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Best Friends and Barely There Clothing

Helloooo lovies! So this is my first imagine on this blog, and I do hope you enjoy it! I will be posting lots of imagines and blurbs etc. regarding Harry, and most will contain smut! But I will of course have writings that are just pure fluff as well! Enjoy this one!

Warnings: Smut & Language

Word Count: 3k

“Don’ tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

“Having a baby with you?” You asked breathlessly, your eyes falling closed as Harry began to move your hips over his bulge, causing you to let out a quiet whimper as the fabric of his jeans rubbed through the thin lace material covering your clit.

“No love,” he let out a throaty laugh, his eyes moving down to where you two were currently grinding against one another, “Don’ know why I was thinkin’ of havin’ a baby, really… was mainly just thinking about sinking my cock inside of ya, pet.”

Your eyes snapped open as the words left his mouth as you pressed your clit down against him to gain even more friction as his words literally caused you to throb at the thought, “Harry…” you whimpered quietly, your fingers now gripping onto his tshirt tightly.

“Do you wan’ tha’?” His accent was thicker than you had ever heard before as you stared into his darkening eyes, and all you could do was nod your head and let out a breathy sigh of agreement along with it. Somewhere among your exchange of words, Harry’s hand had slipped into your panties and his finger was slowly moving around your clit, but not quite applying the pressure you were currently craving; he was going to make you beg for it.

OR the one where Harry really can’t stop thinking about the act of making babies with his best friend, and he’s tired of her slinking around his house wearing barely anything.

“Would ya ever have a baby with me?” The words slipped past his lips casually, his eyes trained on you as he brought the wine glass that was in his hands to a rest on the coffee table in front of you two.

“Excuse me?” You all but choked as the words registered, the wine that was gracefully slipping down your throat coming to an abrupt stop and getting stuck in your vocal pipes, causing you to cough for a few seconds as you worked it out. Your sea green eyes flicked up to his emerald ones, squinting as he watched you with amusement, a small smirk playing on his lips as he captured his bottom one between his thumb and forefinger.

Harry was your best friend. Harry had been your best friend for almost 6 years now, and you had been by his side almost every step of his career, cheering him on and encouraging him to take leaps he was too afraid of. But you were only best friends… why would a baby together ever cross his mind? You two may have shared one or two (or ten or twenty) drunken kisses on nights when you stumbled into one another’s flat, coats being haphazardly thrown to the floor and lips meeting in a sloppy goodnight as you both fell onto whomevers bed you had chosen for the night before passing out, but that was it.

“What? Not weird to think about having a baby with ya best friend, is it?” His smirk was only getting wider as you let out an exasperated breath, your eyes narrowing to slits as you decided to place your wine glass on the table next to his.

“S'just….” he continued, refusing to break eye contact, “What if m'not married by the time I’m 30. Ya know more than anyone I wanna have kids… so if m'not married and you’re not… would ya have a baby with me?”

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What traveling has taught me:

-It’s not a race. I was always so bummed about the number of countries I’ve been to compared to other people my age until I understood that the number of places visited is not what traveling is about at all. It’s not important about how many places you’ve been but the depth you’ve explored them. I have been to some beautiful places all around the world that I am insanely grateful for. We can not compare our journeys to others.

-Read books you normally wouldn’t read. Question each line. Watch movies you normally wouldn’t go see. Study the cinematography. Order the meal on the menu you can’t pronounce. This is how you discover new parts of yourself.

-Take care of our earth. We are destroying it faster than we even know. Humans need places that have not been altered or rearranged by man.

-Simplify. Clean. Get rid of shit. We don’t need a lot to live. Oh, and, pack light.

-Walk barefoot. Harden the bottom of your feet. Wear less makeup and dress the way you want. Be comfortable with your natural body. Drink more water. Take care of yourself.

-You have the power to choose love. Love the sky, the stars, the animals, the people, the trees, the street corners. Always choose to love.

-Going alone is okay. If we all waited for someone to travel with us, we’d be waiting for a very, very long time. So, please go even if you have no one to go with. There are millions of people all over the world that are just waiting to meet you. Some of them you’ll meet in a hostel room and you’ll end up spending the night walking through the street markets, some of them you’ll meet at a bar and discover new corners of a city you didn’t know existed, some of them you’ll meet sitting on a bench at a bus stop and you’ll end up sharing the best coffee you’ve probably ever had, some of them you’ll meet watching the sunset on the beach and you’ll end up sharing stories and laughing with them until the morning and some of them will end up being your best friends. And sometimes you’re going to be alone and going on tours, to the movies, or to restaurants sounds scary to do by yourself at first but soon enough you’ll learn that it is completely okay to be alone. Solo does not mean lonely.

-Don’t say you don’t like anything until you try it at least three times.

-Save your change.

-Spend less time on social media. It’s no secret that social media is addictive and it’s really good at taking away precious moments. It’s important to not be glued to your phone or laptop while abroad. Social media will always be there for you when you get home.

-Traveling is overly romanticized. It is very hard work. It does not solve all your problems that you have at home. And traveling is not what it looks like on Instagram.

-When you’re eating, really taste your food. Talk to the locals. Immerse yourself fully into this new culture. When you’re out hiking, let go of your phone. This is how you’re going to get the best experience possible. Live in the moment.

-Take photos. It is physically impossible to remember all these moments in your life. Someday down the road, maybe when you’re feeling a little depressed or bored, you can grab your camera and scroll through these photos that’ll remind you of some of the best times of your life.

-It’s okay to look like a tourist. It’s cool to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask a questions. If you make a mistake, do or say something offensive then and apologize and move on. Your life won’t be over.

-Cheesy souvenirs are never worth it. Collect sea glass, your train tickets, plane tickets, maps, stickers and coins. Chances are those colosseum magnets you bought in rome were really made in china. Support the locals if you’re going to buy souvenirs.

-People are good. I’m sure you’ve heard or experienced this before but the people with nearly nothing are the most giving. We can all learn something from them.

-The world is not as bad and scary as the news makes it out to be.

-Nothing will ever go as you expect it to. Plans go out the door. I learned this the hard way. In fact, I am sure every traveler has learned this the hard way. You’ll miss flights, you’ll get flat tires on road trips, you’ll end up spending a lot more money than you expected, you’ll miss buses, you’ll have to run to trains to get to them on time, I promise you’ll have a dead battery when all you want to do is call mom to make you feel better, the hostel you wanted will be full, your dumb airline will lose all your luggage, things will get canceled and you’ll spend many unexpected nights crying but despite all the struggles that traveling brings upon us, it is always worth it. The tears, sore shoulders and blistered feet are always worth it. There’s no point in getting mad that your plan fell through.

-Everything happens for a reason. If you get an opportunity, take it and if something comes along in your life to change it, let it.

On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Two

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“You swore you’d never hurt me”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

“Tell me this is some kind of sick joke,” You remarked, staring at the two boys in front of you. Jay and Carlos exchanged an uneasy look.

“You’re telling me you took Ben, King Ben of Auradon, to the Isle where most people want nothing more than to see him strung up by his thumbs!?” You exclaimed, suddenly ashamed to be an acquaintance of the two boys. “And you thought that he wouldn’t be kidnapped!?”

“I never said we thought it was a good idea,” Carlos mumbled, looking down at the sharp look given by you.

“And now you want me to come with you on some sort of rescue mission to get him back from Uma of all people?” You quizzed, hoping it all was just some sick joke.

“On the bright side, you can go see your dad!” Jay tried to throw in before making a grimace. “Never mind, that’s not a good thing…”

Carlos worried his lip before his face lit up. “You could rub in their faces how good you’re doing.”

“I’m in.”

Your hands were shaking by the time you reached Pirate’s Bay and laid your eyes on Uma’s ship. The crew still looked as raggedy as you remembered in their war paint. They looked like a kindergartener’s finger-painting project gone wrong.

“Hey guys! They’re here!” A pirate you could easily place as being Gil, the loveable son of Gaston, called out to the crew below him.

You could practically feel your blood pressure rising when Harry’s voice filled your head.

“Welcome!” He called, pushing a terrified Ben to the Plank. Oh how you wanted to knock that grin off his pretty little face. Without thinking your hand came to grasp at the handle of the sword tucked into your belt. Jay gave you a concerned look, as if asking if you were gonna be alright fighting against the pirate if worse came to worse.

