down with photoshop

WHEW! Roughly 18 hours spread over 3 days! 

Marina and the Diamonds! I always really liked the FROOT album cover so there u have it. The hair was fun but probably also took like 50% of the time of the entire portrait?

(I feel like this is probably the first time ive done this big of a portrait and actually finished the neck and shoulders lol, usually i do the face and hair and leave it half finished)

anonymous asked:

Your Pidge is uhhhh A Cutie Pie. The Cutest Pie. A Lil' Darling.

“… Oh come on, I’m not THAT little!”

Way to not focus on the matter at hand there Pidgey. (You’re sweet. Thank you nonnie ♡)


honestly what kind of fanmeeting is this? (cr)


hockey tough is just regular stupid

in which a steeler doesn’t understand why bones is walking on his peg leg

(ps if someone else could please gif this like the struggle was real since i have no idea what i was doing or if this will work)