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Apparently there’s been some less than happy shitty, angst baiting spoiler vibes floating around the fandom and I’ve never been great at letting things fester if I can help in any way so…..

Look- you don’t have to take my word for any of this. I could just be telling you things you already know. For some people this type of drama is something they enjoy and if that’s what floats your boat then more power to you. But if you’re someone that is honestly stressing about this stuff and needs a little reassurance then please… allow me. 

There has been so much time and effort invested in our boys. Right now - after the last two weeks - interest in Robron is at an all time high. OF COURSE they’re going to push the drama. The spoiler sources know they have a captive audience who wants to see where ED will take Robron next. They’re gonna play up every scrap of drama that they possibly can. 

But I mean….

Proposing to Aaron was not a decision Robert made out of fear of losing him. He didn’t do as a ‘thank god we’re alive’ type of thing. He didn’t do it on a whim. He thought it through, he had a romantic date planned in a location that was special to them (side note: I love that Aaron assumes that they’re there to bone.) he had talked to Vic about it, he bought two rings, he was practicing his proposal speech. 

After being in love with Aaron for nearly two years - both while being with him and while being without him - he made a choice… he chose Aaron. He chose Aaron over everything and everyone else. He went into this with his eyes wide open. They have had so many ups and downs they could be their own ride at an amusement park. So it’s not like now he’s suddenly gonna balk at the commitment.

ED understands what Rorbon mean to people. They know they have a wickedly passionate fanbase. They’re not stupid. I personally do not believe they’re going to tank THE current Power Couple of the show for some bullshit cheating storyline. Could I see some kind of misunderstanding or miscommunication thing happening? Yeah. But do I think they’re gonna start trying to sink us? Not likely. Not while they still have an audience who has invested their time and interest in Aaron and Robert and their relationship.


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Wanna bet Percy sent off for the royal jeweler to get a necklace/jewelry made from the dragon claw/teeth for Vex.

Because that would be the purest of romantic gestures. Jewelry from the corpse of your enemy.

Jfc it is so fun to see the full Robert Sugden Personality Spectrum in all it’s glory. During the proposal, in the car and his reactions afterward and then on Monday we saw this sweet, caring compassionate guy who was so attentive and loving to Aaron that the Robron fandom collectively had the meltdown to end all meltdowns. 

But today? Today he was such a dick! He was smarmy, cocky, brutal and vicious. He took every cheap shot that he could. He was a complete and total asshole. I don’t even like Chrissie and my jaw was dropped at some of the shit he was slinging at her. And it wasn’t even like he was lashing out. Each insult was a carefully chosen, precise hit. I don’t know if it would have had the same impact if there hadn’t been so much amazing romantic stuff between him and Aaron recently or not. 

But I mean he goes from being thoughtful enough to change his drink order since he’s going to get Aaron. To verbally ripping Chrissie apart AND I LOVED IT.  Not only do scenes like these showcase Ryan’s range as an actor but it shows how radically different Robert is with Aaron then with anyone else.

Aaron is the only person that he ever really let’s all the way in. Aaron has seen him at his absolute weakest and he’s the only one Robert trusts to protect him and his heart when he’s vulnerable. He loves his own family obviously, and I think he legitimately sees Chas and Liv as family now. From there it just seems like everyone else lands somewhere between “most tolerated” and “most hated”.

If I’m being perfectly honestly THIS IS ALL I HAVE EVER WANTED.  For Aaron to be the exception, for him to be the one that matters most. Then everyone else just falls in line after him. 


“He was in New York. I thought you might like to see him.” 
“Thank you, Tony.” 


 First of all: SHMIEL!!! 

Secondly: Tony, you are a mensch. 

He knows that Ziva is hurting and doing her best to push everyone away, but if he can’t reach her, he’s gonna bring her the one person who can. 

Because right now, this is about Ziva and what is best for her, and that person is Shmiel, who she probably feels the safest with. It’s so touching. 

