down with molestia 2013

No one has the right to censor comedy.

From Molíere to Mark Twain to Dave Chapelle: someone’s comedy is //always// going to be offensive to someone else and you do //not// have the right to tell someone what they can and cannot laugh at.
Oh, no, /children/ look at it, you say, and they shouldn’t be exposed to such terrible humor?? My time on the Internet should not have to be restricted because a child’s parents fail to censor what they look at.
There is an obvious amount of hard work behind the Molestia blog. Look how quality the art is. John Joseco is an incredible artist, and you want to take the whole damn thing down because you have a problem with the content?
If you have a problem with it, you do not have to look at it.
It’s really very simple.
Hate on me if you want to, but guess what else? I have just as much right as my opinion as you.

everyone in the dwm tag who’s still on about “OH GOOGLE IS THE SAFEST PLACE EVER UR ARGUMENT IS INVALIDATED HOA HOAH OA”

it is not uncommon for a child (4-10 years?) to misspell things and make typos

so what happens when you leave ONE letter out of your search, by chance? 

this is WITH your glorious “incognito safe search” feature, you morons

if at least a quarter of your battered brain is functional, USE IT. 

dear to Down with Molestia people who are getting there art edited by the anti-Down with Molestia people or anything like that

if your art have been use in anyway without your permission, you can report the post here.

i don’t know how many people know this but if you find someone using your art in anyway without your permission, you can get it (and all the reblogs) removed by submitting an infringement notice!

woooow sosiety is so fukced up……………… WHY are parents forcing their children to see inaprorpriate content by g,, -  ggi giiving THEM A COMPUTER????? LETTING THEM USE THIS “GOOGLE’ WEBsITE?????? HOW DARE THhow dare they how fucing dare they. this is unnaceptable. SURELY it is a parents responsibility to kill their child before browsing the internet. surely SURELY THIS this- – i am so brilliant, this will surely keep them safe. okay. alright. ok alright