down with the clown


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A Self-Proclaimed “Black Hipster Juggalo” Explains Himself

I saw Insane Clown Posse perform at the Oakland Metro Opera House recently and believe it or not, I had a good fucking time. It was nice to be around people going crazy and having fun without preening or being concerned with worrying about whether they were having the right kind of fun or if they were being judged. Everyone was getting wasted, dancing, and socializing. It was a refreshing change compared to the shows I usually go to, where apathetic people trying their best to avoid talking to one another. 

Holy shit, I thought to myself, maybe I can be a Juggalo. Then Violent J announced to his minions, “Last night there was way more titties in the crowd. You ladies got to step it up. Show some titties.” Well, let me think this over some more.



Actually you know what? No. I just realized the clown has been put down.

For the first time.

He was in Openbound once.

But he’s alive.


So this can only mean one of two things:

  • Gamzee truly hasn’t died up to this point, which means he’s lived to the erasure of each doomed timeline. Which probably means he did some of the killing. Each time.
  • Gamzee doesn’t truly die if killed normally.

I’m not sure which is scarier