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The Humans of Team Machine

[T]his is a quantum Universe and, as such, what happens is neither random nor determined. There are potentialities and any third factor–humans are such a factor–will affect the outcome. [x]


Person Of Interest | Favorite episode [1/?] - IF-THEN-ELSE

“Chess is just a game. Real people aren’t pieces and you can’t assign more value to some of them than to others. Not to me…not to anyone. People are not a thing that you can sacrifice.”

As much as I love everything Greg Plageman and Jonathan Nolan have said in the interviews for Shaw, I do have one issue with in this interview:

Plageman meanwhile allows there may have been more to it. “Shaw, who has no feelings, plants one on Root and in the moment right after that gets a sudden hit of, ‘Wait a second, I did feel something.‘”

My take of the character is that she does feel at least a low level of it, which I mean, she knows when she starts getting attached to someone or something. She’s not blind to that.

She cares.

She told Root herself in a roundabout way in 4x07 (Honor Among Thieves), she doesn’t need a revelatory kiss. She knew already. She wouldn’t be sticking around New York to help her team if she weren’t committed or if she didn’t care.

Shaw knows Root cares about her too, Shaw might probably suspect that Root even loves her.

But the way Greg says it, made it seem like Shaw was completely unaware. Shaw is aware. She knows she has feelings for Root. This is not her first time in the rodeo. She’s had relationships before:

Relationships are for amateurs. Guys these days have so many… emotions. They cry, they wanna be held. I just don’t know what do with them.

She’s been in a relationship before and none of her previous relationships ended well. Shaw is aware she’s attracted to Root (’Okay, that was kinda hot.’) and how she’s grown attached to Root.

But she’s also very painfully aware about what she is, how her old relationships exploded in her face because she didn’t return the same level of feeling. What Shaw is, is careful.

Shaw is the first in line to run to the fire but she’s going to bring a fire extinguisher with her too. She takes risks but does so with wide eyes open. She’s not going to leap just to leap.

I think the show presented as much perfectly when Shaw says: ’We’re a four alarm fire in an oil refinery.

Shaw knows her capacity for violence, she’s also very aware of Root’s capacity for violence (and very much appreciates this too). What if, one day things between them went South? Shaw has no guarantee there won’t be to misquote Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars 'ruined lives and bloodshed’.

And, I honestly think Shaw thought they had time to figure it out, that they’d survive it all together even if it was in simulation when Shaw said: 'after Samaritan’, Shaw meant it. But things don’t happen at a time table.

Things accelerate, and its been accelerating and slowly Shaw took note of it, and its why she began letting Root closer little by little, and making her know in a roundabout way that Shaw cared for her.

And then the override button is across the room, and someone had to stay behind to make sure the Samaritan operatives won’t be able to stop the elevator from going down, and as she saw it with John down and Fusco can’t do it because he has a kid (and after going through all that trouble last year she’s not gonna deny the kid his father). Root’s also injured, the only logical choice as she could see was her.

Martine would focus on her and everyone can get away. If she had to die for something it would be for people she cared about and a cause she believed in.

So Shaw kissed Root and it could mean a number of things but for me, the kiss was both to distract Root and tell her in a way that brooked no argument that Shaw cared. IMO, Shaw’s pained expression was the realization that this could very well be the last time and her 'someday’ is never going to come around.

Its also… IMO the Han and Leia moment where Leia says 'I love you’ and Han says 'I know.’

The kiss was also that: an 'I care about you’ and 'I know’.

*(Did I just use two epic fandom ships to compare to Root/Shaw? Yes, yes, I did!)

