down with your bad self

Lust and Love

Logan Howlett (Wolverine) x Reader

Warnings: Smut

Words: 2,040

Request: A part of my wants to read ravenous and rough Logan x reader smut and another part of me wants fluffy. Could you maybe write a Logan smut where it’s super fluffy? Or you can do some rough sex. I’m such a hopeless romantic how embarrassing. Thank youuuuuu :-)

A/N: Ah, I got really sappy during the ending. Okay, well I didn’t add fluffy smut per say, and I’m sorry about that, but I did add loads of fluff at the end. I hope you enjoy!

Of all the bad days you’ve had in your life, mind you there have been a lot; this had to take the cake. Your wrists were aching from the constant chuff of the too-tight chains rubbing up against them. The constant clank of chain hitting concrete was the only sound breaking the silence that had fallen over the cell. If looks could kill, Logan would be playing poker with the devil right now. His eyes stayed steadfastly forward, ignoring your seething. You watched his stiff form in the moonlight, almost as if you were trying to mentally send him your anger. Finally, fed up with keeping your anger inside, exhausted with constantly getting the shit end of the stick, and hopelessly annoyed with the man who had landed you here in the first place, you spoke up.

“(Y/N), trust me, I know what I’m doing. (Y/N), what will they do, chain us up and leave us to die? (Y/N), I’m the one with fighting experience. (Y/N), I ca-,”

“Enough,” Logan growled, interrupting your ranting. You didn’t even flinch, your anger outweighing any other emotion.

“If you would’ve listened to me, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” You hissed, your hands shaking against the chains in show. You couldn’t even care that the loud banging hurt your ears or the metal scraping your skin was aching, too busy trying to prove a point to care.

“If I would’ve listened to you, we would be dead.” He snarled back at you.

“If your plan is as solid as you think, how do you suggest we get out of here, captain?” You mocked, attempting to salute as best you could from your position. Your legs were aching with the strain of keeping yourself up high enough so your arms weren’t pulled from their sockets, your muscles groaning in protest. You were frustrated and you needed somebody to blame it on. Considering there was only one other person in the room, you vented all your hate out on him.

“Are you trying to say you can’t get out of these chains?” He raised a brow. You scowled at him, your eyes burning with anger.

“Because I’m the one that got us into this mess so obviously I’m the one that has to get us out,” you muttered sarcastically, your entire body morphing into a cat, causing the chains to thud to the ground. Your hypersensitive ears were ringing, a hiss making its way past your bared teeth.

“Relax,” Logan shushed, removing his own chains from his wrist. You stretched your muscles, returning to human form in the process. “A cat? Out of everything?” You shrugged.

“Don’t act like you’re any better there kitty claws,” you gave his retracted claws a pointed look, prompting him to return them to their natural place.

“Let’s go.” He stated, cutting his way through the barred window. “Do you have anything big enough to fl-,” he was cut off, your oversized talons digging into his shoulders as you lifted him off the ground. “Just great,” he muffled, an annoyed glower marring his features. You flapped your wide wings, loving the feeling of the cool wind rustling your auburn feathers. Flying was one of your favorite things to do; it had a way of making you feel alive. Your beady eyes looked down at Logan, gauging his expression. He was annoyed. You could live with that. You’d been angry at him for hours. Your relationship with Logan had always been, to put it simply, complicated. The two of you were normally overly flirty with each other, stealing every chance you can to just put your hands on the other. However, when the two of you got angry, World War Three was about to start. The both of you had flaring tempers, causing everyone to leave the two of you alone when you were fighting. You couldn’t help it; sometimes he could just be so frustrating. Of course, whenever you went down that alley you’d always been torn between wanting to strangle the man to death and wanting to jump on top of him and fuck him. Your mind always betrayed your angry thoughts, providing you with little facts about how kissable his lips looked or how he might feel with his strong arms wrapped around you, his body thrusting into you. The heated feeling of arousal that you’d become used to pooled in the bottom of your belly, infuriating you to no end. You felt like your body and your mind were betraying you. With a howl, you dropped yourself and Logan by one of the many warehouses that Charles had kept around the world. Logan wasted no time, heading for the door as soon as he was back on his feet. You spread your wings one more time, letting the breeze cool down your heated body, before morphing back into your normal self.

“How bad is it?” You asked, walking into the small, one-bedroomed warehouse. After you and Logan had started your mission to take down the anti-mutant groups, he’d been adamant about buying places to keep the two of you safe once you’d finish a task.

“Not terrible.” Logan replied curtly. You nodded stiffly, hating this part of the fights. It would always either get super awkward or the two of you would just end up blowing up at each other again. “Your wrists are injured,” he stated, his eyes catching on to the red skin covering your wrists.

“Yeah,” you answered, “from the cuffs.”

