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the camera man- h.s imagine

Emma placed the box on the floor and sat next to it. She started to pull everything in the box out, trying to decide what should be kept and what could be thrown away. As she picked up an old and tattered journal, a picture fell out. She picked up the picture and smiled. It was a picture of her mother smiling with the London skyline behind her. It was a simple picture. It wasn’t even shot properly nor was it shot in center but the picture was still beautiful. It represented happiness. Emma looked over at her mother who was sat on the couch. Her mom was sadly looking around the house, in her own little bubble. Emma looked back at the picture and bit her lip. She lifted herself off the ground and sat down next to you.

You looked at your daughter and smiled softly, thankful that she took the time out of her busy schedule to come and help you move out of the house you loved so dearly. Your daughter pushed some hair out of her face and handed you the picture. You looked at the picture and chuckled, remembering when the picture was taken. Your daughter smiled at you, “Tell me about this picture, mom.” You shook your head, “We should be packing.” Your daughter who was well grown and had children of her own snuggled into the side of your body, “We’ve been packing for a long time. It’s nice to have a break.”

Your hand instantly went to Emma’s hair and began playing with it, a habit you don’t get to do as much as you would like to. You stared back at the picture and let out a sigh. Not a sigh out of exhaustion or sadness. A happy sigh. A peaceful sigh.

“Remember when your father used to take pictures of the most random moments with that big old camera he had?” you asked. Your daughter instantly smiled, remembering when her dad used to pull out his camera and take pictures of everything and anything. “Yeah,” Emma replied, staring at the picture.

You clutched the picture tighter into your hand. “He took this on the night we met.”

“Do we really have to go out tonight? We were just at a party last week,” you complained to your friend who was touching up on her lipstick beside you. “Oh come on Y/N. We’re young! Why waste the night inside, cuddled up on the bed watching Netflix?” your friend laughed as she nudged your shoulder. You crossed your arms and mumbled softly, “I’m on the last episode of How I met your mother.” As the uber stopped in front of the club your friend said, “Trust me. You wouldn’t like the final episode anyways.” Quickly she stepped out of the car. You sighed and thanked the uber driver and made your way inside with Y/F/N.

As soon as the two of you got inside the loud and busy club, you instantly wanted to go home. You mentally groaned to yourself. Your friend squealed as she saw someone familiar, she looked over at you and shouted over the music, “I’ll be back! Try to have some fun!” And with that, she scurried away. You sighed, already knowing the routine: Y/F/N drags you to the club, she finds someone she knows and leaves you alone, you try to entertain yourself and then get tired of it and want to go home, you try to find your friend to only find out that she left you behind to go to a club that was “better” than the guys you were at, you’ll get mad, have an uber take you home and wake up the next morning to texts from your friend saying how sorry she was. It was a long and vicious cycle.

“Should just go home,” you thought to yourself when your eyes travelled to the bar across the room. “After this drink,” you thought as you pushed your way past the sweaty and drunk bodies. When you finally got to the bar you waved the bartender down, “Gin and tonic, please.”

“Make that two please,” a voice behind you said. The bartender nodded his head and started getting the drinks ready. The stranger took a spot next to you and placed a camera down. Your eyes glanced at it out of curiosity. The stranger who caught your staring, sighed, “Please don’t make fun of me.” You looked at the stranger curiously, “Why would I make fun of you?”

The stranger sighed and ran a hand through his hair, “Everyone does when they see me taking pictures with it. They say to take pictures on our phones like a normal person.”

The bartender placed the drinks in front of the two of you and started to tend to other customers. You took the glass and took a sip before you replied, “I like that you take pictures the old school way.” The stranger smiled, “Really?”

You nodded your head and smiled, “To be honest with you…I love doing things the way we did it years ago. Like…I know you can access any book you could ever want on your phone but I would rather much be reading it in an actual book. I love the feeling of actually turning the page in a book.” The stranger nodded his head quickly, agreeing with you. He’s never met someone with the same likes as him. He continued, “And the same thing with CD’s! I love going to the store and buying an album rather than buying it on my phone!”

You quickly shouted, “Yes!” The stranger and you both let out a little chuckle before he brought his hand out, “I’m Harry.”

You smiled and shook his hand, trying to ignore the tingling feeling you got, “Y/N.”

Harry smiled, trying to notice the little spark he felt when you took his hand and noticed the lack of anyone hanging around you, “Did you come here by yourself?”

You sighed and placed your head on your hand, “I’m afraid I’ve been ditched.”

“I ditched my own friends. Was tired of them making fun of my camera.” Harry sighed. You shook your head, “That’s awful.”