You just gave a nod before turning to train your eyes on the blue-haired sea witch, tensing slightly from your spot beside Carlos when she mentioned the killer sharks. Dumb witch, you thought to yourself. Sharks only attacked when provoked or threatened. Auradon taught you that.

Carlos nudged you slightly, motioning with his eyes to the hook-wielding pirate that was slowly but surely making his ways towards Uma and Mal. You may not particularly like the daughter of Maleficent, but you knew how unpredictable Harry could be, so you hopped onto the wooden railing of the docks, crouching down beside Mal with a hand on your sword.

You could tell he was pretending to not notice you, anyone could see that. But you could also see that your presence was unnerving the young brunet from the way he quickly started to fly off the handle. You could only grit your teeth at Uma as she gripped his hook and pulled him away from the two of you. Though, of course the flirt couldn’t without winking and blowing a mocking kiss in your direction.

It seems time didn’t change him at all.

As he made his way back to Ben, you followed his moves, not stopping until you were directly across from the pirate. You didn’t trust him to not shove Ben off the plank for no reason. Frankly, you didn’t trust him to not hook the poor King. The thought alone put you on edge. And from the devilish grin worn by the pirate as he caught your eye, you knew that he knew exactly what was going through your mind.

You could see the grin drop when Mal moved to give Uma the wand, before being stopped by the king. You could practically smell the smoke coming from the use his rarely-operated brain. Either he was dumbfounded that his captain’s plan actually worked… or he knew something was off, he knew there was no way Mal would give up the wand that easily.

You really hoped it was the first option.

You were relieved when he dropped the look, replaced by a grin at Ben trying to bargain with Uma. Maybe he was dumber than he looked. You knew it was a lie, but the thought made you feel better about your breakup all those months ago. Because, as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you’re a petty ex.

Panic began to set in once Uma demanded Mal prove the wand worked. You guys were screwed. But, like usual, Mal prevailed, using Dude-the-now-talking-dog to fake a spell.

“Give me the wand!” Uma demanded seconds later, holding her hand out. Was she always this demanding?

“Give me Ben!” Mal shot back. Uma gave her a grin before calling Harry over. Once again, you followed his movements to be by Mal’s side. You may not have been the strongest, but you knew Harry’s weak spots if Uma were to try and trick you.

You gave a slight laugh as you heard Gil inform Ben about how Gaston wishes he had finished off Ben’s dad when he had a chance. You knew it was true as it was the only thing Gaston ever spoke about. Well, that and Belle. And how incredibly thick his neck is…..You made sure to not come across him often.

Harry pushed Ben to the ground in front of Mal before drawing his sword, you made sure to do the same. You raised your gaze to meet his when he spoke.

“Aw, what’s the matter? Don’t ya trust me, lass?” He asked softly, a mocking pout forming on his face. But, it didn’t match the wickedness in his eyes.

“Cut him loose, Harry,” Uma instructed, eyes trained on Mal and the wand. Harry gave a huff, “I never get to have any fun.”

“Yeah, Harry, listen to your Master,” You remarked, smirking at the evil glare you received in return. Like you said before, you’re a petty ex.

Mal pulled Ben away from the two pirates as Uma rushed to the deck of her ship. Harry lingered, eyes not leaving yours before slowly following his Captain. You had to help Mal pull Ben away from the ship. He wasn’t the brightest King if he didn’t see through the plan. You suddenly worried if your life was in the right hands if he couldn’t tell it was a fake wand.

Uma quickly snapped the plastic wand in two upon realizing it was a fake. And then all hell broke loose. Smoke bombs and pirates alike were flying through the air as you suddenly regretted not practicing sword fighting since you left the Isle.

“Please don’t let me get my hand cut off. I don’t wanna look like Harry’s dad,” you whined before joining in on the fight.

Your eyes widened as you spotted Harry jumping into the water after his father’s hook. Though, you didn’t miss the opportunity to snatch his hat up from the dock. You placed it on your head with a smirk, “Mine now!”

Turning around and quickly ducking, you narrowly avoided getting your head cut off by an overly salty pirate. Pausing to giggle quickly at your own joke, you swiped the sword out of his hand, followed by a swift kick to the crotch that knocked him onto his knees. “Honestly, does she not train you guys at all? It’s almost sad,” You tsked, pushing him off the dock and into the water.

You cussed under your breath when you noticed Ben going against Harry, but then paused. Harry Hook, the son of a pirate, whom would try to behead anyone that dared look at his sisters wrong, was undoubtedly… getting his ass handed to him by a King that had never been in an actual sword fight in his life, literally with one hand behind his back. And it. Was. Hilarious.

“Y/N, come on!” Carlos called out, grabbing your wrist and pulling you to the tunnel after Evie threw a smoke bomb right in front of the pirates.

Pausing by the disoriented son of Hook, you placed his hat on top of his head before running to join the others. You spared the drenched pirate one last glance before disappearing into the tunnel.

Leaving him alone. Again.

“I know he’s on your mind, Y/N,” the voice of the daughter of Mulan filled your ears as you stared over the side of the boat to the Isle.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Lonnie,” You replied quietly, even though you both knew it was a lie. You knew exactly who she was talking about.

“I’m sure Harry did miss you. He just couldn’t show it with that Uma girl there,” She soothed, rubbing your back gently. You shook your head, turning to lean your back against the rails. she had just been informed on the situation on the ride from Auradon to the Isle, when you had to explain it was the Captain of your ex boyfriend that had taken the king hostage.

“That’s the problem. Even when we were together he was always Uma this, Uma that, Uma- Uma!?”

You failed to hide your surprise (and rage) at seeing the sea witch as she made her way down the stairs to where King Ben stood. You and Lonnie shared a look before rushing over to Mal’s side. You were no expert on relationships- but even you knew that you definitely did not bring your girlfriend’s worst enemy on a date to a dance you’re supposed to be with your girlfriend at.

And the worst thing was, as she stood before you, dressed in a beautiful gown that matched the blue of her hair you could see exactly why Harry would want her instead of you.

“Harry, the cotillion’s on!” The blonde boy yelled to his friend, whom was busy brooding by the window of Ursula’s fish and Chips. Gil sighed, walking over to the brunet. “Staring at Auradon won’t make you any closer to her, you know. But you can see her on TV.”

The pirate stared at him silently before walking to the table in front of the television. He could feel tears well up in his eyes at the sight of you. He missed you a lot, and it took all of his willpower to not show it when you came to the ship. But, he was scared you would try to stay if you knew how pitiful he was without you. He loved you, and there was no doubt about that. But he couldn’t give you everything you deserved if you came back to the Isle. He wanted you to be happy, even if it meant being away from him.

He took a shaky breath, wiping his eyes.

“You look beautiful, lass.”

A few days after the Cotillion Disaster, you were called into the King’s office. From what the letter you received said (though you didn’t see why he just didn’t tell you in one of your many classes together) it was urgent business, not to be discussed with anyone else. You never thought a two minute conversation could have such an impact on your way of breathing.

“After seeing how harsh the conditions are on the Isle, I have decided to bring a few more kids to Auradon,” Ben stated, standing up from his seat behind his desk.

You raised an eyebrow, watching him carefully, “And what does that have to do with me?” You asked.

Ben cleared his throat, awkwardly coming to stand in front of you. This can’t be good.

“Y/N, there’s no easy way to say this after you risked your life to rescue me from the Isle so I’m just going to say it,” He began, arm sliding around your shoulders to give you a friendly, and suspicious, squeeze.

“Harry Hook is coming to Auradon.”

A/N: So, what do you guys think? Is it good enough to have a part three?

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wishing I was pushed against the wall by alex summers?

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“So now you are giving me the silent treatment? Real mature, Summers.” You scoffed, crossing your arms over your chest. You stared at Alex. His back was turned to you while he was looking down at the party that was happening below you. He had taken the tux jacket off and loosened some of his buttons from his shirt. His hands were gripping the railings, allowing you a less than generous view of his toned arms. You huffed, knowing that you weren’t going to get much out of him.

“When your’e ready to stop acting like a three year old, then come and talk to me.” You grabbed your dress, lifting it up slightly so you can see your heels. You walked down the stairs of the Xavier mansion, getting ready to go back down the the formal welcome party that Charles was throwing for the parents of the new students. It was to help raise money to get more and better things for the students (and partially so people can see that they shouldn’t be afraid of mutants). Once you reached the bottom, you let go of your dress, turning to give Alex one last glance. You looked up and saw him glaring down at your through your lashes. You shook your head, rolling your eyes and walking away from him. You spotted Hank, smiling at him. He gave a small wave to you.

