down with bullying

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down


Normal AU - simon wants to start over. his bestfriend Penny is becoming more and more successful and he feels like she’s slowly leaving him behind. his girlfriend Agatha literally left him behind a.k.a. dumped him via a 3 minute phone call saying that she’s going on a reaaally long trip to find herself and maybe a new boyfriend lol. His dad has never been the same since his mum died, and the people from his dad’s company are starting to question whether he really is competent or he just got his job because his dad is the company CEO. With penny’s help he secured a job in a large company belonging to the prestigious Pitch family and along with the job came a new set of problems. He’s struggling without his dad’s influence to back him up and his new boss, the Pitch heir, just might be bent on making his life miserable, and simon has no idea why.

‘his office is actually located on the floor above mine but i swear he finds excuses to come down by my floor and bully me. i thought i was imagining things but now im sure he finds stupid excuses to bring me along in his business trips just so he could order me around like a slave. he’s always plotting something to make my life miserable. he Hates me, penny!”

‘sure, Simon’ 

Slytherin Girls’ Headcanons

  • Slytherin girls demanding equality from their male counterparts
  • Slytherin girls are really supportive of one another and encourage each other to do the best and follow their dream cause they know it’s a harsh world out there
  • Slytherin girls fighting slut shaming and defending other girls’ sexual lives and sexuality 
  • Slytherin pureblood girls fighting pureblood traditions and the patriarchal system within the pureblood community and making a stand for their rights and independence 
  • Slytherin pureblood girls defending halfblood girls and muggleborn girls
  • Slytherin girls fighting boys who belittle and threaten other girls
  • Slytherin girls protecting the younger Slytherin girls from older boys who aren't nice 
  • Slytherin girls teaching younger Slytherin girls independence and how to stand up for themselves 
  • Slytherin girls refusing to compete with other girls for a man’s attention and instead banding together to take him down
  • Slytherin girls plotting on how to avenge another girl who was hurt by a guy
  • Slytherin girls not taking any shit from any guy
  • Slytherin girls speaking out on inequality and injustices and using their cunning minds on how to fight it
  • Slytherin girls banding together with other girls from other houses to fight and stand up to guys’ bullshit
  • Slytherin girls recognising sexual orientation and gender orientation movements and joining in to support it
  • Slytherin girls encouraging girl friendships and discouraging animosity, catiness and competitiveness  between girls
  • Slytherin girls supporting and helping people with mental illness and taking down all those who make fun and bully people who suffer with such
  • Slytherin girls forming groups to take down those who bully girls for any reason, no matter what house they’re from
  • Slytherin girls using their cunningness, ambition and determination to help those who can’t help themselves due to systems implemented that are their to keep them down
  • Slytherin girls are strong, independent girls who will cut anyone down who threatens them and those they care for
  • Slytherin girls sneaking out at night to get chocolate from the kitchens for their friends and other girls who are on their periods and have cravings
  • Slytherin girls making potions that help with period cramps and pms symptoms 
  • Slytherin girls talking to and helping the younger girls to learn abut their bodily functions
  • Slytherin girls encouraging body positivity and to love themselves and literally attacking anyone who shit talks other girls based on their appearance
  • Slytherin girls against racism and encouraging cultural appreciation   
  • Slytherin girls being Slytherin girls
Doesn’t Mean Anything || Tyler Down x Reader

A b s o l u t e l y. I’m a proud member of the Tyler Protection Association.

Word Count: 1,043

Warnings: Bullying


    You stared down at your phone in disbelief, refusing to believe that what you were seeing was actually real. You thought that what happened to Hannah Baker had taught people how harmful spreading pictures could be, but here you were; staring down at a naked image of Tyler. It was obscured through blinds as if someone had been standing outside of his bedroom window.

    You shut your phone off with a rattled sigh, stuffing it into your back pocket. As hard as it was to do, you ignored the amused snickers of Liberty students as they crowded in the halls, staring at a multitude of screens with the same idiotic expressions. As though it were all some big joke.

    The school doors swung open, eliciting a chorus of disgruntled murmurs from Justin Foley and his goons. You barely had the chance to shoot them a poisonous glare before your attention was pulled towards a familiar brunet.

    He stood with one hand on the smudged glass, covered with suicide prevention and drunk driving posters, his slender frame fidgeting nervously.

    His eyes found yours for a second just long enough to make your heart jump, before they flitted down to the camera in his hands.

    You took a step towards him, already mulling over the thousands of things that you could say. It didn’t take knowing him to see that he was embarrassed. You had to let him know that it didn’t mean anything to you. He was, and always would be, the person that you had been best friends with since fifth grade. The person who had been there by your side every step of the way.