Harry nodded his head in agreement when a thought popped into his mind. “Do you want to get out of here?”

You took a sip of your drink and chuckled, “Sorry?”

“Neither one of us are having fun here. Why waste the night!” Harry exclaimed. You laughed at his energy, “I don’t even know you!” Harry let out a pfft noise, “I’m Harry, you’re Y/N! What else is there to know?”

You placed your finger on your chin and tapped, “How about whether or not you’re a serial killer?”

Harry chuckled and held out his pinky finger, “I promise I’m not. Now will you please accompany me on this beautiful night we’re wasting in this awful club?”

You bit your bottom lip and mentally debated whether or not you should go. If this was anyone else offering, you would automatically decline but something about those green eyes…

You connected your pinky finger with his and smiled, “Let’s go.”

You threw your head back in laughter as you and Harry walked down the city of London. “Don’t laugh at me! I was mortified!” Harry exclaimed, trying to hold in his own laughter. You clutched your stomach from your laughter, “You never assume a woman is pregnant, Harry!” Harry let out a laugh, “Well I know that now!”

You finally managed to calm down from the laughter and noticed an ice cream shop still open. You grabbed Harry’s hand and quickly made your way towards it, “Let’s get a treat!” Harry followed behind you and let out a chuckle, “Settle on Y/N!”

When you and Harry finally made your way inside the shop, you instantly looked at the hundreds of flavors before you. Harry was too busy looking around the shop. It was in the middle of the city but it had the same vibe you would have if you were getting ice cream from your mother. It was just…homey. He grabbed his camera and quickly took a picture of the shop, wanting to come back one day. You looked over at Harry who was looking at the photo he just took and smiled, “Come on, camera man! What flavor would you like?”

The two of you exited the ice cream shop with a quick thank you. The both of you sat down on a bench that was a little farther away from the shop and talked about everything and nothing. You guys were just content with getting to know more about the other. You were chuckling at Harry’s awful pun, looking away. You were amazed that he could come up with a pun that was so bad. Harry smiled and quickly took his camera out and took a picture of you. You looked back at him and pouted, “Oh, Harry. I look awful.” Harry shook his head and showed the picture to you, “I think you look beautiful.”

Emma sighed and cuddled more into your body. “I’ll always love that story.” You nodded your head in agreement before your daughter sadly said, “I miss dad.” You looked around the house that you and Harry bought together, the house where you brought home your daughter, the house where you fell in love with Harry more and more everyday. “I’ll miss your father forever.” you replied, eyes blurring at the thought of no longer having your husband around.

Your daughter gave you a tight squeeze, “The kids are so happy you’re coming to live with us.”

You nodded and softly smiled. You were getting older and could no longer live by yourself. It broke your heart because you knew that meant you would have to say goodbye to your house. Originally you were going to move into a nursing home but Emma was having none of that. She couldn’t live with herself knowing you were in a place filled with strangers when you could be with your family who loved you dearly.

Emma stood up from the couch and helped you up. “Come on now. We can go grab dinner before we have to pick up the kids.”

You nodded your head, “Go on. I’ll meet you in the car.” Emma smiled at her mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek before she exited her childhood home. You took this time to walk around your house one more time. You went into the kitchen where you would often come home to Harry baking the most delicious scones. You walked past the office where as you were trying to read, Harry would steal your book and attack you with kisses. You walked past Emma’s room where Harry would stare at the little baby sleeping in the crib, wondering how you guys made something so beautiful. Finally you walked into your bedroom where Harry made sure you guys never went to bed angry. You sat on what used to be Harry’s side of the bed. You looked up and smiled softly, “I love you, camera man.”

this was a lot of fun to write(: let me know what you guys think! don’t forget to send in your requests on what you think i should write next!

Mecrytale part 5

Frisk:*Frisk was watching tv with Flowey. Sans and Papyrus had gone shopping for some new clothes.*

Flowey:*sighs* i don’t like it here..

Frisk:*she looks at Flowey* i-t’s ok-ay F-flowey! *she looks down at The ground* i-i tr-ust the-m.

Flowey: well i-…ugh let’s just continue watching tv.

*They continue to watch The tv a couple of hours*

*The door opens amd frisk gets startled and hides behind The sofa with Flowey*

Papyrus: WERE HOME NOW!!!!

Sans: Hey kiddo, wee-..Flowey where are ya guys?

Frisk:*she looks up from The sofa carefully and notices That it’s only Sans and Papyrus*

*They have some new clothes on Them*


Frisk:*she smiles and gives a carefully thumbs up*

Papyrus: *he smiles happily and looks at a clock on The Wall. It’s dinner time* WOWIE!! WE GOTTA EAT DINNER SOON!!

