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{PART 8} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook takes his time consoling you, offering you the chance to fall down the rabbit hole into his world. Meanwhile, the presence outside your apartment makes itself known; at long last.

{Part 1} // {Part 7} {Part 8} {Part 9}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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hi, I spent a good few hours diving down the rabbit-hole of otherkin tags because I’m pretty new to it, and I honestly find the concept so interesting, and I want to learn more about it on an individual level.

if you’re any kind of otherkin (spacekin, therian, deitykin, etc.) and you’re okay with talking, I’d love to talk with you to gain a deeper understanding of your specific kin and kintypes all around ☺️

If you’re alright with talking, reblog this or reply with your kintype and I’ll follow you and send a message your way. Thank you so much! 😌💕

glawarelmagolben  asked:

Hey Joy! (I'm older than you so it would feel weird calling you Mom) I just wanted to say - since I'm currently suffering the pain of having horrible tooth with a rotten root canal taken out - that you have all my sympathies with your teeth problems and I'm sending you massive hugs. Because the tooth I just had taken out was my top right canine I am now imagining the whining and misery that this would cause Vlad (or any vampire tbh) and it's making me smile!

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon *offers hugs* (rotten root canals are the worst, I hope it heals well for you <3)

And for whatever it’s worth, it’s canon in my universe that the vampires lose their canines fairly often. They’re constantly growing teeth (an evolutionary trait, sort of like an elephants tusks in that they can get broken off during fighting or—in Vlad’s case several times throughout his life—biting into a highland toffee, but so long as they don’t break at the root they will keep growing back) that they need to file down to keep them at a comfortable length. They can also be quite brittle, so they can break during filing, so many of them wear yellow or white gold caps over them, both a practical solution, but also somewhat of an aesthetic status symbol to show that they are wealthy enough to have willing drones/servants who bring them food so that they don’t actually need their teeth to hunt anymore, so it’s not uncommon to go to a vampire ball and be surrounded by gleaming teeth. Literally.

One vampire Nathan meets through Vlad actually has diamonds on hers.

As you can imagine, this can be quite painful, but some deal with it slightly better than others.

“Don’t.” Ursula said, without even bothering to look up, and Vlad, hand halfway to his mouth, flinched. 

“I wasn’t—”

“You were going to prod your tooth,” she said, looking up from her book and giving him a level stare, “again.”

“It hurts,” he whined plaintively, contenting himself with bracing his face with the palm of his hand. 

Usually by now he’d be blitzed out of his mind, four bottles deep and several narcotics down the rabbit hole towards oblivion. But he’d been sober for just over a year and had no desire to give it up—pain lanced through his face and he cringed—yet

“Put clove oil on it.” Ursula told him, and Vlad rolled his eyes mournfully toward her.

“I have.”

“Put more on.”

“Put more on what?” Nathan asked, emerging from the other room, running a towel over his wet hair so that it stuck up at all ends. 

“He’s teething.” Ursula said, and Vlad glowered at both of them.

“I am not teething. My canine is regrowing.”

“So,” Nathan began, a smile tugging at his lips, “teething then.”

“Fuck off.” Vlad muttered, pulling his knees up and wrapping the throw over the top of his head and shoulders. He heard Nathan’s amused chuckle at his sulk, and curled further inward, refusing to be coaxed. He yelped a moment later when he felt the world shift, the couch dipping as Nathan sat down and pulled Vlad effortlessly into his lap.

“Oh, there now, no sulking.” the other man soothed, rubbing his hands up and down Vlad’s back.

“I reiterate my previous statement,” Vlad muttered, hiding his face against Nathan’s chest, “fuck off.”

Nathan chuckled again, the sound vibrating through Vlad’s bones. “Look up.”



Vlad looked up, watching as Nathan unscrewed the top of his hip flask, upending it but keeping it stopped with his finger. “Open.”

Vlad opened his mouth, going cross eyed to try and keep Nathan in focus as his lover gently, oh so gently pressed his rum soaked finger to Vlad’s tender gum.

“Spoiled.” Ursula said beside them, though not unfondly as she reached out and raked sharp fingernails through his hair.