I mean, that’s not even getting into the fact that Tony is in contact with Shmiel and knew that the Man of Steel (LOVE IT) was in New York at the moment, and arranged for him to travel to DC to be by Ziva’s side, and offered his home (his infamous sanctuary) for their reunion without a second thought. Tony may not like sharing his personal abode with just anyone, but clearly these people aren’t just anyone, especially not right now.

(Shmiel knows, you guys.)

Even ignoring the obvious heart eyes here at the moment, it’s just further proof of what a family they’ve all become collectively, that they’ve got this intimate knowledge of each other’s respective coping mechanisms. 

And then there’s Ziva’s reaction, which is so interesting. She’s still trying her best, initially, to remain cool, like she’s been trained for her whole life not only as a Mossad officer, but as a child who’s experienced a lot of loss due to where she grew up. And while she does kind of push Tony away at first, she does begin to relent a little – qualifying her short stay not as an insult, but because she’s going to go back to Israel ASAP to bury her father.

But then, Tony’s surprise, for lack of a better word, catches her off-guard in the best possible way, and suddenly the only person she can truly relax with in his world is by her side, next to probably the only other person who would come close. 

And that gratitude of hers is so genuine and lovely; she doesn’t have any fight left in her, and all she can do is be thankful that Tony, more than anyone else in her family, looks out for her best interests. Right now, if that means summoning the Man of Steel to his beloved man-cave so that Ziva can process her grief with one of the few people left in her life who’d understand, and who she can unequivocally trust? That’s love, there’s no other way to put it.

I’m sorry, I need to go drown in my feelings because there’s a whole lot of episode left and I’m not prepared.

Observant :Young!Remus Lupin x Reader

Day 4, goes to Sarah! Hands down I ship you with Remus. :’) But, anyhow, I want to thank Cee for helping me a bit with the idea. I hope you like it, lovely! This one is one of my favorites too because I love photography hehe. @loonylittlemoony

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Y/N is tittering around her dorm room, fixing things here and there after a long week of classes, when she huffs slightly picking up dirty clothes and spare notes from random classes. She glances around the room, nodding in appreciation at the new found cleanliness of it before she plops backwards onto the bed with a dramatic huff. She sighs, feeling the coolness and soft brush of her sheets and soft blankets. It felt so nice to finally be done for the week. She closes her eyes for a few moments, breathing in deeply.

And that’s when the door to her dorm opens with a creak, and she lifts her head slightly, peering through one eye. She smiles as her boyfriend pokes his head through the crack, smiling at her with tired eyes. 

“Hi.” She whispers, voice muffled into the covers as she turns on her side to see him better. He chuckles slightly, before stepping into the room with his long lanky legs. He shuts the door behind him and loosens his tie as he makes his way over to her. 

“Hi sweetheart. Tired?” He mumbles softly, kneeling down next to her and brushing hair away from her face. She hums in agreement, leaning closer to him and reaching blindly for his sweater collar to pull him closer. 

“What are we doing tonight?” She asks him, playing with his tie gently.

 “Well, I was thinking we could go on one of our walks, but if you’re tired we can stay in and read, my love.” Remus whispers softly, pressing his lips to her forehead. She smiles, as they linger there for a moment.

 “No, no, let’s go.” Y/N says, propping up slightly on her elbow, suddenly full of energy. Remus chuckles at her reaction, smiling at her with amusement. 

“You sure, sweetheart? We don’t have too.” He encourages, gently dragging his knuckles across her cheek. 

“ ‘M sure, let me just grab my camera.” She replies, kicking her legs out of the blanket. He offers her his hand and helps her up.

Y/N balances on the log, one foot in front of the other as she and Remus walk around the forest. The sun is setting, leaving the forest tainted in shades of golden warm rays and enlightening everything for the last time that day. It’s a  bit chilly, the autumn particularly crisp tonight as they hobble along their usual path. Y/N balances, her tongue poking out of the corner of her mouth slightly as she comes towards the end of the log. She jumps off the end and land with a thump, causing scattered leaves to fly around her feet and settle again a few moments later. 