“Obviously,” Logan muttered. You looked at him unimpressed, your (Y/E/C) eyes shining in something akin to annoyance. It wasn’t nearly as bad as you had been staring at him earlier but it seemed enough to push his exhausted mind over the edge. “Don’t even try blaming that on me. We escaped out of there no problem.”

“We shouldn’t have got caught in the first place,” you pointed out moodily, your sleep-deprived mind causing everything to be much more infuriating.

“No, we shouldn’t have been there in the first place.” Your eyes widened.

“Are you suggesting we left that little girl to die?”

“I’m saying we should have made a plan before diving in blind like that.” You took a step towards him, Logan taking his own step forward.

“Oh, the one time you actually want to use your head before jumping into a fight,” you argued.

“I know which fights actually require thought and which ones don’t,” Logan sneered, his body moving ever closer to your own.

“You are so frustrating.” You yelled, your hands pulling at your (Y/H/C) locks.

“And you’re so maddening.” He yelled back, his body practically pressed against your own.

“Dick.” You muttered, your eyes narrowing at him. There was a second of silence; no breathing, no speaking, no movement. And then, with the speed of a cheetah, Logan was pulling you into his muscular body, his tongue invading your mouth. You wrapped your legs tightly around him, your anger flaring into arousal. One hand gripped your ass while the other was tugging your hair mercilessly. He all but threw you on the edge of the bed, pulling you back towards his center with a bruising grip on your thighs. You knew this wasn’t going to be loving, wasn’t going to be sweet. No, this was going to be rough, animalistic, and feral. With a low snarl in your throat, you ripped Logan’s suit off his chest, not caring where it landed. He returned the favor, a single claw retracting just long enough to tear the fabric of your outfit, leaving your chest bare to him. He let out an animalistic growl, his teeth biting all over your exposed chest. A throaty yowl worked its way out of your throat, your hands dropping to Logan’s pants in a blinding surge of want. His bites faltered when your hands brushed over his confined erection, a pant coming from his open mouth. You were trying, and failing, to remove his pants. He seemed to notice your struggle, shredding them off his body with a smug ease. He did a similar action to your own pants, only feeling satisfied once the two of you were completely bare. The need came slamming back down, causing your vision to spin for a second. Nothing else in your life could ever be as important as having him right this instant. With a ferocious roar, you dug your teeth into his neck. He howled, his hands gripping your thighs roughly. Without so much as a second thought, he pushed his hardened length into your awaiting heat. You dug your teeth in his neck further, inflicting as much pain on his neck as his hands were on your thighs. He didn’t give you time to adjust to his size, slamming his body into your own over and over again. You met him thrust for thrust, your nails raking over his back and your mouth still attached to his neck, drawing blood. Inhuman noises were being torn from his throat, his entire body pushing into your own with a speed too fast to be human. You could feel the pleasure building deep within your stomach, your own lunges speeding up. Your insides clenched impossibly tight, the feeling so, so close. He lifted your leg just a little bit higher, sending his full length careening even further into your slick warmth. Stars exploded, the sun expanded, and the world came crashing down. Your orgasm wracked your entire body, a scream sounding so feral you almost couldn’t believe it was coming from you. Logan’s thrusts sped up for a few more seconds, his body pounding ruthlessly into yours. With a savage howl, he came, his seed warming your insides. His head dropped to your shoulder, his heavy pants heating your skin. You were both too exhausted to care, your bodies dropping back onto the bed effortlessly. Logan pulled you closer to him, your head resting on his chest as your eyes drifted shut. You closed off reality, calling it a day.

Your mind seemed to register the slight tickling sensation on your forehead before anything. You groaned, willing it to go away with your mind. Growling to yourself, you opened your eyes. The second thing your mind noticed was that you were sore in places you didn’t even know you had. Finally, your brain caught on to the fact that you were snuggled into a certain someone’s chest.

“Uh, Logan.” You greeted awkwardly, pulling out of his arms. Now that your head was free of lust and your mind was clear, you felt awkward.

“Good morning, (Y/N),” his lips lifted up in a half smile. You watched him uncertainly for a moment. “(Y/N)?” He asked softly.

“Logan,” you repeated, not entirely sure what to do with yourself. He leaned himself on his elbows, watching you curiously.

“Something the matter?” He inquired.

“We…” You breathed. “You and I… We… Last night… This morning…” You quirked an eyebrow, an amused little smile gracing his face.

“We did,” he confirmed what you already knew.

“So what do we do now?” You asked, fidgeting under the blankets. He lifted his hand, hesitating for a moment before placing it on your bare knee.

“We do what you want,” he replied, his eyes searching your own.

“What do you want?”

“You,” his answer was soft as he watched you. “I,” he paused, “I love you.” Your mouth fell open, gaping at him. “(Y/N)?” He asked tentatively after the silence stretched on for a moment. A blanket at warmth cocooned you at his words.