“I know.” Nathan crooned, quite serious in his dulcet indulgence as Vlad melted into him. “But we all need a little spoiling sometimes.”

Not Your Average B*tch

Request: Can you write something about the reader being cheated on by Tony or any character of your choice

A/N: I took some inspiration from a few songs in Lemonade by our Queen and savior… naturally.

“Tighten up your stance, Natasha,” you barked out, “we aren’t dancing, we’re trying to kill each other.”

“Oh I’m trying to kill you,” she growled as she stood up after you knocked her down. She had a tendency to be showy, and inefficient in her fighting. Natasha never went for the easiest kill. Which was good she shouldn’t, she went for the most complicated one, which was a problem.

“Are you sure? Because I’ve just been watching you dance around like a ballerina,” you taunted as she stood. She wiped a bit of sweat from her brow and came at  you again. You threw her back to the matt easily and she stayed there.

“I’m done,” she groaned.

“Alright, you’re getting better though, Nat,” you offered walking over to your water bottle and towel. As you turned around you caught a glimpse of your husband, Tony, behind the transparent walls of the training room. He hadn’t been home last night and you had missed him. You waved to him and he waved back but as he did so you noticed who was at his side, Pepper Potts.

“She’s back in town again?” you spoke to Natasha. Natasha knew exactly who you were speaking of.

“Yeah, she’s supposed to be in town for the Stark Expo you know?”

“…I didn’t,” you watched Tony and Pepper as the passed by, your gaze hard and communicating that you were not happy. Tony noticed the gaze, of course, and purposefully looked away.

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misawa; mafia au

There is palpable tension in the room when Sawamura enters. It feels like he can cut it with a knife and serve it on a plate; it runs thick and dark and he swallows his nervousness back in an attempt to look composed.

It is his first job after his training and it is sending him right down the rabbit hole. He had been specifically inquired after, his coach had said, after being explicitly recommended for the position.

“It’s your character – your loyalty and your resilience,” his coach had explained and Sawamura had agreed because he is the last person to ever back down on a difficult job. This is how he ended up under the same roof with no one else but Miyuki Toku, one of the most powerful and intimidating men of the modern business world.

When the door clicks shut behind his back, he isn’t spared even a glance.

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The Sun Will Set || Part 1 || BTS Gang AU ||

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A/N: GUYS IT’S FINALLY HERE. Please enjoy part one of TSWS, and don’t forget to give me feedback! Let me know if you want more. Tell me if you love it. Tell me if you hate it. I love all of you and I’m so grateful for your support! 


Summary: After a series of unfortunate events, you’ve found yourself under the care and protection of your city’s most notorious gang: BTS.

Word Count: 5,207 (this is the first part, let me live)

Genre: Angst, Drama, and some Fluff here and there. But mostly Angst.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue |

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Another Side of You

A/N: An anon request. This is a Spencer x Reader, around season 5 and Spencer has a serve kink in regards to the reader. He loves when she calls him Dr. Reid. So smutty smut ensues. ;)


“Morning, Dr. Reid,” Y/N said, emphasizing his title as she nearly always did. Why did she do that? He wasn’t complaining - not at all as a matter of fact. But he did wonder what made her do that.

“Why do you always call me Doctor, Y/N?” he asked, slapping his hand across his mouth. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud. “We’ve been working together for nearly two years and everyone else calls me Spencer.”

“I don’t know, I guess I just know what it takes to get a Ph.D., so I like using it when someone has earned it,” she said, bending over the desk in front of him. The locket she never went a day without was hanging down in between her breasts and Spencer had to try with every fiber in him to look up at her eyes and not where they were naturally drawn. When he looked up, he saw her smiling - almost a smirk. She must have known what she was doing to him. He wondered if she knew that every time she called him doctor, he imagined her saying it to him in the bedroom.

“Well,” he said, gazing into her eyes, noticing that her pupils had dilated. Wait? Is she actually into me? he thought. “I did earn three of them, and you’re the only one that calls me doctor, which I like.”

“Oh really, Dr. Reid,” she said standing up and crossing her arms in front of her body. As she stood up from the desk with her hip jutted out to one side she spoke, “I’ll be sure to continue calling you Dr. Reid then.” He could have sworn she winked as she turned away.