Sans: i know a place we could go to-


Sans: hehe nope.

Papyrus: REALLY?!

Sans: yup! Were going to a fancy restaurant here in town! *he smiles at Frisk*

Sans: have You ever been to a restaurant before kiddo?

Frisk: n-no i-have-‘nt

Sans: really? Huh so this is your first time then! Well let’s go! I beat your starving.

*They all walks out and Papyrus calls for a taxi. The Taxi comes and they all gets in and The driver starts driving towards The restaurant!*


Nova: Reblogs are appricated! Hope You guys liked part 5 of Mercytale!! ^^


She gripped my jacket tightly and spun me around. I kept my eyes shut as she threw me down.
I felt my body hit the ground with a hard thud and before I could open my eyes I felt her on top of me. 

She started yelling angrily, “I’m going to make you regret hurting her! I’m going to make her happy!”
I felt a couple more punches to my face, but they weren’t as hard. I was still so disoriented and those extra blows didn’t help. I kept my eyes closed as she continued yelling. 
“I hated you from the moment I saw you! You’re a fucking pile of shit and I don’t fucking get why those two girls are all over you. I fucking HATE you! If I could, I’d fucking kill you!”

I was hardly listening to a word she was saying because I was struggling to breathe. She was so heavy and the blood was starting to flow towards the back of my throat.
I tried lifting my head but she grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed my face into the ground. 
“Get use to that, because that’s where you’re meant to be.”
She pressed the side of my face into the cement. I felt my cheek graze the rough texture of the concrete until she finally stopped and got off of me.
“Don’t let me catch you around again, you fucking pathetic-” She spat towards me and I heard her walk away. 

I opened my eyes and sat up quickly. I started coughing up the blood that was making its way down my throat. 
I took a huge breath of air and looked around. Great, there was absolutely no one around today.
I tried stopping the blood flow with my fingers and jacket but it wouldn’t stop. 
I sighed and closed my eyes again. I could feel the specks of blood on my eyelashes, and my eyes were still watery.
I probably needed to get myself checked out. I pulled myself up and decided to go get Julie.  

When they fight, they fight.

Danvers stood alone, in a dark alley of the canals behind the Cathedral district. His gaze fell across the water to Old Town, he but turned quickly back, his long form fading into the shadows, his face red with rage. He grit his teeth, lips pinched in an uncomfortable scowl, as he threw a gauntleted fist into the side of one of the buildings he stood between. The brick cracked, it was hollow- But Dan was too angry to care about his knuckles, now bleached white and red with stress and blood beneath his sapphire plate.

He backpedaled slowly until he bumped against the wall behind him, closing his eyes with a long, drawn release of air, he slid down the stone height until he fell down to the ground, his head resting on the dirtied old brick, as the events of the eve flashed through his mind.

“That dead bitch. I want her gone.”

Those words had slipped from his mouth, slithered from his tongue in a petty fit of rage, and now he would not forget them; she wouldn’t let him.

Miersae spun on her heels, and she screamed like he had never heard before; at least not since their last ‘little spat’.


He had stood coldly before her, his hands hugging his waist as he stared towards her, his gaze flowing steely into her, as she ripped into him from across the room.

His memory was blurry now, as he and she spit a flurry of spoken fury across the room; all other figures it seems had faded away, even the Death Knight’s taunts to him were dust in the wind; this was their fight. A Lady and her Knight, liege and vassal, man and woman, eternal friends and, yet in this moment, heated enemies.

His palms raised to press to his face as his elbows dug deeply into his thighs, just above the knees, and sparkling stars danced in the blackened nothingness of his eyelids. This was the second time in as many weeks they had descended into a whirlwind shouting match.

He stopped and recalled the rest of the night- her leaving, his waiting for her, only for her to return, hours later, with the others who had left him with her. She lingered before leaving, never saying a word to him as he stood outside his office, gaze locked on her. Time lingered, and time whizzed by; his recollection of things was at best blurry, and at worst a useless tangle of emotions and dramatic imprints.

He wanted to, so badly, so badly he wanted to cry, but he would not allow himself. It had been so many years; he would not give in now. He was stoic, he was calm, he was collected, he was dependable and certain. He was not emotional, he was not weak. These were the lies he told himself, as he picked himself coldly up from the ground, and dusted himself off.

Off he went, silent.