“I love you too.” You replied, moving closer to his side. He pulled you down on top of him, kissing your lips with a sweetness that had not been present last night. As you moved against his rapidly-hardening erection, you realized you needed this just as much. This time when he kissed you, there was a promise behind it. When he entered you with slow strokes, there was a meaning to it. And when he finally came, the whisper of your name on his lips, there was a devotion to it. The two of you were lustful creatures by nature, but sometimes lust wasn’t enough. Sometimes you needed love to feel whole again.

retreat ( from the haste to end it all )

come on, now!

you know it’s draping you
like a good tattoo,

engulfs with the clingosity of a bad scent,
yr literally swimming in it

if you weren’t immersed
you wouldn’t know what to say, who to do
it delines you -


all up in it
& never-endingly clinging to
every breath you mock

as if

your air is not the rare
jewel in the box

iridescent, irritatingly
pressing your mortal buttons to a shift

any ship without it
would certainly be adrift in the
infinite mega & quanta
of it all.


that which you claim to ‘ship
but are not yet prepared
to sip;

so keep shouting to the mount
you’ll lay your bad self on down

when out your light
life counts.

til then,
breathe & be, 
you’ll be allright;

sit.   smoke something…

get wit’ it - it’s already got you.
8/14 - lebuc - retreat ( from the haste to end it all )

problematic // william nylander pt1

You wandered down the streets of downtown Toronto, unable to see the beautiful sights because of the tears flowing out of your eyes. What did I do wrong? I always tried to put in 110%! Am I really this worthless. The only thoughts going through your head. You had just got a new job, though it was quite boring and not so exciting, but at least you were making good money. Life was great, until Josh decided to have an affair with someone else.
More thoughts were rapidly going in and out of your brain, good and bad, contemplating your self worth. Still looking down, staring at your boots, boots that Josh had bought you. Josh bought me these boots after our first date… You take off one shoe, tears still streaming down your face like a river and, without any hesitation, throw it inspite of your anger towards Josh.
“Hey, we all got problems, but would you mind chucking your shoe in a different direction?” You hear someone yell out, forcing you to look up for the first time in who knows how long. You slowly look up, and notice beautiful baby blue eyes, followed by perfect, luscious blonde hair. You knew who it was. William Nylander, player of the Toronto Maple Leafs. You couldnt believe it for a second, you hit William Nylander with a boot.
You grew up watching hockey, in fact it was your favorite sport, and you knew all about Will and the Leafs. Always gawking over his pictures and those beautiful eyes. Damn. He was so beautiful and such a great hockey player as well. You’ve been to a few games, but you’ve never have the opportunity to meet him, until now.
Will continued to rub is head where the boot had hit, as you make your way over towards him, a bit intimidated. “Are you okay?” You bent down to pick up your boot, and noticed complete silence. You looked up to realize Will had been staring at you in awe. “Mr. Nylander, are you alright?”
“Yeah sorry I just-well, you’re just-I’m sorry I-you’re uh- who are you?” He says taking large breathes in between as you chuckle at his mispoken words. He looks around, and chuckles nervously back at you, with the cutest grin on his face. Why was he nervous? Was he nervous of me? Was he nervous of the mark that stupid boot might leave on his head? I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t throw that boot.
“Me? Just a fan.. and you’re William Nylander if I’m not mistaken.” You say without hesitation.
“Uh yeah,” he laughs, “you watch hockey?”
“Live it, love it, breathe it, Mr. Nylander.” You spoke. It felt more appropriate to address him formally, after all, he was a professional hockey player who deserves all the respect he can get.
“Please,” he reaches down, grabbing your right hand, and places a kiss on top of it, “call me Will.” The sound of his voice and the way he planted a kiss on your hand made you melt. Is he trying to send a message? He can’t be, I just met him 30 seconds ago. Then again, he did seem fairly nervous.
You laughed along and it was as if this last night had completely faded from your mind. You were so focused on the boy whom you had just officially met for the first time. Will continued to stare at you as you stared back into those blue eyes, slowing starting to smile and walk away.
“It was a pleasure to meet you Mr. Ny-… Will.” You smile and start to walk away as you feel someone grab your shoulder and turn you around a full 180 degrees and end up connecting eyes with Will.
“Where are you going?” He looks confused as to why you began to leave him.
“Well, I have to work early tomorrow morning and I’ve had an awful night…” your voice behind to trail off.
“What happened? Do I need to beat someone up for you?” You laughed a little until you realized he was being serious.
“I found my boyfriend cheating on me, nothing big…” you say, attempting to hold back the flow of tears hiding behind your eyes.
“Come one,” he extends his arm and grabs your hand. “Let me show you around this beautiful city of Toronto.”
For some reason, you trusted him, grabbed his hand, and was prepared for a night of a lifetime.

*this is only part one! more to come soon! please send in any requests you would like (preferably nhl/hockey related). hope you enjoyed ((: 💕

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anonymous asked:

Heya, Ratty. I just wanted to drop in and remind you what a dank writer you are! I can hardly manage one character, while you somehow do many! I am always impressed by your writing, and I always get excited to read it when it is on my dash. 10/10, definitely read, -every time-. Keep being excellent, and get down wit' your bad self.

