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  • Honestly the argument of Harley and Ivy being an abusive relationship (which it isn’t) only arose in backlash from people calling out how JxH is abusive (which it is), and even if the intent isn’t to be sapphobic/homophobic/wlwphobic, they’re trying to tear down a wlw ship to make their straight ship look good, and the outcome is several kinds of phobic. Harley and Ivy’s relationship has been tumultuous in the past, but its rocky nature is neither consistent nor prevalent. Basically if someone ships JxH but claims that Harley and Ivy are just as if not more toxic stay far, far away.

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Bon Voyage kinda brings me a certainty that jungkook and tae never had or have a romantic relationship, they are really cute and partners in crime, but I talk about how they are comfortable. And on them they slept in the same bed, I think if tae and kook was real it would not be shown, do not get me wrong, I'm not here to debunk interaction in any way, I mean when was jikook together was almost always in the corner or behind the other members

Just a disclaimer: I’m sure neither of us intend to bring down any ships. I get that calling a pair that people ship “bros” can be like the worst insult, so I’ll go about it a different way, at the same time bringing out a lot of things that I have thought for awhile: as to why people prefer one ship over the other.

“Taexkook” is, like your description suggests, a ship stemmed from the best friends to lovers trope. “Partners in crime” is a great reason to ship a pair, and some people like seeing the fluffiness and comfort within a relationship, and that’s just what they are at the core: a fluffy comfort with no tension, no hindrance, nothing. Just pure happiness. Them sleeping in the same bed, cuddling…etc. are pure fluff examples of this. They are kind of like…the “ideal”. You know, where in K-drama, it would be that “second lead syndrome” ship: where the second lead is the perfect guy: generous, cares for her and is the “perfect man” who would suffer for her. A lot of people have “second lead syndrome”, and tbh, usually almost all my friends always prefer this ship over the “main ship” persay: “She would be happier with him.” “He doesn’t give her trouble.” etc. etc. It is the ideal relationship.

On the “main couple” in stories, dramas whatever contain a key element that the “second lead couple” never ends up possessing: tension. A forbidden relationship, he hurts her in some way, she hurts him back, it’s just a mess of angst and feels sometimes but at the end of the day, all that tension and enduring turns into passion somewhere along the way. 

And that’s kind of like what Jikook is to me. And I’m sure a lot of you from what I’ve been reading. 

They are by no means a couple with smooth sailing. Why do you think Jikook fics are so angsty like all the damn time? Even the notion of “one-sided” love still exists because of their previous push and pull dynamics. Their relationship is intriguing: Jungkook acts like he is burdened by Jimin’s attention, but goes out of his way to earn it. Jungkook acts uncomfortable when Jimin says he cuddles with him to sleep but then openly states that he wants to share a bed with him as if it were the most natural thing in the world. It’s a ship that keeps you on your toes, basically, and everytime there’s an interaction it’s like the world has come crashing down because it feels right but at the same time you’re like “OMG IT’S HAPPENING. IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?”

And I completely agree with the whole “Jikook-is-always-in-the-BG” thing, because that’s their charm. They’re “sketchy”, their relationship is interpreted as forbidden in a way, which makes it all the more exciting yet realistic in a way to shippers.

And by the end of it all, even though I may prosper at the sight of those gorgeous heart eyes and those smitten smiles and those subtle yet meaningful hints of skinship that I claim to see, I admit that it might be because my Jikook lenses are too strong. 

However, say what you want (*starts singing Boy in Luv*) but Jimin and Jungkook as a duo is still strong af, and even if they hand’t been my first ship I think they would’ve ended up as one of my top ships anyway, because not only do they harmonize and dance exceptionally well together in music (in ways that make your heart do the tumblies), the way they smile at each other in real life is also just too cute to pass up ;P

Thank you sending me this ask, anon. ^^ It definitely allowed me to say what I was thinking and I agree with you :D

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If you don't mind me asking why don't you like kevedd?

It just really has nothing to do with canon and makes absolutely no sense with the characters. Like other than the ship using their designs, it’s really just… no longer Double D and Kevin… its completely OOC. Its taking the two “hottest” boys in the cast and having them make out all for the aesthetic of jock/nerd. 

I was at a convention once selling EEnE prints and i had one girl come up to me (ME. A HUGE EENE NERD WHO HAS SEEN EVERY GODDAMN EPISODE TWICE OVER) and try and tell me that Kevedd was canon even though they admitted to not even watching the show. And you know, that’s fine for her, but I just can’t get down with that. Like you ship it? Fine. But don’t try and tell me it’s canon. At least be aware that is VERY for from it.

It’s just a great example of how things will get twisted so far from their original source material to the point where people don’t even want to put the effort into finding the source and deciding whats canon and forming opinions for themselves. This is how actuality gets twisted. In anything. Which goes into how frustrated i get with people and how they don’t frickin frackin look for evidence and just accept whatever is in front of them and ugh. Okay. anyway. 

That’s why I dislike Kevedd to the 10th power.

Anything for You

Request:  Could u write a one shot where the reader is dating Poe and they get kidnapped and tortured by kylo ren? Could the reader also be kylo’s little sister and when she is rescued by Poe she tells leia (and maybe Han if he’s around) what happened.

