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ok so i wanna do ships

last night i tried to do ships and i didnt get any???? so im trying again tonight


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no notes no ships dont let me down yo

i mean i watched the office, parks and rec, friends and seinfeld and all of them except for seinfeld had romance as a part of their storylines. (duh doy, we are talking about human beings here!) seinfeld has an excuse for the lack of romance: seinfeld is a show in which the characters will go out to have a coffee after someone they supposedly care for dies. community is not seinfeld. community is not any of these other tv shows as well but i don’t understand why we have to ignore a season full of nothing but ridiculous jokes and storylines that lead nowhere.

we have seen people repeatedly say that a serious couple will break the group!!! their love is toxic!!!!! but where the hell is the study group this season to begin with? you can look down on me for shipping two characters on your show and make fun of me but at least give me something to work with. where is the friendship in this season? three hugs an episode doesn’t count. why was this season FULL of parody episodes? and if that was the point of this season, why refer to problems of characters if you won’t address them?? i was so done with britta’s storylines first half of the season but now that i think about it at least she got some closure about her parents and her relationship with the rest of the study group. at least she had something.

what did annie have that wasn’t shown before? she had another breakdown where she almost left the school once again because she thinks they are better than that whatsoever. what’s the development here? abed is a side character this season - he has NO plots at all. none. i’m not going to talk about jeff because he seemingly has the most problems (being in love with annie, doesn’t want to leave greendale, doesn’t want to be alone, is an ALCOHOLIC) but none of them will get resolved.

much to my surprise !!! what ruined this show is evidently the creator of the show himself, not the fans of the two characters he wrote for five years. what we have in our hands is the parody of what the show used to be and i’m afraid i won’t be asking for another season if what we will get is another year of parody episodes and jokes that lead nowhere.   


I don’t know how many of you fans would care read since I’m not the best of accounts… but… for those of you Who DO… Thanks.

Now. We all know that SNK (or AOT as some prefer ) has only one ship considered truly Canon (YumiKuri). The rest of the people are left with fans pairing them up left, right, up, and down.
From those ships, there is hate, tension, and arguments that form due to dislike. The only ship nobody really messes with is Springles. Now… if their ship goes untouched, why can’t all the rest? Even if that’s a NOTP or whatever.
Good ways to prevent ship wars is to not go off on something like “If this doesn’t prove (insert ship) Is canon, then I don’t know what does. Because (ship) IS canon.” Or don’t bring up reasons one ship is better than the other.
I understand that we all love our ships, pairings, etc., but can’t we all just look at one ship, go ‘Oh that’s nice.’ And move on?
I’m tired of watching people (especially the Eremika, Ereri, and Eremin shippers) argue over which pair is “clearly MORE Canon” the the others.
Yes, Mikasa does love Eren. They are, in terms, family, but in other terms not. It’s up to Isayama to decide Where Mikasa sits in Eren’s family.
Yes, Levi cares about Eren. It doesn’t mean they go at it like They’re lovers, it means that He’s got a heart for troubled kids Who need a bit of help (because admit it: Eren needs some help on how to decide and what to worry over).
Yes, Eren and Armin have a strong bond. It is demonstrated they go to far lengths for each other. It’s not clear whether they love each other, or not. It’s up to Isayama to decide.
All ships have something in common, right? Why not look at that and accept it, because I’m sure there are plenty of people DONE with fandom ship wars, especially SNK ship wars.
((Sorry if I wasn’t truly convincing or appealing but I needed to rant a little. ))

a-hurricane-of-a-girl asked:

*whispers* I think I wanna take a break from fandom too both TVD and The Flash it's getting exhausting and not too much fun at the moment

I definitely understand, bb. It’s just… never-ending. The moment the ship wars die down with one fandom, they pop right back up with another one. I’m going to just try to avoid reading/posting about it for a while. I understand people wanting to stay in the fray, fight the good fight, etc… but I just want out.

I’ve blocked about 60 people in the past 24 hours, lmao. I’m trying to make it so that I don’t even know when they’re reblogging one of my posts, because they still hijack them so frequently and I just want no part of it anymore. 

Anyway. How about these Somergraham con pics, amirite?? <333

anonymous asked:

what's wrong with people shipping bellarke as platonic friends? also can you not put bellarke and anti braven stuff in the braven tag. it's incredibly rude

You can ship brollarke as much as you want but don’t be commenting on bellarke posts that are obviously meant to be romantic and saying “wow brotp” or “brollarke for life” “I love bellarke but only platonically #brollarke”. Stop shoving it down our throats every single time you see a Bellarke post. Even though I don’t understand how you can possible think all of bellarke scenes are all platonic…don’t force your ship onto ours and try to change our ship into a brotp ship. How would you like it if I continuly said “omg brav.en is brotp for life” “omg brotp” on obvious romantic brave.n post. You’d feel annoyed right?  So let us ship our own ship without having people shove brollarke down our throats every chance you get. What’s wrong with shipping Bellarke romantically? What’s wrong with shipping Brave.n platonically? lol nothing just don’t be an ass about it and comment on my posts or mention my posts about it. And btws I didn’t put my anti-brav.en post in your tag. It probably just showed up because it mentioned brave.n.