Thank you for your kind words. I am humbled by them. Although I have not written as much as I wish I could, I will try my best to keep writing. Much love to you! <3

I just saw a picture on twitter...

…of a woman who went to PHXCon and was dressed rather provocatively. She has a long rant about the comments she got which were “nasty” because she was dressed in shorts that barely covered her ass and a wide bare midriff for the con on Sunday. She claims this was necessary because it was - get this - hot in Phoenix in June. She says that the comments were hurtful (no doubt true) and have made her not feel welcome in the SPN Family. Well, honeybunch, welcome to real life. Sometimes, people judge you. Actually, at all times people judge you. You’re middle-aged and you should know this by now. Your friends know your sad story about your self-confidence, and I guess I’m glad you feel better. No, I am glad you feel better. Truly. Be down with your bad self. Just be honest. You claim you didn’t dress for attention. You did. No adult woman dresses like that “because it’s cooler”. First, you’re in an air-conditioned hall all day. Air-conditioning means it was no warmer than 72 degrees in the place you actually were for the entire day (I’ve done Sunday con days, you’re busy and indoors all day if you’ve got photo ops, as she did). Jensen, who is next to you in the picture, is wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. Either he was about to literally fry on the spot, or the outfit was not necessary for “cooling” factors. Second, you’re not actually cooler in tight Daisy-Duke-style denim shorts than you would be in knee-length looser-fitting non-denim shorts: scientific fact (which, btw, I learned from my Indian friends in undergrad - there’s a reason people in hot climates do not wear denim! The weight of the fabric is more important than its length in coolness). Third, and what really caught my attention, your pose next to Jensen looks way too coquettish for me to believe you weren’t showing off your “bod” which leads to my fourth point, Jensen looks a bit uncomfortable with you up on him like that. He looks more comfortable in your “old you” picture where you’re just nicely posed next to him with his arm around you. So, my real point for posting this - though a few people will no doubt think it was to “hate” on this woman for being herself (like I said, be down with your bad self - I’m all for honest self-confidence) - is why in hell do some fans think it’s cool to use photo ops for “flirty” poses with married men? That screams desperation for validation to me, not self-confidence. What decent married man really wants to be taking pictures with a scantily-clad woman all up on him (no matter how good she looks) who is not his wife? Sure, you run into him at a waterpark or the beach, even ACL which is outdoors, these things happen, but at an air-conditioned con? 

Mentally ill people have every right to be in a shitty mood. To be irritated. To be upset. To frustrated and annoyed. To want to hole up in our rooms and not talk to anyone.

And don’t let anyone tell you it’s unhealthy or selfish. Slam the door in their face and go right on being prickly and grouchy.

i tried to explain part of bpd to a neurotypical and like
  • me: you see it's like, i have no personality, i'm at a 0, and it takes other people to bring me up to feeling like a real person. i absorb other peoples personalities but i have no likes or interests or hobbies-
  • nt interrupts: see! i knew this whole "bpd" thing was you just putting yourself down! you have such a nice personality and this is just your bad self esteem talking! i'm not gonna sit here and listen to you put yourself down! this conversation is over!
  • me: *next stop on the left: Dissociation Town™*
Lets Cast the Homestuck Tarot! (1/5 - Cups)

After a looooong discussion and leafing through our personal decks, my friend Hannah and I cast the entire thing, Minor and Major Arcana. Surprisingly easy, actually.

Why are you doing this?
Because it is now literally a running joke on my blog that when I enter a new fandom, motherfuckers gotta ask me to cast the tarot for it. And I am weak.

What? There’s already a Homestuck tarot, Lucy!
Yes there is, and let me say as someone who has seen all the cards, it’s a fucking stunning piece of work. Like, design-wise, it is literally one of my favorite decks I’ve seen. Some of the cards are exemplary (off the top of my head, some faves are The Hierophant, Hermit, Four of Cups, Two of Wands, Three of Swords– there are a LOT of beautiful cards).

However, two things. One, the deck was created before Act 6, and it’s obvious. All the Scratch Kids are missing, Caliborn and Calliope, a lot of the later plot points, and many cards are… cast without reflecting the later character reveals. So, it’s dated. Two, I… flat out disagree with some of the castings. So, here’s this!

Also, multiple people fucking asked me, so. There ya go.

I disagree with YOUR choice of [card]!
That’s cool. I fully encourage you to make your own post with your castings. So much of the tarot is personal interpretation, from the decks you are familiar with to the texts you used to learn. I have happily and amicably disagreed with people in the past on card meanings, and I probably will in the future. It’s okay.

Disclaimers over. ONWARD to the Cups! 