“Still haven’t found Alex?” He asked, knowing that you left in the first place to go search for the stubborn man.

“No, I found him. He won’t talk to me though.” You grabbed a glass of champagne from a tray that was walking by.

“He’s probably jealous.” Hank stated, drinking his own glass. You rolled your eyes for the second time that night.

“Yeah right. He’s the one who hasn’t stopped talking to the trophy wives. He knows he’s flirting with them and I know he tries extra hard when I’m looking. It makes me so mad because I can’t lash out when he casually “talks” to girls but he can go out and throw a fit because one guy even looks at me the wrong way.”

“Y/N, I don’t think that he’s mad because you talked to that one guy. I think he’s mad because you haven’t really been paying that much attention to him lately. You’ve kind of been running off with Ben and Elliot and had to cancel more that a few times on him.” Hank informed. You turned to look at Hank.

“You’re kidding right?” You said louder than you should have. A few heads turned in your direction. You apologized to them, before looking back at Hank.

“I haven’t been running off with anyone. Elliot and Ben have complicated mutations and considering that mine is complicated they have come to me for advice. I help them train a few times a week and sometimes we just hang out and talk. Since when was it such an issue for girls to be friends with guys?”

Hank shrugged.
“I don’t know. But you know how Alex can get when he interprets things the wrong way.” He took a drink from his own glass of champagne.

“Why does it even matter to him? He’s been very obvious in reminding me that we are JUST friends.” You sighed.

“I think you should go talk to him. Regardless of the way he’s acting.”
“I’ll go talk to him but I’m pretty sure that he won’t talk to me.” You said goodbye to Hank before leaving to go upstairs towards Alex’s room.

You knocked on his door, switching your weight from heel to heel to relieve your feet from the slight pain that the heels caused. You heard footsteps on the other side of the door before seeing the door swing open. Alex was standing there, brushing his teeth. His shirt was halfway unbuttoned down, allowing you a nice view of his chest. You let your eyes linger on his chest before moving back up towards his face.

“What?” He asked, sounding annoyed that you interrupted him.

“Wow, he talks.” You replied sarcastically. Alex rolled his eyes, moving his arm to close the door before you stopped him.

“No! Alex please just talk to me.” You pleaded, resisting his attempt to close the door with both your hands. Alex looked at you, moving away from the door to allow you in. You walked in, looking around his room. He was neater than you imagined him to be. There was a small pile of books stacked on his bedside table. Before you got a chance to read them, Alex called out to you. You turned to look at him, realizing that he didn’t have a shirt on now. You widened your eyes, letting out a gasp. You felt your face heat up before you turned your attention away from him.

“What’s wrong princess? Can’t handle the heat?” You heard him tease. You refrained from snapping at him. You took a deep breath.
“Alex I just want to know why you have these sudden outbursts with me. We used to be so close and suddenly you give the silent treatment unless there is absolutely no way for you to avoid conversation with me. Then I stop bothering you for a while and hang out with other people and it just seems like I made things worse somehow. I don’t understand. What did I do?” You let out, turning to face him again. His eyebrows were furrowed, as he stood there deep in thought. He opened his mouth and closed it a few times, as if he was debating what to say or how to word what he was going to say. You waited there eagerly, waiting to see what he would come up with. He kept walking towards you, causing you to step back a few steps. His pace increased, until he was pushing you up against the wall next the door of his bedroom. Your breath hitched, eyes alternating from looking at his eyes to down at his lips. His tongue came out and glazed over his bottom lip. His breaths were quiet, calm. Compared to yours, his were a calm sea, and yours were the incoming storm. Every time that you inhaled, your chest barely grazed his. Your heart beat a little faster knowing about the energy blasts that he produced from his core.

“I get…jealous.” He said after a few breaths. “I get jealous that Elliot and Ben have all this time with you. They spend all this time training with you and I know I have mentioned that we’re friends in the past but that was really just for me. I don’t think that I would stand a chance so I tell myself that I am happy with being friends. But I’m not.” Alex mumbles. His voice was slightly raspy from how late it was. His hot minty breath fanned over your face. Your eyes fluttered closed at his next exhale. Your heart was racing. You have dreamed about being this close to him. About being so close to his lips. You parted your lips, the room getting hotter from the close distance. You opened your eyes again, staring up at Alex. His blue eyes were peering into your own. His hands slowly made their way down to grab your hips, pinning them gently to the wall. You craned your neck up to crash your lips against his, moving your own arms up to grab Alex’s hair. You felt him groan against your lips, bringing your hips from the wall to be held against his own. He pushed you back into the wall as he deepend the kiss. There was little to no space between the two of you, but you didn’t care. You were finally getting some answers from Alex’s distance, only these answers are way better than you possibly could have imagines.

A/N: its not my best writing and I’m sorry but I love you amores xox 

The old gods are dead.

Zeus gets high alone and remembers the days when the sky was his, before life caught up with him in a dark alley way.

Hera waits at home. She knows. She knows it all. She wants to tell him it’ll get better, he’ll be okay, she loves him. She wants to take her own advice. She wants to lie. She never will.

Apollo and Artemis travel the world. They have a one way ticket to the moon.

Poseidon swims into the sea, or maybe it’s the sky. No one can tell the difference anymore. The girl with serpents for hair mourns for him on the shores of the end of the world.

Hades lies awake, his wife curled around him. He smiles because people finally believe in death.

Athena cries. She is transparent and weightless as she rides the midnight train, her voice is hoarse from protests. Wisdom left here long ago.

Demeter counts down the days until her daughter returns. She is made of memories and madness, but what’s the difference?

Persephone wears her strength and her darkness. Beauty is power, and she will make the world know her name.

Ares crumbles like dust. He stopped understanding war a long time ago. Senselessness topples heroism every time.

Aphrodite gets drunk on the sky again. She catches her reflection in the clouds. Her innocence has left her a long time ago.

Hermes runs through the streets. He is young, young and beautiful, and he knows it. As he slips away, his smile doesn’t.

Dionysus watches it all. He watches the family he once knew laugh and cry and forget. He never forgets. He’s been here a long time. He is watching them flicker out and fade.

The gods are dying. The gods are dead. The gods are us.

- @rustofstardust

Some Highlights from the Ducktales Premier

Scrooge sliding around in the back of his car.

“The road is my office.”

“Donald Duck.” “Uncle Scrooge.” “UNCLE SCROOGE!???” *Dewy rolling on roof of jalopy*

That part where the peacock flies by on cue puts sunshine in my soul.

In a thick Scottish accent: “Do children….still like mmaaarblleess???? Orrr…”

“I have the perfect plan.” *Beats doorknob off with a bag of marbles.*

“Are we friends now?” “If we say yes, will you let us live?” “HA!”

The diving suit scene

The Headless Man-horse

That part where the dragon curls up around the top of that building all lizard like and it’s claws grasp around that orb on top, u know the part.

Donald vs the stapler

The Glomgold Training video’s plaid background

“Have you ever piloted a sub before?” “I crashed a helicopter into a wave pool once.”

Huey brought traditional sea shanties he is a child after my heart he made matching shirts my bird son I love him so

“I don’t think he knows our names.” Later: “settle down…Sonny-Jim.”

“But… I thought employees were the greatest treasure of all!” “TREASURE is the greatest treasure of all. That’s why it’s called treasure!”

Let’s Blow this Popsicle Stand.

Title: Let’s blow this popsicle stand.

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Author: Gráinne x

Pairing: Harry Hook x fem!Reader

Request: Harry hook where reader is Evie’s older sister but polar opposites to Evie and only realizes she loves Harry once she is in Auradon with the core four and when they come back for Mal and she tells Harry and he denies it at first but eventually gives in and admits he has always loved her. Bonus points if he can come to Auradon and they end up together sorry if this is a lot and too specific but I hope it gives you your inspiration

A/N: I loved this and can’t thank the Anon enough for sending me this because my lacking of writing lately is just bad. However, I go so into what I was writing I wanted to break this one into two parts because I feel like I could give the characters so much more. Personally I named the reader as Evelyn but for this case it’s written as Y/N. Also for anyone wondering why there’s Y/N/N it’s your nickname. Enjoy, let me know your thoughts for Part 2? 
All my Love G xx ❤️

Y/N leant against the nearest post as the scene before her unfolded. Maleficent just showed up and scared everyone back into their scramy stinking holes they called home.

