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We’re Going to Disney!

For @bat-addicted-loony, the Disney Movie Trivia winner! They wanted something about the seven going to Disney World. Congrats again!

  • It was probably the first time ever the seven friends were able to get away from the stress of school and parents, besides Sally and Paul since they were chaperoning the trip. It was spring break and they were all going to Disney World for a mini vacation. 
  • For most of them, it was their first time going to Disney World. The only person who has went before was Piper but a lot has changed since she was five. 
  • Annabeth had planned out their entire tip for them. She took everyone’s considerations as she mapped out which rides they would hit in what order and what part of the park had the meal plan they got. 
  • The first day they went to the parks, they went to Magic Kingdom. They went down Main Street, USA before heading towards Adventureland. 
  • What Annabeth forgot to account was taking pictures with characters. When Hazel saw Mickey, she had to go take a picture with him. Everyone else wanted to take pictures too.
  • So, it became a thing, taking goofy pictures with each character they came across. By the end of the day, they would have a total of ten pictures; Mickey, Peter Pan, Aladdin and Jasmine, Tiana, Donald Duck, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Pluto, Minnie, and Goofy.
  • Annabeth took them all to the Hall of Presidents. It wasn’t everyone’s favorite part of the day, but they went through it anyways.
  • The tried to hit all the rides before the end of the day, but there were some things in Tomorrowland that they missed because of timing. 
  • They all got Mickey Mouse ears, thanks to Piper’s dad. He told Piper he would by her friends one gift from each park. So, Magic Kingdom, Mickey Mouse ears.
  • The next day, they went to Epcot. There weren’t many rides, but they hit them all. Again, they took pictures with any character they found, their total now up to fifteen characters. 
  • They went on Test track about five times. And got the picture of the seven of them screaming and laughing on the ride.
  • They stayed until the park closed so they could watch the light show. It was a cold night, so they all were huddled up together to watch it. 
  • At some point, Annabeth and Percy moved away to watch the show, wanting to be alone for awhile. They knew this vacation was about their friends, but they needed some time alone.
  • The third day, they went to Hollywood Studios. Hazel got sick after they went on Rockin’ Roller Coaster. Her and Frank went to watch a show while the others went on again. 
  • They spent a lot of time where the Starwars attractions were. Jason, Leo, and Percy were enjoying themselves and taking pictures with a Storm trooper. 
  • That day, they got seven more pictures, their total now twenty two pictures. 
  • From this park, Hazel got a stuffed Director Mickey, Annabeth got a clapperboard, Leo and Percy got BB-8 cup, Piper got a Minnie Mouse bag, Jason got a  Storm Trooper figurine, and Frank got an Indiana Jones Mickey.
  • The final day, they went to Animal Kingdom. They were all excited to see the animals that they had on the reservation. 
  • The girls were able to hold birds on their arms and the guys took pictures of them. 
  • They went on all the rides, especially Mount Everest. They were all excited to go on that. 
  • Piper and Jason were able to sneak away to see some butterflies while the others watched a show near the exhibit. Then Jason went to buy Piper a pearl when she went off to the bathroom.
  • Their photo count went up to twenty-six by the end of the day.
  • That night, they went back to the hotel and relaxed by the pool and hot tub. They were enjoying their last night in Disney. 
  • The plane ride home, they were all disappointed to leave. It was four days that they wouldn’t forget in a long time.

A new fun feature of my outings with Jake is his barking when he first gets in the car. He does it for about a minute, then just squeaks, thankfully. It does hurt though. A lot.

I’m in Bloodborne hell.

Taehwa grinned as he stepped out onto the streets of Manhattan. His first full day of being a New Yorker started today. He didn’t have anything planned for the next couple of days so he thought he would explore while he could. He looked up and down the street before reaching out to the first person who passed. “Can you help me? I’m looking for a coffee shop.”

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11 lullabye patrick running away cause of angsty teenage angst -p

he packs his bag and gets halfway down the street before it starts raining and he comes running back soaking wet and crying in pete’s arms

Roommate: Gray (2/?)

Short update! The next part will be more interesting ;)


‘You’re turning 29. When are you going to settle down?’

The street lights flashes before you, all too blurry.

You’re looking out from the front passenger seat window, your mother’s voice is ringing over and over in your head, full with concern. If you were talking face to face with her, you would have seen the worry crease on her forehead as she furrowed her eyebrows.

It pains you to think that you are causing her so much burden.

“Do you want to tell me what’s going on?” Sunghwa inquires, breaking your train of thoughts.

“Huh?” You turn your head to look at him. You’ve been in Sunghwa’s car for the past 15 minutes already and this is the first thing he says to you, catching you off guard.

When the two of you were leaving AOMG’s studio, Sunghwa didn’t bother to say anything to you and you just went with it. Knowing how moody he gets sometime, you didn’t want to irritate him anymore than his current state.

“What’s going on?” Sunghwa asks again, his eyes focusing on the road.

You didn’t response right away and went over your choices, which are pretty limited. One, you play dumb until Sunghwa re-phases his question to be more specific. Two, you simply answer his vaguely stated question from earlier.