Ace of Cups: The Lollipop

This is a pretty tongue in cheek choice, but we cast all the Ace cards similarly. The Ace of Cups is associated with getting in touch with yourself emotionally, finding intimacy, and finding success through following your gut. Trickster Mode works similarly to that, in a dark creepy way, like the most extreme, unhealthy example thereof.

Two of Cups: Dad and Mom Lalonde

A lot of the tarot is about the unification of opposing forces. Two of Cups is that, but on a kind of personal level. It’s like what most people think The Lovers card represents; people coming together romantically or emotionally to form a new unit, setting aside the past to face the future together. Dad and Mom Lalonde totally had that before they were murdered hardcore.

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It’s that time of year when...

…some of my SPN friends are doing GISHWHES and I have to pretend not to loathe both scavenger hunts and performing silly stunts as well as to not find a good deal of what Misha (or whomever) sets up as challenges just fantastically immature and stupid. No, I don’t want to participate in your asininity nor do I wish to encourage your foolhardy “fun”. If you think it’s great fun, be down with your bad self, but please stop flooding social media with your demands for assistance with a really ridiculous “scavenger hunt” (from what I can tell most of it is performing stunts, not scavenging). 

There are 61 days between November 1 and the end of 2014. 

So, Erika (erikawastaken), Melanie (runmiles-smile), and Radley (becoming-rachelgreysummers) are hosting the 61 Days to Greatness challenge! Whether you are a lifter or a yogi, keto or vegan, we want you to join as we commit to finish 2014 together!

For the challenge, we ask that you commit to:

  • 3 days each week of cardio and 3 days each week of strength training or stretching.
  • Creating and posting a weekly meal and exercise plan each Sunday.
  • Posting a daily food log in whatever form works for you! MyFitnessPal screenshots? Great! Notepad list? Perfect?

We recommend you:

  • Take starting pictures and measurements on November 1, 2014
  • Take mid-point pictures and measurements on December 1, 2014
  • Take victory pictures and measurements on January 1, 2015

These don’t have to be shared posted, but are a great way to track your progress!

Every Sunday we will post a list of weekly questions, reflections, or challenges to work on during the week. During the 61 days we will promote a LOT of self love and use the reflection questions as an opportunity to see what is and not working. 


  • Tag everything with 61DTG!
  • You should follow us (runmiles-smile, becoming-rachelgreysummers, and erikawastaken) to make sure you are seeing all the posts.
  • Also, please tag us in your posts so we can reblog your awesomeness! 
  • Do you! If your cardio is running, then run! If your strength training is yoga,get down with your bad self. If you know eating plants makes you run more efficiently, be a vegetarian! This is about using the skills and strengths we already have to be our best selves!

Throughout November and December becoming-rachelgreysummers, erikawastaken, and runmiles-smile will post ideas for workouts, healthy recipes, and promote participants so we can all support each other as we finish 2014 strong!

As a thank you (and because 61 days is a BIG commitment), every active participant who makes it to 2015 will be entered in a raffle to win a $30 Amazon gift card!

Scandal Review, Episode 504, Dog Whistle Politics...

Mark Fish, you did the damned thing. You. Did. The. Damned. Thing.

Guys, guys, we literally went from the ridiculousness of last week, to an episode full of win!

Who knew going in that this episode was going to prove to be one of my top three Scandal episodes of all time. Man it was good. So freaking good.

Anyway, let me get started, I got lots to say!

What I Hated

1.  Jake. Of course.

Guys you know the drill. Whenever that character has more than two words to say, imma gonna be pissed.There was way too much Jake and some inane story line that I literally couldn’t give two fucks about. I did however thank The Power of Beyoncé that after the initial first watch, I know I’m good to skip over those parts in the future, and certainly for my second watch. I will be watching this episode over and over and over again y’all. don’t pretend that you aren’t all gonna do the same.

2.  Eli Pope/Rowan/Asshole Extraordinaire

I can’t with his irrelevant ass. I need this character to die. If he somehow gets released from prison this season, I will be enraged, because honestly, I hate him as much as I hate Jake, which is fitting, because as @katrinapavela likes to remind us, those two mother fuckers came in together and it led to the derailing of the Olivia Pope that we knew.

3.  The Firs scene between the aforementioned assholes.

Jowan (My ship name for them)  talked about something called Lazarus One/1? There was something about selling paintings for billions to help Rowan restart B613 again, and that Jake would have to go and kill somebody in Paris.

 Let me just go and shoot myself already, because I just didn’t give a fuck about this plot. All this effort to give Scott Foley something to do. I can’t y’all.

In the name of informing my readers who may give a shit about such details, I can tell you that Charlie and The Human Vibrator go to Paris to meet some art dealer person. It turns out to be a woman who Jake married, who he thought was dead after waiting for her at Grand Central Station and she was a no-show. Apparently he waited for her for an hour. THV tells Elise that he grieved for her, blah blah blah, and they start to make out. 

