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The Art of Elsa Bleda 

Elsa Bleda was born into movement, crossing continents in the turning tides of her mother, the artist. What does it mean to form connections through the heightened beauty of transience? To be half-way down the mercurial street before the light can gather to hold you? Some things may get left behind, remain as spectral after-effects of a vital acceleration into the world, but other things congregate and move with you at your pace; sights and sounds and textures, multiple influences to draw upon in self-definition.  

Perhaps these rhythms are why she is so drawn to the spaces of Johannesburg’s night- the way they hold the traces of encounters in their quietening reverberations; speak to the tensions of leaving and arriving, and to all the different ways that a life can be lived. 

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Imagine Scorpius discovering Muggle plays, and getting obsessed with Shakespeare. 


 Albus: Are you reading that stupid play again? 

Scorpius: *clutching his heart in a dramatic way* It’s romantic, Albus. 

Albus: She just stabbed herself because he’s dead… Would you stab yourself if I died? 

Scorpius: …No offence but maybe not. I’d try to pay tribute to your memory or something. 

Albus: *tuts* But how do I know you truly love me if you wouldn’t kill yourself at my tragic demise? 

Scorpius: *hits him in the face with a pillow* If you’re not going to be nice you should leave me alone with my cultured literature and go and do your Transfiguration homework. 

 Albus: *snorts as he leaves Scorpius to it* Cultured literature. 

Scorpius: *throws the pillow at the back of his head*


Last night I experienced some @sixpenceee shit. I was walking around in my home town (which is actually really high in paranormal/spooky stuff like we have a new age store downtown. I live in the bible belt) and I had this pulling feeling to go down this road (first picture) and at the very end of it was this house (second picture) and I just got bad vibes all the way down the street. Before I go on I just want to mention I have a bit of a sixth sense. I get vibes from people or places and usually it’s only if I feel like they have bad intentions or if there is just a negative feeling or something, it’s a gut feeling and I usually listen to it. Anyway, about half way down there was this one road I felt like I needed to go down but the pull to this house was stronger.

I turned around to go back to the main road. The whole time though I kept turning around and checking out the house and stuff and I swear to god the hall light on the second floor was getting brighter the farther I walked away. I finally got to that crossroad again and I was just going to go back to the main road but I felt that pull again so I was like “this is a bad idea” but I did it anyway. Bad idea. I found out this crossroad ended near the cemetery. It was getting really dark and I knew it would be quicker to cut through the cemetery because it’s literally two blocks away from my house. So I went in. At night. There are only lights at the entrances and really dim ones on very few of the tombstones.

So I’m walking and I know I don’t need to freak out, it’ll just attract bad things but it was really dark and that house spooked me a bit. So I kept walking, occasionally turning on my flashlight on my phone to look at the paths a bit more clearly. I saw the gate near my house and thought this path I was on would lead me right to it but I took a step and stopped. There was no direct path, which was really weird because I swore there was a path there before. And I have a thing about cutting through the yard and being among the tombstones so I had to go around and take a longer path.

At this point I felt Something coming from the back/opposite side of the cemetery (for a small town, this is a huge cemetery) and I freaked and called my friend. I finally made it to my gate and went through. I was talking off my nerves and everything and I was starting to feel less bad vibes. I looked back and checked the gate a couple of times but one time I turned around and looked longer than just a glance and I got the worst feeling of the whole night. Whatever was following me made it to the gate. I’m a little mad I didn’t take a picture but I really didn’t want to stop for one. But just imagine a dark street with bare trees on one side of the road and some rough looking houses on the other with a gate at the end. And this gate is only tangible because of the yellow light cast upon it. Nothing seems to exist past this gate, there’s just black space behind it. It was eerie. I hightailed it out of there and stayed on the phone with my friend until I got home.

I’ve Always Been Home (Part 2)

I Have Loved You Since One Shots:  I’ve Always Been Home (Part 2 of 2)


(Part 1)


“Who are you?” You asked, so quietly, it came out as a whisper. You could feel the tears brimming in your eyes. You had never felt so deserted, so vulnerable, and so useless. “I know you’re not just a friend. You sleep here every night, and every time you look at me you look like I’ve hurt you.”

The tears were now brimming in his eyes. He could see and feel the pain this had brought you. He knew how much you hated feeling defenseless and for so long he let you feel that way. He hadn’t even begun to surface the cause of the accident.

“I’m your fiancé.”

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somebody else // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. They remained friends, but she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive Stiles and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he can’t stand. Overtime, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Requested: no, collab with @minhosmeanhoe

Warning: no, mature language & themes throughout

Inspired by this song


With a red solo cup in hand, he took a seat on Lydia’s couch. It had become his signature spot every time she threw a party. He’d usually sit there and watch the people around him until he’d have too much to drink or he couldn’t stand to hear one more techno pop remix. Taking a sip of a mystery liquid that burned his throat, he shot Malia a small smile as he caught her eye on the dance floor. She returned the gesture and kept dancing with the other girl around her.

“Why do you always sit on this stupid couch when I go out of my way to throw a killer party?” Lydia pouted, taking a seat next to Stiles. A smile spread across his lips as he rested his arm across the back of the couch. 

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Mr. Hemmings

You were really glad that your plan that you made up in a matter of seconds actually went how you wanted it to go; get Luke alone, make him all hot and bothered, and then leave him sweaty and baffled along with wanting more. Everything was going perfect. 

Originally posted by pikamikey

Words: 7.6k 

Request: No


A/N: y’all asked for it, so here it is… hope you enjoy;) 

part one

Of course the room fell completely silent when those words wisped out of your mouth; you really should not be surprise on the reaction that you’re receiving. You were somewhat praying that you would get a different reaction, not one of surprise or shock, but something that would make you generally happy and excited rather than a stone cold glare and a fake smile.

You let your arms slump to the side of your body as you stared at your green haired friend with wide eyes; your back begins to curve in as you become the same height as the boy that sits before you as your bottom lip drops into a pout as you shuffle a bit on your knees.

“Before I say anything that would most likely hurt your feelings, can I ask you something?” He questions, his pierced eyebrow rising up on his forehead as he leans back on your bed post. You just roll your eyes and nod your head slightly to allow him to begin his now overanalyzing questions.

“Are you happy with what you did?” Michael ask, his bottom lip tucking into his mouth as he gives you a serious look. His feet rubbing over each other in his knitted grey socks as you suck in a breath, before pushing your hand throughout your hair to get rid of a bit of a tangled mess.

“Do you not want me to be happy with what I did?” You question, eyes bearing into his as you cock your head to the side and look at him with concern. He just rolls his eyes, drops his lip from out of his mouth and lets a sigh escape him.

“First off, it’s not about me, it’s about you. And second, I’m not the one who slept with my next door neighbor.” He states, annoyance clear in his voice but you just ignore it and shift around more on your knees as your lips tug into a smirk.

“Actually remember that one time where-“

“That was years ago.”

“Actually six months!”

“But she wasn’t a parent who was battling custody for their child.”

You let a groan slip out of your mouth as you shut your eyes and throw yourself backwards on your bed. The sheets below you crumple underneath the weight of you as you toss your head around and kick your feet against the mattress, causing it to bounce around under your weight.

“Stop acting like a child and answer my question,” Michael muttered as his arms came and wrapped around your ankles to stop the heavy movements.

“Michael it’s not that serious!” You exclaim, hands by your sides beginning to grip the sheets.

“Uh… Yeah it is? You had sex with a guy who is emotionally unstable, you took advantage of him,” He explained, voice confident and sounding like a parent, which causes you to groan and look up towards your ceiling.

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Excerpt from ‘The Guardians of the Whills‘ by Greg Rucka

“The reason the Imperials garrisoned their troops aboard the Star Destroyer was for security, nothing more. A garrison on the ground gave any insurgency a possible target; a garrison floating in orbit was untouchable, a sign that opposition to the Empire was futile, and doomed to ultimate failure.

But this created its own set of problems. Troops on deployment needed to be supplied. They needed water, and water was in short supply on Jedha. They needed food, and local food could be poisoned, could be tainted, or could simply be inedible. They needed medical supplies to tend their wounded, be those wounds courtesy of the fledgling and scattered—and, many said, highly ineffective—insurgency or any of a myriad of other hazards. They needed ammunition, because a stormtrooper whose blaster ran dry was as useful as another kilogram of sand in the Jedha desert.

This meant that the Empire needed supply caches throughout the Holy City, secured locations that could serve as depots to reequip and rearm troopers on patrol. Thus, the Empire had exchanged one obvious target—a garrison—for multiple smaller ones, with the logic being that the loss of an occasional cache was insignificant in the face of the continued existence of the larger Imperial presence.

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The Last Picture Show

Originally posted by riverrdxle

Request: Hi. Please give me a cute, ep 4 inspired Jughead x reader. Thank you!

Notes: So this turned out a lot longer than I expected whoops. The opening scene is mainly for background and setting, taken pretty much directly from the episode (adding in the reader of course haha). Anyways I hope to be writing more Jughead in the future so let me know what you guys think!

“The drive-in closing is just one more nail in the coffin that is Riverdale. No, forget Riverdale. The coffin of the American Dream. As the godfather of indie cinema Quentin Tarantino likes to say–”

“Please, god, no more Quentin Tarantino references,” Kevin interrupts Jughead, glancing over at you with an expression practically begging you to rein Jughead in from his rant.

“What? I’m pissed. And not just about losing my job. The Twilight Drive-in should mean something to us. People should be trying to save it!” Jughead exclaims, leaning back against the booth with a huff. Veronica leans across the table, grabbing Jug’s hand gently to try and calm him down.

“In this age of Netflix and VOD, do people really want to watch a movie in a car? I mean, who even goes there?” She asks, trying to get him to understand the reason for the tear-down.

“People who want to buy crack,” Kevin responds, and you shoot him a warning glare.

“And cinephiles. And car enthusiasts. Right, Y/N?” Jughead turns to you, hoping that you’ll be on his side.

“Yeah. It’s a piece of town history,” you add, before Jughead turns his attention to Betty on his other side.

“Bets?” he prompts, drawing her out of her thoughts.

“Totally,” she responds absentmindedly, which seems to be enough for Jughead.

“Anyway, it’s closing because the town owns it but didn’t invest in it. So when an anonymous buyer made Mayor McCoy an offer she couldn’t refuse–”

“Anonymous buyer?” Veronica cuts in. “What do they have to hide? No one cares.”

“I do!” Jughead exclaims, and you take one of his hands in yours, interlacing your fingers under the table in an effort to calm him down. You’d known since the start of your relationship that he wasn’t much into PDA so you refrained from it, except for the occasional hand holding and Jughead’s arm wrapped loosely on your shoulders when he felt like it.

Jughead smiles down at you when you take his hand, before addressing the rest of the group.

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It’s My Job

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 6,985 (I don’t know what happened.)

Warnings- A tiny bit of swearing, and a hospital theme throughout. But it’s super fluffy!
It’s set in London (mainly because I’m from the UK and writing things set in my country is easier while I’m just starting!) and it’s also in my dream land where Lin is playing Hamilton in London when it comes. Also, please excuse my basic/mediocre medical knowledge.

A/N- I’ve had this written for a while but I didn’t know when to post it. Especially with An Ocean Away still in full swing. But I’ve bitten the bullet and I’m just going to go for it. It’s a biggie, so I’ve split it with lines in case anyone needs a break in between. I hope you all enjoy it! 


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Montparnasse is definitely the type of person to do good things in a bad way.

Like, he totally steals ice cream when Jehan feels bad one day. He picks flowers from gardens of random people’s houses. The owners have chased him down the street before. He notices a jacket/shawl thing that Jehan would like and he steals it from the shop. 

Jehan pretends not to know where Parnasse got the items from.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a story with a very hurt Jason getting dragged back to the cave by a freaked out dami. Who's worried about his brother then maybe Bruce and the other siblings come in and yah does that make any sense. 🍊🍊🍊#i get bored and read tags #yah

THANK YOU. Wow I didn’t think anyone would read through all those tags lol. I hope you enjoy what I came up with. : )

Also @dove-among-bats this is what I was talking about.