As she walked toward her own desk, he couldn’t help but glance at her body, which was being hugged by her pencil skirt and silk blouse. There were a ton of images running through his mind - none of them innocent.


Ever since he’d asked Y/N why she called him Dr. Reid, the tension between the two had been palpable. Even the other members of the team took notice. Garcia egging them both on to just go for it. 

The subtle glances, figure-hugging clothing and continuous use of his title did not go unnoticed by Spencer. He wanted her so badly. But he wanted something different. Something people wouldn’t expect from him, even look down on him for, so he was wary about bringing it up with her.

Towards the end of the day, when both were entering the car garage as the last ones out of the building, Spencer saw Y/N drop her bag by her car and rushed over to help her pick up her things. Just because the thoughts running through his mind weren’t very gentlemanly, didn’t mean he wasn’t a gentleman. “Thank you, Dr. Reid,” she cooed, after all of her things had been picked up. As they stood up, she closed the gap between them - the heat in the air could melt ice. 

Without thinking, he pinned her between himself and her car, wrapping his one hand around her waist and the other around the back of her neck, pulling her in for a kiss. Her pupils dilated immediately - nearly black with wanting - and the two breathed into each other for a few moments before devouring one another.

“Do you want to come back to my place?” she asked, pulling out of the kiss. Her kiss-swollen lips were open in a way that only made his mind race further down the rabbit hole.

“Yes,” he responded, biting at her lower lip. “I’ll be right behind you.”


Both Y/N and Spencer had to keep themselves from speeding to her apartment - the adrenaline coursing through their veins at lightning speed. At nearly the same time, they pulled up to her apartment building and rushed up the stairs, clashing into each other at her front door, barely making it inside.

“I have one stipulation,” Spencer said through heavy breaths.

“Oh, really? Not a request? Are you telling me what to do?” she asked, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she ran her hands through his shoulder-length hair.

“Yes, I am.” His strength and confidence was throwing her off, but in the most delicious way. “Continue to call me doctor.”

She bit at his bottom lip, lightly tugging his hair. “I hadn’t thought to do anything else, Dr.”

“Oh, fuck me,” he groaned, as he picked her up and proceeded toward her bedroom. “You’re killing me.” As they approached the bedroom, clothing flew in all directions - leaving them in only their underwear by the time they hit the bed.

He took her off guard by turning her around and placing her on all fours on the bed, positioning himself behind her. This was all happening so quickly and without much thought, so he attempted to slow himself down, but she was killing him.

She turned her head towards him, her eyes betraying exactly what she craved. “What are you waiting for Doctor?”

In one quick movement, he put two fingers in between the lace of her panties and her center, feeling her slickness before ripping the panties off and positioning his length at her entrance, slipping in slowly. Once he was partially enveloped in her wet heat, he commanded, “Put your legs together.”

“I think I like this side of you, Dr. Reid,” Y/N breathed as she did what he said and he slipped in completely. The tightness was nearly enough to push him over the already precarious edge he was on. 

“Mmm…fuck,” she moaned, her front end collapsing into the mattress.

He grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back, giving him leverage to thrust into her with reckless abandon - the sound of skin slapping against skin beginning to fill the room as he thrust into her over and over again. Her staggered breaths coaxed him on. He picked up speed, racing toward their mutual release. “Oh, god, Reid…” she groaned. Her volume rose to the point where someone might have thought about alerting the landlord, so he reached down, grabbed her waist and pulled her flush against him.

“You forgot the Dr.,” he said, reaching toward the bed for the panties he’d ripped off her, never once losing the pace he’d built up “and your going to get the cops called on us.” Just when she thought she couldn’t be enjoying this different side of Spencer more, he took the panties that he’d ripped off her and put them in her mouth. “Oh, hell…” she mumbled, feeling her core begin to tighten.

Still flush against him, he wrapped his hands around her breasts, giving them the attention they needed and finally pushing her over the edge, with him following soon after.

As they began to catch their breaths, Spencer lifted her towards the top of the bed, collapsing at her side and pulling the underwear from her mouth. “I had no idea there was this side of you, Dr. Reid,” she murmured, taking his mouth in her own.