Anyway, they set up some sort of sting operation where Jake’s new Domestic Abuse Victim Waiting To Happen is gonna meet some guy to either buy a painting or sell a painting. These are details that I have no interest in confirming, because guess what, I still don’t give a fuck. 

The surveillance screens go all snowy and Charlie and Mr Irrelevant lose sight of Future Domestic Abuse Victim.
The next thing they know, guns go off, so Charlie and THV go rushing in to try to rescue her, only to find the guy she was trying sell/buy from lying on the floor, dead, while she was bleeding from a gunshot wound. If I gave more of a shit, I’d tell you why I think that FDAV totally set up that scene, and that she probably shot herself, but guess what, I can feel myself boiling with rage because I’ve had to write two whole paragraphs on Jake Ballard’s irrelevant plot line. Shonda, hear me now, I don’t give a fuck about this character. Please put him out of my misery, and kill him. Thanks.

Anyway, that’s the last time I’m going to mention THV in this review, so let’s get on with the rest of the show.

What I Loved

1.  The On The Hunt show on BNC News, charting Olivia’s life.

I have to say, I loved that the show took this route. It felt very real, and something that would happen if such a Scandal broke out now. I didn’t appreciate the host, but then I’m not down for irrelevants  talking smack about my baby Olivia.

2.  Pictures of Baby Kerry Olivia

So darn cute!

3.  Francesca Hunter: “Did Olivia Pope’s manufactured sense of privilege make her feel so entitled to that brass ring of power that she simply took it, instead of earning it? Or is she still questing? Is Olivia Pope still seeking to fulfil her father’s dream?

Ugh, there was so much coded language here, I can’t. Why couldn’t she have been one of the journalists that THV shot on his murderous rampage in season 3?

4.  Quinn trying to recruit Marcus the same way that Harrison recruited her.

I so miss Harrison.

I know that OG Gladiators had all the feels, during this scene. The music, Quinn’s Harrison monologue, ugh, tears came to my eyes. Somebody hold me!

5.   Quinn:  “Olivia Pope and Associates needs a mouthpiece. You’re good with the press. You won’t just be some corporate spinner. You’ll be one of us. Look, the job is yours if you want it. It’s the best job you’ll ever have. You will change lives. You will slay dragons. You will love the hunt more than you ever have. I am not crazy. I’m a gladiator in a suit. That’s what you are when you work at OPA. You’re a gladiator in a suit. Do you want to be a gladiator in a suit?”
Marcus: “No.

Burn!!!!!! Did y'all peep the look on Quinn’s face, she was all, this shit worked on me. why didn’t it work on him?  Quinn honey, you were a baby who knew zip about the world, of course it worked on your gullible ass.

6.  Fitz:  “Gabby tied our hands.”

Lol, Fitz was pissed, so Abby goes back to being called Gabby again. Sucks for you girl.

7.  Fitz:  "You’re fired.

Fitz, honey sit down.  He knew even as he said that, that he wouldn’t be firing her, Olivia would never let him do that, and we know how he is when she says jump.

By the way, how much did you laugh when Abby came in, saw Fitz, then tried to run. I  nearly died.

7.  Olivia: ”Ok, now you’re an idiot.

Fitz:  ”Did you just call me an idiot?

I love them. I live for them being so at ease with each other, no angst (well apart from the obvious) just two people in love on the phone. My romantic heart is aflutter again!

8.  Liv not having her curtains closed despite the fact that she’s the biggest source of Scandal and gossip in the world right now.

Really Olivia Pope? Really? Draw them curtains girl, you are literally the most sought after woman in the world right now.

9.  Olivia:  ”My dream job? The White House.

Baby Olivia! Oh ma feels have feels! I love the fact that Kerry is playing a fresh faced college version of Olivia here. Black truly does not crack. Go on with your bad self girl!

10.  Olivia:  ”Whatever’s going down, you two should be able to handle it.

Girl have you met either Quinn or Huck?

11.  Senate Republican’s Women’s Caucus:  ”This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats, it’s about peckers. Too many peckers.

I can’t lie, I howled at the scene with Senate Republican Women’s Caucus. Mellie totally looked like a fish out of water. As usual. By the way, I was totally digging Mellie’s make-up this episode, they did a great job.

12.   Cyrus:   “They want to impeach a man for having an affair?
Mellie:   “They want to impeach a man for having an affair that everyone just shrugs about because a man having an affair is a daily occurrence. They want to impeach a man because all we ever hear is how women are controlled by their hormones but what is more hormonal than a man who can’t keep it in his damn pants? They want to impeach a man because he broke his vows and disturbed the office of the Presidency and distracted the country with his libido and the only person who gets raked over the coals is the woman he screwed. That’s why.
Cyrus: “But…he’s a man.


Cyrus stays being the worst.  Nice speech though Mels.  If it had come from somebody who was slightly more pro female than your dry ass. 