Title: If I Live to See the Dawn

Rating: General

Warnings: Blood

Words: 3,700

AO3 link

Jason’s night had not gone as planned. He’d been halfway across the city, ready to drop in on an unsuspecting group of drug dealers when he’d gotten the call from Bruce. I need your help.

Bruce didn’t call him often and he never asked for help. Jason’s first thought had been that Batman was in trouble, but his voice hadn’t sounded strained. His tentative response of With what? was answered with a request to watch Damian. More precisely Bruce asked Jason if he would “Take care of Robin tonight.”

Damian was the last person Jason expected to be babysitting that night. Dick maybe. Tim probably at some point. But Damian? Jason hadn’t been able to wrap his mind around it. His youngest sibling was headstrong and far too similar to Jason himself for Bruce to approve of their spending a lot of time together.

Which meant that Jason was the last choice. He’d scowled, despite Bruce and anyone else who cared to look being unable to see it. It felt good to turn his mouth down in a grimace. “No.” He’d answered.

Except Bruce had asked him. And Bruce never asked him for anything. The request alone tempted something warm to bubble up in Jason, but he pushed it down as fast at the thought of being the last to be asked.

He didn’t mind spending time with Damian. The kid wasn’t so bad when you pushed past his prickly exterior, and he had a sense of humor that Jason found endearing. Especially when it involved dragging Tim for his lack of self-care. Jason simply refused to be Bruce’s last choice in the matter. He understood it, but that didn’t mean he had to be happy about it.

The other side of the comm was silent as his father considered the answer and tried to come up with one of his own. The silence dragged out longer than it should have and Jason started to wonder if Bruce had closed the connection.

“I’ll send him home then.”

That was it. The comm clicked off and Jason swore. Damian wouldn’t go home. Even if Bruce marched him back to the manor the boy would be back on Gotham’s streets in half an hour. Damian was many things: highly trained, able, and smart, but Jason couldn’t see himself letting a child, because that was something else Damian was, out patrolling Gotham’s streets alone.

Jason had been Robin. He’d been the kid to do things on his own. To be assured in his abilities. Batman had trained him after all. He’d failed more times than he cared to count. Wanted a partner more than that. No Jason wasn’t going to let Damian patrol alone, neither was he going to call Bruce back and tell him that.

It took Jason longer than he cared to admit to find Damian. He refused to call for help early on, for fear of Bruce overhearing before he’d left. Thankfully his youngest brother had a tendency to follow his father’s example and follow pre-planned patrols unless something caught his attention.

As Jason moved on to the third area he figured Damian would be he was ready with a snappy comment to give his little brother the moment he found him. Something about sneaking out being not DaddyBats approved, but the words died on his lips the moment he parked his motorcycle and cut the engine. Shouts filled the air followed by the cough of gunfire.

Jason was off his bike, the vehicle crashing to the ground behind him, and halfway down the street before his head caught up with his feet. The source of the sounds had to be close, his eyes grazing each alleyway he passed before moving on to the next.

A little over a block away he finally found the right one. He couldn’t see Robin through the press of men, but he could hear the kid through the roars and grunts of whoever he was fighting. Jason didn’t hesitate to throw himself into the fray, working his way towards his brother.  He lost himself in the steady, practiced actions of find the biggest threat and take them out. His brain a few steps ahead of his guns, a part of his attention on Damian.

All Jason could think of during the fight was the words Bruce had used earlier: take care of Robin. They were what pushed him to his limit during the fight, and what propelled him into Damian, shoving the boy out of danger as a stray bullet caught the side of an unprotected water heater and causing it to explode. 

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Secretly Married/The Crew Finds Out

Secretly married Gavin and Ryan. Like they met when Gavin just started and Ryan tracked him down cause Gavin wasn’t good at hiding his tracks. Then they meet and Ryan just can’t kill him. After all Gavin was only digging into Ryan’s files b/c he had a big criminal crush.

They start dating after meeting up a couple times after that for business and end up getting married in Vegas 2 years after that. (Last minute/drunk decision)

They’ve been married for a bit when Gavin gets a job with FAHC and ends up staying in the crew. Ryan still only does mercenary work b/c he’s had bad luck when working with crews.

Gavin is in Fake AH Crew for like 8 months and then they get interested in Ryan b/c he killed one of Geoff’s biggest competition and they want him to be part of the crew. Gavin stays quite about it until he comes home to Ryan and tells him about it.

Ryan is a little cautious but he ultimately takes the job because hey, he can keep an eye out for his clumsy husband. They both decided that it’s best that they keep their relationship secret no matter how much Gavin tries to convince Ryan that they are trustworthy. Ryan doesn’t want to risk it and give them a weakness, Gavin at that.

Gavin leaves the next morning reluctantly. Sometime it’s really hard to leave Ryan in the early morning. Especially when he’s shirtless and all cuddled up in the warm duvet.

Gavin gets to the penthouse later that morning and Geoff is already celebrating that he got THE Vagabond to join FAHC and it didn’t take a lot of convincing. The rest of the crew were conspicuous because he is known for killing people who wrong him or even have a different opinion from him. (Meanwhile Gavin is laughing a little bit because Ryan is just a big teddy bear who still has to cut the crust off his sandwiches)

About noon Gavin texts Ry to make an entrance. And right after he sent it, there’s a knock on the penthouse door.

Geoff flies to the door and in walks his gorgeous husband. (Well rn maybe gorgeous isn’t the word to use b/c he’s got his face paint and freaky mask on)

Everyone sees him and gets all defensive and Ray keeps his hand on his minigun and jack stops making dinner but keeps his knife at hand. Michael pauses the video game he was playing and sits up straight. Gavin stays slouched on the couch but looks over at his hubby.

“Welcome to the crew.” Geoff says a little to happy. Ryan keeps up his creepy persona and doesn’t say a word.
Ryan’s been in the crew for about 2 months now and blends in quite nicely. Ray and Ryan or the R&R Connection are the best combo (besides Gavin and Ryan but they don’t know that). Plus Ryan kind of warmed up to Ray more than anyone else because Ray doesn’t pester Ryan to talk like everyone else. Plus no one has suspecting anything about Gavin and Ryan’s relationship because they leave their affections for when they get home and don’t make contact at work. (Except that one time when they escaped into the bathroom together for a quick make out. But no one noticed Gavin coming out flushed) Also like cmon, no one would think for a moment that Gavin, the annoying squawking Gavin, would be married to THE Vagabond, the guys who doesn’t talk and would murder anything that moves. Honestly, the guys have been worried about leaving Gavin alone with the vagabond for too long because he might kill Gav for being too annoying.

But anyways the crew has been planning a new heist and this one is going to be big. The press will be talking about it for months if all goes right in the confusing plan.

“Ryan and Michael go in and clear it and then Gavin you go in and open the safe. Then get the money and get out. Rays sniping, Jacks the get away and I’ll be outside the bank shooting down the cops. Got it?” Geoff explains.

Everyone nods and disperses out to get supplies. They’ve been planning the heist for at least two weeks and went over final plans before hitting the bank later that night.

Gavin and Ryan have a tradition before every big heist they’ve gone on. They inconspicuously separate from the rest of the crew and into a bedroom or bathroom to talk and say their (hopefully short) goodbyes.

“It’s going to be okay Ry, I know your worried about me being front line but I’m going to be fine. You’ve got my back.” Gavin persists.

“Damn right I do.” Ryan grumbles.

“I love you. Please stay alive for me so you can kill more people for me.”

“Always. I love you. Stay safe baby.” Ryan whispers back before pecking Gavin’s lips.

Ryan leaves the room after that to find Michael and grab weapons before heading out. Gavin figures out all the tech equipment he needs and also gets in his car and heads out into position by the bank.

After about 30 minutes, Geoff talks into the earpiece.

“Everyone ready?” Geoff asks and gets “yes” in response.

“LETS HEIST.” Ray screams through the coms. The security officers in the bank are scoped down by the puerto rican and gives the all clear.

Ryan and Michael storm into the bank with their guns shooting up.


As Michael takes care of the civilians, Ryan goes towards the vault and kills the security near the safe.

Gavin runs into the bank after getting the all clear from Michael and goes towards the vault where Ryan is and starts working his magic. He’s typing feverishly into his tablet and hooks it up with the security pad on the safe through a cord.

“Hurry guys, cops coming in 1 minute.” Ray quickly says. This is what made this particular heist dangerous. The police department was only 3 blocks away which made it easier for them to stop the heist.

“Got it.” Gavin responds and the safe clicks open.

Ryan and Michael storm in and start filling their duffel bags with money. They were stuffing their bags for 30 seconds and Geoff demands for them to get their asses moving and get out.

They make a run for the back door and get outside. There are faint gunshots near the front where Geoff and Ray are.

“Alright we are out.” Gavin says over the coms.

“Coming.” Jack says in response. Within a second Jack is pulled up next to the boys and they don’t hesitate before jumping in.

The plan involves them splitting up after a block or two and getting into different cars so it gets easier to escape the cops.

“I’m ditching.” Geoff says almost breathlessly.

“Okay. Leaving now.” Ray says to the rest of the crew.

Jack, Michael, Ryan, and Gavin are quickly fleeing the scene. From the back Gavin and Ryan check over each other to make sure neither are injured and/or bleeding. But their checkovers are cut short as jack quickly stops the car for them to get out. There are 3 cars waiting in the street for them to get in and make a get away.

The 3 crew members barely have time to reach their cars before cops are shooting down the streets towards them.

“Shit.” Michael mutters while getting in his car and speeding away down the street before turning right. Jack races right behind him.

Gavin and Ryan are now both in their assigned cars and racing down the street with gunshots whizzing by their cars. Ryan remains down the long street while Gavin has to take a right. They split up and the cop cars behind them do too.

Now it’s a breeze, or so they thought. It was about 30 minutes after when Michael and Jack inform that they are in the clear and are heading towards their safe house for the next night or two. But Gavin and Ryan are both racing against the cops on the highway trying to lose them.

Ryan has one last cop car on his ass and then he can head home. Ryan fires out his window with his pistol and eventually hits the cop car and it is forced to spiral out of control and into the highway rails.

Ryan is on his way to his safe house when he hears,

“Shit, fuck, shit.” And a crash.

“Gavin? What the fuck?! Gavin?”

“GAVIN?” Michael practically screams over the coms.

Ryan freezes and his instincts are automatic. Get to Gavin.

He knows what highway Gavin was driving down and gets there in five minutes while the rest of the crew were screaming at each other trying to reach Gavin.

Ryan’s heart dropped when he got to the scene. Gavin’s red sports car was flipped upside down with cops surrounding it. Ryan quickly gets out of the car.

He isn’t known as the Vagabond for nothing. He is known for being ruthless and murdering dozens at one time.

But this, this is different. The vagabond blazes through the cops surrounding the red car. He kills one after another and dodges fists and bullets and keeps going until every last cop on the scene is dead. Faintly he heard the rest of the crew pull up behind him when he was almost done killing all the cops.

When the last officer drops, Ryan just stops. He stares at the red car without moving. There was no movement in or around the car. This is it. Theres nothing for Ryan anymore.

“Gavin.” Michael says breathlessly while running past Ryan to reach into the red car.

Michael pulls open the drivers side door and jack is already there helping Michael pull Gavin’s body out of the car.

Ryan slowly walks towards his crew mates and toward his husband. It’s when he sees Gavin’s body when he starts crying.

He was bloody with cuts in his face and blood coming out. Too much blood.

“C'mon we have to get him out of here.” Geoff demands quickly and Michael and jack work together to carry Gavin into the back seat of Geoff’s car.

“LETS GO RYAN.” That snaps Ryan out of it and he rushes over to the backseat next to Gavin’s body. They all climb in and Geoff starts the car and drives away from the bloody scene.