hogwarts au pt. 3

by @ohfucktherewashomework

  • they manage to get to the other side of the lake without issue. no one falls in
  • hogwarts is huge. like, they all live in the uk, they’re no strangers to pictures of castles—especially not country bumpkin harold—but holy shit
  • root’s excited by the ghosts. are you seeing this, sam? ghosts. i see dead people. sam.
  • sam is trying so hard to be Unaffected but it’s really hard
  • she’s nearly being trampled by the wave of first years, so she has to grab onto root’s robe sleeve to stop from being left behind
  • root nearly has a heart attack
  • professor hersh finally corrals them into the little side room
  • john and joss give the other three the run-down on what’s going to happen at the sorting ceremony. harold already read about it, but he likes listening to john talk
  • everyone gets quiet as time stretches on. by the time they’re led into the great hall, they’re silent
  • (except for fusco. that kid is cracking bad jokes left and right. everyone tells him to shut up)
  • the sorting hat is brought out. joss decides it doesn’t look very impressive. she’s even less impressed when it opens its mouth and starts singing
  • shaw just wants to eat some food. is that too much for a girl to ask?
  • john is nervous, but he’s trying to be cool in front of harold and not show it
  • finally, finally, it’s time for the sorting
  • a few kids go (gryffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw, ravenclaw)
  • carter is the first of our crew to be sorted, so of course she’s a hatstall
  • it takes a good five minutes for the hat to decide where to put her
  • apparently she’s got the wits of a ravenclaw, but the moral intuitions of a gryffindor
  • gryffindor wins out, eventually, just because she snaps at the hat to get on with it
  • she’s okay with that. she goes and joins the cheering table
  • there are a few more kids, and then harold. his legs are shaking. he hopes john can’t see
  • the minute the hat gets a look at his rules and code about how to use his magic and his near dependency on non-fiction texts, it yells “RAVENCLAW”
  • did anyone expect anything else
  • the kid is such a fucking nerd
  • john fist pumps in his head. called it.
  • fusco’s next. he’s a puff
  • when hersh calls out “samantha groves”, everyone is surprised to see root step forward, her stained hands balled into little fists
  • sam feels a burning anger on her behalf
  • the hat barely has time to settle on root’s head before it’s shouting out “SLYTHERIN”
  • sam thinks that if it can tell that about root in such a short a period of time then it should be able to correct the school on what her name is
  • but she doesn’t like root or anything. no. she just likes her cat. she wonders how her cat’s doing. (his name is cole)
  • there’s quite a long gap between root and john, but eventually his time comes. he tries to look confident
  • there’s a brief pause before “GRYFFINDOR”
  • he grins and heads down to sit next to joss
  • his dad’s a gryffindor too, and he’s gonna be so proud
  • then, then it’s shaw’s turn. root watches with baited breath. she hopes shaw’s in slytherin. imagine the two of them sleeping in the same room.
  • sam walks to the stool with her chin up and her eyes steely. hersh smiles at her—he decided she was a good egg during his home visit. the hat falls over her eyes
  • the hat babbles on about loyalty and a motivation guided by people and integrity and protectiveness and really sam’s stomach is still growling. she tries to listen, but come on.
  • luckily, it’s not long before the resounding “HUFFLEPUFF”
  • hersh smiles as he takes the hat off her head
  • sam grudgingly goes and sits down next to fusco
  • root’s a bit put out about the no room-sharing thing
  • after all the other first-years are finished, professor control says a few words and then releases them to the blissful extravagance that is the feast
  • sam’s in heaven
cutthroat kitchen au: porridge time (pt. 3)