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I know that this is random, but I was actually proud of myself today!! This guy always made fun of my height but never knew I worked out, a lot. So today when my friend asked me to chase him down. I charged at him and pinned him to the ground and cracked his shoulder while pulling his arm up. Never judge a book by it's cover😇😇 he was also scared of me too😂

That’s amazing!!

this will never end by novocaine_sea

this will never end by novocaine_sea

Akaashi Rare Pair Week Day 5: Apocalypse

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Rating: Mature

Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou/Akaashi Keiji

Tags: Infection, Epidemic, Apocalypse, Violence, Blood, Character Death, Serious Injuries, Hurt/Comfort


“Keiji.” Kuroo breathed after a little while. Akaashi looked at him and then down at the ground where the blood from Kuroo’s leg had dripped, leading a trail right to them.
“Yes?” Akaashi squinted. It looked like there was an abandoned house up head. It was sundown, everything backlit by bright golds, oranges, and pinks. There was even a little bit of blue left in the sky. Akaashi wished he could stop and appreciate it.
“What do you think Heaven’s like?” Kuroo coughed and Akaashi saw that a little bit of blood tinged the corner of Kuroo’s mouth. His heart started racing and pounding against his ribcage.

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Why I love Tom Holland

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I officially became a fan of Tom. Throughout that time, I’ve tried to figure out what he’s like. Just today I took a few minutes to think about why I love him so much. Here are my reasons:

What I love about Tom is how down to earth and grounded he is. He hasn’t changed even with the fame, he still is himself. He’s very kind, polite and respectful to everyone he meets. He cares and loves his fans so much. He tries his best to meet them but when he’s unable to, he gets bummed out. The connection he has with them is very different, light hearted and fun (the roasts and the quackson joke). He has made children’s days by visiting them in hospitals. He brought smiles and joy to them and he loved being able to do that which shows how big his heart is and how sweet he is. He loves and cares about his family, friends and dog a lot and brings them along with him when he can. He’s very talented and works hard at what he does. The fact that he can do more than just act is impressive. He has accomplished quite a lot at the age of 21. He’s so energetic, lively and funny. He can light up a room with his presence, smile or laugh. He’s truly captivating. He’s definitely not afraid to be himself which shows just how comfortable and confident he is in his own skin. He takes absolutely nothing for granted & appreciates and is grateful for everything. He has acknowledged and shown appreciation for the people and experiences that have helped him thrive in his career. I love how he lives life by not taking everything too seriously and by living life to the fullest. He’s very admirable and inspiring. He has shown that if you work hard, stay focused and determined, you can do anything and even live out your dream.

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Klaroline - Klaus humanity off but still care for Caroline

Blood was dripping down his chin as he feasted on the blonde frat boy’s neck. How he came to find himself at the dirty back ally bar he didn’t know, he had just followed the smell of sex, booze and blood and this was where he ended up.  He felt the frat boy go limp in his arms.

“Opps.” He said with a sigh, letting the now dead boy fall to the ground where he joined the rest of his brothers. 

He sunk down to sit on the ground, wiping his mouth on his jacket sleeve. 

“Brother” Kol said leaning against the ally wall, “Now I am all for you letting that hybrid hair of yours down. But this is just messy mate.” kicking aside an arm as he leans down to help Klaus up. 

“I couldn’t save them” he said soft. Kol paused, unsure how to respond to his brother words. 

“There was nothing you could have done.” He said, pulling out a white handkerchief and reaching up to wipe some of the blood of his brother face. “Now lets get you home. You have mother hen worried.” 

“Little sister is back” Klaus asked confused.

“No Elijah. He has been pacing.” Kol laughed, dragging Klaus out oft he ally and to his car.

Meanwhile back at the compound Elijah was indeed pacing, wearing a hole in study rug. His thoughts were broken by a knock at the door, he stood confused, no one knocks on the door. 

“Klaus?” A voice says from the door followed by the sound of footsteps. “Klaus are you here?” It calls again and this time Elijah speaks. 

“Miss Forbes?” He asks walking out in the hallway, Caroline jumps his voice startling her. 

“Elijah, you should know better than to sneak up on a lady” Caroline says. 

Elijah laughs, “Well when said lady has entered the house uninvited all manners are out the window. Drink?” He asks, turning back into the study. Caroline follows placing her suitcase beside the lounge. 

“I heard what happened” Caroline says softly, the sound of clicking glass were heard as Elijah drops a cup into the bar.

“You would be mindful not mention it during your stay” He says looking at Caroline sadly. 

“I know, I know I just…wanted to say I’m sorry.” She said taking her drink from Elijah, he nodded in reply taking a seat. 

“How is he?” She asks not looking up from her drink. Elijah sighs.

“He turned it off” He said, Caroline head snaps up.

“He turned it off? When?” Her voice filled with panic. 