“Why, why, why?” The crew is silently shocked. They hear a sobbing voice and turn to see THE Vagabond crying and pleading. They have never heard him talk before let alone show any emotion.

“Please. C'mon Gav. Wake up. Please. I love you.” Ryan whispers to the barely breathing body. “Please.” And he just breaks down sobbing. It’s too much. He will have no one now. Gavin was the only thing keeping him sane. And now he’s going to die.

While Ryan was pleading to Gavin, Ray called Trevor to the safe house and told him to get ready because Gavin’s in bad shape. By the time they reach the house, Ryan is covered in Gavin’s blood and is staring at his body with empty eyes.

Geoff and Jack take Gavin’s body out of the backseat and carry him in. They disappear into the house with Michael behind them but Ryan and Ray stay sat in the car.

One broken man and one worried friend.

“I can’t lose him. He’s all I have.” Ryan whispers, almost to himself but Ray can hear.

“He’s going to be fine. He’s strong.” Ray tells him back and leaves the car and into the safe house.

Ryan stays in the car for maybe 20 minutes just staring out the window before he works up the courage to go in.

Trevor and Jack are working together to sew Gavin’s wounds when Ryan walks in. Instead of his happy smiling boy, he sees a pale body attached to an IV and blood seeping from his body.

Once Trevor and Jack clear out and explain how they’ve done all they can do and it’s a waiting game now, Ryan pulls up a chair and sits right next to Gavin on the now bloodied couch.

He spends the next 8 hours sitting there and holding Gavin’s hand and only leaving to use the bathroom once. They rest of the crew didn’t even bother to interfere because they knew he wouldn’t budge. They were just observing him because this was all new to them and a little scary that he was worried THIS much for reasons they don’t know.

After the 8 hours Gavin starts to waken. His eyes flutter open and squint because of the light. Once used to the light he turns his sore neck to see his Ryan with dried tears and looking at their hands intertwined.

“Ryan?” Gavin says coarsely.

Ryan’s head snaps to attention and stares right into Gavin’s eyes. Blue to Green.

“I thought I lost you.” Ryan whispers, “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t there to have your back. I love you so much. Please don’t leave me.” And the waterworks start up again but Ryan doesn’t even care anymore.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily.” Gavin whispers back before grabbing Ryan’s jacket and yanking his husband towards him. Their lips meet in a desperate kiss. Both not wanting to split in case the other disappears. But eventually they have to breath but their foreheads remain touching as they stare into each other’s loving eyes.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew stand at the doorway looking into the living room and watching the reunion. Gavin and Ryan have some explaining to do.


pairing: Jimin | reader
✥ genre: fluff (Barista!au meets Floristau)
✥ word count: 2.325
✥ warnings: none
✥ author’s note: OK SO, I changed my URL from zuberrieee to house-of-seoul for anyone and for my followers (WE REACHED 350?!?!) who might have any questions. As for Saudade pt 3 umm, I’m currently editing it rn. but I just was feeling florist au today and look where we are right now. please love it, raise it, take care of it, and send it off to college. maybe ill make another part to this if y’all want me to.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ don’t hate me <3 <3 <3


Serendipity;                                                                                                        ↪  the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

The frigid winter air curled around the silk petals of the flowers. They shuddered in pleasure as their colours brightened in comparison to the darkening clouds looming above you. From far away, the diverse array of petals looked like the aftermath of an explosion, bouts of confetti splayed across the wooden stall. Closer up, the green foliage rolled off into leaves and the bulbs of colour peeled into layers upon layers, outlining the delicate flora of nature itself.

The pale pink apron flapped against your knees as you scuttled back to your flower stall, away from the reckless gusts of wind. You noticed how some of the stems had become dislodged within the bunch, looking like colourful arrows piercing the air. Your expert fingers tucked them back into place and then ran through the disarray of your hair, quickly trying to smooth back any stray strands. Goosebumps arose on your exposed skin and a shiver tumbled down the knobs of your spine.

It was definitely wintertime in Seoul.

Customers hurriedly ran through the streets, sparing passing glances to the flower stall stuffed to the brim with colour. You would describe the stall as a mirage of beauty in amongst the dullness of the city. The scent was overwhelming, yet so delicate at the same time.

The previously darkening grey clouds were now beginning to burst with speckles of rain. You noticed how there was something else which slipped under the scent of your stall. It was a bitter musk that was sometimes sparkled with sweetness and cinnamon. It slipped through the doors of the neighbouring café and latched onto a gust of wind, travelling over to settle into the splinters of your wooden stall.

You didn’t know a time when the scent was not present. Coffee was strong and overpowering – it was a rush. Flowers were quaint and delicate – it was a gentle trickle through the veins. Coffee and flowers were opposites, but both fit together like a lock and key.

It was late in the afternoon and you were trying your very best to keep the smile on your face. You loved your stall – adored it in fact – but the weather was buzzing too close to your skin and the ever-looming rent to pay was closing in on you. It seemed as if luck was entirely against you when you spotted a young man looking as if he was about to edge his way over when the heavens well and truly opened. Your encouraging smile was washed off your lips when the suited man had scurried down the street before you could’ve even had blinked.

Thankfully, the drooping canopy above covered the flowers from getting water-clogged, all the while, though, the rain was making sure that you would be drenched by the time it had stopped.

You were leaning against the stall, head down and arms wrapped around yourself in a bid to contain some heat, when you noticed a russet-crowned angel tottered over to you. You giggled internally at yourself because since when did angels totter?

Of course, it was not an angel, but in fact a petit, espresso-haired, espresso-smelling, but a fairly light-skinned boy, teetered up to you. You instantly named him espresso, but then had a sudden urge to know what his real name was, because you were sure that that name was not worthy. You did think that, though, the boy could possibly be some type of descendant from God because small hands were passing over a steaming cardboard cup. The heat radiated from it and tingled at your skin. The sweet smell of tea and the tinge of bitterness fused with the smell of lavender and lilac made your heart fuzz with warmth.

He had a small smile on his lips. It was somewhat weak, nervous as if he was worried that he was overstepping the general societal boundaries. It reminded you of a snowdrop. His eyes could only be described as copper against honey and sage. You wondered if they blossomed into a stronger, deeper, colour. His dark brown fringe was pushed across his forehead but the rest was covered by a black hood. He still had his apron on; Café Amour standing stark on his chest in white embroidery.

“I thought you could use a bit of warmth,” the boy said, looking at you with such sincere care.

“You didn’t have to,” you muttered, voice quiet and shy, though still laced with thanks.

“You’re freezing out here in the cold, of course I had to.” The boy said it with laughter behind his tone and a smile toying at the corners of his lips.

He pushed the beverage closer to you, practically forcing it into your hands. You cradled it between your hands after accepting it. The heat was in such contrast to the coldness of your skin that it scalded, tiny pinpricks of pain stabbing at your pores.

“Thank you,” you simply replied.  “I- you really didn’t have to, but I appreciate it, honestly.”

“’it’s my pleasure,” shrugged the boy.

You blew it, mesmerised as usual by the little storm that you created, the ripples in the light brown liquid that pushed to the edge. After taking a sip and sighing in relief as it trickled down your throat, warmth spread through all of your veins until it cradled your head with a lovely haze.

When you looked back up, you saw the boy smiling quaintly at you, hands tucked under his armpits as he hugged himself tight.

“You’ve got a lovely stall here,” he said, eyes scattering glances over the flowers.

“Thanks, it’s kind of my pride and joy, so, yeah.”

“I can tell,” is the reply, along with a knowing smile.

“Oh,” you said suddenly. “How much do I owe you, uh…” you posed it as a question, your slow drawl rising in tone at the end.

It took a few seconds for him to catch on, but then he was shaking his head and smiling even more.

“Jimin. My name’s Jimin.”

He held out his hand, waiting for you to shake it, but promptly realised that your hands were currently occupied by the steaming cup of tea and giggled to himself. You found yourself chuckling, too, the laughter from the boy being somewhat infectious.

“Y/N,” you replied in a slightly flushed voice. You cocked your head to the side and smiled widely, nodding your head as a greeting. Jimin just smiled more. The rain was still pitter-pattering around you, but you didn’t seem to notice, let alone care.

“And you don’t owe me anything, think of it as a gift to a neighbour, or something.”

You frowned, “But I have to give you something in return, that isn’t fair.”

“I honestly don’t need anything. Think of it as you helping with my good deed of the day.” He said it with such truth and kindness that you wanted to know why you ever thought the world, people, had changed for the worse.

“Anyway, I have to get back to my shift, but stay warm, yeah?” Jimin said, turning away with a smile.

“Yeah…” you murmured. Suddenly, an idea sprung into the forefront of your mind. You quickly slid the tea onto the counter and scanned the bunches of flowers. Reaching out, you let your fingers wrap around the thin stem and grasp it tightly. You turned around and called out Jimin’s name.

When the boy turned around, water flicking from the tip of his hood and eyes wide, the first thing he saw was the single pink carnation held out in front of him. Its petals were smattered with droplets of water and an edge of an outer petal was curled over, but it still looked pretty as ever. It was baby pink in colour and the petals were wounded together in an intricate design. They were a maze of expensive silk, a perfect mess.

The boy looked up at you in confusion.

“It means gratitude. To say thank you. For… you know.”

Jimin’s eyes flickered between the flower and you.

Uncertainty crept up your neck, causing you to raise your hand and rub at the skin. “It’s not much, I know, and it’s probably stupid but-”

“Thank you,” Jimin interrupted. He carefully took the flower from your fingers and studied it carefully. His eyes were wide and brighter than before. His fingertip prised apart some of the soft petals, ever so carefully and cautiously, as if he was scared to damage it.

A voice scraped through the atmosphere, the calling of Jimin’s name, and the boy was suddenly snapped out of his daze. He gripped the flower as he parted from you with a raise of his hand, and disappeared into the shop.

The rain stopped soon after that.

The weather was dull but the afternoon held faith in the small glimpses of the sun as it peeked out from behind the clouds. You could not help but smile truthfully as customers passed. The breeze was twisting its way in between your hair and the dampness that resided in the air kept you breathing in and out, in and out.

You remembered the elderly man who arrived at your stall no less than ten minutes after opening. His frail fingertips had traced the petals of a lilac, before settling on a bunch of white carnations. You had asked him whether he knew what they implied, and the man had nodded his head with a wry smile. A story unfolded soon after from the old man’s lips, a one founded before you had even graced the earth.

Soon after, customers arrived throughout the day, but you were still stuck with a cluster of now-wilting daisies. You felt good though. Nice could be an adjective to describe it, regardless of how generic and lacklustre it may be.

A waft of sugared air swept under your senses and forced you out of your reverie. It was at that moment you realised that maybe Nice is about to extend its arms to, well, Extra-Nice.

The boy – Jimin – came traipsing out of Café Amour, and you suddenly realised that the skipping of your lunch was not your best idea. In fact, your stomach grumbled at the smell of honeyed treats and other delights.

He was there, in front of you, holding out a maroon cardboard cup and a twitching smile.


“Hello,” is all you could conjure up as a reply.

“I brought you more coffee. Because. Well- I actually don’t know, but- um, here,” Jimin stammered, passing over the cup.

You looked up at him from under your lashes, a small smile playing your lips. The stall was clouded with the smell of flowers, but Jimin was as clear as anything. “Thank you,” you said because you did not know what else to add. It didn’t feel enough, but your words seemed to be stuck in your throat.

You took the drink and held it close to your chest. The weather was not as cold as the last time, but the warmth left a lovely bubble in your chest. Or maybe that was something else, who knows.

“Are you okay?” you asked because the lilac pouches that draped under Jimin’s honeyed irises looked a worrying shade too close to last month’s batch of violets that only lasted a day or two, at most.

The boy shrugged and let out a sigh, unintentionally, you presumed, and tried to smile as best as he could have had. It was lacklustre and weak, but it was something, so you grinned back so hard that a dimple pierced your cheek. In turn, Jimin’s smile widened, so you counted that as a success.