  I did like her little faux feminist speech, even though none of the shit she said was even grounds for impeachment. It sounded good as a feminist rant though.We know how much Shonda loves those fem moments. Such a shame it came from somebody who’s just not that pro women.

13.  Mellie:  ”I do not want to impeach my husband.

Will the real Mellie Grant please stand up?

Cyrus trying to get Mellie to agree to impeach Fitz was such a low move. He knows full well that that mess would indeed make her look petty and shrewish. Of course we knew that Mellie The Moron would backtrack by the end of episode, as she surely did. Wounded pride and high emotion made her do it of course, which means that she’s probably gonna regret her actions later. I aint mad about that.

14.  Marcus:  "Where do you keep the cream?”

Yay Marcus came back!

15.  Senator Gibson:  "His whole administration, he’s had these bitches  lined up like planes on a jetway.


16.  Fitz:  ”I wonder where Teddy is, you can’t find him?

Baby Teddy! 

The writers remembered that the Grants have children, and look, he’s an actual boy, rather than the twin girls they were using! I love this episode so darned much!

17.  Mellie:  ”I don’t want us to fight any more, if you don’t hurt me, I won’t hurt you. Ok?

Fitz:  ”Ok.“

Guys this was such a cute moment between Fitz and Mellie. I knew it wouldn’t last because Mellie is such a hot head, but yeah, it was a lovely moment. 

18.  Marcus:  ”I was in line at the grocery store this morning, there was a couple in front of me. White, mid-sixties, the wife’s looking at a picture of Liv, and the husbands going on and on about how angry Liv looks, how he totally believes that she took advantage of the president, because she looks conniving and power hungry. But the wife, God bless her, defended Olivia by saying “she must be pretty sharp if she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and make it out of the ghetto.
Olivia went to one of the most expensive boarding schools in Europe

Quinn: “So you’re not just here for the money then.
Marcus: “I’m here to help a sister out who helped me when I needed it.

Ugh, I loved this entire  conversation. I am so here for Marcus. A normal person who doesn’t get off on having sex around blood. It’s like a new day in the Scandalverse. 

19.  Senator Gibson:  "The next time you decide to go outside your marriage, choose yourself a girl who’s a little more palatable to the base.

Oh no he didn’t. 

Shonda went there. What a fucking asshole.

I’m so mad that the Republicans wanted to kill the Brandon Bill, but equal pay was ok because somebody’s wife was driving him bonkers? Ugh.

20.  Francesca Hunter: ”Those hard times faded though when Pope began dating older men. No doubt drawn to her youth and her beauty, these men didn’t just share the fact that they were older, but that they were powerful.

I’m not gonna lie, I have no idea why a girl dating rich powerful men would be such a problem. But we know all about the double standards when it comes to men and women so there’s that…

21.  Olivia:  ”Did you know that there’s a porn version of us?“

Wait, was she on Tumblr?

21A.  Olivia:  “ A lot of people, a lot of Internet people, cowards who won’t use their names apparently want to have me killed. Also raped. How come whenever a woman does something that people don’t like the only way these men on the Internet know how to express themselves is by threatening rape. I have at least a thousand threats of rape, here. Just on this one site. From guys who are mad that I had the audacity to be born female…and black. 

Do you think if I told them I own a gun, and that I’ve shot someone they’d threaten to rape me? Do you think if I told them I’ve survived being kidnapped and tortured they would get that their weak little misspellings barely make me blink? That I would welcome the chance to take out a little bit of PTSD on the next man who put his hands on me?” 

Fitz:  “Turn off your computer now or I will come over there while all the reporters are outside your building and turn it off for you.”

Olivia:  “I’m fine. I’m losing it…but only a little bit. I’m fine.”

Oh God, this scene made me cry. I love how much emotion Kerry is able to convey with very few words,  just using the inflections in her voice. Ugh. Somebody hold me. My poor baby is going through some things right now. At this point, I needed Fitz to do something. Indeed, I had faith that he would.

22.  Cyrus comparing his loss of Fitz with Mellie’s loss of her son.

I hate him so much. This was the same Cyrus talking about not giving in to emotion last  week, now he’s all salty and making rash decisions based on his emotions. Ugh. Bastard.

23.  Mellie: ”Get out, before I have you thrown out.

Well that partnership didn’t last long. I think Mellie realized that Cyrus was never gonna be fully about her. Everything was about Fitz, and if he threw him a bone, he’d go chasing after it, returning it to him, wagging his tail, waiting to be petted, and told what a good boy he was.

24.  Reporter:  ”Just tell us why she won’t defend herself as passionately as she defends her client, she’s usually so well spoken.“
Marcus:  ”For a black woman. She’s usually so well spoken for a black woman, isn’t that what you meant? I say that because I’ve been looking at the last 72 hours of your station’s news coverage, and when you’re not suggesting that Olivia Pope is an angry black woman, you’re implying that she’s a home wrecker who slept her way to the top.