Elijah gets up and start pacing again, “When he found them, it was too much for him. So he shut it off and has been ripping across the city for the last month. Kol and I have been able to keep him under some control but the longer he has it turned off the worse he gets. We will need to leave soon” He says refilling his cup then making is way over and refilling Caroline’s. 

“Where will you go?” Caroline asks taking a sip of her drink.

“London, Rebekah has gone ahead to get the house ready. Tonight will be our last night in New Orléans.” he said.

“Oh” Caroline said, glancing at her bag. 

Elijah noticing this moves to sit beside her, “Miss Forbes I don’t know what this thing is that you have with my brother, but now may not be the best time to work things out. He is unstable and not himself, which may not give you the outcome in which you came down here for.” 

Caroline sniff, tears burning in the back of her throat, “I understand, I just wanted to help him.” 

“Something that I wont forget, you will be welcome into our family soon, Caroline” He said reaching up to brush away one of the tears that fell down her face. 

“How can you be so sure?” She asks quietly. 

“You are all he talks about some nights. Your hair, your smile, your laugh. I have had to put my brother to bed more than I would like to admit in the past few months and every night it you he speaks of.” he says. 

Caroline goes to reply but the banging of the front door fills the house. 

“No Nik this way! If you get blood on the….never mind” Kol’s annoyed voice could be heard. 

“Wait here Miss Forbes” Elijah says and leaves the room before she can reply.

Caroline waited in the study for almost an hour, before she thought it was time to leave. As she was gathering his bags she heard voices outside the door. 

“Kol we can ask that of her” Elijah pleaded. 

“Why not Brother. You yourself have heard him, she may be the only one” Kol argued back. “We can’t keep doing this brother. You saw his eyes, he is almost gone, another month and we wont get him back.” he added softly. 

There was silence for a moment, then Kol spoke again “You know I’m right.” 

The Study door opened and Caroline stood.

“What can I do” She asked before either of the men could speak. 

“Come with me” Elijah said, motioning for her to follow him.


This will more then likely turn into a full story in the future. Watch this space. 


Face and body updates. I’ll be 33 weeks tomorrow (and will do my usual baby bump updates on Saturday). I weighed in at 188.3 pounds at my 32 week appointment on Monday so my weight gain is still in the healthy range (I believe I started at 162.4 pounds so I’m up 25.9 pounds so far). I don’t feel like I look that weight at all so I jokingly told my Hubby that Baby Gunner must have the density of lead.

My workouts will probably resume in about 2 weeks after all my major decluttering and organization projects are finished (I am realistic about the fact that I can’t handle training/walking Ritter, decluttering, and working out right now). It will be interesting once I’m back to my Prenatal workouts since I’m not sure if my carpal tunnel hand issues will have an impact on my abilities (I can foresee anything requiring my hands palms-down on the ground being challenging with the swelling, tingling, and numbness).

Devastating Fate (part 1)

Timey appeared in Gates timeline, stumbling to the ground as he teleported in. Sweat beaded down his skull as he sat there on his knees, staring down at his hands that held him up. Teleporting was taking a lot of magical energy out of him, and it seemed as though he could only teleport from one universe to the next with at least an hour of rest in between each teleport.

He sat back and lifted his hands, clenching them and unclenching them. His face twisted into confusion as he stared at his hands as though he had lost feeling in them due to falling asleep on them. No matter how many times he moved his fingers, it were as though he had lost feeling in them.

He slowly rose to his feet and walked along the bookshelf he had appeared next to. He glanced at the shelves only to see piles after piles of dust where the records had used to be. Guilt hit him hard as he realized that it was his fault that they had been that way after a while. He was meant to be the one to restore the records, to bring them back to a previous time they were once at with no consequence of what had destroyed the record of ever happening again. Only, that only worked if Gate were to help him. And Gate had other intentions than helping the monsters and people in the records.

He reached the end of the book shelf to find himself in the opening where the bean bags and couches were as well as Gate’s desk. He sat there at his desk, his hood over his head.

“Gate!” Timey called out, walking towards him. “I need to talk to you.”

Gate sat up, having been laid down on the desk as though he had fallen asleep. He chuckled when he had, then turned around. Timey’s eye lights shrank in horror as he looked at Gate.

So that was why-

Gate merely grinned and snickered at his reaction. He reached up and pulled off his hood to his cloak to reveal the left side of his head was slowly turning to dust, cracks spreading down his face.

“So,” he said in a dark voice. “Are you ready to give me what I need? This is your fault after all.”

Timey widened his eyes in shock. Even now, in his current state, Gate still wanted him to give up his soul to him? “Why?” He asked in a soft, horror stricken voice. Gate merely glared at him.

“You were never supposed to exist to begin with.”