“Enjoy your tea,” Jimin said quietly, before turning around to leave.

Only letting yourself gaze at the retreating figure for a second, you carefully placed down the tea and scuttled down to your stall. There, you picked out the brightest, yet richest, yellow coreopsis that you had.

It happened similarly to the last time; you calling out Jimin’s name, him turning around to be faced with a large, round, scented thing so close to his nose that it tickled.

“Yellow coreopsis: cheerfulness.”

Jimin’s eyebrows furrowed as he plucked it from your fingers and inspected the small beauty. He looked up towards you, whose smile matched the flower almost exactly.

“And, well, I think you need cheering up, so- yeah, here.”

Jimin’s eyes flittered down to the flower. His eyelashes were thick and long, fanning over the sunny petals. He leaned down and breathed in the scent. Warm stripes of brown cut through the black veil of his lashes as he looked back up at you. “Thank you,” he said with true sincerity, eyes glittering.

You just smiled because, hell, somehow you have moved from Nice to Extra Nice, to Downright Happy.

You sighed happily as you remembered your sweet grandmother. Whenever you visited her, you would carry, hobble, and walk her out into the back garden where rows and rows of flowers blossomed from the soil. As a young child, the smells and colours made you one of the happiest kids around. Somehow, though your grandmother knew that it was more than just the aesthetics.

The clouds today were high and the air was dense.

The petit man cradling a cup of tea appeared yet again today, only this time, his eyes were dulled with a shroud of darkness and his lips had been sewn with a certain downturn that alerted your conscience.

“You’re stressed,” you stated because it was true. Jimin’s foot was shifting restlessly against the stone pavement and his first fingertip of his right hand was tapping rhythmic patterns against his bicep. His eyes flitted from places to place.

Jimin looked surprised at your words. Finally, focusing his eyes on you, he looked almost relieved. A sigh heaved from his body and his shoulders slumped into slopes for his stress to tumble down.

“Yeah,” he said, voice raspy, “I really am.”

You leaned back and took a sip of the tea. Jimin pushed his fringe off his face, body still tense, as your eyes searched his form noncommittally. “Anything I can help with?”

Jimin smiled wryly and glances up the street. “If you can perform instead of me at my dance recital tomorrow evening, then yeah, you can help me.”

You scrunched your face up and feigned thought. “Just give me time to put some shoes on my knees, straighten my hair, and re-watch the High School Musical series, then yeah, I think I might just be able to help.”

Jimin’s mouth cracked opens into a humoured smile. His eyebrows raised involuntarily and his eyes ignited with the fizzle of peace.  Unable to hide his glee, a giggle bubbled from in between your lips.

Once Jimin’s laughter has spiraled out, he shook his head at you. His eyes were lighter than before. A twist was still curled at the corner of his lips, and it was evident that his action was not done in a sardonic sense, more so disbelief.

“You’re sure are something, aren’t you?” he posed, although it was more of a statement than anything.

“Anything to help,” you replied with a shrug of your shoulders and an overzealous grin slicing in between your reddened lips like a white Amazon lily in between a flock of red celosia.

The two of you stared at each other, taking the time to let your eyes drawled over his soft features, memorising every line on his face.

“I should probably go,” he said, without any conviction whatsoever, “I’ve got coffee to pour and cookies to steal for later when I have my inevitable breakdown at two in the morning.”

“And I’ve got to pretend to preen the flowers even though I’ve already done it about ten times in the past hour.”

He smiled, “Sounds like hard work.”

“The hardest,” you answered, smirking through your smile.

The breeze whistled in the background as you two just stood there, staring and smiling quietly. After a moment, a while, Jimin spoke. His tone was soft and quiet, timid, almost. “Thank you.”

You merely smiled at him before you nipped around the other side of the stall, eyes roaming the many colours. Your fingers curled around the correct stems and pull them gently from their bouquet. Blanketing the two single flower stems with his heated palm, you meandered back around the stall and approached the still-waiting Jimin.

“Here,” you offered the two flowers to Jimin.

His eyes glanced down and swirled around the heads of the flowers. They flit back up to you before returning to the beauties, dusting the petals with his attention. “What do they mean?” he enquired.

“The iris is for inspiration and the black-eyed Susan is for encouragement. Thought you might need them.” you said, shrugging your shoulders and pressing your lips together, suddenly coming across somewhat shy.

“Thank you,” Jimin repeated, staring at you with great sincerity and true honesty. If his eyes were a smell, they would be vanilla frosting on cinnamon cupcakes; warm and comforting, true care and true kindness.

You smiled back and replied, “Good luck, Jimin.”

With a blink, a smile, and a nod, Jimin turned and wandered back into the coffee shop. And if you spent an inordinate amount of time staring at an iris and trying to figure out just what made it so Jimin-like, then, well, nobody has to know.

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When your app only let's you scroll so far so you have to leave your comfy bed to get the laptop to finish reading these amaze fics #bugheaddedication 💕 a fic where betty proposes to jughead in front of everyone/randomly???

Thank you so much!!

(Drunk) Betty Proposes

Jughead was sitting on Archie’s bedroom floor, flipping through an old comic book. Veronica was sitting on Archie’s bed, humming along while Archie strummed his guitar.

Jughead’s phone lit up beside him. A picture of Betty laughing covered the screen.

“Hello?” He answered.

“Juggie!” She said excitedly on the other end. “I need you to come get me.”

“Where are you?” He asked.

“At Meggie Rantle’s party,” She slurred. “Reggie Mantle,” She corrected herself.

“Bets are you drunk?” Jughead stood up, pressing the phone closer to his ear.

“No,” She lied. “Just come get me, please?”

“Okay, Bets, I will.” He promised, taking the phone from his ear and locking the screen.

He turned to his friends who were now looking at him. “So… Betty’s drunk.” He laughed.

Veronica smirked. “Betty doesn’t get drunk.”

“Which is probably why she’s asking me to get her. Did you know Reggie was having a party?” Jughead asked Archie.

Archie shrugged and put down his guitar. “Reggie has parties almost every week. Betty hasn’t ever gone to one, though.”

“You two want to keep me company on the walk over?”

Veronica stood up and smoothed down her skirt, nodding. Archie stood up, too.

“We could probably take my dad’s truck.” He offered.

“It’s not that far. If Betty’s drunk, the walk home would do good to sober her up. Her parents will kill her if they find out.”

Archie and Veronica agreed and put on their coats, shutting off Archie’s bedroom light as they left the room.

They turned down a few streets before finding Reggie’s house. The music was loud and there were cars lining the road.

Jughead took his phone out of his pocket to text Betty that they had arrived.

A few minutes later, the door of the house swung open and Betty emerged.

“Juggie!” She called, racing over to him.

Jughead, Archie and Veronica were standing on the grass outside the Mantle house. Betty staggered over, hair a mess, a stain on her tshirt.

“Hey, slow down there Speed Racer,” Jughead laughed.

“I’m so glad you came! I had something really important to ask you.”

“You do?” Jughead laughed again.

He had never seen Betty even so much as take a sip of alcohol before. What was she doing at this party, anyway?

Betty bent at the knee, grabbing Jughead’s hand. “Jughead Forsythe Pendleton Jones The Third,” She slurred. “Will you please marry me?”

Jughead blushed, pulling Betty up off the ground.

Veronica burst out laughing. “Betty how hammered are you?”

“I’m just -” Betty cleared her throat. “I was doing research for The Blue and Gold. And then I drank too much.”

They lead Betty off the lawn, walking her towards her home.

“I meant it though, Jugs!” She said wrapping her arm around Jughead’s neck.

“Did she just called him Jugs?” Archie murmured to Veronica.

Jughead put his arm around her middle, holding her steady. “Meant what?”

“My proposal!  I think we should get married.”

Jughead smiled, keeping Betty steady as she stumbled. “We’re 16, Bets.”

Betty stopped walking. “I don’t care, Jugs, I-” Her face suddenly got very serious. “I-” She cupped a hand to her mouth. “I’m going to be sick -” She said quickly, pointing her body away from her friends as she vomited into the street.

“Oh boy,” Veronica murmured, looking away.

Jughead pulled back Betty’s hair as her stomach lurched again. “You guys go,” He said, looking at Veronica and Archie. “I got this.”

Archie nodded slowly.

“Feel better, B, I’ll text you in the morning!” Veronica called as she walked off with Archie.

Betty stood up straight, looking at Jughead. “Oh God,” She whimpered, her face turning red.

“I’ve seen worse,” Jughead promised.

They took another couple careful steps toward home.

“I know you haven’t officially said yes,” Betty murmured. “But I think I’m going to call you Husband from here on out.” She swayed on her feet.

Jughead held her upright. “Yes, dear.” He smiled.

twin andrews part 8 | jughead x reader

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part seven

a/n: im super sorry that these are all messed up and events aren’t happening in order blah blah & i haven’t been posting often and all that nonsense but I’ve been in a weird head space and haven’t had the energy or want to write the past week. this chapter really shows how crap my writing has been lately and hence why its kinda all over the place,  struggle to write this part for some reason I’m yet to be made known, these are always organic and i love this story with my whole entire heart but this part seemed force for some reason? ill get better and post regular soon enough my loves, I’m sorry again. enjoy xx

i was woken abruptly from my sleep when my brother swings open the bathroom door flicking on the light switch. i shift from my position on the floor my neck and back already aching.

i didn’t even need to look in the mirror to know that i have makeup all over my face, i didn’t have the opportunity to wash it off after a last minute unscheduled break down occurred.

“are you okay?” he offers me his hand sleep still evident in his voice, i shake my head standing up on my own ignoring his judging glances as i splash water on my face, refreshing myself before leaving him stunned and worried in our bathroom.

i walk down the hall and into my room siting myself down on my already made bed. i sigh already not looking forward to the lecture i was about to receive from my mother and my father.

i finally make the move to get ready pulling myself together for the day, trying to make myself look less zombie like and more; im frocking in a valley filled with flowers.

i barely make it half way down the street before betty rushes to my side panting, a worried expression on her face. “you good blondie?” she pants trying to catch her breathe from her spur of the moment jog.

“what happened to you last night? i tired to call you a billion times!” she stammers a frown forming on her lips “what’d i miss?”

we begin our walk to school as betty rambles on about finding her sister in a home for ‘trouble youths’ only to find her pregnant with jasons baby and totally unaware of his death.

oh but it doesn’t end there, they had planned to run away and jason has stashed a car on the highway which the two sleuths found photographed and then reported to sheriff keller; when i saw the pair at the variety show mid break down

but once they finally got the squad car out there the car was up in flames destroying all possible evidence in the car, the believe that they were followed and now well now polly broke out of the loony bin she was in

“and that’s what you missed on glee” i mumble as she tugs me into the student lounge all of our friends already vacating the couches provided

i flop down on the couch wincing as my neck starts to ache, i was too wrapped up in my discomfort that i didn’t even notice i had sat down next to jughead.

we hadn’t spoken since he left me at the school last night, things were still tender and i didn’t know where i stood with him anymore.

apon my arrival the group discussion seemed to fizzle into nothing, worry and nervousness plaster on their faces. thats when i knew that archie must’ve told them what happened last night

i swallow hard, bring my hand up to stroke the tenderness in my neck and shoulders “you okay?” ronnie perks up knowing exactly why. i was still mad at her for not telling me about our parents, i thought she was supposed to have my back

“i just slept funny that’s all” i cough, awkwardness still evident in the air “so betty fill me in more what happening with polly now?”

betty begins to ramble on about polly breaking out and now being no where to find and thats she’s worried that the blossom will think that polly’s connect somehow to the car blaze and quite possibly, jason’s murder.

the others were too caught up in bettys worrying words that they didn’t catch jughead moving to sit next to me his arm snaking around my waist trying to comfort me

i exhale moving toward him allowing myself to feel somewhat relaxed at his touch. i offer him a small smile before he places his hands back into his lap, trying not to draw attention to us.