“Stealing candy, Mal?”
“It’s from a baby” Mal smirked
“Ahhh that’s my nasty little girl” screeched Maleficent.

 Y/N rolled her eyes, she really did not want to be there. Y/N daughter of the Evil Queen and older sister to Evie was not like her younger one she preferred to stay out of sight, stealing, threatening, sometimes the odd tormenting in the dark vast of the shadows. Y/N zoned out as Maleficent rattled on about her glory days of cursing kingdoms and what not, it wasn’t until she mentioned Auradon that Y/N snapped back to attention.

“What did you say bout Auradon?”
“Keep up Y/N/N, we’re going to Auradon prep” Evie cheered
“The hell I am, I am not going to school with a bunch of prissy pink princesses and their airhead princes” Y/N stomped

Evie reached out to touch her older sister in attempt to calm her
“Y/N, Evie my name is Y/N if you could actually get the full name out that’d be great” 
Evie retracted her arm quickly as Y/N bit out her snark comment.
“Sorry, it’s just how often do we get a chance like this?”
“I have to go, I need to go see H-a-a… someone” Y/N turned on her heel and walked off.

“Ah ah Y/N you’ll be joining us back at the house” Maleficent jeered
Y/N stopped, grinding her teeth as she turned to face Maleficent.
“When I feel like joining you I will but until then I have someone I need to say goodbye to seeing as I don’t have any say in the matter on whether I get to go or not” Y/N sneered and stalked off.

Y/N rested her forehead against the cool bricks trying to reign in her temper, she lifted her fist and tapped the wall to a beat counting down. She really did not need to be in a foul mood when she spoke to Harry. 
Hearing the crashing waves and the smell of the salty sea as she neared the pipe cleared her head and gave her the courage she needed to go see him.

He wasn’t hard to find, stood up on the main deck training new recruits for Uma. Uma of course was exactly where she always was, head of the ship. Y/N stood at the end of the dock watching as Harry swung at one of the recruits knocking them off guard as they forgot about his hook, bellowing out his oh so famous line “I’ll hook ye”

 “Cheater” Y/N called out smirking as Harry spun round to greet her
“Scoundrel” he bit back
“Pirate” she teased
Y/N looked on in confusion as Harry made his way towards her
“That’s not an insult?”
“No, but if ya were Ariel then we’d be mermaid for each other”
“Corny” she laughed.

Harry stood beside Y/N now as she faced the ocean. Harry gazed at Y/N reaching up to touch her midnight blue hair

“Whots wrong Y/N/N?”
“Why do you say somethings wrong?” Y/N turned and faced Harry but what a wrong move that was. She met his fierce blue eyes and dropped her head in sigh.
“ivetogotoauradonandidonthaveachoice” she whispered
“Sorry love speak up abit” tilting her chin up with his hook
Y/N glanced at Harry, closed her eyes and spoke again “I have to go to Auradon and I don’t have a choice”

Harry dropped his hand that was holding the hook under Y/N’s chin. He was stunned.
“Always a choice love”
“Not this time Harry, we’ve a chance of freeing everyone from this hole those rotten do gooders dropped us in”
“An if I ask ye not to go.. would ya stay?”
Y/N glanced over at Harry tears falling slowly

“You of all people should know what’s like to try live up to a parental legacy”
“Please Harry don’t make me choose”
“I wont love, do what ye need ta do. I’ll be here” Harry grabbed Y/N in a bone crushing hug as they said their goodbye.

Harry won’t admit it when Uma asks him later but yes he did cry when he hugged Y/N, they grew up together, they’ve been best friends and will always be best friends no matter how far away she goes.

“Y/N/N love, ye got ta go” Harry pushes Y/N away from him
“I know. I’m going to miss you Harry Hook” Y/N sniffs wiping the tears from her cheeks.
“Aye ditto love” Harry wipes the stray tear that runs down her cheek, gently caressing her cheek in the moment.
“Harry” Y/N whispers, leaning into his touch
“Sorry, right yes… umm I’ll walk ye bck” Harry pulls his hand away quickly.

Harry turns towards Uma “Back soon Cap”
He faces Y/N and grasps her hand pulling her back towards the pipe.
“Bye Y/N/N, see you another time.” Uma calls out.
Y/N glances over her shoulder waving goodbye to the few friends she knew.
“Not likely” she whispers.

Harry held onto Y/N’s hand the entire walk back to Maleficent’s house. This wasn’t going to happen again might as well make the most of it.
Y/N stopped short a few feet from the house, pulling Harry to a stop too.
“Don’t. Don’t say it. I cant let ye go if ye do” Harry looked away almost ashamed to be showing such weakness.
“Just take this an don’t forget lil ole me kay?” Harry placed one of his many rings in her hand and closed it tightly.
“Harry.. I can’t” Y/N glanced up at Harry as he contemplated saying more.

Instead Harry pulled his hand away from Y/N, but as she grasped for Harry he was already striding off, gone with the wind.

Y/N fell back against the wall and slide down, she opened her hand to reveal the ring, she stared at it until the tears clouded it from her view. “I love you” she whispered slipping the ring onto her finger. Y/N stood from her position whipping the tears away and strode into Maleficent’s house, ready to blow Auradon from its popsicle stand.

Part 2? Let me know here.

Hold on to your hats, kids. This one gets a wee bit racy. 


“So, the interactions between your characters, Jack and Y/N, really leave viewers guessing. Can you shed a bit of light on their relationship?” the interviewer asked.

You saw Jack glance at you in your peripheral vision. You were doing your first press event - with Jack, Mark, Tom and Barry - for your new film Dunkirk, and were sure this wasn’t the last time that question would come up. You played Mr Dawson’s oldest daughter in the film, a young woman in training as a nurse, determined to play her part in the rescue operation. Your character was steadfast and resolute, like her father, but feisty and hot-blooded at times. As Chris had given the characters so little backstory, you had decided that, due to the constraints of her sex at the time, she had developed a fiery streak. After arguing her way onto the Moonstone, your character Evelyn had some small exchanges with Collins after he was rescued. Nothing more than flirting was ever seen in the film, but the suggestion of romance was clear, despite it having been absent from the script. The chemistry between yourself and Jack on set was palpable, and infected your takes every time. Luckily, Chris had liked the hint of romance you accidentally brought to the characters.

“Aye, I think there’s certainly some chemistry between Collins and Evelyn, but that’s the beauty of their relationship, in my view, that it’s so undefined. Ye don’ know where they’re gonnae go, so ye get te fill in the blanks yerself,” Jack commented very diplomatically. 

“Yeah, I would agree,” you continued, “And I think it would be insensitive to trivialise such a serious and important topic like the evacuation of Dunkirk with something so frivolous as a whirlwind romance. This film is about survival and community, so while it’s nice to see a little flirtation, it would be wrong for there to be more than that.”

The interviewer nodded. “So do you think Evelyn kinda represents the woman at home, you know, the lover waiting for her man to return from war?”.

You fumed silently, astounded at how Evelyn could have been interpreted so wrongly. You took a deep breath, trying to maintain your professionalism.

“No, not at all. I think she represents all the strong, brave women that refused to sit at home while the men went off to fight in the war. Her getting on the boat in the first place, refusing to let her father leave her on the dock, shows that she has tenacity and a fighting spirit. You know, women played such a vital role in both world wars, not only in the factories and farms, but in the armed forces too. And all those brave nurses who saved millions of lives, and sometimes gave their own when helping soldiers on the front lines. There are accounts of makeshift hospitals on the front getting bombed. There are actually some historians who argue that Germany lost the war because Hitler refused to let women work to maintain the economy. He thought their place was in the home, having babies…” You sensed you were getting a little worked up, but you simply refused to let your character be dulled down to a two-dimensional love interest. “Plus, Evelyn is in training as a nurse, so she is clearly determined to do her part. She shows women as a force that cannot be ignored.”

You had to stop a smug smirk from painting your lips as the interviewer looked at you in stunned silence. The guys around you nodded in agreement, and Jack offered you a supportive pat on the leg.

The rest of the interview passed mostly without incident, talking about what it was like to work with Chris and your experiences of filming on the sea. Time was nearly up when you were asked what it was like being the only female member of the main cast.

