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club penguin is shutting down im at a loss like people are tryna tell you that global warming and climate change are ‘myths’ well you know what’s gonna be a myth mate club penguin will be because global warming is killing the penguins and we couldnt stop it. we couldnt stop global warming in time and we’re being punished by having club penguin - the least problematic of sites on this accursed interweb - be shut down bc we’re killin all the penguins. i am shook guys why couldnt we save the penguins why

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Have you seen an anime called inuyashA?? I binged watched it and couldn't help but think it would be such a cute au for bakudeku!!

this is as far as my Inuyashi knowledge goes ;;; 


every westallen scene ever (133/?)



They’re the diner you look up when you’re hungry and out of town, but I’m the home cooked meal.

They’re like that roller coaster at an amusement park you go to once a year, but I am the swing set down the street from your childhood home.

They’re like sleeping at the beach with a stranger and I am sleeping next to the fireplace while the Christmas lights sparkle in the room.

They’re the same old hike you’ve been doing since you were 12 and I’m the one who turns off a random road and holds you off the edge so you know what safety feels like as you fall.

Don’t you get it baby?

They’re like a pit stop on a summer road trip and I am an adventure home.


Since you guys liked the first list so much.  I decided to make another.  I hope the writing is going well.

  1. Write about the usual suspects
  2. “How does he keep getting in here?”
  3. Your character wakes up in a bed not their own.
  4. “No snicker is going to fix this!”
  5. “Who just steal someones right sock?”
  6. Your protagonist finds the villain’s lair.  What happens now? How about redecorating with the villain’s most hated color.
  7. Gratuitous love scene
  8. “We really need better people.”
  9. Throw in a storm
  10. He’s name was Charming Chase, but he was anything but.
  11. “This happens everytime I die.”
  12. Punish your Protagonist, like make them suffer.
  13. “This is the forbidden floor.”
  14. Describe a door, right before the villain bust it down.
  15. When at a loss for words have the villain and the hero kiss. (Just add some kisses anytime you get stuck.)
  16. “What’s in the box?” (Seriously what’s in the box that the protagonist is holding.)
  17. Have your protagonist go into the woods with just a pocket knife.
  18. Use “it was a dark and stormy night” somewhere and bulid from there.
  19. “Bees, so many bees.”
  20. Throw your MC from a high place, see what happens.
  21. “We need to talk.”
  22. “What happened in there?”
  23. Put your protagonist in a box.
  24. Burn down your MC’s childhood home, then steal the family pet.
  25. The lead loses a valuable piece of evidence
  26. What is your MCs greatest fear?
  27. Have your MC wake up in a bed and place not their own
  28. “Hand me that fork.”
  29. “What are you running from?”
  30. Kidnap your lead

((Reminder that they’re not taking anymore outfit requests for this event– but nothing stops you from still asking after part 3 is posted next week!))

((Dress up Yamikumo ft. Katsuki! part 2 of 3)) ((Part 1 here)) ((Part 3 here))

Car Stolen at EFNW

Hello everyone, I’m sorry that I don’t have any new art to share with you all. Unfortunately my tablet inside my car, along with most of my worldly possessions were stolen Sunday night at EFNW. The hotel, the con staff, and the police have been very kind in helping with this situation.

I am asking that if any pony con goers or anyone else who may have seen anything suspicious between the hours of 6PM Sunday and 8AM Monday at the doubletree hotel by the seatac that they contact the seattle police immediately at (206) 625-5011. The car was parked on the north side of building 3. It is a dark grey 96 Honda civic, 2 door, with a Wyoming license plate. The passenger side mirror is tan.

Thank you for any kind thoughts, reblogs, retweets: or information you may have.

I know that my friends are wanting to put together a gofundme, but at the moment I’m still holding out hope that something may be found. The car is fully insured but as I am moving and between homes for renter’s insurance, my possessions were not. Not that they were worth much, as most of what has been lost is largely sentimental in value.

When you fit everything you own into a single car, you realize what objects have value to you, and those are not the expensive or the flashy things, but what is most associated with your memories:

The clock which sat on my grandfather’s mantle.

The table he made himself before he passed.

The key to a long torn down shed at my childhood home.

A small green rock I found in a riverbed as a kid.

A note and signature from a voice actor who perked up my spirits on a bad day.

Birthday cards from my grandmother, father, mother, and aunt.

A letter opener purchased on a school trip.

A heavy sheepskin coat which, unpractical as it would be to ever use, smelled like home.

Not the merchandise I sell, the prints, scrolls, and cups, not the money, not the art books, tablet, or clothes. Not even the car. I don’t want any of that. I would like my memories back. In time, without those little nothings, I am afraid of forgetting how I became who I am today. Forgetting my family. My friends. My experiences.

Please, if you know anything, please, speak up.

