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Petitetiaras’ 20 Day Disney Couples Challenge

19. Animal (your favorite animal couple): Bernard and Miss Bianca

Honestly, these two are just so adorable!! And total opposites, for that matter. Bernard is a timid, soft-spoken, logical, cautious, protective, and socially awkward. Bianca is extremely feminine, impulsive, sophisticated, passionate, empathetic, and adventurous. Somehow, despite the likelihood of personality clashing, they balance each other out and become great partners. Bernard provides logic and intelligence in their plans; Bianca spices it up by motivating her partner to fight and always follows her heart. It’s obvious that Bernard fell in love with Bianca instantly, but was incredibly shy around her, even when she chose him to become her partner. Though it’s difficult to know when Bianca started feeling something stronger for Bernard, right from the beginning, she sensed that underneath his timid demeanor, there was a strong mouse who was worthy enough to face any danger with her. They understand each other, and neither try to change the other. Bianca reminds Bernard to loosen up a bit, while Bernard holds Bianca back when necessary, but both love each other too much to go beyond that. And even then, Bernard gains the courage Bianca knew he had all along, and Bianca learns to not be so impulsive as she was before. Together, they make the perfect team and the perfect couple. <3

Chelsea vs Tottenham: Should Victor Moses have been awarded a penalty after Heung-min Son's tackle?

Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final between Chelsea and Tottenham was always likely to provide plenty of controversy given the clubs’ Premier League title rivalry, and so it proved as Victor Moses won a penalty late in the first half at Wembley.

With the scores level at 1-1 after Harry Kane’s header had cancelled out Willian’s early free-kick, Moses cut into the penalty area before going down under a late challenge from Heung-min Son.

There was a brief delay as the South Korean forward frantically pleaded for the officials not to award a penalty, but referee Martin Atkinson eventually pointed to the spot.

Willian duly stepped up and dispatched his second set-piece goal of the afternoon by sending Hugo Lloris the wrong way to send Chelsea into the interval 2-1 up.

The goal halted Spurs’ impressive comeback after the Brazilian’s early goal, but Mauricio Pochettino’s side may feel hard done by as there looked to be very little contact between Moses and Son.

Have your say on whether the penalty should have been given…


Neymar Jr. receives the ball inside the box and goes down under the challenge of Adriano Gunino. After winning the penalty, Neymar Jr. steps up in place of regular penalty taker Lionel Messi and confidently sends the ball into the bottom corner. Scoring his first goal in the 85th minute and gaining a 7 point lead over CF Córdoba on May 2, 2015.