“Oh it was fine!” You nearly rolled your eyes. “The guys were all really lovely, and didn’t treat me any differently for being a woman,” you said pointedly. “Anyway, I was by no means the only woman on set. Emma, for example, and a load of the crew were female so I wasn’t alone in my womanhood.”

“So no incidents in other casts member’s trailers then?” the interviewer asked suggestively, raising an eyebrow.

Tom quickly came to your rescue, “Y/N is a good mate and such a laugh. She’s one of the lads really, but somehow managed to keep us in check too. She was actually a bit of a mother hen at times, so there really wasn’t that kind of relationship. Anyway, we’re all colleagues at the end of the day, so we had to be professional.”

You deigned not to mention that you had shared Jack’s bed the night before. Not even the rest of the cast knew about you two.

“Exac’ly. She’s a great friend, ya know, and we’d never disrespect her loike tha’.” Barry interjected.

“She’s a phenomenal actress too, which is the real point of importance here. She’s good at what she does, so it never mattered to us that she was a woman. She could be a bear for all we care,” Mark said with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.

The interviewer, clearly failing to get the message to move on, asked Jack, “So all that chemistry on screen, that was just acting?”

“Jus’ acting mate,” Jack replied, “it’s what we do. That’s how we bring home the bacon.” He clearly wasn’t willing to offer any more on the subject, so that was the end of it.

The interviewer asked a few final questions and you all offered your thanks.

“Thank god that’s over,” you sighed once back in your hotel room. It was your only interview of the day as you had the premiere that evening so Jack, Tom and Barry had headed back to your room with you to relax, and Harry and Fionn had joined shortly after from their interview. You’d just come out of the shower to hear Jack finish retelling the event from earlier to Harry and Fionn. They were suitably horrified too.

“I cannae believe ye were asked those questions! It was so rude!” Jack exclaimed indignantly.  He couldn’t help getting protective.

“Well, we’d best get used to it ‘cause you better believe that’s not the last time I’m going to get asked questions like that,” you said as you stood in the doorway in the hotel dressing gown, towel drying your hair. You went to sit beside Jack on the bed.

“But they were so obtuse and, well… derogatory,” Tom volunteered.

“Welcome to being a woman in the film industry, my friends. Thanks for sticking up for me though guys, I really appreciate it.”

“No, from now on we’re not going to let people talk to you like that. Whoever is in an interview with Y/N, if she gets asked a question like that you answer for her, alright?” Harry suggested, “She shouldn’t have to deal with shit like that”. Everyone nodded in agreement and tears welled in your eyes, overwhelmed by their support.

“We’re no’ gonna let people treat you like tha’ pet, you deserve so much better,” Jack said, wrapping a comforting arm around your shoulder. You buried your face in his chest and let his warmth seep into you, wanting nothing more than to kiss him. A few pointed looks were thrown around the room at your behaviour, but you were oblivious to them.

The boys stuck around for a while, chatting and messing about. You however, were in your own world with Jack. You weren’t in a relationship, per say, you certainly weren’t dating. You’d never been on a date, but you had slept together a few times. It all began when the cast reconvened for the press tour and you and Jack had suddenly found that you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. During the shoot you had remained steadfastly professional, despite the tension that hung in the air between you. You had thought he might make a move at the wrap party, but nothing happened and you drifted your separate ways. But, as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so when you saw him again, bearded and, if possible, even more gorgeous than you remembered, it didn’t take long for you to hook up. Neither of you really knew where you stood, so had decided to keep it secret from everyone else. Mostly your relationship consisted of sneaking into each other’s rooms at night and stifling your moans because the hotel walls weren’t that thick. It was quickly becoming inadequate. You could feel yourself falling for Jack, like you had toppled over a cliff without even realising you were close to the edge, and you hadn’t hit the ground yet. You were dreading the impact. You’d never talked to Jack about your feelings, and you were terrified that he saw this as just a fling, just mates helping each other out. You wanted to tell him that you wanted more than stolen kisses and silent sex, but every time you tried the words stuck in your throat.

Eventually you shooed all the boys out, needing to get ready for the premiere.

“Can’t I stay?” Jack whispered, his breath on your ear giving you shivers, “It’s not like I haven’t seen ye naked before.”

You tried, and probably failed, to keep your expression neutral. “What about keeping us a secret, huh?”

“Well, what if I don’ want to keep us a secret anymore? What if I want to shout it from the rooftops that yer mine?” he growled.

Your stomach was doing somersaults, as you locked eyes with Jack. The startling blue seemed to invade your senses, and you could practically taste him.

Someone coughed deliberately and Fionn said, “We best be off then, let Y/N get ready in peace.”

Jack smirked and stood up, knowing full well he had you in the palm of his hand and was leaving you to wonder, ‘what if?’. You were suddenly alone in your room, and desperately lonely. You took a deep breath and began to get ready. If Jack wanted to play games, then games were what he would get, and you had a trick or two up your sleeve.

You had been planning to wear a modest, black dress, but had seen a gorgeous velvet number that was a deep, emerald green, in a shop the previous day. It was so beautiful, you couldn’t resist trying it on, and when it fitted like a glove and you saw how sexy it made you look, you bought it. You set the black dress aside and lay the new one on the bed while you did your hair and makeup.

Two hours later you were dressed and you took a moment to admire your handiwork in the mirror. You’d done a dramatic smoky-eye and soft rose lips. You let your hair fall in gentle curls around your face. The dress was the real killer though. It was a bardot neck, revealing bare shoulders, and came to a gentle plunge to show just enough cleavage. It had long sleeves, and cinched in tightly at the waist to accentuate your curves. It finished just above the ankle and you wore classy black heels to give your posture an extra kick. You smiled in satisfaction.

There was a knock at the door, “You ready Y/N? We’re all waiting downstairs.” It was Tom. You opened the door and his jaw dropped. “Bloody hell! You- you look amazing!”

“Thanks Tom. I’ll be down in a sec, okay? I just need to grab a few bits.” He nodded and headed off, somewhat dazed. You only needed your clutch, but waited an extra moment – you wanted to make an entrance.

Once you got downstairs you lingered out of sight around a corner. You could hear voices.

“I’m telling you mate, she looks incredible,” Tom said. “You won’t be able to restrain yourself”.

You best restrain yerself though, eh mate?” you heard Jack say. You smirked and rounded the corner, letting your hips sway and your heels clop loudly on the floor. Immediately all eyes were on you. A few guys stood with mouths agape, Harry whistled appreciatively, much to your satisfaction, and you distinctly heard Jack curse under his breath. As you approached, Jack marvelled, “Holy hell, Y/N, you look…”. He searched for a word that was tenacious enough. Before he found it, you turned to Cillian. “Would you mind walking me to the premiere, Cillian? I’m a little unsteady in these shoes,” you said with a self-satisfied grin.

He smirked and shot an apologetic look at Jack, before offering you his arm.

“It would be an honour to escort such a beautiful lady as yourself”. You threaded your hand through his elbow and set off, making sure to swing your hips a little more than usual. You turned back to Jack for a moment, biting you lip seductively, before turning back to Cillian.

“Y/N, you’re being cruel,” Cillian whispered before helping you into the car. You looked at him in faux confusion. “Who am I being cruel to?” He shook his head with a smile, but didn’t press it.

The premiere was glamorous and boisterous, and the red-carpet interviews were mostly easy to navigate. You got a fair few comments on your dress, which you accepted graciously, and the guys only had to fulfil their promise to rebuff any sexist questions a few times. However, the whole night you were acutely aware of a particular pair of blue eyes on you. When you caught Jack’s gaze you saw they were deep with hunger and a possessive rage. It was a little frightening and completely exhilarating. When you headed inside for the screening of the film, he grabbed you by the waist pulled you into a secluded corner. He tried to press his lips to yours but you pulled back. “Uh uh, not in public.”

“Oh who cares! Like the guys haven’t already guessed. I’m desperate for ye Y/N, you look so damn sexy in that dress,” he groaned.

“There’s press here Jack, to review the film. I can’t risk this getting out. You heard what that prick said to me this morning, just think how much worse it’ll be if people know we’re screwing.”

His face dropped, clearly understanding the repercussions.

“This isn’t just screwin’ for me though, ye know that righ’?” The fear was painted clearly across his face, and he suddenly looked so young, so vulnerable. You nodded, relieved to know he was in as deep as you. All you wanted was let him kiss you, but instead you whispered, “It’s not for me either.”