“we need to find her before the blossoms do” betty concluded looking to me with sad eyes. i slip my hand over hers giving it a squeeze “and we will- all of us”

i look to jughead and the others begging them to back me up “we’ll find her b” veronica smiles at her blonde friend placing her coffee cup onto the table infront of her

“thanks guys” a smile widens on her face glancing back at me

the bell rings indicating the start of first period, i mumble a quick goodbye before fleeing the group and entering the hall head hung low

my loneliness is short lived when betty & veronica are on either side of me pestering me in what happened with me last night.

“nothing- seriously i haven’t been feeling too well so i just left and went home” the raven haired girl sighs “we can’t help you if you don’t tell us (y/n/n)”

you give the worried girl a half smile “if there was something wrong yous would be the first to know, i promise” they share glances between each other before giving in “fine”

“no body told me we were treking through the woods” i complain as we trudge through the muddy forrest in search of the older cooper girl.

the blossoms found out about polly & the car and in the blossoms books polly was now a prime suspect in their sons murder meaning, we had to find polly before the blossoms did

i drifted to the back of the pack not being able to shake the idea of my dad with hermione out of my brain. a twig trips me and i almost end up face first into the mud when a pair of arms grab me

“woah” i exhale as the arms let me go allowing myself to gain my composer, i tune slightly catching the raven hair in the sunlight. “thanks reggie” i mumble stuffing my hands in my pocket

this was the first time we’d spoken since the playbook ordeal and honestly i didn’t want anything to do with him ever again. but i knew, i knew that there was more to him then his jock exterior.

“i want to apologise-” i shake my head but he grabs my shoulder alarming “please let me finish” i smack my lips together waiting for his explanation.

“i was an asshole, i know that but i-i really like you (y/n) and i want you to give me another chance” i furrow my eyebrows glancing to see jughead burning a hole in my head

i turn to the boy shaking my head slightly when he crashes his lips onto mine, i push on his chest instantly breaking our contact “what the hell mantle!” i yell moving away from the boy toward my friends.

my breathe shakes as i try and catch up to the brunette boy. my brother rushes toward me anger on his face “what’s wrong?! I swear to god if he touched you-” he stammers his face growing redder by the minute.

“archie leave it please” i push his chest trying to calm the angry boy, he finally gives in letting my drag him over toward our friends.

betty’s too focused on her missing sister to even bat an eyelid at her friends behaviour, walking ahead catching up with her parents. i spot jughead and rush over to him tugging lightly on his arm “jug” i plead

he turns around, a scowl on his face “jug please, don’t be mad at me i didn’t do anything wrong” i whisper trying not to cause a scene “forget it (y/n)” he scoffs moving away from me leaving with no other choice than to watch him leave

nothing seemed to be going my way today, i let out a long sigh as veronica joins my side “you doing anything tonight?” she asks wickedly.

“no why?” i ask puzzled glancing between kevin and veronica “well me and a few others were thinking of going out tonight- be the best gal pal and come with?” i smile to myself.

“count me in oh and bets” she inhales sharply at the name drop “she’s got enough of her plate- I don’t think she’ll be up for it” I shrug “yeah well you’re right- ill see you later yeah?”

“come to my house and we’ll get ready together?” i nod as she tackles me in a tight hug “bye!” she chirps leaving me alone with my thoughts.

a few hours later we’d finally given up on the man hunt and come to the conclusion that the blossoms and the coopers were now on the ‘same team’ apon finding out that polly was indeed carrying jasons baby

which brings me to now, walking home with my brother and betty. it was silent the sounds of leaves crunching under our feet as no one dares to speak, the wind whistle through the trees as we reach the front of our house.

i find myself thinking back to reggie and our kiss- how jughead witnessed it and felt betrayal from yet another person whom was supposed to be his best friend

“you okay?” my brother asks as betty rushes into her house after a brain wave. “yeah” i smile weakly moving up the steps “can you drive me to V’s?”

he nods scooping up his keys and ushering me back out to the car “i need to tell you something-” he starts but i interrupt him “arch it’s getting bad again”

he starts the car his eyes twitching “why didn’t you tell me?” i sigh disappointment flooding his voice, “i didn’t want mum or dad to know arch- they’ll send me back”

“i won’t tell dad, unless you-” i shake my head “please don’t finish that sentence” i whisper lowly closing my eyes as fresh tears drip down my cheeks

“we’re here” he whispers, i open my eyes to see us infront of veronica’s building “thank you” i lean over the console and wrap my arms around the red headed boy “im sorry”

he squeezes me back before letting me shrink back into m seat “have fun okay?” i nod wiping my tears exiting the car “wait what did you want to tell me?” he shakes his head “ill tell you later yeah?” i nod stepping back from the car watching him drive off into the distance.

“i can’t believe you talked me into this” i mumble as we walk into the busy club, veronica had invited our mutual friends josie & kevin but she had seemed to neglect to mention that our very own mantle the magnificent would be in attendance also

apparently she need disposable arm candy, she was right on both counts.

“i don’t know about you but im getting unbelievably drunk” i announce to the group before  walking over to the bar and ordering a round sticking it on the lodge girls tab

we all had a few too many tequila shots before veronica grabbed my hand and pulled me out onto the dance floor, the bass thumping through my chest as we begin dancing throwing our hair behind our shoulders

we sway to the rhythm of the beat, the sounds tempo growing faster the more intoxicated we got. reggie managed to sneak up behind me grabbing my hips and tugging them back slightly

not giving a care in the world i push back into him, his nails seemed to dig into my waist at this point, he’s hands felt like fire on my exposed skin.

we move as one swaying against each other before reggie turns me around his hands moving all over my body, too drunk to process anything i giggle pressing my soft lips to his, feeling a drive inside of me that wanted reggie.

i pull back lust filling my eyes as are friends squeal, whistling at the two of us. i look back to the raven haired boy only to see jughead, i leaned forward and kissed him again pulling back to see reggie

“reggie?” i mutter the music drowning out my voice “what’s wrong baby?” he rasps moving close to me, i close my eyes trying to shake jughead out of my head, did i really want jughead that bad that i imagined him?

he nibbles at my neck and i look forward, lucid. kevin seemed to be seeing a little more straight, stumbling over to the pair of us “easy on mantle” he pulls me from the jocks grasp walking me over toward our booth, his hand on the small of my back

i spot a bartender and ask for another round of tequila before the whole group flopped down the lady returning with a tray filled with 5 shots

the others seemed to pale as they saw the liquid sitting before them, one glance to reggie as he grinned away at you didn’t make you think twice before polishing off all 5 shots

the club owner walks over muttering a few words to veronica and the rest of us but my head was spinning like no ones business. next thing i know reggies picking me up and carrying me toward our ride home

we reach my house and i giggle snuggling myself into kevin, he huffs helping me out the car watching as veronica walks me toward my front door, feeling like bambi on ice

the door swings opening revealing a very worried archie “archiekins!!” i giggle throwing myself into his arms “thanks ronnie” she nods walking back to the car as archie struggles to hold me upright as he shuts the front door and sneaks me upstairs without my dad hearing us, harder than it sounds trust me.

“stay here ill duck down and get you some water” i nod leaning against the door frame almost collapsing when i look in to see my raven haired friend laying down the pull out mattress in my brothers room.

he shifted on the bed seeming to have be almost asleep, i tip toe inside not thinking twice before i dropped to my knees crawling onto the boys lap, kissing him awake.

i know he’s awake when he kisses back his hips shifting under mine “hey baby” i coo giggling to myself, he places his hands on either side of my hips as i teasingly grind on him

he jolts up almost throwing me off his lap “juggie!” i yell playfully my arms secured around his neck he licks his lips “where have you been?” he questions.

“out with ronnie” i giggling running my hands through his hair, “you’re beautiful” i whisper looking down to his lips

“(y/n)!” my brother rushes forward pulling me off the raven haired boys lap “im so sorry she’s drunk” he rushes holding me up right “you don’t say?” he chuckles “it’s fine arch” he reassures.

“im going to go to bed” i state slyly “juggie wanna come with meee” i tease biting my bottom lip “(y/n)!” he warns

i turn and pout stumbling out of archies room and into mine changing into one of archies shirt and the shortest shorts i own before wondering back into the bathroom wipes in hand

i open the bathroom door running into a body, a laugh sneaks out of my lips as i almost fall, it was jughead once again.

“what are you doing?” he chuckles your eyes glued to his plump lips, i hold up my wipes and he chuckles, placing his large hands under my thighs lifting me up and placing me on the counter.

“you can barley stand, let me do it” i smile stupidly allowing the boy to remove all my makeup before i find myself drifting off, my head leaning against the mirror behind me.

“c'mere” he whispers in my ear as he takes me in his arms walking me into my room and placing me gently onto the bed, “thanks baby” i mumble clinging to the poor boy

“goodnight” he laughs placing a soft kiss on the forehead before exiting my room, sleep engulfing me as soon as i shut my eyes.

the sun streams through my window and i feel like my eyes have been set on fire, i groan attempting to sit up only for my head to throb like nobodies business.

i swing my legs out of my bed, my feet tingling in the soft carpet. i push myself up only for my legs to seem to fall from beneath me, i cuss as my body hits the ground my head spinning.

my bedroom door swings open revealing my brother and jughead, they share a glance sighing as they take in my state. “jughead?” i say slightly surprised that the raven haired boy was in my house at 7am.

“thats what i wanted to tell you last night, he’s staying with us for a bit” puzzled i place a hand on my head feeling it throb, “what happened last night?”

“you reeked of tequila” jughead jokes and at the mention i feel a wave of nausea wash over me, i jump up sprinting past the two as i throw myself at the toilet bowl beginning to throw up my whole stomach contents.

i  lean back against the wall taking a sigh of relief before my head starts to throb again, i crawl over to the sink grabbing my toothbrush and ridding myself of my vomit breathe.

“here” i jump at the sound that sounded 10 times louder then it was, i smile through the mirror at the brunette boy behind me. i turn and take the glass from his hands “thank you” i whisper taking large gulps.

he laughs at me which makes me want to cry “jug” i complain playfully shoving his chest, which only caused he to chuckle more. “god i do not remember a damn thing” i let out a tired sigh.

“wait you don’t?” he ask, puzzled. “nope- well i mean i remember taking 1-2-3- actually i stopped counting after 8 tequila slammers” i grimace 

“and you don’t remember coming home?” he questions as we walk back toward my bedroom “you were here last night?!” i panic trying to rack my brain if i did anything remotely stupid in front of the cute rave haired boy. 

“so you don’t-” he starts before my brother walks toward the pair of us a smug smile on his face “remember crawling on top of jug and making out with him? yano grinding? tongue down his throat?”

he chuckles and i play feeling extremely embarrassed too scared to look at jugheads expression i shove the two out of my room shutting the door behind them.

“fuck” i cuss a knock soflty placed on my door “go away archie!”

“not archie” my eyes almost pop out of my head as i open the door to come face to face with my father, i scowl on his face.

i look further down the hall to see that the boys had made themselves scarce, “(y/n)” he addresses me “fred” i counter back

“mind telling me why you were out till 3am drinking, on a school night?” my mouth hangs open “jeez arch thanks” i yell down the short corridor.

“young lady i am talking to you” i huff shrinking back, “i was out with v”

“drinking” he argues “you can’t go to school with a hang over (y/n), stay home, hydrate” he states dryly. i throw my arms around the tall man “thanks freddy”

“don’t push it” i nod rushing back to my bed snuggling under the covers letting myself fall back to sleep.

turns out sleep wasn’t the way to go to cure a hangover so i went to the second best thing, pop’s. i rushed around to change and set out on the short walk to the diner my stomach rumbling as the smell of fries and bacon filled the air the closer i got to the doors.

i give pop a small smile ordering before wondering over to one of the booths, sinking into the blush chair closing my eyes ever so slightly, equation becoming clear.

pop returns with my cheeseburger plopping the plate infront of me aswell as a milkshake glass “you’re a legend” i whisper inhaling the sweet smell of greasy meat lathered in cheese.