“We may have been working together for two years, Y/N,” he spoke, tasting all of her, “But there is still so much about me you don’t know.”

As much as I can see Peter wearing jewelry, makeup, nail polish, super fancy clothes, I can never picture Juno wearing the same. No matter what he looks like, he’s always scruffy in my head.

Not because that’s necessarily his ideal look, but because he’s just that deep down the rabbit-hole of self-loathing. The guy needs Rita to prod him to shower, let alone shave on a regular basis. 

The fact that he likes the idea of fancier duds makes it even worse, because then he starts thinking about how he doesn’t deserve to have nice things. Denying himself is yet another form of self-flagellation.

I’d like to think that starts changing when Peter becomes a regular part of his life. He starts being a little more careful about his appearance, because Peter’s always so put-together and it feels weird being a mess when he’s next to somebody who looks like that. And as Peter builds him up, he starts taking a little more pride in his appearance. Getting product that makes his hair all soft and shiny. Wearing the things that make him feel snazzy. Catching his reflection in a storefront and thinking “damn, I look good today.” 

A Year Ago Today

Pic by Roxanne Garcia-Bell

Full disclosure, I kind of hate the Prince related “a year ago today” and “I was there” posts in regard to the events of the past year. I am not a mourner or a “sad about Prince passing” person…and even kind of roll my eyes at the sad face emoji reactions on every post with his face on it. For me I’d much rather celebrate his life and be happy that we got to experience his work.

So I was taken aback by all the emotion I felt on seeing the April 14th concert poster someone posted to Tumblr.

And the emotions I felt driving in to work today while listening to my customary mix of his songs…as I do EVERY morning to get pumped for the workday.

And the emotions I’m feeling now when realizing the annoyance about the mourning is a symptom of my own emotional repression…and how letting some of it through now is a lot…

So I’m writing it out to help defuse…

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How long is Forever?

by: @thegirlfromoverthepond

Rating: T

Pairing: Everlark


It all started by a rabbit, really. A white rabbit, a completely normal one. 

But the fact he was wearing a jacket.
And muttering “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…”

On loop.

A rabbit she followed down his hole, trying to catch up with it.

Until Katniss, all raven hair, grey eyes, wearing a beautiful blue dress with an apron, socks in her varnished shoes, found herself in a small living room, a plate of cheese buns on the table with the sign that said “Eat me.”

Her hand was trembling as she grabbed one of them from the plate on the table. The taste was familiar - reminding her of something warm, sweet, and blonde, something good and loving.

But as soon as she swallowed the sweet pastry, she felt a sensation inside her belly. Like a flutter, something she had never experienced before - that spread throughout all her body in a second.

Until she realized the table seemed out of reach. And the table much bigger. And the floor much closer.

Until she realized the size of the furniture or of the things hadn’t changed - she had. 

She was now as tiny as one of the dolls her sister used to play with. Small. Diminuitive.

By her feet, a small bottle discarded on the floor, a small label on which “Drink me” was written.

She had her hand extended to grab the bottle when a deeper impulse made her look at the remnants of the cheese bun she was still holding.

One second. Or maybe it was forever.

That’s what it took, to just eat another piece of the pastry in her hand.

Like she had done already. Time and time over.

She woke up with a smile on her face.

She was ready to go down her own rabbit hole.

As she walked into the bakery, Katniss saw Peeta filling up the baskets with freshly baked bread before he turned, greeting her with his usual client smile that went a little bigger and warmer when he saw his wife was the client.

She didn’t come closer, didn’t turn around the counter, just remained where she stood, scared.

She looked at him, straight in the eye.

“I’m ready.”

It took him a second to answer, to break into the biggest smile she had ever seen on his face, before happiness lit up his eyes. 

One second during which she doubted.

How long is forever? Sometimes, just one second.

iges2u  asked:

Hi! Just found your wonderful piece of "down the rabbit hole". Could you tell me how you managed to insert the gif (?) into the picture? That's exactly what I tried without success a few weeks ago. - Thanks in advance.

