you care for wither away and die and rot before your very eyes and you wander the earth for eternity gibbering to yourself about your stupid rapist horse bastardization of a character from a children’s show you asshole.

deverer  asked:

You know it amazes me that people are STILL trying to shit on bronies, especially these other fandoms. Like honestly, what is the worst thing bronies have done as a group? Yeah we've had and still have our fucked up individuals, but the worst I've seen is internet arguments over ships that have never turned into actual violence. The most common discourse that I know of is just arguing episode quality and character dynamics. I'm serious in that worst thing by the way. I'd like to know.

Honestly, I don’t think bronies as a group have done anything notably bad. I guess Down With Molestia is probably the closet thing we have to that, and that is an absolute mess of drama that I’m not even going to attempt to dissect. It’s been pretty much over and done with for years anyway, so there’s no point in dwelling on it. (Short version: tumblr hypocrite started shit, shit promptly hit the fan, it was embarassing for almost everyone involved)

As for the good things bronies have done as a group, well… there was a fuckload of charity shit (e.g. The Massive Smile Project, Bronies For Good, etc.), helping eachother out via GoFundMe (e.g. Michael Morones, Keyframe, etc.), starting Safe Search Wrapup to deal with one of the biggest issues people have had with the fandom (the porn), being an overall friendly community (for the most part), and probably the fact that we’ve been giving a shitload of attention to one of the best toy-based cartoons in years, which would have likely only lasted one or two seasons if it hadn’t suddenly exploded in popularity.

You know what's funny about Jerry Peet

He keeps on talking about that you should beat the shit out of anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Yet when someone calls him out on something, he turns tail and runs away then denies that he said what the person(s) accused him of.

He’s just a Social Justice Warrior (yes that is what the acronym for SJW stands for, its not a meaning that attacks the Jewish community) and just like with every other SJW, he will toss you away like a pice of trash just because he can if you are not a mindless drone to him.

He’s says that he’s transgender, but in reality he’s not. He’s using it as a way to deflect criticism. He even bad mouth the LBGTQ community back in 2013.

He constantly insults his audience and subscriber’s if they disagree with just a single thing in his video. And he will only allow comments that agree with him a 100%. Don’t belive me, look his videos and look at teh comment section for yourself.

Hell he even made rape jokes yet supported the down with molestia movement. Hell he made child molestation jokes in front of a former friend who was molested as a kid.

No sane person would even do, or think of doing, the shit that Jerry has done. His family doesn’t want anything to do with him and his brother wants to take him to court from what I have heard.

Jerry says that he has been bullied in his youth, but I don’t actually belive that is the whole truth. I believe that he also did bully others during his youth, which could be a reason why he got suspended from school all the time.

Josh Scorcher even made a video discussing about Jerry’s relationship with him. He even got other people who have interacted with Peet. Peet physiological abused Josh. And when Jerry heard about this video, he said that he didn’t even watch it but decided to say that everything in the video is nothing but lies.

He calls for the death of anyone who is a conservative, or anyone who he hates. He supports xenophobia, in fact groups like the KKK and neo-nazis would probably look tolerant compared to Jerry him self. He supports Black lives matter, even though they are now basically a domestic terrorist group by what a number of its members do (the original founders of the group actually left because of this level of extremism members now employ).

Don’t look up to this person or others like him. He doesn’t care about anything other than himself. He is mentally ill, and refuses to listen to doctors that he goes to. He abuses thoes close to him, he even threatened to beat someone’s wife because she came to defend her husband. He will lie and manipulate others to make sure he gets his way. He is just a bully. We have given people like him the ability to do and say what they want to do without consequences, we need to end it this idea that you can bully others because you are in a group.

anonymous asked:

Uh, sorry if you've answered this before, I really am but.. I've been a MLP fan for years and I honestly had never heard of PP until a few days ago when I was browsing tags. She seemed funny and stuff so I followed her but now there's holy hell ton of drama that I wasn't aware of, can you give a quick run through of what's wrong with her? It's kinda opened a book in the middle and I've no idea where the first page is haha.

Oh gosh.  Well, I suppose you’re welcome to go through the tag I made so that people following me can avoid this nonsense, but I’ll try to summarize:

  • She decided to wage internet war on a blog called “Ask Princess Molestia”, on the grounds that it “encourages rape”.  The blog in question is a NSFW blog, but it is clearly marked as such (and does not violate any of tumblr’s site rules), and is not set in the show’s canon universe.  From what I saw when I took a look at it, there doesn’t appear to be a single image of rape anywhere - something that has been confirmed to me by others as well.  As I’ve said in the past, the behavior exhibited in the comic is literally no worse than how Mae West acted back in the 1920’s.
  • She makes a frequent habit of posting petty insults generalizing the male side of the MLP:FiM fan base:  These posts include quite a lot of “fedora” jokes, “small penis” jokes (so much for being against sexual harassment), and calling them “scum” and “rapists”.  She actually does this numerous times daily.  Frankly, she spends an unhealthy amount of time on it. 
  • Two of her ex-boyfriends have confirmed that she has a history of compulsive lying:  One of them made this post about her past behavior.  After viewing some of her posts, I can easily believe she has done these things, because she seems to have a genuine personality disorder (if I recall correctly, she has stated that she is on the autism spectrum, though she seems just to want to use this as an excuse for her puerile conduct).
  • Shortly after beginning her “movement” (which, frankly, is a slap in the face to real victims by trivializing a serious issue), she alleged that she was “recognized” in public by “two 6’ tall bronies”, who “harassed her” until she felt the need to hide in a changing room (though sometimes, she claims that it was a bathroom - apparently she can’t keep her story straight) where she proceeded not to call for help, seeing as she was in a public place, but to post to tumblr on her phone.  I find this story wildly implausible, especially because this supposedly happened early on in her “crusade” - beforehand, she was literally no one to the fan base.  She also claims she had her hair tucked up into a hat at the time, yet was still “recognized” (once again - there was nothing for anyone to “recognize” her FOR, so this is incredibly suspicious).
  • She claimed she wasn’t trying to have the Ask Princess Molestia blog taken down, but later posts of hers show her blatantly stating her intent to do so, as well as encouraging people to report it.
  • She allegedly tried writing to Hasbro over this.  Either she didn’t actually do it, or they didn’t care, because nothing has changed.
  • She has, on numerous occasions, expressed her hatred for show creator Lauren Faust.  God only knows why.
  •  It is constantly pointed out by her and her followers that a handful of idiots (whom do not, in any way, represent the behavior of the rest of the fan base) went so far as to send her death threats.  Meanwhile, they never seem to want to comment on the fact that they’ve made just as many, if not more death threats (and other threats of violence) at any who oppose their “movement”.  They have not only made threats against the artist of the Molestia blog, but against a teenage boy for 20 seconds of animation that was actually less crass than the average South Park episode, and even against a man over the nominations in a fandom poll that were submitted by other fans, and not him.
  • Her and her followers make a point of belittling anyone who goes on anon to ask questions.  Meanwhile, when anyone uses their screen name, they become relentlessly harassed by her followers, who then feel the need to spew vulgarity, and make baseless judgements on that person’s moral standards, no matter how politely and reasonably they have conducted themselves.  I have experience with this firsthand.  Pinkiepony does nothing to dissuade them from this behavior, and even encourages it.
  • Her followers have even called actual rape victims (including popular fan artist pixelkitties) who didn’t agree with their methods “rape enablers”, and “rape apologists” (as if they had ASKED for the trauma they endured).  They also tell these victims they “didn’t matter”, and that they “didn’t speak for all victims”.  This is from a “movement” that claims to be fighting for “victims to be heard”.  Apparently, they only believe in viewing members of a group as individual human beings when it suits their needs.  They are also quick to assume anyone that speaks out against them is male, and are so insistent upon crying “MISOGYNY!” that, if they find out the dissenting opinion is that of a woman, they will just alter it to “INTERNALIZED MISOGYNY!”.  Again, PP does nothing to stop this.  Meanwhile members of the fan base (myself included) have not only spoken out AGAINST the people that sent her death threats, but some of us have even personally gone onto the /mlp/ board to convince them not to send her or her parents letters in the mail.
  • Her and her followers have been passing around articles as “proof” that “rape jokes cause rape”, even though they are either from dubious sources, or actually say right in the article that rape jokes don’t cause rape.  They frequently pass around the “One in three/four women will become a victim of rape” “statistic”, which is also outrageously false.  They also make a point of ignoring any and every legitimate point, as well as multiple, credible studies, that discredit their claims.  Let’s not forget the backlash against video games, movies, and television being blamed for violent behavior in the early 90’s - no one could legitimately prove that, either.
  • Pinkiepony blamed “bronies” for “hacking” her computer and stealing $10.  What really happened is this.  A program that was already on her computer merely withdrew their renewal fee, because no one cancelled the service.  She claimed this withdrawal was caused by “a virus”, and was accompanied by her computer filling up with files named “Dumb Cunt”, and that it gave her the “blue screen of death”.  She then claimed that she was able to get a hold of Paypal on a Saturday afternoon, and have them respond back quickly.  Given their 24-hour waiting period for customer service, I highly doubt this.  She then alleged the entire problem to be cleared up within hours after she first posted about being “hacked”.  Needless to say, this is suspiciously convenient.
  • She and her followers had attempted to ban people from the /mlp/ board on 4chan from having vending tables at BABScon.  The proceeds from sales at these tables were to go directly to RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network).  This was accompanied by statements such as “donating doesn’t make you a good person!”, despite her assertions that her alleged donations are “proof” that she is a “good person”.  While their argument was “don’t give them your money - donate directly!”, they failed to take into account how many of the buyers likely would not even think of donating to RAINN themselves.  Their statement is also incredibly hypocritical, since Pinkiepony sells “Down With Molestia” t-shirts.  In the end, BABScon refused the ban request, and are allowing the vendors at the convention.  Meanwhile, this fan base that they claim is so “terrible” has donated tens of thousands of dollars to numerous charities, and all without wanting or needing recognition for it.  “Down With Molestia” has yet to show any figures in terms of donations, nor do any of them donate their time to worthy causes.
  • This “movement” promotes not only unwarranted harassment of the male side of the fan base (including sexual harassment, with comments not only about penis size, but about masturbation), but also the harmful idea that “men can’t be raped”.  They continue to vilify males in the fan base “daring” to enjoy a cartoon that’s even slightly feminine, as well as making other sexist commentary (from people who, again, claim to be against sexism).
  • Pinkiepony alone is wrought with double standards - she claims to be a “feminist”, but is extremely quick to play the “I’m just a teenage girl!” sympathy card.  She is also emotionally manipulative, and has threatened suicide for attention.
  • Her financial practices are very questionable.  She complains about not having enough money to have a vending table at Bronycon, while at the same time, she bids on pony plushies on eBay.

I have written much about this “movement”, and why it’s not only pointless, but also trivializes a serious issue, and only servers to further stain the feminist movement.  There are numerous links to my thoughts on the topic in this post.  Also, for the record, I am a woman that grew up with My Little Pony in the 80’s.  I have a very good understanding of the attitudes of the people in this “movement”, because I was once just as misguided as they are.

It is because of the type of “feminist” in this “movement” that I no longer wish to associate myself with that label.