“wheres hermione?” i question picking at my bowl of fries “she didnt tell you?” he questions only for me to shake my head in response. the door chimes as jughead moves swiftly through the door and toward me.

“she’s working with your dad, she quit yesterday” my stomach flips nausea coming back to me, jughead seemed to notice my mood change saying a quick hi to pop as he slides in next to me, a comforting arm slipped around m waist.

“thanks pop” i smile sadly tuning out as jughead places an order before the dark skinned man moved back toward the counter.

“hey whats wrong?” jughead whispers softly, his hands moving at my sides. I’m quick to wipe a fallen tear, “i don’t think my parents are ever going to get back together” i say through tears feeling glances of empathy from the jones boy.

“im so naive” i wipe my cheeks furiously feeling awfully pathetic. “you’re not naive- okay? or pathetic or stupid or whatever your minds telling you are” he says tentatively.

i sniffle leaning my head against the boys shoulder “I’m a hot mess juggie” i whisper “well your definitely one of those” i giggle to myself “a mess?” i question looking into his soft eyes.

“nope, hot, a beautiful, hot, smart, kind mess” i feel my heart swelling in my chest as i find myself blushing, burying my head in the boys chest. i breathe him in my hands clutching the materials of his shirt.

“thank you” i whisper pulling away to see his face, he smiles glancing around the near empty diner before pressing his lips against mine.

“you can’t seem to get enough? can you?” i tease my hands gliding down his neck in a playful manner, “hate to break it to you sweet heart but your the one who came onto me” he replies cockily.

“is that so? i guys ill remember that for next time” i tease, he seemed to grow tense at the mention of next time.

“next time?” his adams apple bops as he swallows, “well you know, next time i find myself on top of you-” i pur moving my hand up his jean clad thigh, working its way up to play with hi suspenders.

“when I’m grinding on top of you- you kissing my neck, me kissing yours” i tease watching his little friend get awfully excited. 

“(y/n)” he warns his eyes darting to the on lookers, only to find them keeping to themselves. he licks his lips crashing his lips back onto yours only to be short lived as he pulls back panting.

“you you-you can’t do this in public please” he whines.

“and what makes you think ill want-” he pause “you, again” he attempts to smirk his cheeks growing red.

“your trying to tell me that you and” i pause pointing down to the tent pitched i  his pants “him” i giggle “don’t have any attraction to me?”

he places both hands in his lap trying to conceal himself, “yep” he says smoothing oozing with confidence, “you’re on” i smirk.

“what wait?” he rushes watching as my brother walks through the diner door, walking toward the two of us, he turns to me begging to tell me what he’d just gotten himself into.

i turn away from him biting into my cheeseburger “i knew id find yous here” archie sigh aspirated slipping into the booth leaning forward and nipping one of my fries “hey!”

“so jug told you?” he breathes relief “my dad spoke to your dad and managed to talk him out of storming into the station guns blazing” he laughs awkwardly silence filling the air.

puzzled i turn to the raven haired boy “why was your dad at the station?” “wait he didn’t tell you?” my brother asked confused as jughead cuts him off “it doesn’t matter” he defends.

“jug” i state seriously “what happened today?” i pester worrying filling me like a balloon. he sighs resting his head in his hands “they took me in- they thought i torched jasons car-” my jaw drops

“and you didnt think to tell me?!” i scowl anger bubbling up “i didn’t think you needed to know everything” he retorts “what the hell is that supposed to mean?” i argue my brother watching the events unfold before him.

“am i not important enough to know that you were arrested in the middle of school?!” he shakes his head looking off into the distance. “screw you” i mumble climbing roughly over the boy exiting the diner in a blaze of fury.

i slam my bedroom door behind me feeling awfully stupid, why hadn’t anyone tried to contact you when he was taken in. you pace pulling your hair out of its ponytail you flop onto your bed.

“I’m sure he has a perfectly good reason why he did tell you (y/n/n)” i sigh propping my foot onto the blondes thigh as she paints my toe nails, i had invited her over to get the details about today considering my idiotic brother and he’s best friend seemed to have no intention of telling me.

“what if it was my brother? if he got arrested and he didn’t think to tell you?! you wouldn’t like it either!” i snap watching the blonde jolt slightly at the ice in my tone.

“god- b I’m sorry I’m just upset, thank you.. for coming over” she smiles happily placing my foot onto the ground, screwing the cap back on the polish before reaching for my hands.

“you’re my friend, id do anything for you” she declares before reaching forward and hugging me tight.

“has anything happened between you and jug? you seem close?” she quires, curiosity ringing clear in her words. i fumble for words but was instantly saved when the door swings open revealing jughead in the door way.

“jug” his name falls out of my mouth, silence fills the room none of us knowing what exactly to say.

“betty i didn’t know you were here- i uh hope i didn’t interrupt anything” he states nervously placing his hands in his pockets

“don’t be silly jug, i was just leaving” she says sweetly standing from her place on my bed placing to the both of us, neither of us wanting to make eye contact with each other.

“text me yeah?” betty offers and i nod standing and hugging the girl bye as she walks past jughead whisper something before she exits the room. i perch myself on the edge of my bed, hanging my head into my hands.

i feel the bed dip as a figure sits down next to me “I’m sorry” he whispers his hand gliding over my back in a soothing matter. you didn’t even notice you were crying until you felt the soft drops on my knees.

“hey please don’t cry” he whisper softly, i whimper burying my head into his chest, we sit for a while, together peacefully on my bed my cries getting softer and softer until they finally stopped.

i pull back giggling slightly “told you i was a mess” i sniffle as he wipes my cheeks dry, “i should’ve told you the second i walked into pops, you just- i don’t want you to think any less of me” he pauses sucking in a breathe.

“why would you care what i think? above everyone else?” i question earning a long sigh “because- you-  you’re above everyone else, i really care about you- (y/n) andrews” he whispers lowly.

happy tears brim my eyes, “jug” i chuckle moving my head into his neck placing several kisses. he moans slightly and i giggling curling my legs up into his lap as he told me all about school and sheriff kellers questioning.

“oh and my dad got his job back- with your dad- we’re going to dinner” he smiles happily “the last time i saw your dad i was a blabbing mess juggie” he grins at the memory placing a kiss to her temple “i know”

“you’ll be fine just get changed and we’ll meet with them yeah?” i nod pushing myself off the bed and away from the raven haired boy.

feeling a little more relieved about where you stood with the boy i started to feel little playful, remembering the small diner bet you remove your shirt without thinking twice.

“oh my god (y/n)” he breathes out he’s words fumble on my bed, i turn and batter my eyelids at the boy, he rushed forward covering my chest with his jacket “i thought you dint want me?” i tease.

he licks his lips “i don’t" he stammers nervously “what if your brother walked in?!” he exclaims. you move away from the boy removing your jeans causing the boy to dash out of your room leaving you in a blushing mess.

dinner was awkward, the five of us were crammed into one of the booths the table littered with burgers and fries. i was stuck between jughead & archie watching my father try and make polite conversation with the southside man.

“isn’t it unbelievable that she looks just like mary did in highschool?” FP comments a famous jones smirk on his lips. i swallow feeling uncomfortable at the name drop

my dad nods turning to me with a sad smile “yeah she does doesn’t she- she’s beautiful” my eyes well with tears as i watch him exhale in desperation.

“mary was a hot one in high school but not as hot as hermione right fred?” he nudges my dad the boys laughing “what’s that supposed to mean?” i interject my eyes wide with curiosity.

“your dad and her used to date in high school” he cackles grinning ear to ear “im mean your mother wasn’t the nicest person in high school, but from what i know i guess she’s still a bitch”

“don’t you dare talk about my mother like that” i snap anger coursing through my veins, as much as i say i despise my mother i will not let some middle aged man bag her out over burgers and milkshakes, no way in hell.

“(y/n) it’s okay” my dad try’s to reason laughing along with his friend “how is it okay, dad?” i argue feeling a hand intertwine with mine under the table.

“let’s not do this” he waves pop over for the bill, “yeah keep putting it off, just like you do with the divorce papers” i hiss.

“feisty little one you’ve got there andrews” the jones man teases “what can i say, i get it from my mother” i turn to jughead gesturing him to leave the booth.

he drops my hand and allows me to move away from the men, “ill see you back at the house” i mutter moving away, desperate glances from my brother and my raven haired best friend.

the loud hum of guitars in our garage stopped me from being able to study and i was getting extremely frustrated. pulling on a jumper i move down the stairs and outside the cold air nipping at my face.

i walk in and catch the boys in what seemed like a hushed conversation, “hey” i mumble shifting on my feet “cute socks” jughead teases noticing my somber expression.

i walk over and plant myself in between the two of them, “im sorry about my dad-” i shake my head sighing “jug please don’t apologise, it’s not your fault” i interject.

we hear voices approaching the garage and jughead rushes to his fathers jacket removing the flask and stashing it in the couch before rushing back to his original spot next to me

his father stumbles in drunk, no control over his body as he fall onto the couch “we should get going” jughead announces standing from his spot on the couch.

i stand quickly from my spot grabbing at his wrist stopping him from moving forward “wait- your not staying?” he shakes his head and i sigh “ill be okay” he reassures before moving past me and helping his father stand up right.

he glances back as we all share somber expression, FP jones was drowning and he was pulling jughead down with him.

“a baby shower?” i question my brows furrowing, “is that really a good idea?” i yawn. i didn’t get much sleep last night, i was up worrying about jughead staying with his father and not to mention the news of finding out that my dad’s rekindling with his first love

“yes, it’s a great idea!” she reassures betty & i grabbing at her hands “fine v, it sounds great” betty smiles as the raven haired girl squeaks in joy.

“well atleast i don’t have to go” jughead breathes out leaning back into the lockers, i turn toward him narrowing my eyes “you’re going” he pulls his eyebrows together “why-” i cut him off “jughead if i have to go this then so, do, you”

he raises his hands up in surrender “okay okay” i smile to myself laughing at the boy before popping a piece of watermelon into my mouth, the bell ringing

“you wanna help me plan (y/n/n)?”i nod my head continuing to nibble on my fruit, “yeah sure” she grabs onto my hand pulling me away from the group and out of the school.

i follow closely behind the raven haired girl as she pulls me into a booth ordering for the booth of us and pulling out a notebook and a few pens.

“okay so..” my eyes drift out the window watching the rain splatter onto the glass “what do you think” she concludes tugging at my arm.

“did you know?” i mutter, turning my gaze so it was on her “know what?” she knits her eyebrows together giving me a puzzled expression

“about my dad” she inhales sharply pausing as pop places our orders infront of us “yes” i roll my eyes laughing curtly to myself “(y/n)” she says softly trying to reach out for my hand.

“why didn’t you tell me v? this is-this is what friends are supposed to be for! to have your back and tell you what’s going on” i mutter frustrated feeling fears build up in my eyes

“im so sorry (y/n) i didn’t know it upset you so much” she whispers back moving her hands on top of mine “i didn’t know it would either” i sniffle hot tears rolling down my cheeks.

“my dad kept putting off the divorce and i thought- that maybe that things weren’t as bad, that maybe-“ “they’d get back together”

“i feel so naive and stupid v” i confess tears dripping onto my shirt, she sighs in disbelief “you’re not stupid or naive, you’re hopeful and it’s not always a bad thing”

i wipe my eyes, “i better go v” i announce, she wines extending her arms “we’ve barley even started planning!!” she urges tugging at my wrist

“i need to drop in and see my dad- my brother and the others are filling in for dad’s crew-” she nods understandingly “fine ill call b- go”

i smile at her before swiftly exiting the booth and making my way over to my dad’s office, i could see the boys off in the distance helping with the demo, hard hats and all.

“hello darling” i turn my head to see hermione exiting he office clipboard in hand, “i was looking for my dad?” she points over to my father supervising the boys “thank you” i smile at her before quickly headed in my fathers direction.