Hi! I tried recreating the process for you. I can’t promise an exact replica, since I made that graphic ages ago, but I hope it’ll be helpful anyway :)

For anyone else just tuning in, we are trying to make this graphic:

Please note, however, that I am not explaining how to make a gif, just how to achive this effect! If you are unsure on how to make a gif, there are dozens of helpful tutorials on tumblr to help you :)

Here we go!

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Howard interests me, here. Last week, I got the impression he was less than favorably impressed by Chuck’s vendetta. After years of friendship, the pettiness of Chuck’s anger casts him in a new light. And yet for the moment, Howard’s willing to go along with it–Jimmy did take an important case from the firm, and this is serious stuff. He cost them money and reputation–in Howard’s world, those are things you don’t forget.

But I do wonder how far down the rabbit hole Howard’s willing to go, with Chuck. This isn’t about power or money or professionalism, here–Chuck’s out for blood. Howard may not want to be used as a blunt instrument in someone else’s battle. Eventually he may even find it repugnant. He tolerated the electrical allergy, when it sprung up. Still saw the man he knew, before Chuck started to unravel. But eventually… there may be a time when he can’t recognize Chuck, anymore.

Looking at it this way, Howard is to Chuck what Kim is to Jimmy. In this episode, Kim was following Jimmy down his own little rabbit hole–helping him and supporting him despite her distaste for the things he’s done. They have a history of support and friendship, here–and like Howard, she has a personal stake in the fight. But Jimmy’s changing as much as Chuck is, and eventually he could end up unrecognizable to her. A stranger.

Okay but like– I know Mismagius has the hat, but it’s all magic and pink. I think Absol’s a better pick for a Cole tribute. Hear me out–

  • Dark type, horribly misunderstood and feared by humans.
  • Attacks with slashing attacks that often crit and KO stuff in one hit.
  • Battlecry is the most unexpectedly gentle sound ever.
  • Shy. Afraid of people but still approaches to warn them of danger.
  • Also Mega Absol has motherfucking angel wings and Cole is an angel so.
Rise of the Guardians MBTI

Jack Frost – ISTP

“You’re all hard work and deadlines, and I’m all snowballs and fun times.”

Jack Frost’s dominant Ti (introverted thinking) can be seen in through his constant seeking of knowledge and his strong logical abilities.  He is not only very comfortable in his physical environment: he is practically one with it (Se).  Ni (introverted intuition) is also one of Jack Frost’s functions, which appears in his ceaseless questioning and search for the truth about himself and his purpose.  He is driven to serve others, but Fe (extraverted feeling) is his inferior function, and it takes some challenges to help him figure out how strongly this can be a part of him.   

Nicholas St. North – ENFJ

“So what? As long as ONE child believes, we will be here to fight fear.”

North is the ultimate guardian of children everywhere.  He follows his gut instincts, and he likes to be in charge and organize the rest.  At his center is an ever wide-eyed wonder, and there are many sides and layers to his personality.  He’s good at being in charge, is quite outgoing, and is motivated primarily by wanting to work for others by creating things for children everywhere and helping to keep them safe from nightmares, fear, and darkness. 

E. Aster Bunnymund – ISTJ

“Hah, I bet he’s never met a rabbit like me! Six-foot-one, nerves of steel, master of Tai Chi…”

The Easter Bunny is not all fluff and cuteness (though a very soft little side is also revealed).  As any more introverted personality, he is most peaceful, happy, and himself when he is in his own world–in this case down a rabbit hole and enveloped in the world of Easter eggs and colorful streams.  Bunnymund is often pretty stuck to his ways, and he is often perceived by the others as a rather grumpy and opinionated character.  He definitely has his soft side though, as well as a natural inclination towards liking to be in control, visible both in running the Easter world and in his joy in taking command for a time.

Tooth – ESFJ

“I’ve got something for you! Here it is! Look at all the pretty teeth, with little blood and gum on them!”

The Tooth Fairy is attuned to detail and skilled at keeping track of all the memories and teeth of every child.  Her focus is mainly outward and oriented around the care of others.  Not only does she tirelessly work for all the children, but she also is a natural with her many little fairy helpers–she is very sociable and has clear strong Fe (extraverted feeling).  She also has joy and skill in detail work, precision, and organization, and she strongly values memories, all of which can be associated with high Si (introverted sensing).

