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you can say what you want about the last jedi, but poe’s worried ‘’where’s my droid?!’’ before he runs towards bb8, kneels and excitedly rubs/tickles bb8 and rests his forehead on bb8′s dome head was the best piece of acting and cinematography i’ve ever seen in my entire life okay UNPARALLELED

listen either finn is gonna get w/ rey (interracial couple in a prominent film franchise, still relatively uncommon in modern media) or finn is gonna get w/ rose (interracial couple consisting of two people of color in a prominent film franchise, even LESS common in modern media) or finn is gonna get w/ poe (interracial QUEER couple consisting of two men of color in a prominent film franchise, unquestionably groundbreaking) so like, no matter who finn winds up with romantically, it’s all good, it’s all important from a representation standpoint, u can all have ur ship wars but i am excited to see who our lord and savior finn chooses and will support him no matter what


Black men are so fine when they don’t even be trying 🍫✨😍

A few thoughts after my 12th viewing of The Last Jedi…

1. In the elevator scene, they show Rey on the side that’s lit, but Ben is split between light and dark. Even as the camera pans in close to him, there is still a sliver of light on him.

2. You can actually see a tear track down his face when he’s proposing. He was sweaty, but there was a distinguished tear that slid down his face as well. (No, my heart is not recovered yet).

3. People say Ben has not smiled, which is 100% wrong. He had two small smiles (look, I just stared at his face for like 2.5 hours, like literally that’s what I came for). First was when she asked him if he could put on a something, he had a small smirky smile that happened so quickly. The second time is immediately after he kills Snoke and she stands up with the saber. It happens just as he’s igniting his saber to fight along side her.

4. Continuing on my ‘stare at Ben Solo’ topic…when Rey rejects him and reaches out for the saber instead of his hand, the look of betrayal and devastation on his face literally breaks my heart. It happens so quickly, because the focus returns to their hands fighting over the saber.

5. I’m 99.99998% sure that Rose and Finn stole Snoke’s escape pod. Meanwhile Hux thought it was Rey. Which leads me to…

6. Ben thinks Rey is in the Resistance cave. He doesn’t realize she is in the Falcon, IMO that’s why he orders the ship to be blasted from the sky. He just thinks it’s Finn and/or Chewie flying it. It also makes his line about pushing through because the last of the Resistance is in the cave. He’s wanting to get to his REYsistance and convince her to join him. Like I’m about 85% convinced that is why he is so desperate to get to the surface and get into the Resistance base. Hux wants to do it because he is like a rabid dog wanting to end the Resistance. For Ben, he wants to get to Rey. His “no prisoners” would exclude her.

7. When Ben says he killed Han Solo, there are tears in his eyes. You can see them form as he tries to say that he’s given everything to the dark side.

8. The more I look at Snoke, the more I’m convinced someone set his body on fire, unfortunately he didn’t die. But it could help in trying to figure out who he was before he became the Supreme Leader.

9. They really missed their opportunity calling the foxes “Pupsicles”

10. When Rey enters the cave, you hear that same humming that connects her and Ben, which was a clue that she wasn’t doing a voiceover, that she was speaking to him. I’m also convinced that she saw Ben in the mirror/glass or an outline that made her think of him, which is why she went to him over Luke or Chewie about what she saw.

11. When Luke bursts in on them, literally, keep an eye on Ben instead of Rey or Luke. His hand doesn’t move away and there is a brief look of panic and fear on his face before he disappears and the connection breaks. Now I have headcanon that he spent the time between her coming to him and that scene terrified that Luke is going to hurt or kill Rey. And possibly worried that she could be dead and he just couldn’t feel it.

12. The hand Ben had that is covered in water is the opposite of Rey’s. If you don’t believe he was wiping away her wetness from his mouth, you might also think that his hand was wet from holding hers. If you align their images over top of each other, they are standing right next to each other.

13. People have mentioned Ben remembering her face from the forest calling him a monster. When you watch every scene between them, her gaze moves around and looks away, but his gaze is fixed on her. You can quite literally watch as he memorizes her face every time they are together. (As if each time he’s afraid it may be the last, so he’s trying to remember in case he never sees her again. Excuse me as I go sob now).

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I know there is more that I wanted to add, but they’ve escaped me.

Star Wars Fans before TLJ: “We want a movie that’s original and doesn’t copy the other movies!” 

Star Wars fans after TLJ: “It’s too different and not enough like Star Wars!” 

Okay so @soltserra had the best idea to combine all my favorite things (Glowing tattoos, constellations, and Allura) into one amazing AU so naturally I had to do some fanart (with permission) of it!! Seriously you should go and follow them right now

You can never go wrong with space and glitter, as I always say

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danger is our middle name!

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