The smirk that you so adored was back, dimples and all, and he bit his lip. “In that case, I’m going to show you exactly how much you mean to me as soon as we get back,” he said, and sauntered off, once again leaving you longing for him.

You had enjoyed the evening, but it couldn’t have ended soon enough. The after-party was being held at the hotel, so you slipped away as soon as you could without being noticed. Jack raced down the corridor, your hand held firmly in his. But you couldn’t keep up with him in your heels, so he scooped you up into his arms and carried you. You laced your arms around his shoulders and kissed him on the neck. He put you down when you reached his room to unlock the door. You were barely through the threshold before he attacked your lips with fiery kisses and kicked the door shut. He threw you down on the bed and you gazed at him through your eyelashes as he tugged his jacket off.

“God, I’m gonna rip that infernal dress off ye…”

NCT 127 Reaction to their crush falling asleep on them.


Taeyong could tell you were sleepy from the moment you arrived at the dorms, so he was expecting you to perhaps drift off. What he didn’t expect was you curling up on the sofa, your head in his lap as you fell to sleep. He would feel so awkward, his eyes would go huge and round and he’d just look around for some sort of help, but he’d quickly realise his moving around might wake you up so he’d settle down quickly to keep from waking you up. I think he’d tentatively put his hand your shoulder or back, being really gentle to keep from waking you, and he’d move his thumb back and forth slowly in that really gentle, soothing way. When you woke up from your nap he wouldn’t comment on it in case you felt awkward, he’d just offer you some juice or something with a small smile on his face.


The moment your head dipped onto Taeil’s shoulder he would go still instantly. Were you trying to cuddle? Was he supposed to like… hold your hand? He’d be so nervous, he would just keep watching the tv, his heart rate slowly picking up and a nervous sweat breaking out on his skin. When your jaw slacked and you let out a sudden snore he would jump, startled, but would quickly place a hand on your head to hold you in place. He’d be silently praying he hadn’t woken you up with his little jump. When you didn’t react he would settle down quickly. Now he was looking at your face he could see how peaceful you looked. He’d smile gently and begin to run his hands over your hair, just relishing in being so close to you. After a few minutes he’d turn back to the tv and go back to watching the show, his head dipping to rest on top of your head.


You had spent an amazing day at the beach with Johnny, running around on the sand and splashing in the sea. You had both collapsed in your seats on the train and were slowly pecking your way through a bag of chips when you fell to sleep, your head resting on the back of your seat. The moment Johnny noticed he would snicker and turn to you, pulling out his phone to snap a few photos. When the train lurched you rolled to the side. You were now fast asleep on Johnny’s chest, with him in a very awkward leg position he couldn’t keep up for the long train journey home. He lifted your head slowly and quickly swivelled in his seat so he was sitting normally, but as he congratulated himself on a smooth movement he forgot he was holding you up and your head thwacked down onto his shoulder. He froze on the spot, terrified he had woken you, but you were so tired you just slept on happily. Johnny would snap a quick photo to show to the boys later, he would brag to anyone who listened, but otherwise he wouldn’t act very differently, he’d just sit on his phone.


When Yuta had promised you dance lessons you had been a bit nervous, because you didn’t have the best rhythm in the world and Yuta was an amazing dancer. But he was actually a really good teacher and you found yourself working hard and having a lot of fun. When you told Yuta you needed a bit of a break he took you to the corner of the dance studio to have a water break. Yuta was watching the other boys dancing, giving them tips, but you could feel your head dipping slowly, you had been dancing so hard and you were exhausted. Knowing you couldn’t stay awake much longer you curled up on your side, deciding to take a nap.  As soon as Yuta realised what you were doing a pang of nervousness would run through him. He’d swallow back the nerves and tut at you, telling you to come and rest on his lap because the floor was too hard. So you found yourself napping with your head on Yuta’s lap, the other boys glancing at the two of you. Each time Yuta’s smirk would grow and he’d shoot the boys a thumb up. But actually, he was super nervous to have you so close, he just couldn’t miss the opportunity for a bit of physical contact with you.


The two of you had been watching films together when you fell asleep, your head resting on his shoulder. Doyoung was so wrapped up watching Harry Potter fight a dragon he didn’t even notice for a while. But then he’d look down at you, wondering why you had gotten so quiet, and his eyes would bulge out of his head. He’d instantly start telling himself off, he could have woken you so easily, it was honestly great you were such a heavy sleeper or he never would have forgive himself. He would stare at you, just admiring how gentle you looked all curled up, your cheeks a little puffy, your face relaxed. He’d have a huge smile on his face, because seeing you looking so sweet was so lovely to him and you were making him feel so soft. He’d pull the blanket draped over your legs around your arms to keep you warm and then he’d turn back to the movie, but he’d be unable to remove that massive grin from his face and he’d peak down at you every few minutes just to check if you had gotten any cuter (he didn’t that it was possible.)


When Jaehyun noticed that you had fallen to sleep on his lap he would straight up start giggling. He was kinda nervous because you were on his lap and he wasn’t quite sure what to do. He’d just kinda stare at you open mouthed, drooling a bit, and he wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. He’d grab his phone and video call Taeil to be like “Hyung look!” and then Taeil would tell him to stop being stupid and then he’d hang up. So then Jaehyun would message Winwin and Winwin being the cheeky shit he is would tell him to start moving your hair and poking your face. So Jaehyun would just start poking your cheeks, he wouldn’t even noticed when you woke up. One moment you were asleep, the next you were staring at him. He’d instantly start apologising because he’d realise straight away he’d been acting like an idiot, so as you sat up he’d just keep apologising. He’d pull you into a hug and he’d hold you there until you fell asleep on his chest. He’d keep his arms tight around you to keep you comfortable to make up for waking you up. He’d have an affectionate little smile on his face when he thought of how comfortable you were around each other.


You and Winwin had been studying together, trying to keep up with all of your work. You were on the sofa, on your back, trying to read over your notes to memorise them whilst Winwin was sat on the floor, his books and notes sprawled around him. You were so comfortable in the warm dorm, you just couldn’t focus on your work and you quickly drifted off. You would roll in your sleep, bringing you to the edge of the sofa, and your arm would flop down to rest over Winwin’s shoulder, your hand on his chest. He would jump out of his skin, like he’d be so shook. He’d look up super slowly, not knowing if you were awake. When he saw that you were asleep he’d just pause and smile, his whole face crumpling up with a big ass smile at how cute you were. He’d try and turn back to his notes to keep working but he just couldn’t focus with your hand on his chest, so he’d lean back so your heads were close together on the sofa and he’d just close his eyes and lie there happily.


Mark is super freaking busy so I think any chance you got to chill together would end up in him sleeping. You went round for a movie marathon but twenty minutes in he was asleep on your shoulder. It was super comfy curled up on the sofa, and you quickly fell asleep too, your head resting on his head. He’d wake up randomly feeling disoriented with his head on one side and he’d sit straight up. You slumped over with his sudden movement and wake with a yell, and soon it’d just be the two of you screaming at each other, both feeling completely dazed and confused. When you both realised what had happened he would start stuttering an apology. After you assured him it was fine you’d settle down to watch the movie, still laughing at eachothers silly reaction, but he would just be sat there the whole time ignoring the film. His cheeks were burning so much, he couldn’t believe he had fallen asleep on you like that. And you had slept on him too! He would be lowkey wondering if he could pretend to fall asleep again so that he could lie on your shoulder again.


It was super late and you and Haechan were having a catch up in his bed, you were just lying next to each other, muttering quietly between yourselves about your week and just random things that came to mind. But Haechan wasn’t really focussing; he was actually feeling super nervous. You were right there next to him, and he couldn’t stop thinking about holding your hand. He would be so nervous thinking about it that he wouldn’t notice when you went quiet. He’d decide to test the waters and just move his arm so your arms were touching. When he glanced down to see your reaction and found you asleep he’d feel an escape of tension in his chest. On the one hand he was glad you were asleep because you couldn’t react badly, but he REALLY wanted to see if you would have liked having him touch your arm. He’d just kinda end up staring at you, because he was usually wayyyy too nervous to look at you for this long. He’d end up just drifting off to sleep whilst watching you, a content little smile on his face.

Thank you for reading! We really hope you like it. We’re open for requests, so go ahead and message us!

