outfit headcanons: 

- juvia would look so cute in a suit. like a black suit, tie, top hat, everything. 

- evergreen’s gotta get a feather vest sometime. that girl rocks her feathers

- erza would wear short suits (like a suit jacket, button down, tie, and professional shorts. jellal would die)

- this isn’t an outfit headcanon but i just once want to see jellal do the anime “waaah!” face like when they’re really freaked out at something. esp if it was like erza in her underwear or something. and a blush. complete with the “wow!” noise

- lucy likes leopard print. she rocks it with brandish. they wear sunglasses bc they too cool 4 u

- minerva would wear lots of leather jackets with studs. so would gajeel. they’d be the badass squad along with sting and rogue and elfman. the unlikely bamf squad. 

- lisanna would wear tons of flower print. the lovely beach baby. lots of flowers. yas. 

- erza loves stripes. they make her feel professional. and juvia would rock the polka dots like no one’s business. 

- i feel like mira would rock a cat print and no one would bat an eye. she is totally a cat lady and no one can tell me otherwise. 

- cana and her graphic t-shirts. i’m making a fic out of this so stay tuned lovelies.