    It didn’t matter what people claimed about him, what Hannah Baker said, the pictures they’d take, or what he thought of himself. You knew him. The real him.

    “Ty-” you started to say, but was cut off before you could finish.

    A group of jocks had approached from somewhere down the hall, stepping in between the two of you easily. They backed Tyler into the nearest corner. His face twisted in devastation as they spoke to him, joking about the picture, taunting him about his body. One even going so far as to reach over and try to yank down his pants.

    “Leave him alone!” you cried. Your fingernails found the first patch of bared skin that you could, digging in to pinch as hard as you could. “Get away from him, you creepers!”

    The unlucky jock who had been on the receiving end of your attack flinched away, rubbing his elbow with a curse beneath his breath. “Damn, whatever. Let’s get out of here before his psycho girlfriend goes ballistic.”

    As the group retreated, you called after them. “I’m surprised you’re smart enough to even know what the word ballistic means!”

    You turned back to face Tyler, heart breaking at the way he was cowered against the wall. His usually bright, bubbly blue eyes had tuned dark, glistening under the fluorescent lights with newly formed tears. They were dangerously closed to falling. When you reached a hand out to catch them, he slapped it away.

    His shoulder bumped harshly against yours as he rushed away, disappearing into the boys’ bathroom. You felt a familiar pang in your chest. That simple adoration, laced with the painful sorrow of knowing what he went through every day. All because of a mistake he made a long time ago.

    You had made mistakes. Why weren’t you treated like that? Because Liberty High had too many selective bullies and not enough people to care.

    You jumped as the bell rang, the usual alert to let everyone idling in the halls know that it was time to get to class. They cleared away quickly, leaving you standing in front of the bathroom door. With the usual dilemma to face. Tyler or school?

    Every time, the answer was Tyler.

    You pushed your way into the bathroom, finding him sitting on the edge of the sink, polishing the lens of his camera with a small microfiber cloth. He startled at the sound of the squeaking door hinge, moving a hand up to quickly wipe at his eyes.

    There was a wordless moment as you closed the distance between yourselves, heavy and overwhelmingly warm as you brushed the tears from his blushing cheeks. You took the camera from his hands and set it aside.

    It was broken only when you had leaned forwards, wrapping your arms tightly around his waist. With your ear pressed to his chest, his short, stuttering breaths were impossible to hide. He tangled his hands in the fabric of your shirt, trying to pull you even closer.

    “I’m sorry,” he sobbed.

    You stroked his back lovingly. “Don’t be.”

    He sniffled, sliding down from the sink so that you could embrace each other easier. “I hate this school. I hate it.”

    “It’s alright,” you replied. “One day soon, when the college scouts come and see how amazing your photographs are, we’ll move far away from this town.”

    “You and me?” he asked.

    You nodded. “Yeah.”

    He pulled away just enough to look into your eyes. His were red and puffy, matching the crimson tint of his face. “You’re the only good thing I have.”

    “You too,” you said with a smile. You pressed your palm against the side of his face, reveling in the way he leaned into your touch.

    “I love you,” he whispered, suddenly.

    To say you were caught off guard would be an understatement. “You… what?”

    He paused, his own words settling in his mind. He pulled away sharply, making for the bathroom door. Before he could get even a full step away, you grabbed his arm, pinning him between yourself and the wall.

    “I love you too,” you breathed. “More than you’ll ever know.”

    You plunged forwards, molding yours lips into the soft, plump curves of his own. He responded faster than you’d expected him to. His hands snaked around your waist, drawing you flat against his chest. When you broke away for air, the both of you looked as though you’d just chugged a bottle of hard liquor.

    “Thank you,” Tyler murmured.

    “For what?” you questioned.

    He leaned down, pressing his forehead against yours. “For saving my life.”


Peter: I’ve been ‘Puny Parker’ since first grade. I couldn’t fight back then, and I can’t now unless I want the other kids to know my secret. But luckily I have Gwen (whos super scary when she needs to be) and Harry (who has very threatening body guards) to back me up and help me out. And it’s not so bad, I get to put Flash in his place every once and a while but Aunt May always says he probably has it bad at home. So I just try to keep my distance and tape my glasses back together while I roll with the literal punches.

Beauty and the Beast (2017) fan art ideas:
- Belle teaching Lefou to read.
- Lefou and the Little Girl from the laundry scene sitting at the fountain reading the same book because she helps him with the bigger words.
- The Prince granting same sex marriage and Lefou and Stanley having an outdoor wedding in the gardens of the castle.
- Lefou getting a position in a sheriff-type role from his duty in the war and he becomes one of the most beloved men in town and he shuts down any misogynistic bullying.
- More Lefou being happy and loved.
- I just want more Lefou.

i wrote this immediately after viewing the emoji movie trailer


[inoffensive contemporary pop music plays over the entire thing. flyover shot of a colorful world that zooms in on Brand walking around being a Brand in Brandopolis]

BRAND: [voiceover] hey. i’m a Brand. this is the world of Brands. but i’m different from other Brands. i’m unique and that makes me an outcast and unloved.