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Being the Daughter of Wendy and Peter Pan and Dating Harry Hook Headcanons

Requested: By @rwbyisthemostawesometeaminbeacon : Hello! So, first off, I just want to say I love you and your writing so much! Keep up the good work. So, may I request a Dating Harry Hook and being the daughter of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling Headcannons? (Pandy is one of my first OTPs since the live action movie XD) If so, then thank you so much and have a great day!

Warnings: none

Notes: I’ll be honest, I’ve been waiting for this request. If I hadn’t gotten one I probably would have just written it without a request cause I wanted to do it. 💙💜💙💜

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Ben convinces you to show Harry around and help him adjust to Auradon.
Harry flirts with you the entire time, and neither of you seem to be too bothered by your parents past.

You teach Harry how to count properly. Seems Hook’s fear of clocks bled a little into counting, and Harry never properly learned.

It gets brought up a lot when you two start dating.
You remember your mother and father’s stories about Captain Hook, but Harry wasn’t him.
Plus the entire point of the VKs coming to Auradon is to try and put everyone’s parents past to the side.

Your cousins, the sons of your Uncles John and Michael, really don’t like Harry. They don’t trust him and think he’s just a no good pirate.
You threaten to tell their mothers of how unaccepting they’re being though and they shut up pretty fast.

Harry refers to you as his little lost girl or his darling. You’ll jokingly call him captain.
Not around Uma though.
In all honesty, Harry isn’t surprised that you can fly. He actually expected it.
You used pixie dust to make him fly, which turns into one of the most amusing things you’ve ever seen.
You’re his happy thought.

He only chuckles whenever you fly past him and kiss his cheek or something similar, he found it cute.

He flirts with you constantly, enjoying how red you’ll get if you’re a bit shy.
Or he’ll smirk when you flirt back with him.

Harry either has to keep a training tip on his hook, or it gets shrunken down and he wears it as a necklace.
Either way you’re fascinated by it. You’re the only one besides Uma he lets touch or hold it.

You tell him stories about Neverland while he trains for tourney or practices sword fighting.
Harry and you have made one another promises to visit Neverland and sail the seas for a time after school.

Your mother was fairly welcoming of Harry, she felt he deserved a chance, he wasn’t his father.
Your father wasn’t as welcoming, but the second Harry made a snarky joke, the two hit off and the whole night was filled with laughter.

Harry teaches you how to steer a pirate ship, the two of you running off down to where Uma’s ship had been docked.
You spent the entire day out on the water, the air filled with laughter.
He watched on proudly with his arms wrapped around you when you successfully docked the ship.

You’re his happy thought and he’s yours, and that’s how it’ll stay.

Shield-maiden Within

Summary: Reader is a Saxon woman who doesn’t like the whole ‘a woman can’t do what men do’ thing and so she runs away… with the vikings, and Bjorn trains her.

Characters: Reader, Bjorn Ironside, Ragnar Lothrbrok, Floki

Fandom: Vikings

Word Count: 1936

Disney Movie Writing Challenge, @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen 

AN: I think this is the longest thing I have ever written but I hope you guys still like it even thought the ending is crap…

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Lords as the Justice League AU causeI’mhellahypedforthemovie

Shingen - Superman

Why?: Shingen has been described as having and using brute strength in his battles. He embodies leadership qualities and like Superman he is loved by people as well as has his own personal “Kryptonite” in the form of consumption. Superman allegedly died at the end of BvS and Shingen died at the end of his story lol

Story: His origin is unknown. Some say he is from another planet, others say he is has the strength of 100,000 men due to multiple reincarnations. The couple who raised him found him as a baby in the remains of what used to be Tsutsujigasaki while on vacation. Because of how he was taken in treated well, he tends to think of those close to him as his family, hence his reason for saving others.

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You’re the Tony Rydinger to my Violet Parr

Originally posted by hollandoakes

Written by Christina

Category: Fluff

Word Count: 2171

Requested by anonymous: Hello! Can I request a peter parker x reader where the reader has invisibility and force field powers but is super shy at peter’s school and one day she gets bullied and Peter saves her and when he’s Spider-Man she saves him and he falls in love with her plz and thanks 😋 

A/N: I really hope you guys like this one! Please let us know if you have any feedback, positive or negative. I had fun writing this one. :) I thought of Violet from “The Incredibles”, hence the title lol 

 You crouched down, hiding by the convenience store across the street from the bank that was in the middle of being robbed. Three men were inside, shoving cash into large black duffel bags. They all were clad in black, complete with stereotypical ski masks. You took a deep breath, slowing your thumping heart and felt a slight chill run from the tips of your toes all the way up to your scalp. You glanced down, unable to see your hands or legs. You smiled a little as your confidence surged, glad you were finally gaining more control of your powers. You had them your whole life, but the only control you had over them was to keep them a secret; never using them. But, ever since you saw Spider-Man online one night, when you were supposed to be studying for your calculus exam the next day, you knew you could use your obscuration ability to help him out, even if you were invisible to him.

You saw the robbers you were observing dash out of the bank, each of them carrying duffel bags full of cash. You felt your heart skip a beat, suddenly feeling anxious as your mind began to race through every single worse case scenario. Hey, you told yourself, it’ll be fine. Just don’t think about it. You imagined your mind as a whiteboard and yourself wiping all of your thoughts away, and with one more deep breath, and held your arm out, concentrating. Moving targets were always the hardest. You imagined a giant bubble enclosing the robbers, keeping them contained. Only, this bubble didn’t pop. You heard one of the guys yell, making the other three halt, spinning on their heels to see what was going on.

One of the men was in the middle of the sidewalk, pounding on an imaginary barrier like a mime. Except you knew he wasn’t miming. Your force field only caught one of the men. You winced at the pain the captured man was causing you; if anyone hit your shields, it was a like someone was slamming a hammer against your skull. You kept up the shield and raised your other hand, trapping the three other men in another bubble before they could run to assist their pal. All three of the men crashed into the wall of their bubble falling to the ground and the resulting pain causing you to yelp and drop your shields. You moaned as the pain subsided, rubbing your temple.

“What the heck was that?” One of the men yelled, turning this way and that to try to see a source of the mysterious boundaries. You felt your heartbeat and adrenaline pick up again, making your knees shake. You glanced down, you were still invisible. Well, partially; one arm was exposed. You were glad you decided to hide in the shadows, just in case this happened. You exhaled, a chill running down your arm as it turned invisible. As your arm disappeared, an odd swishing sound ripped through the air. You lifted your head up, toward the source.

The one and only Spider-Man was crouched on top of a street light, hands extended as he launched web after web at the bad guys, trapping them to the ground. You stared in awe, admiring how swift he was, the vivid color of his suit, the way his biceps bulged under the constraint of the near skin-tight uniform… You shook your head, stepping out of the shadows and dashing across the street to meet your idol, keeping your steps as light and silent as you could. Spider-Man froze, his head cocked to the side like he was listening. You had reached him when he stopped webbing up the bad guys, so you froze too, a few feet behind him. For some reason, you felt incredibly nervous all of the sudden, your heart pounding so hard it felt like it might break your ribs. Spider-Man turned around, facing you. You gasped a little and double-checked that your invisibility was still functional. Spider-Man stared in your direction. Did he see you?

“Hello?” Spider-Man called out, his voice cracking ever so slightly. Your vocal cords froze. You just stood there, three feet in front of Spider-Man, invisibility powers concealing you. After an eternity, Spider-Man called out again, but when he got no response, he sighed and turned, flinging a web toward the building in front of him.

“Good job, Spidey,” You heard him say, “You’re just hearing things. Thanks, Spider-sense, for giving me a heart attack.” He swung away, leaving you in front of the bank, the four bad guys trying to fight their way out of their sticky situation. You sighed, feeling warmth seep into your skin as you switched your invisibility powers off. The sound of the four robbers screaming like little girls when they saw someone suddenly appear out of thin air made you jump and unconsciously switch you invisibility back on, making them scream even louder. You ran toward your place, done with fighting villainy for the night.

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🌊What the Water Gave Me Spell🌊

inspired by florence + the machine’s “what the water gave me”, a spell to help ease those overburdened by worries/anxieties they can’t control. not a substitute for trained help

So lay me down, let the only sound
Be the overflow, pockets full of stones
Lay me down, let the only sound
Be the overflow

🌊 gather: stones, lavender, sea salt, and coriander. 