Sandy – ISFP

As the maker of sweet dreams, the Sandman is incredibly creative.  He is quite strong willed and powerful in a quiet yet forceful manner.  He doesn’t always have the best of luck communicating is imaginative, golden-sand-made ideas and thoughts to others, and often is off in his world of dreams.  He is an artist with his dreams, enjoying making them come to life for every child he visits.

Jamie – ENFP

“Santa Clause? The Easter Bunny? Sandman? The Tooth Fairy! I knew you’d come!”

The only child left in the most dire moment to believe in the guardians, Jamie is extremely imaginative.  He believes strongly in the figures he knows in his heart to exist, insisting to other children when they doubt.  His strong intuitive side is shown partly through his being so naturally in tune with a world that requires abstract belief, and he is ready to see the possibilities in everything. 

Pitch Black – ESFP

“It’s the one thing I always know… peoples’ greatest fears.”

Pitch craves the spotlight, he wants more than anything to be believed in and seen.  He is motivated by seeing his nightmares become terrifying realities, and by his desire to affect all with fear and be universally known and “appreciated” for all his horrifying power.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is his own competition. Not to take anything away from his titanic contemporaries, but you don’t want to be anywhere near a Kendrick Lamar blast radius. With each release, Kendrick Lamar seems to tear into himself a little more and produce gold. To say Damn. is Kendrick Lamar’s most personal record to date would be underselling the nuisances of its context. On Damn., Kendrick Lamar is prophesying his own downfall and the results, are once again, masterful.

Few rappers are as heady as Kendrick. Over time, Kendrick has honed a particularly evocative air to his bars and guidance among his chosen producers. By near universal measurements, To Pimp a Butterfly is a modern classic.
Leaving an indelible mark on music in the 21st century, Kendrick Lamar has seen the summit and Damn., suggests that the top is a bit of a disillusioned peak.

There’s a very elemental nature to Lamar’s latest. Damn. seems to be composed of  the very amino acids that build the Compton heavyweight we know now.  He’s never been afraid to infuse his soul and neuroses into the mic, but a track like “Feel” reveals a different kind of fear. Feel reveals a torrent of paranoia with an impending end  that can’t be stopped. How much more does Kendrick have in him? How much more obstacles, guns, media, expectations, race talk, will it take before Kendrick finally cracks? Kendrick doesn’t have the answer himself, but his ruminations create a vivid jiggsaw nonetheless.

At the core of Damn. also lies a fundamental religious conflict and struggle. Repeatedly, Kendrick laments the lack of prayers put on his head. There’s a bitter theological resentment that spreads to people who practice faith. Given his clashes with the perpetual conservative vultures at Fox News as punctuated on the world-beating “DNA”, Kdot is acutely aware of dissenters on his meteoric rise. To Pimp a Butterfly truly was a letter to the black community, but in an age where white society has warped and misinterpreted its black empowerment as black propaganda, Kendrick is understandably dejected. The rabbit holes of his mind lead down the thick, molasses soliloquy of “Yah” and the hypochondria  of “Fear” where he’s driven himself deep to cope. The primal urge to look to something bigger than yourself, especially in times existential crisis, is salient on Damn. The ways in which Kdot rebukes God and sardonically emulates God with, well, “God” are interesting tonal shifts that deliver the complexity expected from the most multi-faceted artist in modern hip hop.

As Kendrick Lamar digs deeper into himself, he captures the conflicting, fragmented blackness that seems to define much of the black experience in 2017. The violent loyalty of “XXX” and its somber back half detailing American decay exemplifies what Kendrick Lamar does so well. Kdot’s ability to reframe the use of outright gangbang imagery as tool of Abrahamic justice, proof of love and  desperation before turning the corner and breaking down the national American consciousness is masterful songcraft. This may well be Kung fu Kenny’s darkest album, but it’s also his most soberingly honest, psychological effort yet. Kendrick asked people to get their shit together on April 7th for an album announcement, it’s funny that the album details what a mess his mind is, a brilliant, ambitious mess.