pre-game | round one auction

  • if any of them thought that the normal kitchen experience came anywhere close to the cutthroat one
  • well they’d never had one of their arms tied to a woman half (or twice) their height
  • or their stoves replaced with a bunch of wood in a pot
  • chef carter tries not to let it get to her but at least they could have given her two campfires
  • this is just inefficient
  • or just had to work in the same kitchen as shaw i mean even that is a stressor in itself
  • shes like a tiny angry lintball
  • chef reese doesnt know whether to worry about stepping or her or being bitten on the calf
  • not to mention the way that harold finch is wandering around the kitchen
  • finch is enjoying the way that he can make chef reese freeze in place just by looking at him
  • no one’s ever had a crush on him before
  • at least, no one that he knows of (but then again he’s never seen the html shrines devoted to him on the cutthroat kitchen fan forums)
  • (which is probably for the better)
  • chef reese’s only sabotage is the camp stove, and his own failure to pick the right ingredients
  • (and his aching, burning crush on harold finch)
  • (loser)
  • originally he was going to do a coffee oatmeal with a bruléed banana topping and whipped cream
  • unfortunately his bananas are currently tumbling through the cutthroat kitchen laundry service
  • the oatmeal will still work on the camp stove, though. he just needs to figure out a topping
  • and to stop getting distracted by harold’s eyes
  • they’re so blue
  • why did he think this was a good idea
  • chef carter is making a polenta
  • and its going to be the best damn polenta that the judge has ever eaten in their life
  • shaw really wasnt thinking when she gave the military cook the ability to make a campfire i mean that IS part of training, shaw!! what were you thinking!!
  • she can’t help but brag
  • “good thing i spent all that time in basic training, right, chef shaw?”
  • her voice is like when you suck on a hard candy for too long and it cuts your tongue open
  • sweet. but sharp
  • shaw looks over
  • carters campfire is roaring in a cartoonish way
  • like she literally just breathed on it and it erupted into magnificent flames
  • what the fuck
  • shes like a dragon
  • an absolutely gorgeous, talented, dragon chef
  • put the feelings away, shaw. its time to cook
  • “i was hoping all that time in your state of the art kitchen made you forget your roots.”
  • that’s a lie and everyone knows it
  • “forgetting my roots isn’t in my nature, shaw”
  • “isn’t in mine, either”chef root throws in
  • reese and carter snort
  • shaw is speechless
  • if theres one thing more confusing than someone with a crush on her its someone with a crush on her who makes puns
  • she does the best she can to ignore root while literally tied to the woman
  • carter is making a ham and cheese polenta with a herb garnish
  • and shes not going to make a single mistake, mark her words
  • okay except when she just used paprika instead of red pepper flakes
  • it was red ok
  • she wasnt paying attention
  • no one needs to know
  • good thing harold is too busy staring at reeses ass when he bends over to notice
  • she has her shit together
  • and despite his near-constant blush, so does chef reese
  • which is in stark contrast to chef shaw and chef root
  • first off, the closer shaw gets a look at root’s basket, the more it becomes clear that the woman has no fucking plan
  • there’s oats. there’s definitely oats
  • a lot of chocolate. some fruits
  • there’s also.. tilapia?
  • and are those… quail eggs?
  • root’s dragging her over to the sink for water before she can look any closer
  • “i guess i can’t just stick the taser in here, can i?”
  • a metal pot of water
  • on a metal table
  • on a metal floor
  • this isn’t how shaw wanted to die
  • “don’t you dare, root.”
  • “have it your way, sweetie”
  • shaw wishes she’d stop batting her eyelashes
  • especially when they’re so pretty
  • it’s hard to remember she’s competition
  • she drags root over to her side of the station so she can start preparing her own shit while root tries to figure out how to warm her food
  • (she ends up burning a loaf of bread in a pot, and holding her other pot on top. finch lets it happen)
  • (probably because he hadn’t thought about that whole “electrocution” thing before filming)
  • (even geniuses have their off moments)
  • shaw was GOING to make a cream of wheat-fresh fruit reduction swirl
  • but lucky charms =/= cream of wheat
  • she throws the cereal in the food processor, loads it up with whole milk, vanilla, and melon chunks, and hopes for the best
  • there are no words to describe the dish that root is making because it doesn’t fit with any idea of a porridge that shaw’s heard of
  • the girl can chop, though. even with one hand
  • root’s technique is good
  • but everyone has to wonder if she has a little help behind the scenes with the concepts usually
  • after the 20 minute mark, even root and carter are too focused to make comments
  • 30 minutes is over too soon
  • except for shaw, for whom 30 minutes could not have come faster
  • she was seriously considering gnawing off her own arm just to have a free range of motion again
  • she thinks she probably could have finished the next two rounds before bleeding out
  • probably
  • “chefs? i believe your cooking time is over. if you could just step away from your stations…”
  • finch gets a good look at the food before the judge comes down
  • he’s actually… impressed
  • chef root’s bowl may look a little like a baked bowel movement, but everyone else has actually done quite a good job with what he gave them
  • he smiles a little, to himself, when he looks at chef reese’s dish
  • (that smile makes reese feels like he just won all 25k)
  • finch tries to convince himself not to favour the man too strongly just because he has such beautiful cheekbones
  • and such rugged hands