🌊 mix herbs in the water, a tub or a sink. 

🌊 play the song while you perform the ritual, dance and sing along if you like.

🌊 for each issue/burden, create a representing sigil and draw it on a rock with something biodegradable.

🌊 if you are not willing to take a bath, fill a sink with water and simply submerge your hands instead.

🌊 submerge as much of yourself as is comfortable (not your face). think on the things that are holding you down. each time you bring your head/hands up, drop one of the rocks. do this until you hold none.

🌊 remain in the water a moment, feeling the weightlessness it gives you. 

🌊 take the rocks to a pond and leave them underwater. 

I once asked Mr Lipwig why the train did not continue back to Ankh-Morpork via the coast.  Part of the reason was the difficulty of laying more track through the Netherglades.  But the other reason is more curious.  Apparently a rival company decided to run a railway along the Circle Sea coast and build a modern holiday resort there.  They made good progress for the first hundred or so miles.  But then the trouble started and it was reported that workmen on the dawn shift found several pretty girls in filmy clothing tied down to the track who, as the mists lifted, seemed to melt away.  There were rumours that these were girls from the Pink Pussycat Club, in the pay of the AM&SPHR.  Mr Lipwig said he could not possibly comment and that everyone knew the old legends about a place called Holy Wood where a great city disappeared into the sand overnight.
—  Georgina Bradshaw (as told to Terry Pratchett), “Mrs Bradshaw’s Handbook”
(Holy Wood continuing to do its creepy thing…)
The best Yuri on Ice fics of my day.

A.K.A. A Spotlight on wartransmission

1. a love that refuses to be silenced
A year into being officially (and he doesn’t count what happened in Barcelona, because really, Viktor?) engaged and capable of sleeping with Viktor on the same bed without combusting into embarrassed flames, Yuuri learns something about his favorite skater and now-fiancé.

2. when the body speaks what these lips won’t
Yuuri never touched him before, when they’d first met. He always tiptoed around Viktor like he was a fragile idol of a man, the statue of a god brought to life, and Viktor hated it. Now, Yuuri touches him like it is a language that only they can understand.

3. under twilight and in love
Yuuri at three in the morning is the sweetest thing, like white chocolate and honey on his tongue, and Viktor is the one man lucky enough to be able to witness it. He is also the unfortunate man incapable of staying up so late to witness it often.

4. word of your body
“I realized something,” Viktor says, sitting back on his haunches as he leaves his luggage aside for a moment. “You noticed the story, didn’t you.” Yuuri blinks again, still confused. “The story?” Viktor smiles. “To Eros.”

5. in these spoken words my heart is yours (and in unspoken love i find your heart to be mine)
The love he was given since the beginning of his twenty-three years of life was never quite as abstract as it was always there, unquestionable, a fixture so permanent in his heart that it became background noise to the life he chose to lead on the ice. Viktor, coming like a storm from quiet shores, turned all of that onto its head in the same surprising manner he’d always done for all his graceful moments on the ice.

6. katsuki yuuri, explained  
At age 9, Yuuri is always alone, but he likes it that way. When he is alone, after all, he doesn’t have to be scared of making any mistakes.

7. when terrible days come (let my love know i’ll be home)
Yuuri still has his off-days, sometimes.

8. home is where my love is    
In Russia, somehow, he finds home more easily than he’d thought he would. It helps, somewhat, that he fostered his admiration for Viktor at an age where loving something meant loving something; where devotion is the fuel for learning something new, learning something different, all for the sake of understanding the language that his idol grew up with. And yet, Viktor doesn’t know that he knows any Russian up until St. Petersburg, while they’re training at his home rink.

9. tie this heart down (make me your home)
“I have to ask,” Phichit begins, smile stifled but amused on his lips, “Will Viktor die if he stops touching you?”

10. let’s turn this story around
For all that Yuuri acts as though he is a mere average in a sea of excellent, beautiful skaters, his fans often crop up as enthusiastic reminders that this isn’t so. Viktor should have expected that he’d receive a good amount of that passion personally, and not always in the good way.

11. every hour, every minute
“It’s surprising,“ Minami tells him. "What is?” “That Viktor Nikiforov knows how to be jealous at all.”

12. to the winner goes the gold
In which Yuuri and Viktor are competing against each other in the following year’s Grand Prix Final, and they’re still (very much) smitten with each other.

This author posts a lot of short drabbles on AO3, so it would be impractical for me to list them all here; however, I’ve listed some of my favourites. They tend to be succinct, introspective pieces. I like to read them very early in the morning or very late at night, when I’m most calm and would like to preserve that peaceful feeling.

Duet- Bucky Barnes x Reader(f)

Authors Notes: Duet  By: Penny and Sparrow. I recommend playing this on repeat as you read. It sets the mood and tempo of the work and honestly it’s just a beautiful song and is worth hearing more than once. Italics are the lyrics. 

Notes/warnings: Anxiety, self-hate, mentions of scars, fluff, mentions of pregnancy. 

Originally posted by relationshipaims

I bet your shoulders can hold more than
Just the straps of that tiny dress
That I’ll help you slide aside
When we get home

 Bucky leaned against the bar and sipped on his scotch with a phantom smile on his lips. He watched as you mingled with patrons; smiling and offering gentle touches on arms and backs. The thin straps of your silk floor length gown pressed lightly into the soft flesh of your shoulders from the weight of the fabric and all he wanted to do was take you in his arms and slide them from your frame.

 His breath caught in his throat when you turned away from him and your hair brushed over your exposed back. How was it, that after years of being together, you still managed to make him feel like he was seeing you for the first time? How was it that you were able to shatter every wall he’d ever built with one look? How was it, that a man like himself, was with a woman like you?

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Crossed Paths

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2709

Author’s Note: I love when I take ideas and just put them into fics and this is basically on my college life, so I hope you guys enjoy it! :) Thanks to my friend @dylan-ohbrien for proofreading this for me. Also, I’m tagging @were-cheetah-stiles because she “demanded” I do so when I post it!

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

2 Years. I’ve been at this college for two years already and I still don’t know how I really feel about it, since I mainly stick to myself most of the time, the other times I’m usually with my small group of friends. All of us have different majors, so I don’t usually see them in the buildings I have my classes in, but we always manage to grab lunch at one of the few places to eat here. One of my closests friends, Mal, always nags me about talking to the many cute guys that are in my major and I’m just like nah. She’s threatened me with setting me up on a blind date and we all know that that’s going to end horribly so, I gave into her nagging and promised to at least talk to one guy. Which hasn’t actually happened yet.

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Ocean Eyes

Based on this song.

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: MAJOR ANGST!

Originally posted by thesilentages

I’ve been watching you
For some time
Can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes

Infatuation was synonymous with stupidity for you, a girl who didn’t believe in the magic of fairy tales. Fate did not drive people to love, it drove them to greatness; a conduit for the ambitious to make sense of the talents guarded by self-doubt and reservation. You liked to think that no matter what happened, a higher power would be looking after you, centring you to the right course, sending winds to fill your sails along the correct path. If they were Gods, angelic creatures, or a simple act of nature, they did not bother themselves with the entangling of hearts. Love wasn’t as important as true purpose, and your purpose was to be great. You had set your sights high, expectations low. After all, the Gods were anything but fair.

You had excepted this understanding of the world, of what would come and how it was influenced. And then he had to come along, untangling every red string, unravelling the complex map until it was just a heap of yarn. He enticed you, enveloping your thoughts no matter how hard you tried to shut him out. Even in sleep, when darkness would encapsulate your mind, the oceans would burst through with ferocity, demanding to be felt, forcing you under the waves. You were drowning, and falling at the same time. A nightmare disguised as a dream.

You were the shadows, the eyes lurking from the back of the room. The steady thrum of an evening storm, the eventual fade of an echo. He had pulled you into the harsh light, holding your hands so you couldn’t cover your eyes. He had turned your thunder into lightning, your echo into a scream. And he had tugged you under, forcing you to paddle upwards, terrified and choking for air. Then once you’d break the surface, another wave would throw you back into the depths. He made you feel unpredictable and irrational, made you question everything you thought you were.

But the ocean could be calm too. For every wild storm, there were still days. Days where he’d send you a smile, or call your name softly, beckoning you to join him in the shallow, innocent waters.

That’s how he managed to always catch you in a riptide.

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