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when you came from a shampoo world and somehow your ex-villain-weirdly-buddy ended up getting the most perfect shampoo. 

Petra is just mad because…It’s Petra. Jessie is unsure what to say about that. Lukas is writing down about that world, yep, including Ivor’s moment. lmao. 

Thought I’d share the fun course we did in class last night. This was our last run and Baylee still had so much energy! She loved this course! Heck, she just loves agility in general lmao!!

It’s nice to do fun, simple courses every once in a while. I feel it helps to keep us both from getting discouraged during training. ❤️

animorphmagus  asked:

Hi! I'm only thinking of joining the hp rping community here and have no cosplay supplies yet. If I can only post something after your deadline on the 1st August, can I still join then?

Hi! The network is for people of all experiences, old or new, big or small. While it’d be nice to see some of your work before the deadline, we take into account everyone is at a different stage in their blog. Don’t feel like you have to force content just to try and join if you aren’t ready yet! The last thing this network wants to do is make people uncomfortable or pressure people into joining/ doing things they don’t want to.

And we do open up applications frequently, so even if you don’t make the deadline this time around, you can always apply next time! But if you want, definitely use the tag #hprpnet, since we follow it and regularly check it, and we’ll look forward to seeing your future contributions to the hp rp community!


Listen Shouto Todoroki had all the makings to be the suave dark mysterious popular solemn brooding character and I appreciate every single day how it turns out he’s literally just awkward.

I’m dead serious. It’s very easy to misinterpret him all cool and collected and smooth especially given his overwhelming power and his emotional distance but once he softens to people and does start trying to interact honestly you realize he’s just /bad at it/ and you look back and realize all his stoic intimidating silences were 100% just awkward silences and his solemn emotionless collected face was just doing a good job of hiding his internal monologue of “oh…people are talking. I should talk to? I don’t really know. I never had friends. Um. Hmm. No, I’ve got nothing. I’m just gonna stare down and not say much. That’s probably fine. I think this is how socializing works. Yes.”

you can either vaccinate your kids or die horribly. the death will either be from diseases or from steve in righteous-fury mode

lol Bae fell hard on Tabi’s back