“Nothing.” You reply, going with the first choice.

“___, what is going on?” Sunghwa probes again in a sharper tone, clearly not satisfy after hearing your answer the first time. His eyes are still focus on the road but you see him tightening his grip on the steering wheel. Suddenly, he makes a right turn too fast and you went flying into the door.

“Sunghwa, I would appreciate if you don’t try to kill me.” You cry out, straightening your body upright again.

Yet, you did not answer his question.

The two of you are less than 5 minutes from the apartment and you would rather have this conversation when he is sitting down and not driving. Honestly, you don’t know what to tell him because obviously you can’t just say ‘I’ve loved you since I was 22 and that’s why I have to move out.’

And so, the two of you continued to sit in silence for the next couple of minutes, until Sunghwa pull into the garage and park the car at his regular spot.

Sunghwa didn’t say anything as he hastily gets out of the car, slams the door a little too roughly that it shocks you, making you more nervous than ever.

You have to thank Jay for this current situation.

‘No, it’s not his fault.’ You thought to yourself. You can only blame yourself for not being brave enough to tell Sunghwa before he finds out from Jay.

Getting out of the car, you find Sunghwa on his phone in the entrance of the elevator, waiting for you. You enter but didn’t say anything and he didn’t say anything. When the elevator stops at your floor, you trail behind Sunghwa.

He is furious, you just know it. His posture, body language, and gestures just screams it all. You know it has to do partly with stress from Show Me the Money. The other half of it is you not talking to him about your plan to move out.

As soon as Sunghwa opens the front door to the apartment, he flings his shoes off. Sunghwa sometimes throw tantrums. Today just presents him with the perfect opportunity to do so.

You sigh in annoyance. He knows how much you hate it when he doesn’t neatly arrange his shoes at the entrance. You slowly slip off your sneakers and bend down to line his right next yours. Before you could say anything to Sunghwa, you hear him slam the door to his room shut.

You just bite your lips. Eyes swelling up with tears but before any of those droplets could fall, you quickly wipe it away with the palm of your hand. Taking a deep breath, you decide to clean the dishes. Running water always calm down your nerves.

Once you are done with the dishes, you retreat back to your bedroom. You contemplate about going over to Sunghwa’s room to talk but it’s better to let him cool down first. If you try to talk to him right now, he would just be stubborn and unreasonable.

And so you prepare for bed. After applying your night cream, you grab the book you’re currently reading from your nightstand. Before you could really settle down and start reading, you hear a faint knock at your door.

“Are you still awake?” Sunghwa asks.

You cough to clear your throat, a little hesitant to reply.

“Can we talk?” He asks again after hearing your cough from the inside

“Sure.” You reply calmly.

You hear the door creak open as Sunghwa carefully twist the knob. He pokes his head in first, looking around. You don’t know why he is being so cautious. Sunghwa closes the door behind him as he enters your bedroom. He moves slowly to the opposite side of your bed. You feel the bed move a little as he sits down.

“Did I wake you?” He asks, looking at you.

“No, I don’t think you can wake me up if I fell asleep.” You laugh, trying to lighten up the mood.

“That’s true. You’re like a rock when you sleep. It’s pretty scary.” Sunghwa smiles and you feel a little better.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about me apartment hunting.” You explain all too quickly, giving him an apological look.  

“You don’t have to apologize. It’s just… I don’t know. I’m sorry for being an asshole earlier.” Sunghwa sighs.

You see his body relaxing a little as he lays down next to you. You turn to your side and he turns to his side, facing you. The two of you have been in this position too many times. Whenever Sunghwa has something troubling him, he would come and talk to you just like this.

“Yah, don’t throw your shoes at the entrance, I really really hate it when you do that.” You say softly, staring into his eyes.

“I know… I was upset. Why didn’t you tell me?” Sunghwa asks, shifting a little bit to find a comfort spot on the bed.

“I wanted to tell you but you were rarely at the apartment, too busy with the show and everything.” You look down, not meeting his eyes.

“You could have texted me or call me to let me know.” Sunghwa reply and you could feel his stare even when you’re not looking at him.

“I just didn’t want to bother you with something so minor.” You say, still not meeting his gaze.

“Minor? My closest friend that I’ve been living with for 7 years is moving out. This is a big deal to me.” Sunghwa says, raising his voice just a little bit.

“I’m sorry.” You reply, this time looking up to meet his eyes.

“No, I don’t want you to feel sorry.” Sunghwa says as he reaches out to brush you hair away from your eyes, “I just want to know why?” He asks softly, as if he is afraid to hear the answer.

You bite you lips.

Is this it? Should you tell him precisely how you feel about him?


It’s too late for that.

“Sunghwa, I’m turning 29,” you pause and sigh, “When I’m living with you, everything is great but it’s time for me to go off on my own and settle down.”

“Settle down?” Sunghwa asks, raising his eyebrows.

“Yes. Believe it or not, I have to get marry one day. No offense but I don’t think living here will help me find Mr. Right.” You bellow at him, rolling your eyes.

“You don’t need Mr. Right.” Sunghwa exclaims back, all too quickly.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” You roll your eyes again, turning your back to him. Sunghwa grabs your arm, nudging you to face him again.