Bolder Part 5

A/N: Hey sorry its taken so long I just had trouble getting into my writing groove. I hope that you guys are doing well and I am gonna ask that if I am tagging you in stuff if you will reblog it to get my stuff out there if you dont mind. This part is a little more angsty than the others but this entire series is supposed to have alot of emotion and insecurity in it. Its just really supposed to be part of the readers character. Anyway I wanted to shed some light in this story for what you are like and what you feel about being part of the Burr family.

Title: Bolder Part 5

Ratings: Teen

Warnings: The reader goes into something akin to a break down/ panic attack

Pairings:  Father!aaron burr x Daughter!reader, phillip hamilton x reader

Word Count: 1472 (a longer one since it took forever to post)

Editor:  @emocomrade-jpeg

Part 1, Part 2,Part 3 , Part 4

Age 17

    I hadn’t seen my family in weeks. This wasn’t uncommon for them but my parents took off time to help us prepare for our graduation. I had yet to buy a party dress to wear under my robe for afterwards but Phillip promised we would go out soon. My parents have been ecstatic about Theo getting into college and started coming home more often. I started skipping my house and not coming home till late just to avoid them. However, today I came home early because Phillip had to go out with his family. They did invite me, but, I just felt like they needed some family time.

    As I walked up the porch i heard talking and laughing coming from inside. I popped open the door trying to be as quiet as possible but it got jammed on the panel, and with a shove I made my presence known. The talking stilled before a shout rang out.

    “Y/N honey, are you home? It’s only 6 o’clock,” I heard my mom say with an emotion akin to shock lacing her voice. I straightened my shoulders and put a picture perfect smile on my face walking into the doorway where my sister and parents were sitting on the couch with the TV on.

    “Clubs finished and I decided to come home.” I replied. They looked at me like a stranger.

    “I didn’t know you were in any clubs.” my father said with curiosity. I felt like I was on display.

    “Yeah, Y/N participates in a lot of after school activities.” Theo jumped in directing her statement to mom and dad with a ton of energy.

    “ Okay, well I am gonna go up to my room.” I stated trying to turn and walk up the stairs. The sun was shining in the room. Mom, Dad, and Theo looked like the definition of a modern family and I felt out of place. It wasn’t like the Hamilton’s where everything was large and lively. Something was always happening there. Here is just felt quiet.

    “Wait! Come sit down. How was your day?” Theo jumped up and gestured to the chair. She seemed almost frantic in her movements and it left me on edge. I let my smile faltered slightly at the weird proposal but quickly fixed it set down my bag before taking swift purposeful step and carefully lowering myself into the chair with perfect posture. Once my sister confirmed I had sat down, she slowly lowered herself and slumped onto the couch in between mom and dad again.

    “My day was good.” I replied to her question and swiftly crossed my legs at the ankles. My sister nodded her head and cocked it to the side with a sickly sweet smile that made her look like a doll.

    “Did anything interesting happen?” My mom aided my sister.

    “Not really, just a normal day.” I said. I really just wanted to go up in my room and lay down with a book on supreme court cases. I glanced over at the stairs.

    “Do you have a lot of work tonight?” my father spoke up looking at my sister curiously for an answer. With that the attention in the room quickly shifted to her and away from me. My sister seemed to scramble for a minute.

    “I have some work for English. What work do you have Y/N?” She shot out looking back at me. I was confused why she kept talking to me. “I heard you won in a match for your debate club.” I was thrown off and desperately tried to recover my composure. Why was she bringing up my debate club match? More importantly how did she know about it? I never talk to her about anything.

    “Uh, yeah.” My parents attention snapped to me with shock. Realizing the attention was on me I recovered myself. I flicked my hair away from my face and put back my smile. “I don’t have a lot of work tonight. I’m pretty far ahead.”

    “That’s good honey.” My mom praised me with a sincere smile on her lips and my stomach dropped. I barely managed to keep a straight face. I quickly stood up and walked back toward my bag and the doorway. I heard Theo stand up behind me.

    “Y/N …” She called with her hand stretched about to step around my mom but was blocked by the coffee table.

    “Sorry, I have a book that I would like to start and I did promise to send a piece of my writing to the english teacher.” I said not looking up as a I grabbed my bag and walked out. I began cursing myself for the small ramble about my activities. They didn’t want to hear it. I made it up the stairs and walked along the hallways quickly slipping into my room and finally letting my shoulders sag with a calm breath. I almost laughed as I felt the ache in my back.

    Originally, I had been so used to keeping my posture perfect. A Lot of the time I still do, but when I started hanging out with Phillip he kept telling me to relax and slouch a little. Normally, I couldn’t around my family. I just couldn’t. Theo did. Theo was always relaxed.