“hey bud” my father greets me wiping sweat from his forehead, i smile brightly at the man glancing around the worksite “how’s it going” he nods looking at the boys work.

“they’ve been a big help-” he pauses as my brother walks over wheelbarrow filled with rubble “you work that wheelbarrow archikins” i tease

“i need you both home tonight-” he narrows his eyes at the both of us “i was going to get some study done with betty-” he shakes his head “this can’t wait” i nod laughing slightly “fine”

my brother lingers back with my dad as i walk away in the direction of the raven haired boy hauling concrete, “oo, something about tank tops and hard hats that make me drool” i giggle gaining the boys attention.

“what are you doing here?” he sounds hoarse “just wanted to see you” i admit fiddling with my hair “oh yeah?” he smirks, his muscles flexing

“what can i say i have a thing for working class men” i wink touching his chest playfully “everything okay?- with your dad?” i nod “yeah, apparently he has important news or something- i have to cancel study with b” i huff turning on my spot to see my brother and my dad in what seemed like a hushed conversation.

“im sure it’s nothing” he assures me stepping forward, i let out a sigh glancing down to his lips, he catches on shuffling toward me “you okay?” he whispers lowly.

i nod dragging my hands through my hair “of course-i’ll let you get back to it”

”(y/n) you can talk to me you know? about anything" he edges closer to me, sympathy in his eyes “i know, i spoke to v. im okay juggie seriously”.

“veronica? really?” he responds a slight sting to his words “since when were you bestie with her?” i flinch at the unexpected tone “we aren’t! jeez jug she can just relate to me a-”

he cuts me off with a scoff “what im not relatable enough?!” he steps back putting more distance between us as he stacks the concrete into the wheelbarrow beside him

“seriously jones?! your jealous because i told ronnie about my feelings toward my parents divorce?!” i hiss “ronnie?” he pauses laughing slightly to himself

“forget it” i mutter moving away from the boy running into moose as i head toward my brother “hey (y/n)” i sign “hey moose” i reply tiredly

“could you hold my phone for me i don’t want it to fall from my pocket i nod placing it in my bag before walking over to my father.

“everything okay?” he asks and i nod plastering a smile on my face “what can i do to help” i ask placing my bag down next to me “okay well how about you start with this”

“it’s getting pretty dark dad i think it’s time to knock off” i notify my dad, my feet starting to ache from standing so long. he nods calling the boys into the office.

the sun seems to set in record time as the industrial lights click on the boys staggering up the steps for refreshments, i head up the stairs when moose comes bounding down.

“do you still have my phone” i widen my eyes “crap i left it in my bag” he follows me back down the steps and over toward a pile of bricks where i’d left my bag

i swipe it up and turn to moose to see a few men smashing up my dad’s equipment “hey!” we both yell in sync walking closer to the men in anger.

next thing i knew the blurry black figure was rushing toward me throwing me against the trailer wall punching me in the face and kicking moose in the stomach.

i scream out as they throw me on the floor next to moose, falling limp as they beat me to a pulp, they scream when they hear the others rush from the office and toward us

i groggily open my eyes to see my dad and brother huddled over me “someone call sheriff keller” i hear them yell blood rushing from my lip.

i sit up feeling dizzy almost fall back but archie slips in behind me holding me upright “what happened?!” my dad begs desperation in his voice as he looks to the injured jock.

“we saw them trash the equipment and they chased us down and-” my dad nods looking toward me pulling me into a hug brushing down my hair “your going to be okay”

the boys lift me up and usher me toward hermione’s car as she drives me to the hospital so my father could stay back and give a statement to sheriff keller

betty & veronica had rushes to the hospital at the news just as they were patching me up, nothing too serious just a few bruised ribs and a split lip aswell as a few small cuts and bruises.

“what the hell happened?!” veronica exclaimed as the two rush into the small room i was told to sit in, just to make sure nothing else was wrong with me, brain wise.

“just some jerks trashing my dad’s equipment, moose and i saw and they made the jump on us- im fine, honestly they didn’t even admit me im practically brand new” i joke a smile on my sore face.

“god you gave us a heart attack!” betty yells her voice raised as she pulls me into a bone crashing hug “ribs ribs ribs” i exclaim wincing “brand new huh?” i roll my eyes “take me home yeah?”

with a nod and a few sign documents veronica’s mum dropped betty and i home just as my brother had arrived with my father and jughead.

betty keeps her arm looped in mine as we wave off the lodge girls walking toward my family. my dad rushes over hugging me tightly “ow ow” i wince my eyes pricking with tears.

“broke some ribs- apparently” i complain offering a weak smile, guilt covers his entire face “i need to call your mother and let her know- thank you betty” he smiles to my blonde best friend.

“anytime mr andrews- ill see you at the baby shower yeah?” i nod squeezing her hand “see you there” i follow everyone inside, vegas jumping up at our feet

“hey baby-hey vegas my wilttle baby” i coo in a baby voice letting her like my face, “i missed you girl, i missed you” i giggle as her fur tickles my face

“c'mon bed” i straight up glancing up at my brother “wow okay mum” i poke fun walking past him and up the stairs, i swing into the bathroom deciding that a warm shower could help me sleep.

my towels wrapped tightly around my wet body as i quickly brush my teeth before exiting the bathroom, almost loosing my towel as i run into a body.

“jug?” i sigh, tightening my towel. he licks his lips looking at my own, his eyes dropping down to my chest and then my legs “you okay?” i ask the raven headed boy as he checks me out

i was too busy staring at him that i didn’t even notice his hands around my waist, he tugs me toward him and i suck in a breathe glancing down to his lips “archie’s-” “asleep” he finishes.

i bite my lip ducking past him and rushing to my room putting on a decent amount of clothes before re opening my door “juggie” i call softly down the hall watching as jughead exists the bathroom.

once he’s close enough i grab at his shirt pulling him into my room in one swift movement “woah” he chuckles grabbing onto my waist for support.

“stay with me?” i whisper lowly, wetting my lips with my tongue “please” i beg fiddling with his shirt.

“okay” he whispers back allowing me to slip into my bed, he kneels down joining our hands together as i close my eyes attempting some sort of sleep.

“thank you” i mumble taking a deep breathe as im pulled into a deep slumber, jughead by my side protecting me as i slept, fighting off my bad dreams as they came.

“order up!” i rush toward the kitchen grabbing a tray fall of milkshakes and fries “your brothers booth” i nod balancing the tray in my arms as i walk over to my friends

it had been a few days since the snake incident and herimone quitting so i was required to be back at work, pop needed me and i wasn’t about to give up on him when he needed me.

“here you go-” i chirp suddenly registering the hostility in the air, the table falls quiet as i place down the various milkshakes and baskets of fries

the whole gang came down to see how i was doing before the girls & jughead continued on to polly’s baby shower. jughead was fairly irritated when he found out that i wasn’t attending and that he still needed to.

“how are you feeling?” betty asks concern filling her voice “im fine- what’s going on?” i question tucking my tray under my arm.

“im going to find out who did this” archie stammers loitering at the front of the booth “archie it happened so fast i wouldn’t even know what they look like” “it was the serpents!”

my blood runs cold, my memory going back to the night of the snake delivery “we don’t know that archie-” i warn him jughead banging his palms on the table “see archie even your sister agrees with me”

“what are you going to do archie? beat them up?” i press anger rushing through me “don’t be an idiot” i finish shaking my head.

“moose and i are going to the southside to find those serpents, it’s worth a shot if it helps me dad”

“kevin’s boyfriend-” “kev has a boyfriend?” i stammer confused before letting me brother continue “can get us in to some bar were the serpents hang out”

betty & veronica share worried glances before looking to me hoping i’d be able to defuse the situation “then what arch? moose points them out and you play hero and beat them up?” i argue

“look arch i love you but you couldn’t even take a hit from reggie let alone a grown man who happens to be an a gang- ive seen some of the things they do-” i pause

“they left a box with a freaking snake in the lobby! they could be dangerous and how do we know for a fact that it is them?! you could be wrong and you don’t want to be wrong about this stuff archie!”

he shakes his head at me clenching his fists in anger “archie you don’t want to make an enemy out of a serpent!” i try and reason with him getting awfully fed up

“no! we’ll call sherif keller and get these goons arrested- they can’t get away with what they’ve done (y/n) i thought you’d understand that!” he argues

“archie going into the bar is a bad idea” jughead stresses as my brother begins to pace “are you coming with me or not?” i place my hand on his chest “no he isn’t and neither are you- archie if i find out that you or jughead go to that bar i swear to god ill never speak to you again” i seethe

he looks past me and bores his eyes into jughead’s as the raven haired boy makes no attempt to move from his place in the booth.

the others all look up to the hot headed boy “thanks for having my back” he mutters to jughead before moving away from the table and to the door.

“archie” i call after him “archie wait!” i yell half jogging toward the door but it was too late he was long gone, i let out a sigh trudging back to the others as they exit the booth

“where are you guys going?” i question “we better leave to help my mum with the shower, he’ll be okay (y/n/n) he won’t do anything stupid” the raven haired girl assures me giving me a small warm hug

“you do know we’re talking about my brother here, right?” she smiles grabbing the blondes hand as the walk out of the diner.

jughead gives me a small smile before he weaves past me “wait jug” i grab ahold of his hand pulling him back to face me “please don’t go with him” i beg my voice seemed to crack

“i promise you i won’t” i nod tearing up “hey you’re going to be so jealous because i get to go to the event of the year! god i love baby showers, it’s actually on my bucket list” he smiles sarcastically.

“i can’t wait to hear all about it” i tease pushing him toward the door “go before they start to get sus” he nods tipping his non existent hat before following after the two girls.

leaving me to a extremely busy diner and a 9 hour shift

i linger a few minutes longer as i wait for my friends to re-enter the diner, they’d promised that they’d come by for dinner and tell me all about what happened after my shift, my shift ended an hour ago.

just as i’d given up hope and headed toward the exit betty & veronica enter a dull smile on both of their faces “hey” i chirp fiddling with my keys

“everything okay?” i stress the girls sharing quiet glances “oh yeah! you should probably go home though” i furrow my brows “he went didn’t he?”

i shake my head not needing their answers “im going to kill him” i mutter under my breathe walking past the girls “wait!” betty calls grabbing my arm as i start my walk home

“i do have good news” she scrambles a smile now on her face “what?” i chuckle “well first off i know your big secret & im going to be a god mother!” she squeals launching herself into me.

“betty that’s awesome!” i blurt my heart feeling a little lighter “can we rewind back a little, my secret?” she blush winking at me “i know about you and juggie”

“there is no me and juggie?” i state keeping my voice calm “i need to get home b ill see you tomorrow okay?” she smirks as i speed walk away from her,

“i ship it!” she yells out causing me to giggle, that girl.

i practically run home bouncing into the front door my mood sucked down the drain when i spot archie & my dad arguing in the kitchen

i step into the light, he catches my eye and opens his mouth to speak “so did you walts into the bar with your highly distinguishable letterman jacket? huh red just stroll in blend in with a fucking blue and yellow jacket?!” i hiss

“thats enough (y/n) he knows what he’s done wrong” i shake my head moving past the boys up the steps “i found one of the guys you know- your welcome” he yells up at me as i move from his site.

i storm past archie’s room and catch a glimpse of jughead slummed against the wall, head in his hands “jug?” my voice softens entering the room slowly as to not frighten him.

he’s head perks up and he takes one look at me before dropping his eyes again “hey what’s up?” i ask crouching down next to him “are you okay?”

“did they tell you” he grins sarcastically “god i was so stupid thinking i could fit in with you guys” he scoffs to himself grabbing at his mouth.

“hey thats not to me” i scoot closer to the boy tilting his head up to look at me, my voice soft and full of concern. his eyes brim with tears.

“it’s nothing” my brows crease a wave of uselessness coming over me, i grab both sides of his face only for him to turn away from me.