  • and such a pleasant disposition
  • and- well. finch tries to keep his thoughts civil
  • the judge comes down from the tower- lionel fusco, world renowned cookbook author/food critic. finch smiles when he sees him, and hopes that he’ll be able to catch a longing look from chef reese in the final cut of the episode
  • “what do you got for me today, glasses?” fusco says, clapping finch on the shoulder
  • fusco is a large man
  • finch is not
  • if he werent steeled for it the shoulder clap might have just sent him face first into a bowl of oats
  • reese doesnt notice, though, of course he doesnt, hes too busy watching the way that finchs fingers are tapping gently on podium in front of him
  • “hello chef fusco. i was thinking, if you were amenable, we might record an episode of cutthroat kitchen?”
  • carter snorts. she thinks she might get along with this guy
  • if it werent for the whole “food preperation based torture” thing
  • though she could probably get over that too.
  • carter can get over a lot of things
  • “yeah, very funny, big guy. what am i tasting today?”
  • finch chuckles. “porridge, chef fusco. after you.”
  • “chef carter, please tell chef fusco what you made.”
  • she has a bowl of yellow, creamy polenta. a smaller bowl than she anticipated, though- most of it got burnt to the pot
  • don’t tell chef shaw
  • it’s garnished with some fresh, green herbs, and paper-thin tomato slices
  • “what i made for you today was a smoky, cheesy fresh summer morning polenta, topped with a tomato salad”
  • fusco smiles back at her. she likes this lady  
  • he grabs a tomato slice with his fingers, pops it in his mouth. takes a spoonful of the polenta
  • he nods and sticks out his bottom lip in acknowledgement
  • “i like whatcha did here, carter-”
  • he says her name like “cah-ta”
  • it reminds her of her childhood. she likes it
  • “polenta? really good. tomato salad? really good.”
  • she beams
  • “the aftertaste, though? sorry to say, but it crosses over from “smoky” to “burnt”. overall, good dish. just be careful with that seasoning”
  • “yes, chef”
  • that isn’t a bad start at all
  • especially not compared to
  • “chef root, tell us about your.. creation”
  • it really does look like a turd in there
  • nestled in the plate like… in a toilet
  • “hey, lionel,” shes smiling with all her teeth
  • like she knows something he doesnt
  • “this is a chocolate-starfruit, um, fried oatmeal? it has a side of fresh cream, too.”
  • reese snickers. who the hell puts chocolate with starfruit?
  • fusco tries to break off a part with the spoon
  • its rock hard.
  • he keeps trying for a comically long time
  • ends up picking it up and taking a bite out
  • anyone whos seen the show knows that face
  • “chef root. you trying to poison me?”
  • for a second everyone worries that she actually is
  • “if i was, lionel, you’d know.”
  • finch frowns at the same time that chef shaw smiles
  • “this thing’s like tropical fruit hardtack. couldn’t eat another bite of it if i tried. and the presentation….”
  • “plus- that ain’t porridge”
  • cut to interview with root
  • “maybe lionel didn’t like my oatmeal biscuit. but sameen still had that cereal. i wasn’t worried”
  • when chef shaw describes her dish as a “marshmallow melon cream of wheat,” every muscle in finch’s body twitches
  • “unique. i like it”
  • fusco takes a dainty sip out of his spoon
  • “marshmallow, you said?”
  • “yes chef” shaw grimaces. she hates it when people question her
  • even celebrity chef lionel fusco
  • “yeah, i’m not tasting marshmallow. the melon ain’t bad, though. and you don’t see a warm melon dish that often- and you got me wondering why, now. it’s good”
  • holy shit. thats high praise
  • he takes a second spoonful and shaw feels like flipping off the rest of the contestants
  • “easy on the sugar next time, tiger”
  • “thanks, chef.”
  • “what do you have for chef fusco, chef reese?”
  • he’s served his coffee oatmeal in a parfait glass, swirled together with whipped cream
  • topped with a couple of espresso beans
  • he thinks it looks classy, at least
  • “this is a coffee & cream oatmeal parfait. thank you.”
  • hes such a quiet person compared to the other three
  • fusco dunks the spoon in, takes a bite
  • his eyes widen
  • reese looks at the other contestants for support
  • two -_-s and a ovo
  • thats not support
  • “ya weren’t kidding when you said coffee, were you?”
  • chef fusco regains his composure
  • well, what composure he usually has
  • “not bad, don’t get me wrong- it’s just strong. lemme take it with some of the cream”
  • he takes another bite. his expression is less dire this time
  • “great flavour development, though” hes nodding as he says it “definitely warn a guy next time, starbucks. all in all, it ain’t that bad”
  • “thank you, chef.”
  • director zoe speaks up from the sidelines
  • “reese. you have to stop whispering”
  • “thank you, chef” he says a little louder
  • its weird to hear him speaking at a regular volume
  • she gives him a thumbs up
  • the cameras stop rolling for a moment while harold and lionel eat some more of each dish, walk behind their podiums, chat a little
  • zoe counts them in
  • “so, chef fusco. the time has come for you to eliminate one of our contestant, here. sad as it may be.”
  • “yeah, glasses, i’m weeping over here. for my teeth, at least- chef root, i’m sorry to say, but the crispy fruit cacao puffs just aren’t doing it for me.”
  • close up on roots face
  • she doesnt even look disappointed
  • shes just.. there
  • its obviously unsettling finch. he clears his throat
  • “i’m going to need that 22,000$ back, chef root. i hope that your purchase was well worth the price.”
  • root walks up with her cash, turns around and makes sure her hair flips over her shoulder as she does
  • “wouldn’t change it for the world, harry”
  • shaw
  • shaw has no idea what to say
  • root winks
  • “see you in the green room, sameen”