Character(s): Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren

Word Count: 3487


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You were taught that things were not to be expected, to always stay light on your feet. As you fought on the battlefield, you were not expecting the stormtroopers you were fighting to call in so much reinforcement but you were not expecting that one of the ships to land down would be containing your brother, infamous Kylo Ren, master of the Knights of Ren. As soon as you noticed the ship, you froze in your spot from shock.

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lmao as if my day wasn’t shitty enough

I’ve been extremely exhausted all day and just overall feeling very depressed for no reason, and then I come home and see the spoilers for ch 499 everywhere. I’m so uncomfortable right now and I honestly feel sick. I can’t imagine continuing ft now.

I know some people will say it’s immature to hate a ship so much that seeing it makes you wanna throw up, but I can’t put into words how much I absolutely hate gruvia. I fucking hate it with all my heart and I’m not sorry. so don’t come to me telling me to calm down because I won’t. this ship has always and will always make me uncomfortable.

It’s amazing how people are still being immature in this fandom. There’s no excuse for such ignorant behavior.

We’re human beings who have this amazing thing called opinions. We’re all entitled to them. Not everyone’s going to see things the same way you do. That’s okay. We’re all different, and we all deserve respect. Agreeing to disagree prevents a lot of fighting.

It’s when you go up to those people and try to shove your opinion down their throat that you become a giant dick. Let everyone ship what they like. Let everyone criticize what they want as long as they’re being considerate about it. Get over yourself.

Just let people do their thing. It’s really not that hard. Coexisting peacefully is not impossible. Let the pointless conflicts go.

are you lesbophobic: a test

have you spent six months incessantly tearing down a canon f/f relationship in order to validate your m/f ship? do you constantly invalidate the lesbian who made up half of this f/f ship and revel in her death, praising the disgusting and lesbophobic manner in which said death was written?

if you answered YES to both or either of these: congrats! you’re a gross human being

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Sorry, soonhon anon, i forgot to write the number, 3

Most common argument?

Most people think that they get into constant arguments over the music and choreography, but their thoughts are always just so perfectly aligned when it comes to their performances that it’s almost eerie.

No, when Soonhoon argues, it always revolves around one thing (incident) in particular:

“I’m going to just say this one more time, so you better listen up - if we’re talking about who first developed feelings between the two of us, it was clearly you, okay?”
“Sure, sure whatever you say Mr.-I-secretly-watched-your-audition-through-the-window or should I just shorten that title to stalker?”
“…ok look I’m sorry Jihoonie please put down the guitar. Remember that I love you.”

Send me a ship + a number!

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NYMA!!! X!!! GRELL!!!

“You know…” Grell swung down from the ship, landing lightly next to her. “I’ve never met an alien before.”

“Funny,” Nyma replied, propping her hand on her hip and giving the other a once-over. “I’ve never met a reaper before.”

The once-human couldn’t help her surprise. “You know what I am?”

Nyma smirked. “Please, we’ve known about you for ages.”


She rolled her eyes. “My species.”

Grell leaned in, shark-teeth bared in a toothy grin. Nyma didn’t even flinch. “You’ll have to tell me about them~.”

The alien leaned in, and winked. “I’m sure I can spare a moment.”

Yesterday afternoon, I saw a reply to an ask on araeph’s blog in which the anonymous asker alleged that Zutara would be abusive.  There is no excuse for this.  Relationships aren’t magically abusive without someone willing to be abusive being part of it.  Neither Zuko nor Katara is abusive, and the assertion that they are is disgusting.  In canon, they develop a strong, healthy friendship.

I started this blog because Mai gets a disproportionate amount of character hate, but this does not mean that character hate directed at Katara or Zuko to tear down Zutara and Zutarans is okay.  It is not a contest.  There is no justification for it.  Do not.  It is bullying.  If you cannot ship your ship without tearing down someone else’s ship, and the characters who are part of it, you need to back away and not ship.

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Is Freelee ever jealous of other girls because of the attention you get? I'm having that problem with my girl, she doesn't like me getting too much attention from her girl friends cause she thinks they are hitting on me.

If a girl is excessively jelly then chances are they are doing ground work on someone else 100%.

A bit of jelly is ok but if it is daily or weekly then yeah, you can be certain she is doing the dirty or soon will be.

Maybe you are not giving her enough attention so then she does the dirty and then feels guilty about it so takes it out on you.

Maybe she is just a gold digger or fame digger.

Maybe she thought you were something you were not and then she is scared of being alone so she makes sure she has another relationship to jump ship to when you guys finish.

Sit down with her and have a D&M and make sure you both are not rushing to work right away and are both had enough sleep/water and or sugar prior to the sit down D&M.

Write down some goals and expectations of what you want, need and feel.

Let me know how you go.

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controversial shipping asks ; accepting
     💖 : ship that needs more love

If I had to name a bunch of ships that needed more love off the top of my head, we’d be sitting here for hours while I rant about each fandom and how they love to disrespect other ships in preference of their own faves. So to dumb it all down into one category, any and all ships where a character is looked down on because they get in the way of another ship needs much more love. Like Sora x Kairi for example…….. because I notice a lot of people just shit on it because Kairi “gets in the way” of Sora x Riku….. smdh…….


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AWH BBY!!! <333 I’m so glad that my blog could help make your day even a lil bit better! I’m sorry you had such a crumby one to begin with! :( 

BUT YES ITH IS AWESOME AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AHHHHHHH!!! And my helpless Ham is pretty awesome, too ;D <333