 She turns, y/h/c flying in the air as she squints into the forest for her boyfriend. They tended to stick in the general same area even if they wanted to do their own things, but she couldn’t spot him today. “Remus??” She bites her lips, scanning the trees around her for her lanky boyfriend. 

“ Right here, love. Cold?” Remus asks, lips against her ear, as he comes up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist, bringing her back against his chest.

 “No, not anymore.” Y/N mumbles, leaning back into him. He laughs, warm breath fanning her neck as he moves her hair to the side and presses his lips against the now visible skin, tugging down at her scarf as he trails kisses down the length of her neck.

 “Remus!” Y/N giggles, squirming away and turning around in his arms.

 “Hey, come back here. I wasn’t done! C'mere.” He whines, pouting slightly at her as he reaches forward with his hands.

 “No! We’re losing time, and light.” She points out with a head tilt before turning on her heels and heading deeper into the forest.

The leaves are crunching underneath her boots, and the breeze is picking up speed now, causing her to wrap her sweater tighter against her body. She holds her camera in one hand, strap wound around her palm tightly as she looks around the forest for something she has yet to capture on film. 

“But love, ‘m cold!” Remus calls from behind her.

 Y/N smirks slightly, shaking her head as she keeps her eyes alert, “Remus, you’re a walking furnace, you aren’t cold.” 

“Fine, maybe I just want some cuddles.” He mumbles quietly, but not enough for Y/N not to catch it. 

She comes to a stop in front of the pumpkin patch outside Hagrid’s hut, shoes kicking up dirt slightly as she narrows her eyes. The sun is setting still in the background, golden hour right on time. She watches as the big tree in Hagrid’s yard sprinkles leaves carelessly in the wind. “Perfect.” She mumbles to herself before tracking over there. 

She kneels down in front of a pumpkin, large, and settles her camera on the top of it, leaning down to look into her viewfinder. The shot was set up well, but something was missing. She pulls back slightly, to get a wider view, wracking her brain of what exactly the frame needs. 


“Remus? Love?” She asks, looking over her shoulder. 

“Hmm?” Remus asks, he’s leaning against a tree a few feet away, arms crossed and smirking at her. 

She smiles sweetly, ‘Can you help me with this shot?” 

He raises his eyebrow at her in a taunting attitude, “Oh, so you need me now do you?” 

Y/N huffs, “Please, love, the sun- it’s about to set. I promise we can cuddle when I get back. Please, please.” She juts her bottom lip out for good assurance, and Remus chuckles, pushing off the tree and heading over to her. 

He leans his hand down and rubs his thumb on her bottom lip, “Fine, fine. Just stop pouting.”

 Y/N kisses his thumb slightly, a grin spreading across her face. “Where do you need me?” He asks, walking in front of the camera. 

“In the center, right there, under the tree.. A little to the left love, little more… perfect! There.” Y/N says, squinting slightly, before pulling back and getting her wand out of the back of her jean pocket. 

“You want me in the middle of the frame?” Remus asks skeptically, reaching back to rub his neck. 

“Yes, love. Please.” Y/N says, peering up at him. Remus hated being the subject of her photos. He sighs dramatically, but nods.

 “You owe me a lot of cuddles.” 

Y/N laughs, winking at him as she holds her wand up at an angle pointing towards the tree. 

“What do I do…? How should I stand?” He mumbles, shuffling his hands awkwardly. 

“Just lean against the pumpkin, love. Cross your ankles, there we are. No.. wait.” Y/N mumbles, glancing at the sun and hurrying up and over  to fix his jacket. She looks up, fixing his hair slightly too. He’s smiling at her, as he leans forward and captures the inside of her wrist with a series of fluttery kisses. 