[Bully Brand pushes Brand down]


BRAND: aw man.

[scene transition to Brand running from danger and falling, only for Independent Female Brand to show up help him escape from the danger]

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: you ok? you look different from other Brands.

BRAND: yeah haha i’m fine haha oh my stomach

[cut to Independent Female Brand and Brand somewhere that will look very nice in Imax 3D]

BRAND: wow, i had no idea there was so much more to the world than Brandopolis.

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: [gazing lovingnly at Brand] me neither.

[inoffensive contemporary pop music chorus starts as various scenes of Brand, Independent Female Brand, Funny Brand, and Cute Marketable Brand do stuff that’s very humorous and actiony. the last scene is of Mayor Brand facing off with the main character]

MAYOR BRAND: i’ll destroy the city to show that the most important thing is obedience!

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: nuh uh! we’ll will stop you! Right boys?

[cuts to the other 3 Brands looking very scared as the music abruptly stops.]

FUNNY BRAND: [poops fall out]

BRAND: oh boy. [facepalms]

[music resumes as cut to scene Brand is giving an impassioned speech to a bunch of other Brands.]

BRAND: I may be a Brand but i’m also a individual and that’s the power i have. you just need to be yourself. and be the best Brand you can be.

CROWD OF BRANDS: [uproarious cheering]

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: you’re so cool Brand. i’m so happy i met you. i love you

BRAND: yeah whatever

FUNNY BRAND: bazinga!!!!!

[ cut to title of film and release date ]

Welcome to society!
We hope you enjoy your stay,
and please feel free to be yourself,
as long as it’s in the right way,
make sure you love your body,
not too much or we’ll tear you down,
we’ll bully you for smiling ,
and then wonder why you frown,
we’ll tell you that you’re worthless,
that you shouldn’t make a sound,
and then cry with all the others,
as you’re buried in the ground,
you can fall in love with anyone,
as long as it’s who we choose,
and we’ll let you have your opinion,
but please shape them to our views.
Welcome to society,
we promise that we won’t deceive,
and one more rule now that you’re here,
there’s no way you can leave.

anonymous asked:

is it at all possible you could write something where Lily and Petunia DON'T hate each other? Petunia never went bitter about being a Muggle. Sister power! Sister love! Yes? Because the good-Petunia was so brilliant and actually believable!

I don’t think I’ve yet written a Lily who hated Petunia, actually. I’m not sure she understood her, or trusted her, but Lily always loved her sister.

I like to think of Lily Evans Potter as a person who had immense faith in other people– not faith that people were good, but that they could be. I think she believed in change– it’s why she married James, when he grew up and got his head out of his ass. I don’t think she ever could have loved him if she didn’t believe in transformation.

I like that about Lily. It’s a certain type of bravery, to be able to stand up to your friends, to turn your back on people you love when they have crossed too many lines. It’s another kind of strength entirely to be willing to let people close to you again, to believe them when they say they have changed.

I think she loved her friend Severus, really, truly, always. I think she was waiting for him to get over being a dickwad. I think she would have waited forever, but I also like to think she wouldn’t have shed any tears over it, no matter how long the years of her life.

We don’t know much about Lily Potter, when you really get down to it. She was friends with a greasy git who loved her, until he hurt her. She shouted down bullies, and then she married one of them. She fought in a war, and she died at home in front of her son.

But my Lily, the one I write, she loved hard, and she didn’t stop– even when she backed up and put up boundaries and forswore friendships. She didn’t ignore ugly things in people–bitterness and bigotry–but she was twenty one years old and I think she believed people could make themselves better than they had been.

She thought they could burn it out of them– the way Petunia wouldn’t listen, the way she grew more brittle with every year; the way Severus couldn’t share, couldn’t trust, the way he needed someone to hate more than he hated himself.

She believed that, one day, they could be kinder, if they just tried. Severus would grow up, would pass her randomly in Diagon Alley and sweep his hair out of his eyes and ask if she had time for some tea, there were things they should talk about, he was sorry, and he’d been tutoring Muggleborns up at Hogwarts because he knew what it was like to feel out of place. Maybe Petunia would call on her birthday and wish her well. They’d meet halfway in a park and Harry and Dudley would get mud and grass everywhere, trying to walk but mostly falling, and laughing.

Lily kept her heart close to her chest, because those things can break, but she never hated any of them. She loved them. She was waiting.