“Okay okay, I’m sorry. It’s just… I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all.” He says, not retracting his previous comment.

“Don’t worry. After I leave, you can bring girls home freely.” You say, turning to face him again.

“I don’t want to bring girls home freely. I just want to see my closest friend who is also my roommate home every day like how it has been for the past 7 years.” Sunghwa exclaims, stubbornly.

You smile sadly. Only Sunghwa is capable of saying something so loving and hurtful to you all at once.

“Nothing lasts forever, Sunghwa.” You say softly, looking at him, his eyes focusing on you. “Please don’t make this hard on me. Yeah?” You flashes him a bittersweet smile.

He reaches out again, brushing your hair away from your eyes, but this time his fingers linger on your cheeks, slowing stroking it gently, “Yeah, nothing lasts forever,” he finally says.

The two of you fell asleep like this, talking into the night, knowing that your days with one and another are running out.

No one says it but the both of you know things are going to change.

After all, nothing lasts forever.

Rory’s mind was fogged with flashes from the past, hazy images of women that he’d never seen before, but held a familiar presence. In this trance he kept sauntering down the street, before fumbling over his oxygen tank, and falling face first into the pavement. “Ow,” he said on the ground.

Finally, she thought as she left the Police Station to finally, after a couple months since she moved down to Red Creek, she finally went to the police to tell them about her little stalker problem. She felt like a weight has lifted off her shoulders as she took a deep breath and started to head down the street-well actually she almost started to skip down the street before she stopped in front of the park, seeing the snow. With a huge smile, she ran towards the park and started to build a snowman and actually singing a random Frozen song before she felt someone throwing a snowball at her. “Hey…” she said, standing up and looking around, making her own snowball to throw at whoever did. 

She actually threw the snowball and….”I’m sorry!” she said quickly when she accidentally hit the one walking pass the park. “I was actually hitting the other guy that threw it at me….”

It had been a good day, a ridiculously good day and there was nothing that could wipe the grin off Maddie’s face. Her car didn’t start, that was fine. The barista gave her the wrong coffee, but who really needed caramel syrup anyway? It was the type of good mood the brunette hadn’t felt in a long time, and she was determined not to lose it anytime soon.

Walking down the street, Maddie turned the volume up on her iPod, unable to stop herself from dancing down the street to the song. It was only when she noticed the strange looks she was getting that she pulled out her headphones, a smile on her face. “What? It’s like you’ve never seen someone dancing down the street before..”

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Violet smiled and ran down the street before bumping into someone. "Owchy!" She said as her bag fell on the ground.

Double D looked up from his book. “Oh, oh dear, I’m so sorry,” he offered to help her up, but he was too late for that. Instead, he picked up her bag and handed it to her.

Kin // Open

Kin limped down the empty street before ducking into an alleyway. ‘Goddamn hunter…’ The demon had been looking for prey, needing to feed. She never killed prey before. It wasn’t how she was raised! But then that stupid hunter spotted her and that was the end of it. As before, attack without question.

Her hand was pressed to her side, trying to stop the bleeding that was there. She could use her powers to stop that but she might cry out in pain. The hunter might hear her, putting her in danger again. So the question remained about where she could hide until he lost her scent or what to do next.

As she walked to her white SUV, Kate nervously dropped her car keys at least twice, before making it inside her vehicle. Normally, she wasn’t the crying type, and while she didn’t necessarily cry a lot, she’d cried enough to make her look look not quite as put together as she normally did. However, that was the least of her worries at the moment. 

Once she arrived at Theo’s, she glanced up and down the street before stepping out. She’d never been paranoid before, but now she felt like there had to be someone watching her. Luckily, she didn’t see anyone other than Theo, and she felt a little better as soon as she spotted him. It felt like it had been ages since she’d seen him outside of school.

“Hey…” She muttered, as she stepped onto his porch, trying as best as she could to keep herself together.


Once Upon A Time tonight in Steveston, BC, Canada (aka - Storybrooke)

Shot earlier in the evening with Jennifer Morrison running down the street before stopping in the middle of it & looking intensely at something.

Later, on the docks, a scene with Jennifer Morrison & Colin O'Donoghue where they briefly interact before embracing in a long hug.

Dial D For Disaster

Pumpkin quickly raced down the street before skidding to a stop in front of his uncle’s house. He quickly opened the mailbox and glanced in. The mailbox was nearly overflowing which was strange since they usually never got mail, and all the envelopes seemed to be either pink or pastel colors.

“You’re back early.” Pitch said while reaching in and grabbing all the letters. “There’s a box for you inside. How was school?”

“It was good Pitch. Gelert and I got some donuts before school.” Pumpkin said while glancing at the letters. “Are we getting someone else’s mail?”

“Yes.” Pitch simply said while stuffing the letters into the pocket of his black trench coat. “Aster is coming over for dinner.”

“Just go out to eat. He doesn’t have to keep coming here. I can fend for myself.” Pumpkin laughed while opening the door to the small house for Pitch.

“I’m not worried about that. I’m more worried that you’d decorate every room with Halloween decorations.”