    I felt my frustration grow as I looked around the room. The perfectly straight binders on my desk and the bed perfectly made with basic stark white sheets. The room was spotless and the closet was slightly open with a view of perfectly ironed clothing. Stiffly I straightened a pair of shoes that were on a rack  by my door.

    Theodosia  …

    I am nothing like her. I work hard. Unlike her I actually have posture and etiquette. Unlike her I have perfect grades. Unlike her I keep things clean and orderly. I work hard. Everything I do has a rhyme and reason… Everything I do is the product of careful execution and planning. Everything I do is actually important.

    I sit on the edge of my bed feeling my face get red and tears prick at my eyes as i lean forward and set my elbows on my knees huffing out air. I stand up my head spinning as I walk over to my desk and notice the perfectly lined journals and my tablet evenly sitting in the center of the cleared space. My fist hit the wood of the table.

    I do everything right. I am president of the debate club and every single thing I participate in is intellectually stimulating and extremely physically challenging while she is captain of a stupid cheerleading squad. I have taken college courses throughout my entire highschool career and she barely even passed statistics class. I win political based debates and go toe to toe when arguing with treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton while she reads a freaking classic literature book.

    I sank to my knees and drew breath into my lungs as my stomach churned. I felt sick and my hair was frazzled while framing my face. The sun from my window seemed to beat down on me and only served to make me even more tempered. I felt as if I had just run one of my Junior ROTC obstacle courses and my heart had taken up acrobatics.

    Theodosia …

    Mom and dad talked to her all the time while they barely managed to make conversation with me. They ask Theo random questions about her life and get involved with everything she is doing while they just blindly sign any paperwork I ask them to without reading it or caring. They take her out to dinner for getting into college but haven’t even bothered to ask me what I want to do when I graduate.They love her. Everyone loves her. Then there is me.

    I lean with my back on the desk and drag my knees to my chest. Tears freely fall down my face as I stare straight ahead at my plain white door. Just outside that door is my family who are probably discussing what’s for dinner and what theo’s plans are for tomorrow before moving on and talking about how my dad’s work has been going.Tears continue to fall down my face as the pain in my chest escalates. All I can think about is the family memories, or lack thereof, and how all the attention in those memories was on Theo and how well she does. How much they care for her. How great she is. How they never seem to notice me.How in my 4 years of accomplishments I have only ever gotten one whisper of praise from my parents

    “You’re still not good enough,” I choke out with a whisper into the perfect little room.


    I will never be her.


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that feel when one of your kids gets the rest of your 48 kids drunk and you are too outnumbered to do anything but feel like a failure of a father

stuff to do while bored (feel free to add!)

-listen to harry potter on audiobook (youtube) and nap
-remove your nail polish, get a nail clipper, clean under your nails, file your nails so they are all the same length and shape, push back your cuticles, then repaint
-read a new book/go to the library to get new books
-make a pintrest board about thinspo outfits
-lay on the floor and do bicycle rotations while having a video playing next to you
-pick something under 90 calories and eat it
-imagine something gross happening to the food you most want to eat, like hair inside it
-reorganize your room/bookshelf/nightstand drawer
-lay around trying to feel your bones
-try some spells you have supplies for
-attempt astral projection methods
-try divination or ESP exercises
-read creepypasta aloud and post it to youtube
-write something
-look up contests or ways you could make extra money
-job hunt for a part time online job
-look for something you misplaced under your bed or deep inside your closet
-draw horrible monsters and listen to music
-tarot card reading/study the deck
-make a pintrest board with links for stuff you want to buy when you have money
-budget your next few paychecks
-dye your hair in your bathroom
-look up youtube tutorials on sign language learning
-find a site where you can get something with a free trial and make a calendar reminder to cancel the subscription before you are charged
-watch a video on how to change a tire
-go through old notebooks/yearbooks/blogs
-hunt down a nostalgic childhood movie on the internet
-write down the time you plan to eat and calculate the calories, write detailed steps of how you will prepare the food and how you will feel afterward
-brush your teeth, floss, and swish mouthwash
-go on a long walk around the neighborhood
-play with your pets
-clean your earrings and makeup brushes (and sex toys if you use)
-windex the window and mirror in your room
-weigh yourself at your hungriest
-take flattering pictures of yourself and post them
-doll yourself up and update your profile pictures for different sites
-window shop on forever21 and see how much you can get under $100
-track down old online game sites and play games you used to play when you were younger
-mend old clothes and bras
-cut old jeans into jean shorts, pull at some loose threads, wash, dry, then air fluff in dryer to get the ends frayed
-draw the layout of your house including all the furniture, do another layout for your dream house/flat -change your clothes
-wash your pillowcase and bedsheets and pjs
-make a list of stuff
you need that isn’t food
-make a calorie log of your favorite foods
-download a puzzle app and see how far you can get
✨have fun and stay safe!✨