“Needy today?” She mumbles quietly, smiling at him as she cups his cheek. 

“Something like that, yeah. Better hurry, sweetheart. Sun’s about to set.” 

Y/N nods, hurrying back and reassuming her position, “Alright love, on three. One… Two…. Three.” She waves her wand with her camera free wand just as the light wavers behind Remus perfectly, painting him in an almost halo like way, and the a few leaves scatter down around him and the pumpkins, and with a  quick press of her finger, the flash goes off. 

She grins, standing up with the camera as she rushes over to him, “C’mon, c’mon…” She mumbles impatiently, hand outside the film producer. The photo comes out and she pulls at it, shaking it quickly and tapping her toes in her boots. 

“Let’s see.” Remus says, taking it out of her hand.

 She bites her lip nervously, as he looks at the slowly appearing picture. ‘Is it good?” 

 He laughs, reaching an arm over and pulling her into him, “Look for yourself, love.” She peeks an eye open and glances at it, and it’s perfect. 

The colors, the light, his smile, it’s all iridescent. 

“Oh, Remus.” She whispers taking it from him. 

“Observant, aren’t you, sweetheart?” He says, leaning over and kissing her temple. “It’s amazing. My talented girl.” He praises, glancing at the photo once more. 

“Thank you.. Let’s go, love. I think I owe my model his compensation, don’t I? What do you have in mind? ” She asks, kissing his cheek. 

He laughs, taking her face into his hands and brushing his nose against hers in a brief eskimo kiss, “Sure do, love. I have a few ideas…”

Well I guess I know how we’re getting down from this ride.

Everyone strap it, because this ship is gonna crash.

“And it’s stronger than you!”

And that’s a great way to end the song. Also the reason Jasper lost, Garnet’s love for herself got her through that fight.


Welp, guess that’s it for Peridot for now.

She’ll definitely be back though.

Bleach is the New IR Tag!

Maybe stop being so concerned about IchiRuki and make your IchiHime tag half as lit? Half as good?

Y’all really gonna assume the role of victim because we tag our content appropriately? Maybe learn some self control and scroll down. Maybe start actually shipping IchiHime and maybe stop dedicating your lives to shitting on IchiRuki?

Big babies, you tag IchiHime posts as Bleach too. Don’t know if you missed the memo, but that’s the overarching fandom: B-L-E-A-C-H.

Guess you can’t judge yourselves the way you see and judge others

honestly though like i live for any and all relationships with kit. i know he’s a hard person to develop relationships with but if you’re willing to go into it with me bless your soul


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Megatron was away from the Nemesis. The ship was running smoothly in his absence thanks to Tarn’s and Soundwave’s own efforts, the crew were slowly getting ready to leave Earth, their mines were being shut down. And Megatron was off the ship. Soundwave knew why, and that exact reason was why he found himself standing in front of Tarn’s quarters.

Here, he hesitated. He wasn’t sure what exactly he was expecting from this, or why he had even thought it was a good idea. Things had been tense between them, awkwardly so, enough to make Soundwave feel incredibly self conscious as he shifted his weight a tiny bit. He’d brought a cube of high grade with him, since that was what people seemed to do when they wanted to make a peace offering - he knew that, just like he knew it was good high grade, despite not liking to drink, himself. Likewise, he had left Laserbeak under her heating lamp, as she was still furious with Tarn. He had made the necessary preparations, yet he still didn’t feel quite ready to actually request entrance and take that last step. It was oddly intimidating.

Swallowing the feeling, Soundwave steeled himself, growing motionless as he sent Tarn a wordless ping, asking to be let in.

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Would you guys happen to know if anyone has written or drawn anything with Ghost-senpai x Viktor-sensei? (Do they have a ship name? ... Is a ship name kind of hard when one of them doesn't actually have a name...?)