I salute you Marcus.

25.  Marcus: This. Is. War. There is no script. You can choose the battle, but if you send me me out, I’m fighting my way. I don’t play, I don’t hide, I don’t hold back or look for exits, and I sure as hell don’t lean on the ropes and take it, I swing, because that’s me, that’s who I am.  That is how I Gladiate.

I love him. 

26.  Marcus: "Olivia Pope doesn’t fit with the slutty mistress stereotype, so instead of representing her as she is, a formidable passionate advocate, you take the easy route, shading her, using all manner of coded language. There’s a name for that Claire. And it’s Dog Whistle politics…

BNC host: ”Are you accusing me of using offensive language?” 

Marcus: “Yes. On this network alone, Olivia Pope has been described as lucky, sassy, ambitious, well spoken, well mannered, articulate, shrill, calculating, overconfident, secretive, urban, hot blooded, known to use thug politics, arrogant,  a siren. Words like these mean nothing to the general public, which is why the media, and I’m including you in there Claire, can get away with using them. But when women of color like MS Pope hear that kind of coded language, they know exactly what you’re getting at.

Damn, I really needed somebody to defend Olivia this diligently. I needed somebody to really Gladiate for her. Marcus, welcome to OPA. We the fans didn’t know how much we needed you.

27.  Interviewer: “Would you like to add anything else before you go?”

Huck:  "Dog whistle politics.

Interviewer: “Yes, you’ve said that a few times now.“

I howled.

28.  Marcus:  "So, who’s going to tell Olivia that I work here now?”

Huck:  ”I will. I’m damaged. She doesn’t like to yell at me.

It’s almost like the show knows what a monster they’ve been turning Huck into. Such a great moment of levity. We’ve missed that on this show. I feel like OPA is back baby!

29.  Fitz:  ”In my office, it’s not about doing the smart thing, it’s about doing the right thing.

I love this scene between Fitz and Abby. I loved the fact that Fitz finally  realized that Olivia is not the best judge when it comes to protecting herself, and doing what’s best for her.

30.  Fitz going to Olivia’s apartment.

Oh ma God. I just about swooned when it became clear where Fitz was going. Did y'all see the look on Liv’s face? She wanted to be so mad, but how could she be when the love of her life was about to throw deuces at the world and come to her apartment, and claim her as his. There was this look of ”Oh my God, he’s coming for me, he’s really going to do it.“  Ugh. I just. I loved it, loved it, loved it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. As much as I wish Kerry would be given the same types of monologues that have the white main stream media masturbating over Bellamy Young’s acting, the fact is, she’s so expressive, that Kerry the actress never needs all those words to convey how she’s feeling. She hits it out of the park every time. She was brilliant in this ending montage. (Don’t get me wrong, I still need Olivia the character to be given those fucking words.)

31.  Olivia:  ”What the hell are you doing?  What the hell are you doing?

Fitz:   “The right thing. I’m taking my girlfriend on a date.

I’m not even ashamed to say that a I screamed out loud when Fitz told her he was taking her on a date. Ma feels had feels, and those feels had feels guys.

32.  Fitz:  "Look away guys, I’m gonna make out with my girlfriend.

This was such a Pretty Woman moment, but I was totally here for it. Olivia still had that dazed and confused look on her face, but the joy when he kisses her, she has never looked like that with anybody else on this show. Her feelings for Fitz even though she rarely articulates them are there to see in that moment. She’s in love, and for one reckless moment, she’s just going to go with it, and fuck the world at large who disapprove of their relationship. 

All Fitz has ever wanted to do is to publicly claim her, and now he has the chance and he’s not backing out, and he’s not giving her the opportunity to run out on their relationship again.  He’s determined to be with her, and fuck everybody else. I literally don’t give a fuck how messy and probably selfish that thought process is, I just love it, regardless. Guys, we’ve waited five freaking seasons for this. We deserve this. Let them be messy in public for once. We can go back to doom and gloom and misery next week, when another writer not quite as good as Mark Fish takes the helm.
For now, I’m dancing a jig and praising Shonda for finally giving us what we want. Even though she’s bound to take it away from us by the end of the season. Maybe even by the end of this half of the season. Whatevs, I’m going to enjoy this Olitz ride while it lasts. 

Reporters:  ”An unprecedented sight, as President Grant escorts his reputedmistress Olivia Pope. A bold move, as if he’s daring the world to come between them.“


Mellie is mad as hell of course. I can’t blame her, but this whole impeachment business will not be a good look for her ambitions in the end. She’s so fucking shortsighted. I can’t. 

I’m not even going to speculate on next week because I don’t care, so here are some beautiful Olitz gifs to keep you until next week’s mess begins.


Reblog if your parents have ever pushed you down or lowered your self esteem or made you feel bad about yourself and choices in ANY way.

Trying to prove to my parents that it is possible that they’re doing this to me after they boldly stated “Parents don’t do that.”