“jug, talk to me please” i beg trying to gain eye contact

“(y/n)” i hear my brother call from the hall, i ignore him a tear running down my face “what happened?” the boy stands moving toward my brothers office chair leaving me on the ground

my brother touches my arm and i flinch standing myself off “stay away” i mumble “i know it’s hard to know about jugs dad but im here to apologise to the both of you-” i perk up cutting him off

“what about your dad?” i ask jughead moving toward him “that he’s a serpent, you didn’t know?” my brother speaks glancing between me and jughead.

“nice one arch” jughead mumbles

i roll my eyes “atleast someone talks to me” i snap my brother glances confusingly “wait did i miss something between you two?” i laugh manically shaking my head “why don’t you ask jughead”

i walk away from the two boys and storm into my room, anger coursing through me. i pull up a blanket and curl myself against my window ledge staring out as the rain dribbles against the glass.

i watch the street lights flicker on as dusk sets in, my father and tried to call me down for dinner but i refused, ignoring every knock on the door.

“(y/n)” “go away archie” i mumble brushing the hair out of my face, “not archie”

i turn and watch the raven haired boy sit down next to me, silent for several minutes before he turns to face me

“im sorry i didn’t tell you” he confesses looking to me for some sort of sign that i’d forgiven him, “i didn’t want it to change the way you felt about me”

i sigh moving my head away from the window “it wouldn’t have jug, it hasn’t” i tell him shaking my head slightly “it’s the fact that you hid it and when i asked you- you-you just didn’t want to tell me” i argue frustration building.

“i want you to trust me-like you do with betty and with arc-” “archie stormed into the shower and told the girls- i don’t know what they’re thinking”

“i trust you- sometimes i feel like you’re the only person i can trust” i let out a laugh a tear falling from my eye, he scoots closer to me my legs draping over his lap

“was it serpents? that beat us up? that left the box in the diner?” i fiddling with my fingers scared to look him in the eyes.

“the box yes, it wasn’t my dad (y/n) i promise you- i had no idea. i don’t think it was the people who hurt you” he sucks in a breathe glancing up at my still bruised face.

“i wish i was me” he mumbles “you didn’t deserve it” i shake my head grabbing his hand “don’t do that to yourself- you don’t deserve it either” i assure him resting my head onto his shoulder

we sit for a minute in utter silence too wrapped up in eschtoher to say a word, “you threw me in a hot water with your brother yanno, i had to tell him” you giggle fiddling with his flanno.

“told him what?” “that i kissed you- more than once” i blush “how’d he take it?” jughead laughs raising his eyebrows “it’s your brother he has as much emotion as a box of crayons”

i laugh, closing my eyes briefly, reopening them to find jughead closer to my face. i steady my breathing placing my hand on his cheek.

“im sorry” we blurt at once, laughing at each other “im sorry, jughead” i smile softly at him “im sorry too, i should’ve told you sooner”

“you know how you can make it up to me?” i smile wickedly “mmhm” “you could kiss me” a cheeky smile grows on his face “you don’t have to tell me twice”

and with that he presses his lips against mine in one soft, breathtaking kiss. i pull away sucking in a large breathe as he leans his forehead against mine.

“forgiven?” he muses a blush evident on both of our faces “mmm nope one more” i pull on his shirt joining our lips one more time.

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Bound to Happen (Part 7), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,230

Author’s Note: Did I use the write-a-thon as an excuse to write another chapter of this? Absolutely. Day 5: Reverse POV, so this entire chapter will be written from Lin’s POV-ish.

Warnings: As always, a slow burn.

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Lin had never felt as helpless as he did in the time you were away. While he had some control of his life (and, believe it or not, was able to make his own cup of coffee), he felt a looming cloud that told him things were not the same.

And then you were back. Wheelchair and leg cast and pain medication included.

It was certainly odd, to start off. Every turn around a corner was met with a sharp call of ‘Corner!’ as you came barreling through, nearly running over anyone in your paths toes.

Things didn’t go back to normal for awhile. Soon the wheelchair was done and then the crutches were. You had to miss some performances for appointments with a physical therapist and before Lin knew it, you were running around backstage again.

It was like watching a ghost for the first week - you desperately showing how ready you were to be back in action. As the weeks continued to pass and he re-familiarized himself with your presence in his life, he noticed something else.

A shift in the atmosphere of the rooms he was in. Suddenly, meetings were set up. He was able to skip past the audition room and onto the show itself. He no longer had to beg to get into the room.

It was all too overwhelming.

Performing nightly along with every other minute in his day jammed with somebody wanting something, he was exhausted.

As he fell into bed late enough for him to see the sun beginning to rise, he knew one thing. He had to leave In the Heights.

It took a week to tell the producers, who quickly went to work on finding an alternative as Javier would be stepping into his role. It took another day to tell his family, who started cashing out the tickets he was allowed to put on hold for them.

He told the people who could keep it to themselves - Chris, Karen (who had left a week prior), and a handful of others. The only person left to tell before they leaked it to the news was you.

He knew he couldn’t just dump it on you like he did everyone else. He had to ease into it - wine and dine you a bit.

Which is why he approached you at your least busy hour, which was honestly just as busy as every other hour in your day, and asked you to dinner.

Dinner seemed simple enough to him. You could share a bottle of wine, playfully fork at each other’s entrees, split dessert, and then he could drop that bomb on you.

And everything was going to plan - he had imagined a red wine in his head, but you insisted on a white - until dessert was placed between you. He watched you pick up your fork but not move for the first bite. It shook in your hand as you fought to look anywhere but at him.

“Y/N?” He asked, dessert forgotten. “What’s-”

“I think it’s time for me to move on.” Your voice was low and rushed and was silenced by Lin losing his grip on his fork.

“It’s a private foundation, mostly focused on education. The Rockefeller Foundation?” Lin spaced as you continued - your role on the board, the day you had missed at the theater, telling everyone it was a doctor’s appointment. “Two weeks.”

His eyes snapped up at that declaration - a final day that perfectly aligned with the one he chose. He wondered for a moment if someone was working behind his back here. Maybe Tommy had thought it would be funny. Lin wasn’t laughing.

“You’re leaving?”

“I’ve been with you since Wesleyan, Lin. You didn’t expect me to be at your beck and call forever, did you?” Your smile was playful, but he could hear the real question. 

Why have I been with you this long and never received a promotion?

“No.” He breathed, unable to tell you the one thing that had been holding you from climbing any higher had been his dependence on you. “I just-” 

He stopped for a moment to collect his thoughts, hand searching for the fork he had previously dropped. 

“I was going to tell you tonight that Javi is going to step in as the primary Usnavi in two weeks.” Suddenly, you were both in the mood for dessert, eagerly forking at the cake to fill the now tense air.

“That’s…nice.” He could tell your smile was forced, and he halfway returned it.

“Andy has the rights to Bring It On as a musical and wants my help. Guaranteed work, never had that before.” He chuckled lightly as dessert dwindled down and soon the occasional scrape of a fork against the plate no longer filled the silence.

“So I’m leaving.” Lin nodded, “And you’re leaving.” Lin nodded again. “Two weeks and we’re-” You paused, and he watched the inevitability of a separation dawn on you.


The waiter arrived with the bill, Lin quickly handing off his card without another word. It was another five minutes before you were out of your seat, Lin’s hand on the dip of your back as he maneuvered the two of you from the restaurant.

The two of you were left on the cold street. For the first time in your entire relationship, it was tense. The easy flow where you moved in sync was gone and you felt like two strangers again.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” Lin started, knowing you were technically required to see him the next day.


With that, Lin had no choice but to leave, unable to handle the way you looked at him like it was the first time you had truly seen him.

Tomorrow came and went. And then it was the next tomorrow, and the next, until eventually there were no more tomorrows and Lin was taking his final bow as you frantically searched the theater for all of your worldly possessions.

Suddenly the most dialed number on your phone was your new boss instead of your old and the most you communicated with Lin was any Facebook status he happened to post. You knew he was just a few blocks from you, holed up in his apartment or strolling through his neighborhood park to generate lyrics.

He knew you were a train ride away and, shit, a phone call away.

It was a few months until he saw you again, hair shorter and darker than he remembered and in a sharp blazer he didn’t remember you owning. He happened to peek into one of his favorite coffee shops to check the busyness of the rush hour when he noticed you in the window.

You were laughing and casual and it had been too long since he had seen you like that. He debated going in for five minutes, basking in the glow you emitted even through the window.

He stormed down the street before he did something he would regret. 

It was another month before he saw you in a bookstore, and a week where he thought he saw you in the park and a day before he convinced himself you were at his doctor’s office.

He shook you from his head, trying to focus on the cheerleaders he needed to sing emotional ballads while memorizing lines to play opposite Hugh Laurie.

We’re Going to Disney!

For @bat-addicted-loony, the Disney Movie Trivia winner! They wanted something about the seven going to Disney World. Congrats again!

  • It was probably the first time ever the seven friends were able to get away from the stress of school and parents, besides Sally and Paul since they were chaperoning the trip. It was spring break and they were all going to Disney World for a mini vacation. 
  • For most of them, it was their first time going to Disney World. The only person who has went before was Piper but a lot has changed since she was five. 
  • Annabeth had planned out their entire tip for them. She took everyone’s considerations as she mapped out which rides they would hit in what order and what part of the park had the meal plan they got. 
  • The first day they went to the parks, they went to Magic Kingdom. They went down Main Street, USA before heading towards Adventureland. 
  • What Annabeth forgot to account was taking pictures with characters. When Hazel saw Mickey, she had to go take a picture with him. Everyone else wanted to take pictures too.
  • So, it became a thing, taking goofy pictures with each character they came across. By the end of the day, they would have a total of ten pictures; Mickey, Peter Pan, Aladdin and Jasmine, Tiana, Donald Duck, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Pluto, Minnie, and Goofy.
  • Annabeth took them all to the Hall of Presidents. It wasn’t everyone’s favorite part of the day, but they went through it anyways.
  • The tried to hit all the rides before the end of the day, but there were some things in Tomorrowland that they missed because of timing. 
  • They all got Mickey Mouse ears, thanks to Piper’s dad. He told Piper he would by her friends one gift from each park. So, Magic Kingdom, Mickey Mouse ears.
  • The next day, they went to Epcot. There weren’t many rides, but they hit them all. Again, they took pictures with any character they found, their total now up to fifteen characters. 
  • They went on Test track about five times. And got the picture of the seven of them screaming and laughing on the ride.
  • They stayed until the park closed so they could watch the light show. It was a cold night, so they all were huddled up together to watch it. 
  • At some point, Annabeth and Percy moved away to watch the show, wanting to be alone for awhile. They knew this vacation was about their friends, but they needed some time alone.
  • The third day, they went to Hollywood Studios. Hazel got sick after they went on Rockin’ Roller Coaster. Her and Frank went to watch a show while the others went on again. 
  • They spent a lot of time where the Starwars attractions were. Jason, Leo, and Percy were enjoying themselves and taking pictures with a Storm trooper. 
  • That day, they got seven more pictures, their total now twenty two pictures. 
  • From this park, Hazel got a stuffed Director Mickey, Annabeth got a clapperboard, Leo and Percy got BB-8 cup, Piper got a Minnie Mouse bag, Jason got a  Storm Trooper figurine, and Frank got an Indiana Jones Mickey.
  • The final day, they went to Animal Kingdom. They were all excited to see the animals that they had on the reservation. 
  • The girls were able to hold birds on their arms and the guys took pictures of them. 
  • They went on all the rides, especially Mount Everest. They were all excited to go on that. 
  • Piper and Jason were able to sneak away to see some butterflies while the others watched a show near the exhibit. Then Jason went to buy Piper a pearl when she went off to the bathroom.
  • Their photo count went up to twenty-six by the end of the day.
  • That night, they went back to the hotel and relaxed by the pool and hot tub. They were enjoying their last night in Disney. 
  • The plane ride home, they were all disappointed to leave. It was four days that they wouldn’t forget in a long time.