Hihi~ These two new senpais are VERY popular, and a lot of fanart has been done already! In fact, we already reblogged some already. You can also see what we reblog and posted for Ghost-senpai >> here << and Viktor >>here<< (although both tags are fairly new) You might also want to search up the notice me senpai tags, and check out skillshotlab’s blog :)

There aren’t any fics just yet.. not that I know of. 

Also, Ghost-Senpai has a name :) semi-spoiler warning down below?

So if they were to have a ship name… I’d name them Viktsuki :) 

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Kit & Emilia (with Lena & Alfie) did a Rolling Stone photo shoot together a few years ago and their on camera chemistry came through like crazy. The photographer asked them all to kiss so Kit & Emilia went for it and that photo is A+. So my expectations are kinda high for the Jon x Dany dynamic lol. 65(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/3149b392eacfb71b9ad580d46f0c53fe/tumblr_o24mku1bif1u4y4f0o1_500(.)jpg

shit that’s hot. i’m down for this. GOT got me shipping an aunt and nephew…i’ll see you at church on sunday.

Open RP: Abandon Ship

“-Griffons starboard side, starboard! AA batteries two through seven eng-”

“-damage to Hellfire’s engines, she’s listing-”

“-just lost deck three, Nevermore slammed into it! We’re falling-”

“-is MAS Marasco’s Promise, all hands abandon ship! All hands abandon ship, we are going down!”

“All personnel to life pods, all personnel to life pods.”

Another explosion rocked the airship; bits of shattered Grimm plowed through the hall just ahead of Ash. DAMN! When did Grimm become suicidal?

It was working too…the Marasco’s Promise was going down, he could feel it in his boots…they were sinking. The engines would give out soon and then-

Life pod. Had to get to a life pod…

Something-no, someone, blocked his path. Without thought, Ash gave them a shove. “Into the pod, GO!”

He practically hurled himself into the two-man drop pod, securing the straps just as the door closed. A moment later, the ejection charge roared, and they fell free, the pod dropping away from the Promise as she started to list. Ash could see fire along her flanks, her engine core overloading. 

“Oh man…” He muttered. Only then did he look at who had joined him in the pod.

  • Mik: So Soji and I came to a conclusion.
  • Mik: That he ships his own followers.
  • Joy: Oh? o v o
  • Joy: And write his own fanfics?
  • Mik: He in his room. Writing so intensely. Everyone be like look at the yoing king. So dedicated to his job. But no. He fanfic his knights lolol
  • Mik: Jsjdjsbsbdhsjjanaa
  • Mik: Arslan becomes n1 writer in pars
  • Joy: lmaooo that would be hilarious
  • Mik: Everyone now ships narudaru
  • Mik: God, why u cant chat in groups here. Soji needs to read this
  • Joy: imagine Narsus & Daryun fighting over his art again, then Narsus falls down and sat on top of Daryun in a very wrong manner.
  • Everyone: SHIP! =D
  • Mik: Kdndbsbnskdkls
  • Mik: Arslan seeing this
  • Mik: Hidden
  • Mik: Very intense staring at them
  • Joy: Arslan, the boy who became an Author
  • Mik: Farangis is the biggest fan of denkas work
  • Mik: Bdjsjdjjsjd
  • Mik: Farangis pulls out her inner fujoshi
  • Joy: Gieve requesting for fem!Daryun and fem!Narsus because he likes yuri
  • Joy: Arslan says "I shall accept your challenge, then, gieve"
  • Joy: "---and give them BOOBS!"
  • Joy: what about, fanfic for Naru and Alfreed?
  • Mik: Alfreed personal request
  • Mik: omg
  • Joy: to be continued: Arslan Senki Civil War
  • Mik: Jsjdjjahdjahhsshhahaahah
  • Joy: Kishward leads the NaruDaru followers
  • Joy: Kubard leads the NaruAlfreed followers
  • Mik: Narsus is a victim of arlsans shipping side
  • Mik: Bdjssjdjjsjsjjajjahahahhaha